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Women have UK tattoos too

A topic on the first hour of this morning’s radio show was whether or not women have UK tattoos. We’ve seen plenty from the fellas, but very rarely do we see a female with Wildcat ink.

As you can see in this Twitter submission, they do.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 responses to “Women have UK tattoos too”

  1. Scott

    Why not make the head of the catwoman the UK Wildcat head? Could’ve saved some money.

  2. LadyCatFan

    I hear Joanne Pitino got a UK tramp stamp when we won the championship in 1996.

  3. Garrett

    Regardless of gender … it’s still stupid.

  4. Rolling my eyes

    No #3 she “hated” the state of Kentucky remember? Uggh. That catwoman tattoo is pretty dope though.

  5. Tat for Cat

    She has 5 more UK tattoos that we aren’t seeing.

  6. Neil


  7. I got your back

    Great to see a story having nothing to do with QBs.

  8. Dacci

    We have the Blue spiderman. I think its time for a blue cat woman at games….. Make it happen!

  9. Sean

    Would that be A “woman”(singular) has UK tattoo. I only see 1 chick.

  10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    So much for poking fun at UL fans for their tats.

  11. Bluegrass

    That’s my good friend – you go girl!!!


  12. Catwoman

    Thank you for featuring me on your site. I love my tattoos and I love my Wildcats!

  13. UKCrewser

    Any on the front?

  14. Gotta say it

    Chubby worthy!

  15. Geez

    I love her.

  16. Buddy Wheeler

    We’ve done many UK tattoos on women over the years here at Tattoo Charlie’s 🙂