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Will Moses Come to part the Blue Sea?

If you are ever on the internet (and it seems some of you are at this point), then you will have likely seen in the last few days, some frustration over the recruitment of Marshall Moses. Many people (including those on this blog) have become extremely disappointed with how this recruitment has proceeded and the way that the Moses saga has not been locked up some time ago. Thus knowing this confusion was out there, we decided to go to the source and just had this conversation with Marshall:

Kentucky Sports Radio: Marshall, you went this past weekend to Oklahoma State. How was the visit and your time in Stillwater?

Marshall Moses: I had a great time down there, just the whole environment was amazing and getting to meet all the players and coaches was great. You know it was my first experience on a college campus in a visit setting, so it may have just been normal, but to me seeing all the excitement and the University was just a great experience.

Kentucky Sports Radio: In an article written after your visit, you were quoted as saying that you almost committed on the trip. Was that a possibility?

Marshall Moses: You know it was hard not to think about that. I mean when I was down there, I was having such a good time, that I really thought about it. But then I thought that would be stupid, because I havent been to any other schools and it may just be that all the things I saw there are in other places too. But yeah, I thought about it. The coaches didnt push me on it though, so that was good.

Are you planning on coming to Kentucky for a visit?

Marshall Moses: Yeah, I am coming to Kentucky this Saturday after I take a test. I am looking forward to seeing Kentucky and what all it has to offer. I am going to the Tennessee game on Sunday and will then be there until Monday night.

Kentucky Sports Radio: What are you looking for when you come to Kentucky?

Marshall Moses: Oh, I am looking for a lot of things. Obviously I want to see the game and see what Rupp Arena is like. I want to see what the crowd there does and how the fans are. But I also want to see a lot about the University. You know the best part of Oklahoma State was when they introduced me to the athletic department people and the academic support staff. See that stuff is really important to me and when I met those people, they seemed to really care about me like I would be family. Academics are really important to me in college and I want to see what Kentucky has in place there and what the people are like. People are really important to me.

Kentucky Sports Radio: Are you taking any other visits?

Marshall Moses: I am supposed to go to Kansas State the next weekend, but I dont know if I will go or not. It sort of depends.

Kentucky Sports Radio: When do you plan on making a decision?

Marshall Moses: Probably next week. I am ready to go ahead and decide soon.

Kentucky Sports Radio: You have said on our show in the past that Kentucky was your leader. Is that still the case now?

Marshall Moses Thats hard to say. You know I had a great visit at Oklahoma State. It was a great place to be and I feel like I fit in with the players, coaches and school as a whole. But I have always liked Kentucky too. The thing is, I just ended up going to Oklahoma State first. Thats why I also want to go to Kentucky and compare. So its hard to say anything about a leader or not. I will just go to Kentucky and then make my decision after that.

There you go. Lots of interesting comments in there from one of the best pure athletes that UK has recruited in a long, long time.

Article written by Matt Jones

85 responses to “Will Moses Come to part the Blue Sea?”

  1. mj

    matt thanks for the update bro. Ben looking forwrd to reading this on here. Also UK fans have been out in force on Marshall’s myspace page..kinda funny some of the stuff the write.

  2. KentuckyCane

    So, Matt, what is your opinion from talking to him and the general tone of the conversation? Did anything come across to you in his demeanor that doesn’t come across in writing? And, finally, what do you think happens? A Cat or a Cowboy?

    Oh, and don’t be lying to me now. lol

  3. Yankee Cat

    Matt, kudos for developing the relationship with MM such that you could get those comments.

    I think the kid is a lock to commit, if we want him. If we get him, though, it would seem to make it harder to get Lucas, which then makes it harder to get Patterson, which then … I hope Jared Carter is studying extra hard this semester so he can go on academic scholarship.

  4. Gray Temples

    Grat Job Matt….hope we get him…..being here for the UT game is as good as it gets!!!!….with Pearl and his orange coat getting our crowd going….and we should be ready to kick butt coming off 2 losses

  5. deWildcats

    Thanks Matt – I believe OTS needs to add you to the recruiting staff. Marshall Moses is going to love his visit and commit – or at least that’s what I praying for.

  6. Blue Blam

    let’s just hope our staff wants marshall as much as the fan base does.

  7. Sammy G

    Nice get Matt

    Major league nice

  8. SukonDatBeeyatch


    it’s sad we didn’t get him in sooner, then we woulda been his one and only visit, now?

  9. Caveman

    Me no understand why can’t give three scholarship. Give someone red shirt or make smarter get pointy head scholarship.

  10. Gerry DiNardo

    I’ve had class with Carter and there is no academic scholarship on his horizon. Maybe Georgetown or Western needs a center, hopefully we can use his ride on someone who can contribute.

  11. Richadd

    Appreciate the info. Matt. Just like de wildcat said.
    Tell OTS to put you on the staff & take R.Hanson spot on the staff & get it crackin..

  12. dietubbydie

    If Moses doesn’t commit before he
    he leaves campus then color hi
    a Cowboy.

  13. TheGhostofAdolphRupp-Xmas Past


  14. dietubbydie

    He commits to UK
    before he leaves campus
    or he becomes a Cowboy.

  15. JKW1974

    I have thought for awhile that we need this kid,and then PP won’t be as critical. If we lose him, I will then believe that the entire staff should go if they blow what was at one time a sure thing…..typical for the gang that couldn’t recruit straight…..

  16. tls

    I think things are looking like a lot of UK love from OTS and staff
    and a commit to UK next week. The LORD knows we all could use some good news.
    The measure of this season is not the on court results because they were
    never going to be too good and any objective fan knew that. The recruiting class
    HOWEVER IS the measure of this season. Adding Marshall would tip the scales on
    that score to the positive side and set it up for a home run with EITHER Jai
    or PP. Marshall Moses to UK would be exhilirating to say the least.

  17. ????

    Hey Matt, Does Pettigrew have an offer or just a visit?

  18. TWPCat

    Oh man,,that gets me pumped,,,we need Moses or Patterson in the worse way….
    I”m so excited,,i just can’t hide…I’m bout to lose control and i think i like it! LOL

    Thanks Matt for the info..

  19. deWildcats

    Just a bit off the subject – but the handle “TheGhostofAdolphRupp-XmasPast” should get special attention. Bravo-Bravo

  20. ba1

    Given Tubby’s current job situation, I will be absolutely stunned if Moses commits to us this weekend.

    Thanks a lot Tubby.

  21. Dr. Bob

    Redshirts still count against the 13 scholarships. UK needs to scare someone off to get Patterson, Lucas, and Moses.

  22. TubbyCAT

    Well as usual it seems the internet chatter was a bit off when it comes to Marshall. From that interview it doesn’t seem like he is upset aboit having to postpone visits, which I’d like to point out that Marshall postponed one of those on his own accord.

    He has liked UK, Tubby, and Hobbs since the beginning and UK has been persistent w/him. I’d like to think that we can at least show him as good a visit, probably better, than what OK State did and we sign him. He is waiting til next week so he can take in all this visit, seems to work for us in a big way! New practice facility is open, big rivalry gamew/Tennessee on national television, looks liek this could be a big weekend.

  23. John

    To be honest I like the sound of that interview compared to some recent articles about Moses and OK St. When you think about it, what highschool recruit doesn’t have a great time taking an official visit to a college? Especially when it is his first time to that campus and his first official visit. I think our staff will do a great job telling him about how UK works and how he can fit into the system, I think the players will do a great job showing him around campus and getting to know him, and then the only thing left is for the fans to come out rockin and showin Moses some love with a couple of chants and the B-Ball team come ready to play and take it to Tennessee.

  24. TheGhostofAdolphRupp-Xmas Past

    never read my KY B-ball X-mas carol- taking Tubby thru. Wrote it in Dec.

  25. Pete

    It is nice to see those comments, and it sounds like Moses is still open to playing at UK.

    However, there are two hundred plus posts in the last thread denouncing all things UK basketball (and this is the friendly message board), so it is hard for me to believe that the UK fans in Rupp are going to out-impress what Moses saw in Stillwater.

    Lets hope the coaches, players and staff aren’t as down on UK basketball as the fans are, or that the fans somehow find their character and support the team – at least on Sunday when it might just count a lot….

  26. drevil


    Mark it down

  27. barry

    #26 the tubby hater! Complain about what happens not what you secretly hope will happen so that you may be right for once.

  28. Mr. Mujumdar

    Matt great job as always. Marshall sounds just as excited about the UK visit as the Ok St. visit he just came from. Are academics still the issue with him?

  29. BlueThunder

    Marshall Moses just did the interview, he will be looking for it on the internet tonight and will read this thread very closely without a doubt

  30. Anonymous

    marshal come on down brother

  31. reality

    You have to just trust me, there will be alot of unhappy fans in the coming weeks.
    I mean more than there are now.

  32. Pat

    Tell us Mitch…errrr…ba1…What is Tubby’s current job situation?

  33. Pat

    Matt…What are Moses stats so far this season?

  34. David Shuman

    Marshall Moses he’s my main man – I hope that young man reads ever word and understands we’ll love him like a son and he’ll be famous for-ever!!!!

  35. UKTim

    I REALLY like our chances since it’s down to Ok. St. & us. I hope Marshal has a GREAT weekend. 🙂

  36. rrain

    points, it seems he can get em and that is one thing we need bad!

  37. Paladin

    UK has been on Marshall from the start and even though things have been weird with the postponing visits, they still want (and need) a talented, hard-working player like him. Hopefully, the visit will be a good one for him.

    Go Cats!

  38. cool

    To me from the sound of the interview, Marshall is ours to lose. He made it pretty clear that this weekend is the only other visit he needs. Unless he just hates his visit this weekend, I think he commits before he leaves town. From watching his video on youtube and reading internet chat, this guy is a super athlete and something we so desparately need. However, he may not be the answer to our poward forward prayers since he is only about 6’7″, and its been said hes one of those in between guys that doesnt have a true position. This would be a great commit and I hope we get him but we still need PPat in the worst way. We could definitely use Lucas too.

  39. Walls

    From reading his interview, he actually sounded like a pretty intelligent why is his grades such a problem dang!

    Also…is this not the home game where the football team is introduced? tahts about the time Moses should come into the arena.

  40. JL Blue

    Caveman … bravo!

  41. woodstockcat

    #39 – his grades are a problem because he didn’t pay attention to them his fresh/soph years.

  42. TWPCat

    Matt””in your oppinion/gut feeling,,what is our chances of getting a verbal from MM ??? this weekend

  43. Tom Gray

    OTS has a contract through 2011 with UK. Moses would be at UK until 2011.

  44. John

    WOW! I just watched about a 4 minute video of Moses just dunking and it is amazing. He jumps over tables, bleachers, people, its pretty crazy how athletic this guy is. Also he has some pretty good dance moves too lol.

  45. University Update

    Will Moses Come to part the Blue Sea?

  46. Sergeant Bob

    Here is hoping for something good this weekend… w/out Lofton I just can’t believe we get beat, of course I said that last night too with a 17 point lead!

  47. oledon

    I have not been to Stillwater and seen the OSU campus and fieldhouse but between Rupp Arena and the new practice facility, he should be impressed with this weekends visit. I forgot Donna’s home cooking, if that’s permitted.

  48. abud4me

    Smokey Tub’s will never fulfil that baby, infact he will probably be thrilled to get out of it by the time he’s finished it this year…

  49. drevil

    #27 I’ve been right on Brandan Wright, Deon Thompson, Tyler Hansbrough etc. I said we wouldn’t get them and fortunately Smith has always obliged. He recruited Wright for 2.5 years and wound up with nothing. Do you really think the MM saga is going to go different?

  50. TheGhostofAdolphRupp-Xmas Past

    drevil- What are the winning power ball numbers in the KY lottery Nostradomus?

  51. uk'sboy!!!

    So Tubby would rather have Lucas and Patterson, but because of pressure from stupid fans he is now going after moses, who isnt as good as either Lucas or Patterson. Hey guys, when Lucas and Patterson come out and say, “we wanted to go to UK but they ran out of scholarhsips.” What will you guys say then? Tubby cant recruit?

  52. Anonymous

    #49 (drevil) your predictions on Wright, Thompson, and Hansbrough are not analogous to Moses since none of them ever publicly announced that UK was their leader. On the other hand, a recent report had Moses’ coach stating that UK was the leader for Moses and that there really wasn’t a second place school since UK was so far out in front in his recruitment. So to answer your question, yes I do think that this “saga” will end differently, provided that Moses upholds his end of the bargain by getting himself qualified.

  53. David Shuman

    MOSES & AJ … PLUS the freshman and OTS is a winner … UK is the Phoenix … rising from the ashes.

  54. swimmer4uk

    This recruit sounds like he is UK’s to lose. He has no decision yet and it us to the staff to make him decide on UK. Real test to their abilities IMO

  55. barry

    drevil, drevil dreadful!!

  56. Glen - Houston

    Maybe the Cheerleading staff could tutor the Basketball staff on recruiting ththey never seem to run out of talent. How many NC’s have that won?

  57. doc4uk

    In all of the threads on Moses I have yet to see any stats on how he is doing this season.

  58. TubbyCAT

    I will be SHOCKED if Marshall Moses is not a Kentucky Wildcat!!!

  59. UK fan

    #38, AJ Stewart/Stevenson are our ansewers at the pf problem. Moses is the ansewer for the Bobby Perry problem.

  60. DaBears

    Don’t cry but he’s a COWBOY. UK blew it again. Fire the entire coaching staff for f*ck this recruit up.

  61. TWPCat

    #60…show me some proof that he’s a cowboy

  62. CCHblue

    Proof? PROOF? Dabears don’t need no stinkin’ proof…just a keyboard and anonymous login! My 2 cents is on MM committing this weekend after seeing the CATS tutoring program, practice facility, 24K+ fans and a beat down of TN!

  63. clear it up for me

    What is his exact height… I’ve seen from 6-6″ to 6′-8″. He looks to be at least 6’7″ in the video.

    What are his stats so far this year?

    Let’s hope he has a good visit.

  64. Kenny

    come on down moses WE WANT YOU

  65. westkycatfan58

    Moses will be a Wildcat……

  66. See Are Oh W

    I gotta’ hand it to you, Matt. You sure can hold a grudge with the best of them. Deleting that post of mine about
    praying for blind kids, soldiers, and homeless people was cold blooded.

  67. Tom Grey

    Tubby better land Moses or I will start lobbying for a moderator position at Dynasty defenders.

  68. See Are Oh W

    If you’re going to make fun of the bloated one at least spell his name right.

  69. Tom Grey

    I know he uses an “a”. I did that on purpose so as to not piss “anyone” off.

  70. John Pelphrey

    Come on guys, give me a chance. Go Big Blue!

  71. Marshall Mosesssssss

    Come on guys, tell me how tall I actually am and how many pts. and rebs. am I averaging a game. Nobody knows!?????

  72. Patrick Patterson

    Anyone know who will be the new coach next year. Not knowing who it will be is really making my
    decision, on where to play, a tough one. Personally I like Billy Donovan.

  73. Bret Bearup

    Billy D will be in Lexington next year, mark it down.

  74. Clay

    Guys this will work out great. You know Tubby would have told him to take another visit and make sure before committing(if he had come to UK first). Now he has already taken that visit, he will see UK at its best against UT, the new practice facility and hopefully Rupp Arena loud.

  75. Crawdaddy

    We have to take Moses if he says yes. If patterson and lucas also say yes.. we have to find a scholarship unless Morris leaves. It will all work out I’m sure. This has happened more than once before.

  76. Mitch Barnhardt

    Yeah it’ll work out. We’ll end up having a scholarship or two left over. Don’t worry though,
    Tubby said we won’t be caught shorthanded…again.


    Stupid staff at Kentucky…I told everyone that this is kid is 2 steps ahead of PP, and now it looks like we wont even get him…Do we want the Sheray Thomas’s and the Bobby Perry’s to come here instead of great athletes…im tired of it…i have always been pretty nice towards the whole tubby smith ordeal but now i am starting to lose m y temper….Marshall Moses was ours to lose and we did….this kid has so much talent it isnt even worth mentioning….are u sewrious, i mean what are we doing???? I am sick of this, sick of having big leads, sick of having kids give up and show no heart, just sick of how things are going with this program…I wouldnt wanna come here if i was a top talent recruit either…y would u?? Nice tradition, yeah, blahh, we are in the present my friend….Nice practice facility, yeah(cant say much about that, it is nice), Great fans, not so fast(they are rich ninety year old season ticket holders who can barely stand up to do the UK fight song)…What is the matter??? Please do something, anything, to give me a little bit of hope so I can say I am proud to be a Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan


    “sick of having big leads ands losing the games” SORRY

  79. Brandon

    #78, do the truffle shuffle.

  80. Edward

    I just read this and I would like to say to Moses. BS!!!!! If academics was so important, like YOU said then why is there any descrepencies(sp?) on your grades and test score. A young person who CARES about academics… doesnt have any problems and by their SR year of H.S are already qualified. I guess you think UK fans are stupid and will believe you actually care about academics. You need to go on to OSU they will put up with bad grades.

  81. AMH

    Matt/Tom Grey,

    Can you lend any legitimacy to TCCAT posting that UK brass are interested in speaking
    with Donovan, Crean, and Brey for coaching UK. Apparently, two of them have expressed
    interest already. I also had no idea Billy D. had a clause releasing him from his
    contract should he leave for UK or Duke.

    I know this isn’t a Tubby coaching thread. I don’t get into bashing him, it’s just a ?

  82. 1kyfan

    #81. Why would UK be interested in talking to other coaches about a vacancy that doesn’t exist? Whatever our (pro or con) feelings about the UK coaching situation…I don’t see any changes or retirements being announced until after the season if any. I did say if any. Therefore, it would be very unprofessional for UK to talk about a vacancy that doesn’t exist. It would be equally unprofessionally and very low class for other coaches to say they are interested in a job that is not currently vacant and I can’t see any coaches doing that. They may answer hypothetical questions from time to time but never say they are interested in a follow coaches job while he is still in that position.

    While I’m very concerned, I think this season can still turn out very well. Of course, it can also turn out bad but we won’t know until after the season and after the spring signing period is over. Until then I will try to stay positive (not always possible after a UK loss….lol) and wait and see how the season plays out. Then if change happens we can start talking about whom, when, etc. In the meantime I will continue to hope that we win every game and go as far as possible in the NCAA Tourn. At times I think we can beat anyone and at other times anyone can beat us. That’s why I think it’s too early to talk about how we will finish in the SEC. I think it can still go either way….a good finish or a bad finish (by UK standards)….

  83. This guy up there^....

    “Edward”….OK State fan.

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