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William Shakespeare’s Monday News and Views


Prior to the 2010-2011 season, if you had asked your average UK player who their favorite author was, you may have gotten a variety of different responses. While it wasnt in the book genre, I do remember the first time I interviewed both Patrick Patterson and AJ Stewart and both said to me in separate interviews that their favorite movie was Bad Boys 2. At that point it became clear to me that my taste and that of the average UK basketball player might be slightly different. But now here comes Brandon Knight, loving some William Shakespeare, whose birthday is today. For those of you that missed the story (or didnt hear the podcast), Knight is apparently a Shakespeare ace and his high school English teacher says he is the best at reading Shakespearean sonnets of anyone that she has ever taught. That insight truly has blown my mind and makes me eager to know more about Knight. Is he Kentucky’s “Finding Forrester”, simply needing an interaction with an old grizzled UK teacher (played by Wendell Berry) who helps him showcase his inner love of literature, while his game flourishes on the court. That is certainly my hope and rather than copying our past point guard and doing the “Brandon Knight” dance at Midnight Madness, I hope he walks onto the court a la the former WWF wrestler “The Genius” (who was from Kentucky) and asks that everyone please take a seat while he reads a passage from “Othello” to the crowd. That my friend would be unique and could spark a whole new craze for next season.

To the notes:

(1): It is the final recruiting week for the 2010 class, as Terrence Jones makes his decision on Friday and CJ Leslie makes the call at some point potentially as well. Kentucky wants to see one of those guys end up in Blue and White, but as of yet neither is a lock. Terrence Jones visited Kansas today, tweeting on his interminable ride to Lawrence (which as Drew and I can attest is officially the farthest place on Earth). CJ Leslie on the other hand, spent the weekend at UCONN and has added the Huskies as a major player along with NC STate and Kentucky. The Cats really want Jones and are hoping against hope that he will pull the trigger and choose Lexington over the close proximity of Oregon and Washington and the newness of Kansas. One of these guys commits and Kentucky has the #1 class in the land for the second straight year. This is the week we will find out and as always, we will keep you updated.

(2): The other basketball recruiting story of the weekend is the magical mystery ride that is the Tony Wroten Jr Twitter machine. We have learned with these social media outlets that we can learn (for good and bad) more about these recruits than ever before. Kyrie Irving communicated with the fans via a streaming video feed earlier this year, CJ Leslie retweets every comment made to him by fans of the various colleges and now Tony Wroten seems to spend every waking hour talking recruiting and teasing UK fans on his account. Will Lentz went over all he has said earlier today but the big theme seems to be that he wants to get Quincy Miller to commit with him to Kentucky and create a special class. There is still some debate as to whether UK has actually offered Wroten, but at this point, the insight into his recruitment isnt coming from others, but from Wroten himself. He broke the Teague commitment and will likely break his own and possibly Quincy Miller’s in the near future. He is a must follow….even if his comments make you feel 80 years old.

(3): John Calipari also got into the Big Blue Nation tease business, as he sent out a message yesterday that he was at the Charlotte Bobcats game, spoke to Larry Brown and Brown had told him something that would have a huge effect on the program if he did it. He of course didnt say what it was and then followed up by letting people know that he would break the story in the future. I have no idea what he could be talking about and my guess is that it will be not a huge deal. But I do love the fact that Calipari, even if occasionally being annoying with the teasing, gets what UK fans like. They like news tidbits during the offseason and knowing information about the program. Cal understands that and tweets like the one Saturday get people talking. That is a good thing for the program and its buzz.

(4): It was NFL Draft time this weekend and I watched less of the Draft than at any point in my life. I admit that I love the Draft and am a sucker for Mel Kiper’s analysis and hair (you can have Todd Mcsuck if you want). But this year I missed nearly all of it due to other commitments and the KSR celebration Friday night. We know that Corey Peters went in the third round to the Falcons, Trevard Lindley in the 4th round to the Eagles and John Conner in the 5th round to the Jets. Also today, UK had four players sign as Free Agents to various rosters. The list is below, but as you will see, still no Micah. Makes you wonder what the future holds for the kid who hopefully will find a home very soon.

Zipp Duncan has signed with the Eagles.
Justin Jefferies signed with the Chargers.
TC Drake signed with the Chiefs.
Alfonso Smith signed with Cardinals.

As we move towards Derby week, we will be gearing up for our summer coverage around KSR. This week is the week we will announce the Blogger contest and get ready for some cool stuff throughout the year. We are approaching KSR’s 5th birthday this fall, so if you have good ideas for something for us to do, make sure and suggest it along the way. Below is the KSR Podcast from this week, Episode 19, which has some great stuff. You can listen below or subscribe on iTunes (do the latter). We are also considering releasing the 3 am podcast where we unleash our thoughts on the local media and Hubby makes me laugh for ten minutes harder than I may have ever laughed before. We wont put it on the site (for a variety of reasons) but are considering having it for a fee on iTunes. That will make sure (a) few people hear it and (b) Drew can eat next week. I will let you know if it goes up on iTunes, but it wont be here and will be like the old Marshall County second half podcast…something available for only a few days before it fades off into space.


More all day……..

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Nashvilleagain


  2. Dinner Bell Mel

    I’m pretty sure Cal/Larry Brown big news item will involve two words–‘Papa Johns’

  3. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    Good call on Wendell Berry. Jayber Crow is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Then again, Knight may give up basketball for farming.

  4. John Wall for President

    Matt, do you proofread your posts?

  5. The Rock

    It’s not that Micah can’t get a team to offer him, it’s that he keeps turning them down. Micah wants to put the NFL on hold until he can find his lost dog Bo and kill the SOB that stole him. Never question the bond between a man and his dog.

  6. LambFor3GOOOOD

    who’s goin to indiana to watch our boy Wroten play!? we gotta show up and represent! he called out BBN on his Twitter askin if we are gonna show up to watch him play lol he’s the real deal I’m more hype on him than anyone else right now, he’s a should get a YouTube video of him up matt

  7. FFrie

    What about Thornton?

  8. tony_00_delk

    I cant believe TC Drake actually got signed to a pro football team…. dude had 300 receiving yards and 1 td in his entire college career

  9. TokyoLovesUK

    7) Thornton will get an offer if Cal whiffs on Jones & Selby.

  10. TokyoLovesUK

    Sorry, meant to say Jones & Leslie.

  11. cgivens21

    Come on Matt…paying for a special podcast? We love the hilarity that is KSR, don’t pull a Maggard on us and make us pay for stuff that should be free.

  12. JohnV

    Lanny Poffo was NOT from Kentucky. He was born in Canada, and raised in IL. Although he may have lived here at some point, I don’t know.

  13. BPsycho

    “No rap video is too explicit for my mom”


  14. groface killah

    randolph morris’ favorite book is the count of monte cristo. read it like 6 times. i remember it was in his H-L profile as a freshman.

  15. groface killah

    randolph morris’ favorite book is the count of monte cristo. i remember it was on his freshman profile with the H-L. he had read it like 6 times.

  16. Champ

    11 wow are you really complaining about having to pay for a podcast that you didn’t even know existed until today???

  17. Flop

    Did you guys see the Fake Calipari Facebook interaction with Marquis Teague?

    Not exactly damning stuff, but I’m sure we’ll be annoyed with it for the next few days.

  18. Champ

    It’s gonna suck if we don’t get jones. Leslie would no doubt be a great contributor, but considering he has the height of Darius miller, I doubt he’ll be filling any holes down low

  19. Luke

    Can you get a better audio player for embedding the podcasts? Us mobile users need a direct link to the mp3 file to listen.

  20. TokyoLovesUK

    Leslie seems like a “taker” to me. Cal REALLY needs to land Jones to make next season special.

  21. TokyoLovesUK

    Matt, it is old news but the Bomani audio clip on Pitino was a riot. I live in Tokyo and believe it or not we have our own little BBN as there are many UK fans and alum living in Japan. I ran the podcast in our break room today and we had guys wetting their pants in laughter. Please tell Bomani he should visit Tokyo as he would be a huge hit over here.

  22. Luke

    Nevermind… here’s the direct link if anyone else needs it:

  23. TokyoLovesUK

    Matt, forgot to mention that the ladies over here are nice too. 🙂 You should visit Japan sometime. We would give you a royal welcome.

  24. mocha

    Matt, thanks for the good work. Don’t listen to the haters, release the rand podcast on iTunes and I promise you will be surprised at how many people pay up and download it….I will be 1st in line.

  25. cgivens21

    19 We don’t have any problems filling holes down low. We have Big Enes.

  26. Pay for what

    Why would want to pay for a podcast when I can watch Beavis and Butthead for free…

  27. Champ

    26yeah but that’s ALL we got right now. Big enes can’t play 40min a game

  28. KNIGHT_blu

    did you really delete my post about Hartline? what is this …Commie Sports Radio????

  29. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Billy G to ISU

  30. The Rock

    16- Release that podcast with the other unreleased one from the SEC Tournament(or after the CBS roadtrip, I don’t recall) as a package deal for 5 bucks or so, and I’ll buy it.

  31. ukfan17

    terrance ross has officially committed to washington..via zagsblog

  32. Billy G

    30) Which ISU?

  33. the fridge

    Mel kiper is awfullllll. Jimmy clausen 4th best player and then he falls to the middle of the second? Come onnnn. Mcshay is soooooo much better

  34. Billy G

    OK, I see now, Iowa State’s coach, Greg McDermott just took the Creighton job.

  35. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Hey Matt–I am a 41 year old that does not own a Xbox, PS3 or whatever kids play these days. However, I feel like one because I would like to pre-order my podcast. Please put me on the list and let me know when I can retain it.

  36. EA Sports Bball 2010

    No I just left Iowa St. for the Ole Miss job…

  37. lame penis joke

    26….thats what i told her…but she didnt believe me……

  38. BK have it your way

    McShay runs Kiper, Jones!!!

  39. Culver

    I’m glad to see TC Drake signed…go Nelson County Cardinals! And his little sis will be a GREAT addition to the Lady Cat’s roster next yr!

  40. BPsycho

    “We are also considering releasing the 3 am podcast”

    THIS ^^^^^

    Will buy.

  41. Tdogg40330

    If Gilchrist and Miller want Wroten as a fellow Cat he will be here. Not to mention, sounds like
    to me its pretty much in his plans anyhow ….

  42. UKhoopshysteria

    I like T Jones but to act as if Leslie is second fiddle is crazy. Accept the fact that Thornton and Leslie are coming and Jones is staying out west. I love Leslie and he isn’t a taker. Dude can ball and just like Jones will be a perfect fit for the DDO. Come to think of it we may actually see the offense this coming season.

  43. yes ma4

    I think it’s kind of negative how Matt always seems to mention that UK wants T.Jones and never really says anything postive about wanting Leslie, just sayin

  44. Mojo Wilkins

    Who care how good Wroten is as a player. His recruiting ability alone earns him a scholly!

  45. Rock_Cat78

    9) Thornton has had an offer for a while now. Sounds like Cal really likes and wants him.

  46. da'man

    So someone would leave Iowa State for Creighton? WOW! That dude is more of a drunk than Billy Clyde. I would kinda like to see BCG get back into it and in the same conference as his boy, Self would be great. In time, I think BCG would drive Self crazy…

  47. TJ

    Leslie would be great and I like our chances landing him. Any more info on Thorton?

  48. Momma's Apple Pie

    “yes ma4” – Matt is rather transparent. He acts like he’s not connected to UK, but some of us are smarter than that. My guess is that the staff still feels like we’re in a good spot with Jones (why Matt mentions him) and in not-so-good-a spot with Leslie (why Matt has cooled on him). If Dodson was coming back, Matt wouldn’t say and wouldn’t allow ‘fans’ to say the things they do. Cal wouldn’t either.

  49. UKBlue

    I think we may end up with Jones and Leslie…… just a feeling..

  50. BMT

    Marc Maggard claims that UK won’t get Jones *OR* Leslie. What do you guys think?

  51. Justin

    50 – Matt does not like Leslie at all. He does not want Leslie to come here.

  52. U-K-Fan

    #52 Read it again. I don’t think that is what Marc Maggard’s twitter message says. I read it as being two separate topics.

  53. DemarcusDick left on ur face

    #19, that’s what she said?

  54. thecolonel

    yum yum yum YUM Yum yUM yuM YUm it’s gooooooooodd

  55. JiminyJillickers

    i think that MM tweet may be just a list of topics lumped together … not a judgment on Leslie and Jones specifically

  56. Matt Jones' Mop

    51- thats how writers do it when they want to make headlines, take two seperate things somebody might say and lump them together and run with it. MM as much as I dislike him, was talking about two different things. I would be willing to guess his opinion is that we will get one of the two.

  57. UKclam

    Have you ever seen Andy Kaufman’s routine where he reads The Great Gatsby to his confused audience? I hope that is what happens with Brandon Knight and Othello at BBM.

  58. twitter freak

    T Wroten now sayng Jones committed to Washington last night. If he’s spot on like he was with the early Teague news, that sucks.

  59. Billy G

    If you release the podcast for pay, then you seriously can’t make fun of people who subscribe to recruiting websites. Personally, I’ll pay for neither, so I have no dog in this fight.

  60. UKNut

    Terrence Ross commited to Washington, not Terrance Jones. Come on dude, read the headlines!

  61. twitter freak

    Sorry- read it from Wrotens Tweet, and as has been mentioned before, he is hard to decipher sometimes.

  62. LeBowlingAlley

    FYI – The Genius was not from Kentucky. He was Macho Man’s brother who was married to Miss Elizabeth (who was from Frankfort).

  63. Loyal_UK_Fan

    60 -Link or copy/paste message

  64. Go Big Blue

    28 You sayin Big Enes can keep it goin for 40 minutes? Oh you gonna learn real quick how long he can last!

  65. Loyal_UK_Fan
  66. Halston 323

    51 – Don’t ever post that link again. The fact that you actually follow him says volumes about your character.

  67. Scottc

    I didn’t know Johnny Williams was on the Steelers roster

  68. GummyBear

    It was his brother, Macho Man Randy Savage, that lived in KY for a while since he was married to Miss Elizabeth who was born in Frankfort.

  69. Cash

    Terrance Ross is goingn to Washington

  70. LeBowlingAlley

    FYI, didn’t want to trust me?

  71. yes ma34

    pay for a podcats????? LOL this is classic


    I like how you try to justify paying for the podcast hahah, this is so great

  73. Hyprocrite For Sure

    Wow Matt seems like you are trying to be like Frosted Tips…charging for a pod cast WOW

  74. Delk00

    76 – thanks for sharing…who cares anyways…lets talk about Jones and Leslie

  75. M_Cat

    I heard Calhoun took Leslie to Morrisons Cafeteria for the blue plate special, & then to a screening of The Great Gatsby. Ol’ Jim then really blew him away with a parfait at Frisch’s Big Boy.