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What Went Wrong Here?


Well, I am back from Wolfe County and what a weekend it was.  I did not enjoy the usual deer meat and fried taters instead it was enough bacon to give ten men instant heart attacks.  To my disappointment my expert marksmen skills did not bring in the record book buck.  However, I did have a great time getting away from home and spending time with some down home country folk! (Even if I didn’t understand a word they were saying.)

My thoughts on the games

Virginia Military Institute.  Not Virginia Commonwealth University or the University of Virginia, Virginia Military Institute! I know a loss is a loss but this is a bad bad bad loss.  There isn’t any way in the world we should have ever lost to this team. Come NCAA Tournament time the selection committee will look back at this game as a “bad loss.”  And that is something this team can not afford.  We are going to need every win we can muster together to make it to the big dance and dropping cupcakes like VMI is going to hurt us in the long run. 

Now, what is the solution, how do you turn this ship around?  First, I believe attitude and execution reflect leadership.   And leadership starts with the captain of the vessel, Billy Gillispie.  Frankly, I did not see passion or a sense of urgency at all in the first half of the VMI game.  Not only did I not see it on the players face but I didn’t see on any of the coach’s faces.  How many times a night do we see that little smirk on Coach G’s face?  You can play mind games and reverse psychology up to a certain point but when we are down 20 points in the first half and again in the second it’s time to wipe the smirk of your face and coach these guys.  The biggest thing we needed in both of these games was direction.  We let VMI and UNC dictate our every step.  Granted Coach G doesn’t have a solid point guard this year but that is his own fault.  He had a point Guard in Derrick Jasper.  Why did Derrick leave? No one really knows except Derrick but I guarantee with my sack of marbles he didn’t leave because he was homesick.  I can’t say we would have beat VMI with Derrick because we loss to a far inferior team in Gardner-Webb last year with Derrick, Ramel and Joe in the back court.  I can say however, he is sho’nuff a better point guard than Porter or Liggins at this point in the season. 

I could go on for days stating things that went wrong in these games, but the one thing that stood out to me is the fact that Patrick Patterson didn’t touch the ball enough.  Let’s compare last year’s team with this year’s team.  Ramel and Joe were both scores and not just scorers but scorers who could create something for their teammates.  This took a tremendous amount of pressure off of Patterson.   VMI and more so UNC did a great job with help defense, preventing the ball from even been thrown into the post to Patrick.  With Joe and Ramel teams had to respect their outside shot which limited the amount of double teams that could be placed on Patrick.  This year’s team doesn’t have that luxury.  The only true scorer we have is Jodie to relieve any pressure.  But one thing Jodie lacks is the ability to get his teammates involved.  Jodie stat line was 39 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 5 turnovers against VMI.  Jodie can score 39 points every game but it doesn’t do any good unless he dishes it out some. 

I am going to leave it alone with this. For us to be successful this year, Patrick Patterson has to touch the ball a lot more that what he has.  You ask how does this happen?  Well, Coach G is the coach who is getting paid the millions to figure that out.

Funny read below.  And by the way listen in to the Univsity of Kentucky Pre and Post game show on 1300 AM.

Article written by Bobby Perry

88 responses to “What Went Wrong Here?”

  1. BigBroJames

    We will be FINE. We have a YOUNG team with 2 MAJOR PLAYERS that only have 2 games under their college belt.

  2. GoCats2

    I agree we will be fine. We are a 20 win team. Our weakness is ballhandling and that will improve as Liggins gets to know his teammates better.
    As far as VMI, we proved last year that playing well down the stretch makes up for bad early losses.
    We simply can NOT afford another bad loss at home this year. We will be fine. More touches for Patterson and make sure Meeks shoots a lot as long as it is in offensive set.

  3. GoCats2

    Sorry Bobby but I am not buying conspiracy theories with Jasper. He might have been a little homesick but I really think he wanted a year off to rehabilitate his knee properly. He might have been told if takes a year off there would not be scholarship room for him next year but so what? Time to move on people.
    All we can do is learn from our losses and try to improve.

  4. ukstheway


  5. Roy McAvoy

    Talk about getting posterized!

  6. bringbackadolph

    What this team is missing is a Bobby Perry type player!

  7. Roy McAvoy

    Nice insight Bob!! The smirk on Coach G’s face is frustrating when we are getting hammered.
    Also the double-handed wave at the ref’s is classic high school material.
    I hope for his sake he knows what the hell he is doing because things will get ugly in Big Blue Land if he doesn’t

  8. flysoup

    “More Dick in 2006″……funny article. Saw that article a couple of days ago and didn’t think to uncover it. Thanks for digging this one up BP!

  9. litig8tr

    6–NOT!!! That type of recruiting is what got us in this predicament in the first place.

    I’d like to see BP and the other critics here do better. Many of you will be eating a lot of crwo, rather than deer, when BG has had time to rebuild our program.

  10. drdrizze

    Man that guy is totally fouling that guy’s junk with his face!

  11. smiddy911

    Lol. I love all the support this team is getting from the “Big Blue Faithful”. Wow Bobby, you too? I tell ya, this sickens me. I can’t wait to see what everyone is saying in late January and deep into SEC play.
    Sometimes I think some people hope for bad things with this team, just so they can bitch and whine.
    I love Kentucky. I support this team. I support the coach. Get over yourselves.

  12. flipisatrip

    #9 that is so ridiculous you should be banned. WE SHOULD NOT LOSE TO TEAMS LIKE FREAKING VMI AND GARNER-WEB PERIOD. Forget rebuilding forget whatever blah blah, absolutely should not lose to those lower tiered teams, ever.

    We will all be rejoicing together if he gets this ship righted in a couple years. we will be drinking and partying in the streets on Euclid.

  13. smiddy911

    “I’ve never seen a group of people so obsessed with a coach’s facial expressions.”

    LOLOL – I know, right?

  14. BigBroJames

    3) His girlfriend got a job in vegas as a “dancer”. She attended UK as well, and she moved out there, and so Jasper followed.

  15. Roy McAvoy

    #12, Bobby Perry could smoke you like a pack of KOOL’s!!

  16. tmark

    i hope everyone is right when we are being critisized for questioning biilg’s coaching. i hope i have to get on here and say i was wrong but i really question the mans coaching.

  17. MRCCAT

    Bobby sounds like a Tubby fan…

  18. Roy McAvoy

    Off subject but, why is Tony Romo dating homeless men?

  19. tmark

    i miss tubby’s coaching.

  20. thebigjra

    Anybody have any thoughts as to why we supposedly brought in a coach who is an awesome recruiter, but KENTUCKY was #19 last year and not even on the charts this year when it comes to recruiting class ranks? Am I missing something? And why do people keep wanting to play for UNC when they are already so talented; do people not care about PT anymore?

  21. Roy McAvoy

    Tubby is good!
    Tubby is great!
    Let us thank Tubby for the defeats we take!

  22. westcoastukfan

    His coaching during games is horrible: GW, SD, UAB, Houston, Vandy (miserable), VMI and even the UNC game–call a timeout, pull Porter and establish something offensively. Damn, it’s not neurosurgery….

  23. tmark

    poor, poor excuse blaming tubby.

  24. TheEasternKentuckyHeartbreaker

    Hey Bobby, to bad about the deer hunting trip.. better luck next time. I think its pretty cool that you are hunting about 10 minutes from where i grew up. Any day now you will be dipping skoal and sippin moonshine.

  25. bleedingblu7

    18) Of course Bobby is a Tubby fan, Tubby recruited him, provided him with an education, and coached him for 4 years. And let’s none of us be wrong–Tubby Smith is a
    great coach. Would he have beaten VMI? Zero doubt. Tubby was the master of making adjustments in game. And he would have had us closer in the UNC game I bet.

    But let’s not so quickly forget the issues almost every fan had with Tubby’s tenure. Every year we’d hear that the team needed to rebound better and shoot free throws better.
    Every year? We saw very little improvement. We’d all complain that Tubby’s teams lacked the killer instinct to put teams away, and consistently squandered leads late in
    games to let lesser opponents back in the game. We’d get on sites like this and complain that they weren’t disciplined enough, and didn’t go for the kill, didn’t play
    hard on every single play.

    That is what BCG is trying to instill in his team. When they come out flat in games early in the season, he’s going to LET THEM FAIL. That concept is one of the toughest
    things for a leader to learn. Sometimes, in order to learn, pupils must fail. Army commanders will let their subordinates fail at a task in training so that when they
    are in combat they ultimately succeed.

    Gillispie is an uncompromising perfectionist as a coach. Unlike Tubby, he won’t step in and bail his team out with an adjustment just to save face. He’ll let them fail,
    and take the blame himself.

    We know where Tubby’s philosophies and style would get us. 20 wins, 10 losses. A bounce in the 2nd weekend of the tournament. And a team that, save for a few seasons,
    never really flirted with being elite. And he did this while inheriting a stacked team at the height of the program’s glory.

    For me, I’ll be patient and wait. I know what the alternative gave us, and I didn’t like it. I’ll see what the new guy can do.

  26. NKYfan

    I just think it’s kind of low class for former players to bash the program. They can think whatever they want, but shouldn’t say negative stuff out loud.

  27. BigBroJames

    27) Why? They are fans just like we are.

  28. macon_volfan

    okay, before we lose sight here……a GRANDMA at age 35????

  29. bleedingblu7

    29) That story is amazing–it contains just about every Southern stereotype out there. Grandma at 35. Blonde streaks in dyed red hair. A trailer. That she bought with
    money from a payoff after an auto accident. Humorous/kinda sketchy sheriff.

    The unintentional comedy is off the charts with this one.

  30. ukcats07

    Bobby, no disrespect but if coaching is so easy why don’t you get into coaching? Seems like you would have some opportunities i fyou wanted them being that you played for a great D-1 program. I’m sure the pay is better than what Matt is paying you anyway.

  31. Billy G Rated

    Like you said, I’ll be patient and wait and see. But you wrote: “Gillispie is an uncompromising perfectionist as a coach. Unlike Tubby, he won’t step in and bail his team out with an adjustment just to save face.”
    Screw that, he should be stepping in and making adjustments to save the damn ball game, to hell with saving face! I for one think if you lose to GW, Houston, San Diego, or VMI to “make a point” then you better find a different way to make a point if you want to continue as UK coach. The VMI loss cost us 2 or 3 seeds in the tourney, IF we get in.

  32. Billy G Rated

    oops, how did that happen?

  33. MoBettaBlue

    27 & others… bobby is not bashing. It’s just commentary, and it’s good to hear from someone that knows the game regardless. i wish he would have gone into more detail though, cause we all know PPat needs more touches. It’s just how will it ever happen with this team?

  34. Billy G Rated

    That link to the LHL story about the lady losing her mobile home? Maybe you think its “funny” because of the obvious stereotypes. I, for one, don’t think it is funny when a family and bunch of kids lose everything. Maybe you’d find it “funny” if your apartment burned with all your belongings. Low blow.

  35. kdumpire

    First of all, If i remember correctly Derrick Jasper wasnt healthy and did not play last year against Gardner Web. So the above statement about the VMI game is wrong. We are in same predicament as last year. We will come around right about SEC time.

  36. bleedingblu7

    32) I obviously don’t like losing ever, especially to the likes of VMI or GW. But, as I said, we’ve seen the alternative and where it got us. If Tubby’s teams weren’t
    playing hard or executing like they needed to, he’s step in and change something up and we’d get the win. But the result were teams that(again, with the exception of
    a few seasons) seemed soft and didn’t finish well. I’ll give a loss early in the season(even a bad one) to ultimately get the program back to where it needs to be.

    Clearly, though, I’d rather just not lose the damn thing to begin with:)

  37. Meeksismybabydaddy

    I actually saw this story on the news last night, WOW

  38. you_people_suck

    Hey 16, no kidding. I’m not playing D1 basketball though. If you think classes like…


    A. Williams

    …are not what’s killing this program right now then you are dangling off of Tubby’s nuts more than just about anyone I’ve ever seen.

  39. commonwealthambassador

    36 – agreed.

    And by the way: Can we get Brian the Intern, err…The Intern, to at least quasi-proofread these posts? sheesh…

  40. macon_volfan

    #36, it’s not funny. It’s sad, on SO MANY LEVELS.

    Again….a 35 year old granny!

  41. Billy G Rated

    #38 And you are forgetting the obvious.. and that is that we really don’t know if Gillispie “intended” to lose those games or not. I just think there are other ways to bring these guys along. However, I am not jumping ship on either the program or the coach!

  42. gillispiesflask

    how does one jump ship on a ship that’s already sunk?!?

  43. drewky

    I fail to see any humor in 14 people being left homeless in the cold of November due to negligence on hte part of the “towing” company. Call me a bleeding heart if you want, but I’ll never laugh at the suffering of another human (unless its a ball shot….who doeen’t love a good ball shot? Amirite?)

  44. 7isntenuf

    First off good post Bobby! Leadership in ANY industry starts with the top. Why do you thihnk this country is in the mess its in? Complacent CEO’s and CFO’s that accept mediocrity. I, much like the political scene, am all for giving BCG a chance, but his rigidity on the floor can cost us the NCAA tourney(much like Pres elect Obamas’ liberal policy could cost us our nation).His casual demeanor is absolutely infuriating when we are down so much. I have NEVER EVER seen a coach that apathetic when his team is playing so horrendously. And I had my first set of season tickets in 1977-78. #rows from the top of rupp and watchin Joe B. And the twin towers….ahh memories, but I digress.
    Allowing them to fail in training is one thing, but I guarantee, from experience, that failure is not an option on the battlefield or on the basketball court. OTS got that. BCG hasn’t at this point.

  45. » Blogosphere on the UK basketball start John Clay’s Sidelines

    […] Ex-Cat Bobby Perry gives his opinons on the UK debacle at “Granted Coach G doesn’t have a solid point guard this year but that is his own fault.  He had a point Guard in Derrick Jasper.  Why did Derrick leave? No one really knows except Derrick but I guarantee with my sack of marbles he didn’t leave because he was homesick.” […]

  46. 7isntenuf

    44) LMAO

  47. ukfan_n_cali

    WOW great post Bobby!!! It is very nice to get the perspective of a former player, someone who has actually had the experience of being involved with UK basketball. I must admit before reading the post I totally expected Bobby to try hard not to discriminate or offend, but he was totally open and honest, not a UK apologist. I agree whole-hearted with all the statements and it has so much more validity coming from an ex-player instead of fanatics.

    Great stuff, keep it coming BP!!!

  48. Yesterdays

    What is the point of this analysis. Patterson has to touch the ball and Meeks needs to creat more offense? Who Knew?

  49. bringbackadolph

    Holy shit that little troll looking man John Clay is reading the site! Hey John tell Tipton we love him!

  50. calebchurchill22

    If you don’t know why Jasper left then why are you speculating about him? The fact is he left, and you can blame that on Billy all you want but that doesnt make it true. Why are you questioning Billy? You know what it was like for your coach to get attacked on every posession. For not doing enough in-game coaching, for not doing enough coaching in practice, and for not bringing in good enough players so why are you doing to our coach now what you would never have approved of when you were a player under Tubby? I would expect you to be a little more patient and a little less shortsighted about Coach BCG and our season. It is only 2 games…and yet you say that the loss to VMI could jeopardize our chances at the tourney this year. Have you forgotten last season? Losing to VMI and NC is not the end of tournament chances. We will vastly improve over the course of this season and I think we’ll be better by the end of the year than we were last year. We do in fact have a point guard who will be superb come February and March in DeAndre Liggins and as our leadership develops you will see great improvement and be ashamed of your comments about BCG, his coaching, and our team.

  51. ukfan_n_cali

    BTW…the Meek’s stats from the UNC game 5-20 FG (not so good), 6-6 FT (good), 19 pts (good), 7 rbs (great), 1 assist (not very good), 6 turnovers (absolutely horrendous)…

    Just wanted to add more validity to BP point that while Meeks HAS to score from the perimeter, he also HAS to get other involved and cut down on mistakes…

    Look at Kobe last yr during his MVP campaign, he averaged 28 pts/game but also average 5.4 assists/game…Kobe’s ability to get others involved is why the Lakers made it all the way to the NBA Finals…

  52. tmark

    i bet bobby knows more about the jasper situation than we do.

  53. you_people_suck

    53. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t.

    Jasper left because he’s soft as Charlie Weis’s FUPA.

  54. you_people_suck

    ^that was meant for 52. One of the posts got deleted apparently.

    Oh wait…it was my first one. Don’t know what I said or did to get yanked that was anymore than anyone else.


  55. 7isntenuf

    50) check my comment in picks to click.
    Bobby i am on my way to the farm if you would like to have some deer meat I will be happy to oblige. Also I got a good line on bobcat hides for the mount that was pictured on here if anyone else is interested in one. [email protected]

  56. Billy G Rated

    I tried to mount a bobcat once. She would not comply. Damn, them wuz sum sharp claws…

  57. tmark

    hey 54, i was being a smart ass/ email me your comment. [email protected] if its hilarious i wanna hear it! haha

  58. smiddy911

    LOLOLOL @ Charlie Weis’s FUPA

  59. Rob_In_Korea

    What’s the obsession with BCG’s “smirk?” Some people just have weird facial expressions. I say get over it already.

  60. TheEasternKentuckyHeartbreaker

    That pic is BIG TIME “TEA BAGGING”!!!

  61. UKKILLA005

    Bobby Perry was an average player at best go get a real job

  62. harleycolten

    Problem is, we still have too many players on this yr’s roster with Bobby’s Basketball abilities..
    (Very limited at best)….It is sad to see former players putting down the program and stirring the pot.

  63. Matt Jones

    He is a hell of a lot better than anyone else on this blog or comment section

  64. Dtbrand

    Truly did not like this blog. Did Jerry Tipton write this?

  65. D

    Is it ironic that the two least talented players to get significant minutes at UK both wore #13?

  66. NKYfan

    63) How do you know?

  67. zuzzyfeller

    Real classy there “D”. I bet you’re fat and can’t even set a screen without moving.

  68. SilverBulletKY

    Wow.. twice I got deleted. And I just agree with someone’s comment. To #63 – The kids at Pikeville College and Alice Lloyd are a hell of a lot better than me but that doesn’t mean they should be playing for UK.

  69. D

    67. I may be fat, but I’ve never been called for a moving screen

  70. goukcatsgo

    This is funny. We never EVER saw any of this type of questioning of tubby two years ago. Now we get three + posts about how awful Billy G is. Oh the double standards. It’s matt’s site and he can do what he wants, but to say there isn’t a double standard is foolish.

  71. high and mighty

    Bobby is just giving his slant on the matter. You can take offense to it or you can take for what its worth–just an opinion.

    You guys can give Bobby a hard time about his playing days, but fact is:
    1) he’s a better athlete that you will ever be.
    2) our our consecutive NCAA tourney appearance record might be in jeopardy without Bobby.

  72. high and mighty

    71. I love Billy and wanted him hired here. But the fact remains that Billy is 18-15 here and has lost some games that Tubby never lost and wouldn’t have lost.

    So he deserves a little criticism and I think he himself would agree.

  73. UKKILLA005

    if i was 6-5 220 i would be the next kobe freaking bryant..better athlete my ass..

  74. NKYfan

    maybe BP should stick to the piano.

  75. high and mighty

    73. oh really, where do you play?

  76. high and mighty

    75. maybe you should stick to the skin flute.

  77. NKYfan

    76 by making your comment to 73, I think you’re talking to yourself. Just saying.

  78. NKYfan

    Maybe if you had one you could say that.

  79. Mildcat12

    Very, Very sad Bobby. Why would you of all people stir up the blame game for Jasper leaving? He wanted to bail with Tubby too, but stuck it out to give Billy G a try. And did you really see any helpside defense against VMI? Really? Billy can’t keep the kids from throwing the ball up in the stands. That’s the bottom line.

  80. booted

    Don’t put so much thought into his post, it is exactly what everyone here has said…(1) get the ball to Pat (2) pass the ball Meeks. As for the Jasper comment, not for sure why he threw that in there.

  81. stammalammy

    Wow BP, you need to step it up man. From someone that has been in the program and has had access to much more than us average folk we’d like to hear much more than something that could have the name changed to Matt Jones and it wouldn’t change. So what was Jasper’s reason for wanting to transfer after his Freshman year?

    Joe and Ramel could get the team involved? Seriously? They were two of the worst passing guards in recent history, Meeks is not a good passer either but I am lost with that, do you watch the games?

    Anyway, don’t point out obvious crap, tell us more about how personal experience like losing to a bad GA team, unranked NC, Kansas, or dropping out of the rankings for the first time in years after a high pre-season ranking.

  82. UKKILLA005

    bobby is solid proof showing how bad our progam has gotten if players of his caliber were called on to play major minutes..honestly the majority doesnt give 2 hoots what bobby “flex” perry thinks..

  83. Tommy

    I know I shouldn’t be, but I am amazed at how ridiculous most of the “insights” here are. I don’t see how it is not ok to criticize Clyde when we are off to a very troubling start. The two losses that we have experienced and the general ineptitude displayed throughout have to be blamed on the coach. The talent that we have now is capable enough to beat VMI and to look much more competitive against a UNC team that played average and was without the player of the year. When or if this thing turns around this year, I will gladly give BCG credit. In the meantime, its on him to figure it out and it is reasonable to question his tactics in the meantime. Bobby comes on here and softly states that the coach should shoulder the blame and most of you idiots instead criticize him and his playing ablity. If Tubby was still here you guys would be blaming him comletely for not developing the players and for a dull style of play. Well, take off your racist hat and realize that good ole BCG has given us a team so far that plays an even uglier style of play with more questionable coaching moves. The only thing that is an upgrade since he arrived is recruiting….but somebody has to coach them once they get here. I hope his master plan reveals itself and we can all point back at these two games and say something along the lines of “see, he was teaching them a lesson, and it was worth it.” At this point though, he hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

  84. UKKILLA005

    hey cunt smack im an african american i think it was time for tubby to go and glad he’s gone..there is enough blame to go around for both coaches but for bobby perry to diss BG for jasper’s leaving is stupid..i dont remember seeing bobby freakin perry play under BG,he played under the tubster, so he’s opinion means dogshit…to have a good team its 90% talent and 5% coaching and the other 5% is being lucky PERIOD

  85. bcgis1

    First of all I love Ky sports radio,but PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO BLAME BILLY G.He is the hardest working coach in basketball.Billy G did in a few weeks what tubby did not do in almost 10 yrs.Billy G he gets it,he understands what UK basketball is to the fans.tubby never understood,but I think tubby was a good person in the wrong job.For people that don’t understand what I’m talking about then you must still be a tubby fan.Billy G has not won a lot of games but he sure has brought back excitement into UK B-BALL.I guess the one thing I respect about him the most is he always takes the blame and that is something tubby never did.

  86. Tommy

    85) That makes it even worse, if you aren’t racist, then you are stupid. You didn’t play for Tubby or BCG, so, in your line of reasoning, your opinion means “dogsh*t.” Bobby might have a little better perspective on UK basketball because he played D1 basketball and, oh yeah, he played at UK.

    All I am saying is that it is only rational to question Billy right now. The team has underachieved and when that happens, the coach should get questions. He has not done enough to be above reproach. When he gets it rolling, I will be very happy and will be first in line to congratulate him.

  87. 7isntenuf

    85) if that is true explaine the unforgettables.
    And Tommy you are absolutley spot on. Killa is obviously hurting about something and unable to speak/type coherently/cojently. Nice language use too!