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Willie Cauley visiting Big Blue Madness

Scoot over Shabazz, DaJuan, and T.J…. We need to make room for a 7-footer at Big Blue Madness. According to, Willie Cauley is planning on taking his visit to UK during Big Blue Madness. Cauley is a name we’ve tossed around as the potential first commitment of Kentucky’s 2012 class. The staff is very high on him and the feeling seems to be mutual.

The four-star big man is’s No. 10 center in the class. Evan Daniels calls him more of a prospect than a player at this point, but he has tremendous potential.

Those seats behind the bench are filling up fast for Madness on October 14. Keep ’em comin’…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 responses to “Willie Cauley visiting Big Blue Madness”

  1. bco

    get mitch mcgary and archie goodwin there…hopefully theyll all suprise the hell out everyone and all sign on the dotted line that night.

  2. bco

    get mitch mcgary and archie goodwin there…hopefully theyll all suprise the hell out everyone and all sign on the dotted line that night.

  3. UnderKanter

    when does the camping start? i’m ready to line up now!! and play some pick up games with those two new midgets we just added!

  4. bung

    Lets get McGary to the Madness and also welcome our 2 new guys.

  5. Marcus L. Owens

    We will always ALWAYS have great guards under coach Cal so I think its extremely beneficial to to have a big man that needs development. You cant teach size and its not like this kid is a 2star player ranked outside of the top 100, the kid has potential. If we are going to have 2-3 years players I want them to be big guys, players like Jon Hood and Stacey Poole could get recruited over every year and never see the court but if you have a 7 footer he will play. I really hope we get this kid.

  6. tom

    First let me say that I am very happy with what Cal has done in his first two years at UK. He has once again made Kentucky basketball one of the top stories in the nation. However (you knew a however was coming) I can’t help but begin wondering how much this Dominican experiment is a distraction to him from his primary responsibility at UK. It is the end of August and the most talked about basketball program in the country, with the most players put into the NBA over the last two years is sitting with ZERO signings for 2012. Yes, Harrow is on board…I’m aware of that. I also realize there is uncertainty in the NBA at the moment…but top 20 players are being signed at other schools. UConn and Drummond are the latest example. You know Calhoun worked that day and night. Probably sacrificed is right nut to get the big man to sign.

    We are not always going to sign the number one class in the country but we are going to lose A LOT at the end of this coming season. I, for one, would like to see some results. Again though, it is hard to be critical of Cal’s success and he probably will end up with a top 10 class but we pay the man tons of money; enough money to keep his attention razor focused on UK 365 days a year.

  7. beau

    6) I think you are a bit too paranoid. What in the HELL has the guy done to warrant any of that paranoia? I’ll answer that for you: NOTHING. I trust in Cal. You should too.

  8. Hunter

    The fact that were even looking at the #10 center is kind of disappointing to be honest.

  9. Buckets

    6 and 8 – Come on, dudes. Not everyone can be a one-and-done superstar. Some fans are being a bit unreasonable with their expectations. We need guys like Cauley – guys like Darius Miller – and others to be long-term role players. And who’s to say Cauley won’t be a stud? Last time I checked, a four-star guy is something we couldn’t even get the before Cal, other than Pat Patt. Get a grip people! The sky is not falling! It’s BLUE!

  10. GoCats2

    UK fans are wonderful. We have half of them complaining that one and dones makes us inexperienced and the other half complaining about recruiting a guy that might be here four years.

  11. Marcus L. Owens


  12. Marcus L. Owens


  13. Marcus L. Owens

    Hey 6 and 8…shut up.

  14. S. Canfield

    Great job! No one does it better than Cal. He will always attract great players.

  15. Crush little red

    The staff fully expects this to be like the 2010 class with Brandon and TJ – guys committing late in the game. With the uncertainty of the NBA and who will be where next year, recruits are going to wait. At least that’s what one of the staff told me.

  16. WildcatsOne

    Cal knows that the 3 and 4 year players are as critical to our success as the John Walls. Where would we have been without Jorts, Miller or Liggins last year? You have to have these kinds of players to transition a team from one season to the next. It will help with the overall chemistry and in those pressure situations when you need a calmIng influence.

  17. Marcus L. Owens

    Bazz, Goodwin, Ashley, Coleman, Poythress, Cauley = #1 class, again.

  18. Marcus L. Owens


  19. tom

    Hey Marcus (18) I agree completely. The class you mentioned would be number 1. What is your basis (other than rabid hope, which I also have) that we will actually get that group of players? Withour Bazz, that class is merely a top 10…which isn’t bad, for sure.

  20. SeoulCat

    What Drew failed to mention was that Cauley will not be coming to Big Blue Madness as a recruit (a poor man’s Eloy can’t possibly be recruited by UK) but as a chalk drawing specialist. For $1.99, you too can have your own name etched into the sidewalks of downtown Lexington..albeit for a one night only.