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Will they sell these in Bloomington?

I think they should.  And they probably will.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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100 responses to “Will they sell these in Bloomington?”

  1. jake blue
  2. Sweet sassy molassy

    Id buy one

  3. Bobby Knight's Red Nose

    Will there be rings too?

  4. Hooserdaddy

    Wow one loss to u of ks 3 at least Indiana is playing a REAL team and not lipscum

  5. Sweetsassymolassy

    #4-u lose to butler and you are on a uk site? Nice. Plus learn how to spell hoosier

  6. Rambo

    4…defending national champs.
    who knocked you out of the tourney last year?
    How is that 87′ championship trophy holding up? Keep it dusted.
    When will IU hold the parade for a tie for 3rd in the Crossroads Classic?
    Does Tommy clap harder when you play REAL teams?

  7. robbieh

    We are like 23 & 6 against these Ky want to be’s. It’s not even a rivalry anymore. When is the last time iu put UK out of the tournament and made us break out the baseballs?

  8. Hooserdaddy

    At tom crean isn’t afraid to play a decent team liked cal the coward

  9. Hooserdaddy

    Why would Indiana want to be a used to be washd up has been university with a overpaid cheating coach?!?!?

  10. Trollies

    8 – I truly hope you are just trolling and as stupid as you seem. You can’t even form a complete sentence. Go back to your cornfield, you hillbilly.

  11. Exterior Illumination

    Who’s going to make this into a lights display outside their home?

  12. CPACAT

    #4/#8) You had 14 minutes between post 4 and post 8 to learn how to spell Hoosier…we don’t really need a lot of extra ammunition you know…

  13. Fake Associated Press

    Lexington, KY — An anonymous Indiana fan, “Hooserdaddy,” who evidently doesn’t know how to spell his own mascot’s name, stumbled upon the wildly popular Kentucky basketball blog Kentucky Sports Radio.

    Hooserdaddy quipped, “At tom crean isn’t afraid to play a decent team liked cal the coward”

    At press time it is unclear whether Hooserdaddy was, in fact, living under a rock when Kentucky head coach John Calipari suggested moving the storied series to neutral sites. Indiana head coach Tom Crean and Indiana athletic director Fred Glass both rejected the suggestion, unwilling to move from their stance of playing strictly in on-campus venues.

  14. Kentucky rain

    What UK fans do after a loss: Come on here and discuss what we see wrong or what we can fix

    What IU fans do after a loss: Come on here and discuss what they see wrong with UK and why they CRAVE to be us!

  15. Clint Eastwood

    Wheres all the IU Trolls tonight ?

  16. Hoosierdaddy

    #10 lmao someone from Kentucky calling me a hillbilly next you’ll be calling me inbred

  17. Bill

    “hooserdaddy” ….UK said they play you on a neutral court….that’s playing you tard…you know bc the game used to be played there. Iu doesnt call shots for accomplishing nothing in 30 yrs.

  18. Hoosierdaddy

    #14 you guys are getting alot more experience on what to do after a loss then we are

  19. H.A.Milton

    How great is it that Indiana didn’t even merit a court storming! They are gonna get dismantled in Big 10 play…

  20. Hoosiers SUCK

    I think ESPN should show Butler’s winning shot ALL SEASON LONG like they did the IU shot last season.

  21. Hoosiers SUCK

    @18 “then we do”…you moron it should be “than we do”…you must be an inbred cornfield hillbilly.

  22. Hoosierdaddy

    #21 sorry didnt realize grammar police were on patrol

  23. IOU an IU a**-kicking

    Keep flapping those gums hillbillies. You’ll need the exercise for the excuses you’ll be making when my 1-seeded Hoosiers whoop you 8/9-seeded hillbillies. Hope Kid N Play enjoys making it rain with his signing bonus and then spending his rookie season in the D league. Sad how Cal claims to be players first, but what % of his UK boys are actually becoming NBA stars?

  24. Grammar is the Least of Your problems

    #22-You obviously have an inferiority complex and a huge UK envy going on. What are you even doing on a Kentucky site?

  25. H.A.Milton

    I think ESPN should just show the shot of Crean picking his gum up off the ground and chewing it for the rest of the season.

  26. Is That Your Best?

    Are you serious #23? Yes, Indiana has so many players doing well in the NBA. And UK players have failed miserably right? You are a Joke!

  27. HaHaHa!

    Yep those Hoosiers will celebrate anything. How about a “we almost won” commemorative pint glass set?

  28. H.A.Milton

    #23, After losing to unranked Butler and the inevitable beating you are going to take in conference you have as much chance at a 1 seed as Crean does at getting a hair cut that doesn’t look like Mike Judge drew it. And what percentag of UK MEN are becoming NBA stars? 100% more than Loosiers ever will…enjoy waiting until we send a couple more to Zeller’s name called this year.

  29. ukfan

    #8 hooserdaddy

    next season we play michigan state, UNC, louisville, and baylor, IU is affraid to play us because we beat them last year, but nice schedule i mean come on its butler

  30. back burner

    derrick rose, gtfo

  31. Hoosiers SUCK

    IU should really actually WIN something before they start thinking they are even close to being on par with UK. IU fans think about this, RONALD REAGAN WAS PRESIDENT THE LAST TIME YOU WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! UK has won THREE National Championships since then.

  32. Hoosierdaddy

    #28 how many unranked teams have beaten u of k this year

  33. BigBlue

    Hahahaha…this is the best you are going to get Hoosiers! And you will still choke out this year!
    Win something then say you are ‘back’!

  34. Joe Dan Gorman

    Hoosier suspect? Personally, I think the BUTLER did it….

  35. Uncle drew

    Ok 23 lets see former Cal players that are stars in the NBA, biggest one is obviously Derrick Rose, then you got John wall, Demarcus cousins, tyreke Evans, Eric Bledsoe is well on his way, and lets not forget Anthony Davis and MKG who will be stars in no time, and don’t look now but knight and Patterson are having great seasons as well. Oh and I’m sure I left a few out but I would say that’s a pretty good %

  36. Hoosiers SUCK

    I am waiting for Clappy the A$$ Clown (Crean) to drop Butler from their schedule unless they agree to play all future games in Bloomington.

  37. Hoosierdaddy

    #35 wow you have players in the nba (and d league) but how will that help you this season, all hard feelings aside though good luck in the NIT

  38. Bigbluestorm

    To all the IU fans on here, your team sucks, you had 2 players that has to sit out some games for improper benefits i think, isnt that cheating,and your coach is a queer who texts players and says im thinking about you,(prob made that text while in the shower )what a gay Go work on uncle Willies popcorn farm.

  39. H.A.Milton

    @Loosierdaddy, I’m just glad you learned to spell your clever name. I know you can’t count so I’ll accept that as an honest question (even though you weren’t able to punctuate it as such), and remind you that we lost 95% (which means almost all) of our scoring becuase, wait for it, they’re all becoming NBA stars. Meanwhile your team of 35 year olds just saw the beginning of the end of being relative to anybody born after 1980, snootch.

  40. Uncle drew

    37) yeah I’d change the subject too. Enjoy those sweet sixteen rings.

  41. Wow

    Hoosierdaddy-First, you couldn’t even spell your name right; then you come here with incredibly weak posts. You need to just give it up and go away. Now.

  42. H.A.Milton

    I think Loosier Daddy was geniunely trying to be positive with the NIT comment. The last time they won anything, the NIT was the big tourney…

  43. Hoosierdaddy

    #40 so which is going to be worse; when your football team has another losing season and no bowl game or when your basketball team goes down first round of the nit?

  44. H.A.Milton

    Loosier Daddy, these days the kids play in the NCAA tourney, N-C-A-A. nevermind, you’ll see in March, if your lucky…

  45. Hoosierdaddy

    #44 and so will you if you watch Indiana play

  46. Uncle drew

    43) you would think you would know what a NIT team looks like after watching Indiana play all these years, but this team isn’t one. They may not be a top team but they’re a nowhere close to a NIT team

  47. Sparks

    Lol, oh internets… I thank you for giving me so many laughs through the years

  48. gottodoit

    #23 – ‘Sad how Cal claims to be players first, but what % of his UK boys are actually becoming NBA stars?’

    I’m not sure #23, but they all are certainly better off financially than I predict you are.

  49. H.A.Milton

    Loosier Daddy, thats all you got? you mad bro? Come on, you can take #45 back and give it another shot.

  50. James K

    I bet Butler doesn’t make a display in their f*cking arena to commemorate this win. Indiana acts like they have completely forgotten what it’s like to win.

  51. Uncle drew

    I wouldn’t expect much 49. He asked how many stars cal has in the NBA so I gave him a list, then he changed it to UK will be in the NIT. I’m pretty sure that’s the best he’s got

  52. IOU an IU a**-kicking

    48 – you’re likely correct as they all likely make more $ than me. Hope that isn’t Cal’s selling point or we may be seeing the decline of the Cheatapari fad. How many of these players are better off because of Cal? They’d all be drafted – maybe even higher – if they went straight from HS to pros. And don’t mention that hill jack with the 90s jean shorts. If Cal is so great with guys like him then why doesn’t he win with a team full of them? Maybe he should try it this year since the current strategy doesn’t seem to be working. LMAO

  53. Hoosierdaddy

    Its so funny how u of k fans are celebrating Indianas loss instead of their win over the elementary school tody

  54. Duberino

    Now we know why IU refuses to play UK at a neutral site.

  55. Hoosierdaddy

    #54 and you know why cheater cal won’t come back to Bloomington

  56. Uncle Drew

    55) remind me I forget but who was the last program on probation UK or IU?

  57. Hoosierdaddy

    #56 good job on the subject change

  58. Bigbluestorm

    We wont come back to bloomington because you guys are gay, you pushed down a playboy model and stepped on her to get to the floor last yr, what a gay fan base.

  59. Uncle Drew

    57) subject change? I thought you said something about cheater Cal?

  60. Hoosierdaddy

    #58 no because you don’t like gettig beat although after this season you should be used to it

  61. Hoosierdaddy

    #60 just because you haven’t been caught doesn’t mean your not cheating

  62. Hoosiermommy


  63. LSUFreek

    I think the most important question is who won last year when it mattered most?

  64. Bill

    #55 – Because IU’s fans are assholes?

  65. Bubba Earl


  66. Bill

    UK doesn’t like going to Bloomington because they don’t like getting beat? Fine, I can live with that.

    But IU doesn’t like getting beat either. So maybe they should just stay out of the NCAA tournament.

  67. Hoosierdaddy

    #63 i guess you’re right if you enjoy living in the past

  68. Bill

    #67 – I like living in the present. Want to talk some more about that Butler game?

  69. Big blue daddy

    #67- living in the past? That’s coming from a fan base who glorifies watford’s shot a year later on popcorn tubs

  70. Hoosierdaddy

    #68 actually that happened earlier so thats the past too

  71. Bill

    Or maybe you’d rather discuss the beating IU laid on Central Connecticut State? Or that big game you have on your schedule next against Mt. St. Mary’s. I hear they’re tough this year. Better make sure Zeller puts on his Mean Sloth face for that one.

  72. Joe Frazier

    #70 – good point. Indiana hasn’t done anything at all relevant in the present. Why are we even talking about them again?

  73. Hoosierdaddy

    #72 its called envy

  74. The Past

    So living in the past isn’t cool? Why did “hoosers” continue to celebrate a last 2nd shot win, and a sweet 16 (with RINGS). Is that past ok?

  75. Jealousy

    um yeah…that’s it.

  76. That's a fact, JACK

    Did anyone notice that Butler fans didn’t storm the court, against the *ehem* #1 team in the country. Now that’s class.

    #71 what about the fact that IU hasn’t played one true road game yet this year?

  77. BigBlue

    Let’s talk about the past, present and future….we have more wins and more titles than IU and always will. This is as good a year as you will ever have…and you will choke out. Remember…you will never achieve the success we have had and will have…go enjoy your cute little sweet 16 display…bye bye

  78. That's a fact, JACK

    #73 what’s there to be envious of? You have commemorative trophy cases for 3 win seasons

  79. Joe Frazier

    #73 – Envy of what? A national championship about 25 years ago? Tom Crean’s amazing haircut?

  80. Joe Frazier

    #73 – Wait, no, I got it. I am pretty envious of some of those amazing Fatheads in the student section at your home games. Some of those are pretty funny.

    But the basketball team is a flash in the pan joke.

  81. BigBlue

    Hoosiers celebrated a sweet sixteen…how cute.

  82. Bill

    Nothing brings a fan base together like making fun of IU and its fans.

  83. Hoosierdadisbobknightsbitch

    Cals record at ky -108 wins. 17 losses. Elite eight, final four, and ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP! Creams record at i-(where gave the hoosiers been since the eighties) 55 wins and75 losses. Bahaha you know losses

  84. adolph oliver bush

    You people know that the IU poster is a UK fan bs’n you? You get that, right?

  85. Hoosierdadisbobknightsbitch

    Wannabe gtfo

  86. BigBlue

    So funny all these IU fans beating their chests! We have beating them like a red headed pin stripe wearing step child for 20 yrs now! Let them have their glory…sweet sixteen rings all that. Poor hoosiers.

  87. adolph oliver bush

    Seriously, we are better than $#!Ï€ talking IU. They lost, who cares. We are UK

  88. Big Blue Daddy

    Cheered hard for Butler… I guess IU will want to stay in their Brady Bunch time warp Assembly Hall from now on… They will take more losses and will not cut the nets down fellas… Anything short of a title for IU fans will and should be disappointing after all the trash talk… They are going to lose key pieces after this year…

  89. Kyle

    @52 yea goin 1 & 2 in the draft, having 5 guys taken in th first round, having 6 guys taken in a single draft is a bad thing for Cal and those players mainly. I didn’t even mention Deandre Liggins or Josh Harrelson cause if not for Cal pushing to better theirselves they wouldn’t of even sniffed getting drafted in the NBA get a clue

  90. RealCatsFan

    I guess oldschool is going to have to make the swap and start using Butler as his “model school for doing things the right way” instead of IU, now that IU has been exposed.

  91. James

    Indiana can beat no one on the road!! They better pray they move the final four to Bloomington!! The only reason they play Ohio st and Michigan on the road is because they have to! What a joke

  92. RealCatsFan

    #89, don’t forget Darius Miller – would he have been better off playing for Cal, or Gillispie?

  93. Kyle

    @92 that is a fact too thank you

  94. Ky-Boy

    I just googled “Indiana University Fan Site” to see how hoosiers were freaking out….all the sites that come back are for a Korean singer named “IU”. BTW “University of Kentucky Fan Site” is actually popular enough that you get what you are looking for not some asian chick!

  95. Rick

    #94 – Is the Asian chick hot? (if so, she’d be the only hot chick associated with “IU”)

  96. Won Hung Lo - Japan

    Won Hung Lo not understand hoosierdaddy?
    Do hoosierdaddy not know who father is?
    Won Hung Lo cousin, Won Hung Hi, go to Louisville and will ask him to help hoosiedaddy find father.
    Try to get Won Hung Hi move to UK cause have better basketball team.

  97. Hunt

    Aww, it’s IU’s last chance to shine until they polish a new set of recruits for 2-3 years, because they do things the “right way” instead of taking the fullest advantage of NCAA regs.

  98. T. A. Ó Croidheáin

    The pressure on Eye U to win it all this year is immense.

    If they don’t, it most certainly will be considered an epic fail by everyone.

  99. St. Augustine Cat Fan

    What’s the difference between an I.U. co-ed and a bowling ball? You can only get THREE fingers in a bowling ball! Go Big Blue!

  100. jimmy crack corn

    I just tripped over Zellers nose.