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What’s on Terrence Jones’ mind this week?

Exactly what should be.



Article written by Thomas Beisner

40 responses to “What’s on Terrence Jones’ mind this week?”

  1. BoomKentucky

    Nice, hopefully this pays off.

  2. G Code


  3. Donnie

    Get em tj

  4. bmac

    funny, he’s on all of our minds as well.

  5. ajbuk

    His momma needs to come clean up that locker…

  6. Don

    I love Terrence.

    When I watch some of these big guys get all “swoll” on our lack of size this year it REALLY makes me miss Cousins. NO ONE could or would command the post against him. I know guys like Thompkins are sooooooooooo happy he’s gone pro.

  7. 2011Baby

    Love It!

  8. Rambo

    Obviously he likes Trey.

  9. Rambo

    3 vs 33 = 666

  10. No dancing allowed!

    haha. i thought that was Daniel Orton. lol. Tj has had to have thrown down the best dunks in college!!!

  11. twnky

    For the love of GOD is it Saturday yet?

  12. ukalltheway


  13. Grammar King

    #9: How?

  14. Rev Al Sharpton

    What people dont realize his dunk over South Carolina was with his right hand!! My boy was like I gonna cut him off from drving to his left and Terrance crossed over homey was probably like WTF swat your hand with his left and Boom dunk on with his right hand. Thats what made that the best Dunk In college basketball this YEAR!!!

  15. WKY Blue

    Can UK athletics not pay for better quality name plates. Portland, OR isn’t even centered under his name. Poor quality work.

  16. WKY fan

    Can UK not afford better quality nameplates. Portland, OR isn’t even centered under his name.

  17. Macho Man Randy Savage

    F#*@ him up TJ! OOOOH YEAHHHHH!

  18. Whats crackin

    Who’s Paola?

  19. UKFanInCiny

    I will be in Louisville for the boat show on saturday. My wife and i will be watching the game downtown in Louisville. Where should i watch the game at??? Is anyone going to be watching it downtown?

  20. ukbill

    19 – try this place

  21. TNMomma

    His locker has the list of players who wore #10 in it. No wonder he acts confused sometimes. I miss Bill Keightley.

  22. justlew

    The letter on the right is from Demarcus Cousins, not talking about Georgia, but rather detailing why John Robic is the shit.

  23. tombanjo

    i’m telling you, valium DOES work.

  24. Drew

    22) Thats one of those “cool” things that was built into the Craft Center that the basketball program likely cares very little about. I agree someone should take care of it, but its likely not too high of a priority.

    and 16) I’m not sure why the letters are aligned the way they are (left aligned?) but UK and the Craft Center spend outrageous amounts of money on signage, and it is all very nice/quality/sometimes too nice.

  25. truBLU

    Nowadays everybody wants to talk like they got something to say but when they move lips nothing comes out but a bunch of jibberish, these mf’s dont wanna forget about Trey

  26. truBLU

    Also please keep using the banner ads of the girls in panties with their cheeks hanging out. That is all.

  27. Don

    Dirty locker

  28. random


  29. dougie

    I like to keep the locker room motivational stuff in the locker room. No use in letting Thompkins see it. That will just fire him up. Oh well, If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best while playing your best against their very best.

  30. @NotJerryTipton

    Is Jones making this about himself, rather than the team? Seems that way.

  31. SoCalCat

    Wow, lot’s of Moms this morning complaining about the little stuff. Nice!

  32. Paid Advertisement on TV

    Hey look – it is one of those stick on lights that you just peel and stick then hit the light and it’s on – wow the paid advertisement worked.

  33. random


  34. Kelenna Azubuike

    I didn’t know Terrance Jones was gay. That’s weird to have another man’s picture in your locker.

  35. Debbie Downer

    #33–Look closer. That light is built into the locker. Definitely not one of those “stick on” lights. Good try though.

  36. redtapegraphics

    15 – Why would you want to center Portland, OR … when his name is left aligned?

  37. WDP

    37) what you said.

  38. Sign guy

    16) As Drew said in 25), the nameplate is left justified. If you’ll notice, the “JONES” is not directly under “TERRENCE”, it is also left justified keeping with the theme of the nameplate. If you saw all of the others, you would see the same format.

  39. curious

    Would Terrence have been #10 had D.D. remained on the roster?