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When the Hot Seat Goes Wrong


Mississippi’s Houston Nutt is #4 on ranking after blowing a 17-0 lead to #9 Arkansas at home. In the customary post-game coach press conference, the hot seat got a little too uncomfortable, and the coach directed his ire at Neal McCready from

Now, I don’t know Neal, and I sure don’t read Rebel Grove, but I imagine those journalists over there at RG aim a little higher than “the most ridiculous manner possible.” So Nutt’s reaction to a simple column about predictions for the SEC weekend schedule, was well, a little unnerving:

“They played real hard,” Nutt said. “They played harder than that 49-10, right, Neal? One on my players told me. I don’t read your stuff; they tell me what you say. One of my freshmen told me that Neal McCready wrote that we were going to get beat 49-10. It wasn’t no 49-10.”

“I’m trying to keep these guys in a real effort and attitude of don’t ever give up, don’t quit, fight, no matter what people say. No matter what they say because see, they don’t know. They’re not the expert. They don’t have to commit and go through what you go through. And so I was just really proud of how they played. They stayed really focused. The attitude has been awesome, but I wish we were standing here with a W. We were close but it didn’t happen.”

Even aside from the “No, no. My friend wants to know” shirk about reading his column, this is bizarre behavior from a confident coach. The video is pretty entertaining in its awkwardness, but what’s more entertaining is the absolute skewering McCready gives Nutt in the column below the video. I’m sure glad we aren’t on a ten game SEC losing streak, four is bad enough.┬áIt is clear that the seat is blazing hot in Oxford and with a game against Kentucky in two weeks, an implosion could not come at a better time for the Cats.

Article written by Tyler Montell

13 responses to “When the Hot Seat Goes Wrong”

  1. Mr Schwump

    Sportswriters have become combative pricks, right Forde and Tipton?

  2. tdogg4033011

    UK needs to hire Neal Brown from Texas Tech (offensive coordinator). Boyle County
    guy that knows some offense, sure would be worth a shot.

  3. mores

    Desperate flailings of a soon-to-be-fired coach.

  4. Catman

    Hence his last name “Nutt”……….nuff said.

  5. Bigkathead

    Who was the last SEC team to lose to Ol’ Miss? Our own Wildcats-unless we see something entirely different next week against MSU (Jacksonville St was nothing more than a bought win-demonstrating nothing), their next SEC win will be in Lexington, I hate to say!

  6. UKChill Fan

    #2 didn’t Neal Brown play at UK?

  7. starchief5

    If Nutt gets fired, maybe he would take the UK job if it opens up.

  8. Holden McGroin

    tipturd obviously has relatives.

  9. Jimmy Dykes Vocabulary

    @6 – He played football at the University of Kentucky under head coach Hal Mumme (and his assistants Mike Leach and Tony Franklin) before transferring to Massachusetts.

  10. KimKommando

    something called has been blocked as a potential exploit threat 2 days in a row on this site.

  11. BravoBigBlue

    I’d take Houston Nutt as UK coach in a heartbeat. He might turn out to be the best since the Bear. Let’s face it, Ole Miss sucks no matter who the coach is.

  12. Holden McGroin


  13. flemingcountycat

    what if coaches began their pressers by calling outor owning up to the oddsmakers, beatwriters, ect. ?