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Where in the World is Billy Clyde?


You remember Billy Clyde? He used to coach here at Kentucky about a month ago. You remember…the guy who looked like Gary Sinise, talked about the Cats getting “whipped” and was a fan of the Dr. Pepper? Yeah THAT Billy Clyde. Well he apparently is still roaming around Lexington, hanging out in the Keeneland clubhouse and other hot spots. In fact, last night the Clydester was seen by multiple KSR readers at the world famous Two Keys Tavern, hanging out with the kids and celebrating bachelorette parties left and right. He certainly isnt going to let one little firing get in the way of a fun Thursday night, that is for sure.

Article written by Matt Jones

66 responses to “Where in the World is Billy Clyde?”

  1. KYStout

    Billy who?

  2. ThetaChiUKfan

    i miss BCG — not his coaching though

  3. TayPrinceJr.


  4. TayPrinceJr.

    smiling thorugh his teeth,”I hope this isn’t going on the internet!”

  5. ransmith

    It is good to hear he is enjoying himself!

  6. TayPrinceJr.

    although i liked BCG and didnt want to fire him at the time bc i didnt think Cal would come, you gotta think if it wasnt for him we wouldn’t have this great recruiting class. if he had stayed we wouldn’t have had a chance in the world to get henry, cousins, or wall

  7. TonyDelk00

    See Billy G. See Billy G. pimp. Pimp, Billy, pimp.

  8. BigCatDaddy4263

    Drink one for me Ex-Coach, hell once you get paid by UK in the buyout, then you can host your own parties with the fine women of the Flagship University

  9. catmandu

    It looks like he can party better than he can coach.

  10. BlueOrion

    I was so happy when Bill G. was hired at UK..I thought that he would lead us to the promise land. Then I saw him in action at the Las Vegas Invitational last of the worst coaching jobs I’ve ever seen..he had no clue how to use his talent..

  11. BCG

    I don’t remember this picture, wher’s my six mil.

  12. Houstonky

    If i was getting a million dollar payout.. I would be headed to Vegas, or Jamaica… or better yet.. the World Famous Two Keys Tavern!!! WTF Billy?

  13. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    I’d still gladly buy Billy a Dr. Pepper or a beer.

  14. BCG

    If i could recuit like i can pick up women i’d still be da coach.

  15. UKclam

    This picture was taken just before he staggered down to Tolly Ho and then later barfed a “Ho with Egg and Cheese” on the sidewalk. Or at least that’s how my visits to The Keys used to end.

  16. UKclam

    Maybe BG is a fan of Flaming Dr. Peppers instead of Dr. Pepper itself?

  17. deuceinyoeyeISBACKagain

    the one on the left is super hot me. spring break ’07

  18. UK04

    BCG was holding court by the paddock late in the day at Keeneland yesterday. It looked like he was just hanging out while “fans” came up and got pictures with him.

  19. jreeves5319



    God I remember the ho!! What a greasy burger! But at 4am, it hit the spot!

  20. plinytheyounger

    Everybody wants a pic with a has-been

  21. jreeves5319

    If I saw Billy G out in Lex — I’d probably kick him in his shins…

  22. Zidane

    That picture was taken last night sometime between 10:40pm – 1:15am (Lakers-Jazz game). Nice get Matt.

  23. ukbbfan

    i think he went out back and fired one up, his eyes are blazed!

  24. CalipariSafari

    Go back to Texas and lock some other kids in the bathroom stalls. That shat don’t fly here in Kentucky.

    GO CATS!!

  25. jreeves5319

    He really must have NO SHAME…

    He’s got to know that he’s the butt of many jokes now…and the answer to the most obscure UK bball trivia question 25 years from now.

  26. Wall2Cousins

    What a freak..looks like he is doing some recruiting for the next Miss Kentucky!

  27. CalipariSafari

    In all honesty, if I saw Bill Gillispie out in public, I’d chase him down like Alan Cutler did and I’d film it and put the video on youtube.

  28. drewky

    I was in a Keeneland box last weekend with Jim Bunning to the right of me and Billy G two boxes to the left. The biggest tool bags this state has to offer.

  29. Old Henry Man

    Cutler could catch him now

  30. booted

    One of these times a UK fan is going to lock him a bathroom stall and then taunt him.

  31. ConverseDenimJerseys

    #24 – No shame and no self respect. If we had won 2 or 3 more games in the SEC, that jackass would still be our coach and we would be stuck in mediocrity for 2-3 more seasons. I never thought I would be so happy to finish 8-8 in the SEC in my life. Thanksfully Billy’s lack of coaching this year set us up to have a fantastic year next year…. Thanks BCG.

  32. dude77

    I know that brunette from someplace. I just can’t remember where.

  33. Buford T Justice

    Saw him in the Paddock at Keeneland today…Racing Form in one hand and a drink in the other. Spend em Big Daddy!

  34. jreeves5319

    Great point #30

    I should thank Billy G if I see him in public and encourage him to try to get a job at another SEC school…

    That way we can stomp them for the next 10 years at least…

  35. ConverseDenimJerseys

    BCG might end up on “outside the Lines” as a recovering alcoholic and compulsive gambler. I can see a Bryant Gumble interview in his future.

  36. Billy Gillispie Still Living it Up in Lexington

    […] to Kentucky Sports Radio for this brilliant find. digg_url = […]

  37. BigLCAT

    You know he is tearin up some bootie….

  38. ConverseDenimJerseys

    ^^^^ Or maybe a “Where are They Now?”. Washed up and at the dog track in B.F.E. Texas. Hasn’t shaved in 4 weeks and looks pickled from all the whiskey and Dr. Pepper.

  39. catsfan420

    ive seen him down at chinoe pub doing karaoke. pulling his finger like always. “world famous 2 keys tavern?” that place is a dump.

  40. TheDancingOutlaw

    Can we please get less pictures of BCG and more pictures of that brunette?

    That almost makes me want to re-visit that world famous dump….

  41. Riddle32

    see firefighter dick
    see firefighter dick work
    see firefighter dick party
    every girl loves firefighter dick

  42. UKfansNKY

    Who cares where Billy Clyde is……hell, I know were I wish I was right now…looking @ that picture!! Get him outta there and put ME IN THE MIDDLE!!! GO CATS!!!

  43. jtstur2

    32. haha, i do know that brunette. she is from my hometown.

  44. jreeves5319

    Is her name Cody — she looks just like a girl from my hometown but I don’t know

  45. bubbleup

    Can you say intervention?

  46. BayouCat

    I can’t believe the guy’s still in town. I wonder how many dirty looks/ramdom “you suck!” shouts from college dudes/drunk picture requests he gets every time he goes out in public.

  47. Miller's High Life

    her name is karlie, she’s a pi phi and i must say one of my hotter friends..

  48. wildeers

    where is all the ill will coming from? He was fine as a coach,just not a fit for the program. Very few know what went on behind the scenes, and he certainly doesnt deserve to get roasted on some message board.

  49. Beautiful Loser

    Come on y’all, don’t be hating on the player.BCG is Da’Man.

  50. Cawood2Cal

    Every few days Matt posts something to allow some fans with unrelinquished feelings to work toward closure on Mr. G. It’s a nice service to provide, Matt

  51. jreeves5319


    What do you mean with that word?

  52. Shaffer42

    I don’t know about you guys, but if I made over $4 million for 2 years working on a job, got laid off and knew I’d be getting a severance package in the millions of dollars…I would still be living it up and having a good time. Party on Wayne, Party on Billy!

  53. jreeves5319

    I doubt the buyout will be very much…maybe $1,000,000…

    Obviously that’s plenty of money…and Clyde can buy a bunch of drinks for plenty of coeds at 2 keys.

    But still, the guy is a douchebag and he tried to run off our best player this year.

    I flat out hate the guy and hope he ends up at the University of Wyoming or some such shite hole.

  54. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    I’ll tell you why he’s still here, some damn bird ate the breadcrumbs.

  55. monkeybottoms

    I hate him as our coach. However, as a Lexington man-of-leisure I find him quite entertaining. bet he’s at Sal’s tonight.

  56. ballplayerstu

    #9 said it best…Looks like he can party better than he can coach!

  57. jengler13

    Good man not a good coach….

  58. F. B. I.

    Good man? He locked players in bathroom stalls and made them cry! I feel sorry for your family.

  59. uksbiggestfan

    damn miller’s high life you think you oughta be droppin’ names like that? neways yea i graduated with her and she is smokin’! give me a candle and i’d *** that!UK#1

  60. Azubuikebicep

    Seriously Billy Clyde? No offense to the older guys on here, but if you are a 50 year old single male and you hang out at Two Keys on Thursday nights, then you are creep.

  61. cityoflights

    I like this guy so much better now he’s not our coach. Over/under on hammers consumed by BCG 9.5

  62. COOTS

    58) What’s this about him locking a player in the stall and making them cry? Not heard this one before?

  63. chworld22

    If I had the money this man has I would be out there partying my ass off as well.



  65. WildcatDJ

    Billy is a very good X’s and O’s coach who had a better game plan than the other coach many games. He tricked it with his unusual and unliked motivational tactics.

    All that said, did well with these chicks. All those judging him because he likes hot girls are just jealous. I wonder if those ladies like to get facials?

  66. MEEKSatterson

    WHy is he still hanging around in KY?…I will be glad when he gets the F outta here!….I bet he is so jelous of Coach Cal….haha…i think it is funny..i would love to see the Dick face out in public!….i would laugh at him….what a jerk! anyways…im done with Billy G….that was my last comments about him….ta ta BCG! GO BIG BLUE!