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Let the Governor’s Cup trash talking begin!

Lorenzo Mauldin is a freshman at the University of Louisville getting set for his first taste of big-time mid-major football this fall. I hope he savors that taste before Kentucky slaps it out of his mouth in the third game of the season.

From the Twitter world tonight:


Lorenzo Mauldin, you’ve gotten the ball rolling. The time to talk trash is now.

85 days.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

20 responses to “Let the Governor’s Cup trash talking begin!”

  1. scott rigots european recruits

    lorenzo just remember your teams core values: no stealing, no hitting women and no murdering..

  2. PatPattersonISWalkingThruThatDoor


  3. Red

    I went to twitter and searched #louisvillefans and your looking at the only tweet to have used it. I find that funny.

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    2- no rest for the wicked

    I hate ul.

  5. Irishhooliganx

    That kid will puss out faster than Pitino unloads a scrotum rocket.
    #cardblood indeed.

  6. UK Wildcat

    So, nobody on Louisville’s team has EVER beaten Kentucky, right? Thats what I thought…

  7. Jimmy

    So Schnellenberger played ineligible player during his reign of Florida A&M? @Mengus22 will be disappointed.

  8. Nix112

    Louisville still has a football team?

  9. Nelson

    What a douche…freshman talking smack…hilarious

  10. Brandon

    We may not be looking great this year, but UL is still the big underdogs in this one if they start that no – talent midget Stein this season. Strong is an elite recruiter and could be a great coach for them, but he’ll be gone to bigger and better things in two seasons or less. Sorry, Cards.

  11. Bla

    Why would anyone want cardblood in their eye?

  12. Owen

    Who? Cardblood? Birdbrain?

  13. Beetle bum

    He is listed as a 6’4″ 225 lb. Frosh DE. He has some growing to do before he catches up to Morgan.

  14. Mengus22

    Take it easy on Mauldin. This is a kid with no parents that played his last two years of high school living in a shelter because he has no one. He woke up on national signing day to find South Carolina was not going to offer him a scholarship because they were oversigned and they didn’t think he would make the grades. Other Louisville players, let ’em have. But let this one slide.

  15. bossman

    #14 is right. read this guys story. im a UK fan through and through but even though he is a louisville guy, its hard not to like him.

  16. duhville cat

    14&15) take it easy on him? Then somebody should tell him to quit runnin’ his gapper. Just sayin’

  17. bigcat76

    By “smashin” does he mean having sex with UK quarterback? See I told you Loserville was gay.

  18. TheVig

    Card blood is like Tiger blood, but it’s from a bird instead of a tiger, so it’s totally intimidating.

    Go Cats!

  19. Polsonfor3(minutes)

    Is cardblood similar to Tiger blood?

  20. scorpiocard

    #10. U of L “big underdogs in this one”? I bet the line will be uk favored by under 6.