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Where Does Turner’s Game Rank Among The Other Cat Killers?

Over the years there have been several guys that you can simply refer to as Cat killers. The guys who play mediocre all year long but when Kentucky is on the other sideline they turn it up and double their season averages. Usually that happens when the Cats are on the road and guys like Devan Downey can feed off the home crowd to have a monster game. It’s another matter entirely to do so in Rupp Arena which can be one of the toughest arena’s in all the land. Turner now joins a handful of guys to have a huge game in Lexington but where does that performance rank among these other guys:


Tre’ Kelley 36/89 points: 40.44% of scoring

The last guy to get close to breaking the 40 point barrier was Tre Kelley of South Carolina in 2007. Kelley was the typical player who would save up his best games for when he played Kentucky and he truly saved his best for last. In addition to 36 points Kelley also dished out six assists to further influence the Gamecock’s score. The Cats were ranked 20th at the time and got big games from juniors like Ramel Bradley to over come Tre’s treys. Kelley is the placeholder for all those SEC guys who seem to transform into MJ when they visit the Cats. Who would you have chosen?

Chris Jackson 41/95 points: 43%

Before yesterday’s game Chris Jackson was the only player to cross the 40 point line in  the past 23 years when LSU came to town in 1990. A forty point game is easier to come by when you have a little fella like Shaquille O’Neal down in the paint but Jackson’s game is impressive none the less. The Cats were in the middle of probation but still picked up the W thanks to Feldhaus and Derrick Miller  going for 20+ as well. Jackson’s big game wasn’t a one time event as he always had a big game against Kentucky, in four games he averaged 32.5 ppg.

Elston Turner 40/83 points: 48%

When you look at this list of guys who had unbelievable games against the Cats Turner’s game will always have an extra bit of credibility as he is the only guy to lead his squad to a win. In yesterdays game it was basically all Elston all day. Two other guys broke into double figures but that was more a result of the attention turning to Turner than the outcome of their strong play. Elston’s big game is also a product of the competition. This year’s Kentucky team lacks a lock down defender while Mays and Wiltjer struggle to guard anyone with great athleticism. If this team had a guy like Liggins or MKG to stick on Turner then there is no doubt he wouldn’t have had this kind of game. But the fact is that we don’t and now we will need to find a solution before he tries to outdo 40 points when we head to College Station in three weeks.

Nick Calathes 33/65 points: 50.77%

Calathes may not have the highest point output but in this game he was the only guy doing anything for the Gators. He accounted for over half of the Gators points and the total could have been even higher. The Cats were up three when Kevin Galloway fouled to give Calathes a chance to send the game to overtime with 0.6 left on the board. His 36 point game was stopped by the loudest crowd I have ever heard in Rupp Arena. Still the points came against a UK team that was bound for the NIT. Hopefully yesterday’s game won’t send us to the same destination.

David Robinson 45/69 points 65%

The Admiral has held the Rupp scoring record since 1987 when 20th ranked Navy came to take on the unranked Cats. This game was way before my time but scoring 45 of a teams 65 is impressive no matter the era. Lucky for us we had King Rex to help lead the Cats to an 11 point win. I hope Robinson’s record will forever stand because if I have to watch another guy closing in on 45 points on our home floor I don’t know if I’d survive.


Where do you think Turner’s game ranks among these other great scoring days? Since he lead his team to a win should it be considered the best? What other great performances in Rupp did I forget? Let me know in the comments.

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Article written by Andrew Cassady

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48 responses to “Where Does Turner’s Game Rank Among The Other Cat Killers?”

  1. Hal Mumme

    Texas A & M lost by 21 to the St Louis Billikens and by 2 to Southern university and only beat Houston Baptist by 8 at home. Wow.

  2. R. Smith

    The Rupp Arena crowd gave David Robinson a standing ovation as he left the court. It was an impressive game from a very humble guy.

  3. TJ

    I don’t particularly enjoy a post like this after a crappy loss. Our team plays like pansies…

  4. Rixter

    Hopefully, Cal has learned a valuable lesson…when recruiting, make sure you have your eye on at least one guy who can play some D. As I recall, Liggins came in as a point guard / scorer… Cal told him the only way he gets minutes is to become a lock down defender…he had the skills, so he became that defender

  5. Zach

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of that Florida game? I was there, and it’s my favorite memory of Rupp Arena. Or even a link to watch it online would work.

  6. Mike

    Andrew….agree with 4 that this is kind of a mindless post. Why are we spending all this time and space celebrating the enemy??

  7. brink

    4 liggins was a lock down defender before cal got here.

  8. Dubs

    I was at the Florida game when the crowd booed Calathes’ free throw out of the air. It was the loudest crowd I have ever been apart of of, including the past two home games vs Loserville…. speaking of losers, i feel that this years team likes to win, but i don’t see a passionate hate for losing. Real competitors hate losing more then they enjoy winning.

  9. Me

    As good a game as I can remember. He should have been given a standing O. He took it to us on our home court. I bet you people complaining about this post are the same ones always saying KSR should stick to sports. Well this is sports and is relevant so.. suck it #6 and #3

  10. brink

    Also agree with 3 and 6 is this a Texas a&m blog cause if you scroll down it looks like one.

  11. Steady

    I’m not ranking sh*t.


    wow….u people are embarrassing….are we as fans that bad that we cant recognize greatness or celebrate historical achievements?…the only difference in those other games mentioned with great individual performances by the opposition is that we won those games… and to finish a thought.. WE are an NIT team people… much as it hurts thats who we are….we are a 10 or 11 loss team ..i predicted this way before the louisville game…sometimes this needs to happen to appreciate what we have had and will have in the future…and to say next years class will eliminate these problems is wrong… u cant win with only freshmen..u just cant.. and wont…some of these players who are getting so wrongly scathed lately have to come back to make next years team as good as we want them to be..namely..harrow..poythrses and stein…like it or not thats got to happen

  13. Han

    I was at the game and those of us who were still in the arena applauded when the kid checked out of the game at the end. He got them fair and square and wasn’t a punk about it. Sucks for us, but it was a great performance. Every time he got an inch on Archie in the second half, he hit the shot. Haven’t seen anyone that hot in a game since Jodie against Tennessee.

  14. Bob Loblaw

    Did anyone else notice that when Tubton was asking the Texas A&M players questions in the post game, he sounded really giddy? I can’t believe we haven’t run that hack out of town yet.

  15. SeaCat

    Is Rupp really one of the toughest places
    to score in the country?
    Is that based on fact?

  16. markp

    Anyone remember Pete Maravich and Ausin Carr? Check out their numbers against UK and remember they did that without the 3 pointer.

  17. jj12

    Kudos to the guy but I think we’ve heard enough about him. Let’s move on.

  18. Ap

    I agree, Florida game was the loudest I’ve been to as well.

  19. Syrin

    David Robinson was DA MAN !! He blocked about 10 shots that game, and one was so forceful, it broke Rob Lock’s hand. Dominating couldn’t even begin to describe it.

  20. markp

    Also from the 70’s Portland State’s Freeman Williams performance at Rupp was done without the benefit of a chippy 3 pointer.

  21. 193

    what about Vaden from UAB? I remember him making shits from just about anywhere on the court

  22. reeeee-al-it-tee

    we aren’t very good

  23. The Crispen Brothers

    Did you forget about us?

  24. Robert Vaden

    I cant recall being more frustrated over a kentucky game than when Vaden absolutely lit up the scoreboard at Rupp

  25. Chris Lofton

    I loved playing in Rupp. You can only imagine what kind of numbers I’d put up, if it wasn’t for having to simultaneously battle cancer of deez nutz


    VADEN wasnt at rupp…it was in freedom hall

  27. Billy Clyde Gillispie

    Look at all those NBA players I had in the Nick Calathes FT picture.

  28. UKGrad

    Dwayne Wade in the NCAA tournement is the last time I remember a player being unguardable against the Wildcats. UK used 4 different defenders and he still dominated. Turner isn’t a house hold name, much like Wade at that time but he is definitely an NBA scorer.

  29. tom5673

    corey allmond (sp?) from sam houston state. i believe he hit 11 3-pointers in rupp a few years ago. something like 38 points.

  30. JJMan

    I was a student at that UK / Navy game back in the day – Saw Rob Lock (or Lob Rock as we called him) hold David Robinson to 45 points – Impressive!

  31. Stephen

    I was also at Rupp when ‘The Admiral’ David Robinson had that tremendous game. AS you said Rupp Arena gave him a standing ovation recognizing at that time maybe the single greatest performance in Rupp Arena. Better than Barkley, better than Clark Kellogg..Absolutely incredible, the admiral left everyone breathless

  32. CatsFan

    Why do we have to continue to talk about Turner? I mean good game but geez.

  33. Skitty Beeh

    2nd….I rank it 2nd….behind the admiral…I too, am not old enough to remember that game w/ D Robnsn, but I do remember C Jack(M Abdul Rauf) was almost as impressive as Elston, however Elston won the game – 2nd all time perfmnce by visitor @Rupp—Allen Houston?

  34. OneAndDone

    He may not have got to 40, but Devon Downey certainly deserves to be on this list. So glad he graduated.

  35. Skitty Beeh

    The loudest game ive been to was when we booked Duke out of the gym to help Ind make their last final4 appearance – very loud

  36. FINK

    Correction….I was at the Florida game with Nick Calathes and im pretty sure we were only up 1 pt when Nick went to the line with 33 points and like a 92% avg from the line.

  37. FINK

    Will never forget how loud it was causing him to miss 3 in a row.

  38. Blueston

    Yeah it is so hard to play in Rupp area, we clap when you beat our ass. Give it a rest with Turner already…. It’s like you all aren’t even true UK fans.

  39. Crispen Boys

    #23 that’s who came to mind 1st to me after David Robinson, The Crispen brothers ate us up!

  40. Laughing it up

    You guys are probably going to the NIT. No shame in that. Plenty of great teams go to the NIT. Like, um, er, uh, well someone anyway. Oh, and no one cares about your four banners proudly gathering dust from a time before the advent of the three-pointer, shotclock, and admission of African Americans to the game. Seriosly, you all critique your coaches to death. You were pissed at Coach P after getting runner-up to AZ in 97 after having the greatest team in history the year before. So he left. Before that you drove Sutton to the bottle. Really, what have you had, like five coaches since Coach K started at Duke? No one wants to stay behind the Blue Curtain. Cal won’t get fired. He’ll just get fed up in about three-five years and move to UNLV where he’ll develop a gambling/hooker problem and have his whole career vacated.

  41. Sam Houston state guard

    Rember me. I scored 37 against wall and Bledsoe

  42. UK FAN

    40 you hope he does leave because you know losserville isnt gonna beAT US IN NEXT FEW YEARS. THIS IS SO funny to see guys like you here. at least we have banners for dust to collect. all you guys have is a basterd for coach oh sorry pervert of a coach. They wantted to run petrnio out of coaching heck at least he wasnt cought on a table in public place . Your so coach should been kicked out ul , naw they just kept him. tells me what kinda of ad you guys have .

  43. STOP

    How many damn posts do we have to have talking about Elston Turner. I got on here the next day and dummies can’t stop talking about him in every single f-ing post. Stop being redundant!!

  44. David from San Diego

    Agree with that Florida game being the loudest Rupp game ever, redirect, loudest thing I have ever heard. When Meeks hit his late 3, the noise became something beyond your ears, the arena shook like an earthquake and your chest felt like it might collapse. It was the most exciting game that year which became a prelude to our current era with Coach Cal.

  45. Ghosts of Crispens Past

    “Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they shadows of things that may be, only?”

  46. Admin has no cajones

    The admin of these post has/have no integrity. I understand deleting trolly posts that serve no purpose, but to delete a response which served only to point out that Cameron Mills did not cost UK the title in 97, which is what UK fan implied by saying they would have won had DA not been on the bench, is reprehensible. Cameron Mills is a credit to the community and UK history as was his father. Whoever deleted that comment, you should be ashamed of yourself. Cameron Mills does far more for the community than any of the moderators of this stupid site, I can assure you.

  47. goodness

    “Ghosts of”
    #45 (currently) ,,, that is rediculous ;D kudos

  48. Bigbluecountry1

    Devan Downey killed us two years ago!!