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Who Wants An NBA Classmate?

They can’t be introduced as former UK players when they suit up against the Dominican Republic, but a trio of famous former Cats might become actual students in the near future.  John Calipari announced this evening that John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and Rajon Rondo will enroll as students in the fall if the NBA lockout continues as expected.  Besides the obvious awesomeness of having an NBA star in the desk next to you (if you’re a student, otherwise that’s creepy), it also means that the three can serve as student assistant coaches, much like Enes Kanter, as long as they enroll as full-time students (12 credit hours).  And as of now, that’s the plan – Marquis Teague learning intricacies of the point position from Rod Strickland, John Wall, Rajon Rondo and Eric Bledsoe.  Not bad. 

Don’t even think about it, NCAA.


Article written by Thomas Beisner

29 responses to “Who Wants An NBA Classmate?”

  1. Best hair in the biz

    what up gangsta


    Let’s send Enes to Emmertt’s house and let him go “underkanter” on that midget’s ass for his stunt he pulled with the legends game!

  3. studentTeachersRock


  4. Phillyukfan

    Calipari is sheer genius…. Someone needs to seek his advice on this countrys problems calipari gets things done “winner” screw you NCAA

  5. mocha

    suck it ncaa.

  6. HillbillyInBC

    Don’t you mean “Marquis Teague and Ryan Harrow learning”? Yet another reason that grabbing our 2012-13 point guard a year early was a shrewd move.

  7. Iwearmybluesunglassesatnight

    6. That’s exactly what I was thinking! You nailed it! KABOOM!!!

  8. T

    I hate that every skips Bledsoe when talking about Cals line of Guards. Dude is a beast and will be a star in 2-3 years.

  9. tonygreendoesthestankyleg

    Cal is an 18 year old kids dream, who else can put you in the league in a year or two and allow you to practice with 2 of the elite pg’s in the NBA? why would you go anywhere else?

  10. UKBluee

    The NCAA is probably working over-time tonight to squash this.

  11. T


  12. digital_Haggis

    This is why Cal FREAKING RULES. KABOOM!!!!

  13. Phillyukfan

    Reminds me of happy Gilmore… Emmert on the golf course and calipari peeking around a tree shouting ” Emmert yooou suuuuck”. And NCAA gangsta getting all flustered.

  14. ink

    i can see it now…NCAA declares that NBA players can not return to school ! hipocracy at it’s finest ! KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !

  15. kymetgirl

    SOOO happy to see Rajon “back” in the UK close-nit fold. Hey NCAA, so if Bledsoe had to cheat to be elligble to play in college why would he make the decision to re-enroll in school as a pro? Sad thing is you can’t look more foolish than you already do!

  16. AfterDinner Minter


  17. JC

    And Arizona calls themself “Point Guard U” Ha!

  18. MtnCat

    NCAA swat team on the way.

  19. Jason

    Cal is a motherlovin GENIUS. Can’t you see now how long he has had all this planned? be the Dominican coach, set up this game to get these pro’s on campus. And with the lockout going, they stay to go to class and become student assistants. Here, they help our current players to become great in practice, while using them as one of the biggest recruiting advantages that college baskeball has ever seen. “Hey, kid, come to UK where you will win a ton of games, be coached by me, and practice alongside RAJON RONDO, ERIC BLEDSOE, JODIE MEEKS, AND JOHN-EFFING-WALL.” Ridiculous. Calipari is a monster. MONSTER.

  20. WildcatFan

    Totally agree, #19…Cal is a brilliant master of basketball! He IS a genius and every Wildcat fan’s dream! Go.Big.Blue.

  21. Han

    Are they doing press passes for the exhibition game, and if so, will Matt or TB be there, and if so, will there be a live blog?

    Not only will Teague get to work against Wall, Rondo and Bledsoe, but so will Harrow. Also throw in Beckham and Polson, and even Lamb and Miller. Some crazy PG drills there. Can you imagine Harrow getting a year of practicing in the Dribble Drive against Teague, Wall, Bledsoe and Rajon Roller-Skating Rondo? Who can throw anything at Harrow that he won’t have already seen come 2012? Also, can you imagine the skills competition and PG dunk contests? Only adding D Rose could make that any more insane. I wonder if his previous SAT would allow him to enroll?

  22. PillowTalk

    I’m glad Cal has brought Rondo back into the UK family… after Tubby ran him out

  23. Big Blue Barber

    Bring back Maglore

  24. Big Blue Barber

    Bring back Maglore he owns the lane

  25. UKBluee

    Any word about Boogie coming back to school? The three amigos need to be together again!

  26. catfan88

    I love this shit, stick it to ’em, coach!

  27. Nick

    I’ve already had an NBA classmate, P-Pat for freshmen geology, won
    dering why he isn’t playing still

  28. mark emmert email mark emmert right now

  29. JEREMY

    I think dean smith coached in this UNC exihibition game?

    JEREMY Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 11:59 am
    Plus the NCAA let the former UNC pros wear official UNC uniforms! Check the link above.