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Wiggins cuts his list, will take an official visit to Kentucky

Andrew Wiggins news! Yes!

This morning, Evan Daniels reports that Wiggins has cut his list to four–Florida State, Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina–eliminating Ohio State and Syracuse.

Daniels also reports that Wiggins will take official visits to Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina. The dates are tentatively set for February 27th for Kentucky (for the Mississippi State); March 4th for Kansas, and March 9th for UNC. As we know from @NosillaDraw and her fellow FSU coeds, he’s already visited Florida State.

Get your chants and your signs ready, folks.

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19 responses to “Wiggins cuts his list, will take an official visit to Kentucky”

  1. RealCatsFan

    Friggin’-A, I will be at that game in sec 23. I’ll be sure to give him a big yell. Take him to center court and have him do the Y!

  2. Don't overdo it!

    Remember that he hates attention. So, don’t overdo it and scare him off…

  3. Wall2Cousins

    instant Boner.

  4. Sean

    #2 I say go all out, make signs. It’s what makes us different. If he doesn’t like us for us then why trick him into coming by acting like we don’t care that much.

  5. Jezz

    This is important. There is plenty of time to prepare something cool. Make it happen ERupption zone.

  6. Jezz

    I agree with 4, go all out. There’s no listening to Pete Thamel in this house.

  7. Invisible Obama

    Ashley Judd is single. Just say’n.

  8. wiggins

    If i didnt like attention why would i go and drop 57 in response to an article someone wrote about me? we are who we are, lets show him the love BBN.

  9. Crizzle

    FSU maximized the use of their sl*ts, we need to do the same. Time to turn things up a notch.

  10. MemphisCat

    Just be BBN, we will be stronger then any of the pretenders out there, NC State put on a big show for Randle and now if he went to a game un-announced, they wouldn’t recognize him. Lol

  11. Thad Castle

    I’ll take him to the goat house, bring him some sloots, and get him hammered. He will sign is LOI as soon as he leaves.

  12. Tennessee Wildcat

    You guys crack me up. Don’t worry, I’m sure that everything will be taken care of correctly and appropriately. Coach Cal usually always gets who he really wants, and I’m sure that Wiggins is number one on his list.

  13. Duke sucks

    Wiggins is great! I’d still rather have Gordon to go with what we already have! Have to wonder if there will be enough balls to go around with Wiggins and the rest of this class. Last years team was more the exception then the norm when it comes to great players giving for the team! Just my opionion!

  14. big cat 65

    F.S.U. go big blue!!”

  15. Musehobo

    After Wiggins’ latest tweets (in reply to Thamel’s article) I really think he’ll come here. One look at that locker room, plus Cal’s commitment to “players first”…I think we’ll get him.

  16. Rich

    I think he is waiting to see what Poythress is going to do, pro or not. He certainly isn’t waiting to see what any FSU player is going to do. He would have already committed to them if he liked them so much.

  17. rich

    Hey UK soroity girls (EKU gals welcome too) get your “whore uniforms” dry cleaned for Andrew on the 27th. Let’s give him a BIG UK BONER!!!

  18. Jpo

    17. No, not eku girls

  19. bosshogg24

    When you are Wiggins or Randle you don’t wait to see what any player is going to do, you are the best on the planet and will start anywhere regardless of who is there! If players come back they will come off he bench!