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Yahoo! picks their All-American team

It might not be the one they record in the history books or the one that CBS will talk about during the tournament, but John Wall captured Yahoo’s National Player of the Year award today, beating out Evan “The Villian” Turner. Wall’s trip to the 1st Team All-American photo shoot won’t be like the awkward first day of summer camp when you don’t know anyone and you want to shower in your underwear, though, as he’s joined by a familiar face. DeMarcus Cousins was also named to the first team and Patrick Patterson was picked as an honorable mention.

Here’s the entire list as posted by Jason King, writer of the Mona Lisa of John Wall stories.

Also, since we love you so much, here’s an added bonus feature. Since my basketball nerdery knows no bounds, I came across this video of BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, an honorable mention on King’s list, who gives the most honest answer ever at the 3:45 mark. I bet his wives are furious.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

45 responses to “Yahoo! picks their All-American team”

  1. Assassin Number 2

    I am a huge fan of Jimmer Fredette

  2. Paducah UK fan

    UK number 1 Fan. Go CATS!!!

  3. Hooked on cats

    This religion only has 1 spouce get your facts straight.

  4. Tobias Funke

    Yeah, Beez! One Spouce and Magic Underpants!

  5. Josh

    Hooked on Cats – Shhh. Don’t tell that to any year prior to 1900.

  6. spell check

    #3 what’s a spouce?


    LDS’ers really don’t believe in poligamy. You gotta find a full blown compound for that stuff. I’m diggity with poligamy.

  8. TOMPAV83


  9. Just Saying

    KSR owes me 4:49 of my life back. That video was lame.

  10. SavannahCat

    No Kyle Singlar? Wait ’till the AP votes. Has there ever been a worse player on the pre-season team than Singlar?

  11. GoCats2

    Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter committing this week? Any news? Any Rumors?

  12. Jon

    9) Don’t know if you knew this or not, but you can actually skip ahead in the video to 3:45 so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Then you would only have wasted about 30 seconds of your life.

  13. UKalltheWAY
  14. Scutaro

    “I bet his wives are furious.” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Best one liner I’ve read in a while.

  15. soup

    Jai Lucas?

  16. GoCats2

    I am sure I am ruining the punchline but I am guessing he is not married. The “single” question probably meant he has a girlfriend but is always looking. Either way I am sure his girlfriend is not happy with that answer.

  17. Quailman

    I have a feeling that if we get Enes Kanter, we will never hear the end of dirty chants against us.

  18. Justin

    17, Quailman – can you explain?

  19. GoCats2

    #17I was wondering the same thing. I don’t want to sound like the negative trolls on here but didn’t Kanter play professional ball in Turkey?

  20. Quailman

    18, I do believe Mr. Kanter’s name rhymes with the male anatomy. Opposing fans thrive on that type of thing. Easy prey.

  21. UKalltheWAY

    Does anyone know about what time they release the new rankings?

  22. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Listening to “The Villian” by the Old 97’s right now… never realized it referred to Evan Turner

  23. Whoa_Nellie

    Beisner…you do a horrible job and taking shots at someone’s religion is tasteless. I’m a CatFan, but having inbred trash like you makes it embarrassing to admit sometimes. Do us all a favor and leave the cheap shots out of you pathetic commentary.

  24. Byron

    #23- Please do us all a favor and make that your last post ever

  25. BigBlueJim

    # 23 Amen, brother! Beisner, this is a basketball site, so leave you’re uneducated and inaccurate comments to yourself! The church hasn’t been into that in over 150 years!

  26. MIDDAY

    BTW – did anyone watch Big Love jump the shark last night?

  27. DeyDurkajubs

    If you don’t like it… you can get out

  28. Big Blue KY

    23)25) As Beisner said this is their site and are allowed to say what they please… why are you two even here, if you don’t like what is posted? I agree with 24… do us all a favor and do not comment any further…

  29. I question your manhood

    Beisner = Muslim

  30. Rodney King

    Can’t we all just get along?

    (thank god we are 29-2, or we’d have some REAL sh!t to fight about)

  31. Steve Jobs

    Wow, the Morms are really getting their magic undies in a wad!


    Na Na na na Na NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRD Figgghht!

  33. Hooked on cats

    Seems like we are still being persecuted from something over 100 years ago. It is your site, but I have enjoyed coming to your site until things like this are said.

  34. allenjones

    No jabs or witty comments from me, just that this post was rude to a large percentage of the fan base. Not just to Mormons but people who have respect for religion.

  35. BigBlueJim

    #29 I can comment on here just as you can, so you do me a favor and practice what you preach!

  36. NBA league pass

    I don’t understand what was so rude? People take things way too personally. Relax, enjoy the SEC tourney.

  37. Hooked on cats

    Thomas Im done with this I will come back tommorrow and check out sports things. You just have to remember a joke can be offensive. All is well Go cats

  38. The Rock

    If you can’t make fun of yourself, then you can’t make fun of anyone else. It’s hypocritical otherwise. So if you are offended by and can’t take a joke about yourself, then never make a joke about anyone else. Simple joke-telling rules.

  39. The Commonwealth Realist

    Beisner… I’m Catholic. Do you have any jokes for me, wise guy? Everyone knows you Baptists are self-righteous morons. If you’re not Baptist, you’re going to hell, right?

  40. MIDDAY

    This is too religulous for me.

  41. MIDDAY

    41 – just keep a close eye on your youngins when they go to alter boy training.

  42. ukcats7

    religion and basketball. only a byu clip could spawn this nonsense.

  43. Barrack Obama

    Screw you Thomas you’re worse than BTI