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What was on Kentucky Football’s Christmas list?

Oh Football Santa… You so cray.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas yesterday and got everything they wanted.  If not, well, there’s a reason December 26th is one of the busiest return days of the year.  Just don’t tell Grandma that you’re taking back that sweater she bought you; she’ll be crushed.  Don’t worry, I won’t rat you out.

While Christmas is over, and children everywhere have less to look forward to for the next 364 days, sports fans are just now getting their gifts for the year.  College basketball is underway, and the busted BCS system is just about to provide literally twos of big games.  And speaking of college football and Christmas, our friends at SEC blog Saturday Down South have an idea what it was that Kentucky fans were asking for in their stocking:

 Kentucky: Relevancy
Mark Stoops knows the task that’s ahead of him: make Kentucky football relevant. Joker Phillips took over a team that was relevant from Rich Brooks, but he didn’t last long in just three seasons. Kentucky doesn’t want to win SEC East Championships, but they do want seven or eight win seasons and win bowl games. That’s winning at Kentucky. It’s not a knock on the program or any of the players; it’s just the reality of the job. After a 2-10 2012 season, Big Blue Nation is ready to turn the page and find some relevancy in the SEC East.

Can’t say they didn’t nail it.  It’s funny, too, because “relevancy” was one of the words used when BCG was hired/fired in regards to Kentucky basketball.  “Relevant” there, and here, have very different meanings though.

While “relevant” to basketball means Final Fours and number one recruiting classes, Saturday Down South pretty much pegged what “relevant” in means for the football team.  The only thing I would correct is the part about the SEC East Championships.  I’m not saying we should win it every year, but there’s no reason we couldn’t win it every now and again, right?

The rest though, specifically the part about the 7- and 8-win seasons, is accurate.  So how likely are Kentucky fans to get what they asked for?  Well, unlike basketball, we’re not asking for the world on a silver platter.  For all its passion, BBN isn’t stupid; we know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a good football program will take time.  Tradition will take time.  In the meantime, though, some 8-win seasons from Santa would be great.  Unfortunately, we still have to wait several months for football to get here.  …  How many times has that been said in this state?  Looks like those who asked Santa for some excitement for football this year got exactly what they wanted.  Now let’s hope relevance follows up next year.

Article written by Corey Nichols

29 responses to “What was on Kentucky Football’s Christmas list?”

  1. First


  2. OwensboroDavid

    He couldn’t be more wrong. If your not in it to win championships, then stay home.

  3. danthecat

    I want us to STRIVE to win an sec championship and if being relevant gets us to a nice bowl each…Agree with you David, if you are not in it to win “every” game, why play the game…

  4. Noah

    Please fix the podcast. Android and windows phone subscribers have not had an update since 12/13.

  5. SoFlCat

    Completely agree with earlier posters. Relevancy is achieved by competing for championships, if we fall short and are going to second tier bowls so be it. For far too long relevancy at UK in football has been striving for second tier bowls and crowing about bowl streaks that are meaningless in today’s bowl system.

  6. confirmedx

    C. Nichols – Confirmed H0m0.
    Reason : Use of the word “cray”

    Case closed.

  7. Jetblue

    # 6 Confirmed dumbass.

  8. ugoncry?

    Confirmed for mad.

  9. blue happy pappy

    I know it’s going to take some time but at least be competetive. Getting beat by 50 multiple times a year sucks. Losing streaks of 2 or 3 is understandable but please let the 26 years of losing to average teams like Tennessee be a thing of the past.

  10. Booger

    If stoops doesnt win with all the tools UK has given him then he should go live in Mexico. First time ever opening the checkbook——-no excuses.

  11. UK Freshmen

    Relevant includes #1 recruiting classes? Weird. I can’t believe you didn’t include the all important high draft picks. Now that is something to be proud about. Yawn.

  12. HicksPickSix

    The irony of Corey Nichols, who is arguably the most irrelevant blogger in KSR’s history, discussing relevance is laughable.

  13. Big Whoop

    It begins with te quality of the coaching staff. If they can’t recruit, then pack it up. They also have to know how to coach. We’ve been lacking in all these areas since Brooks retired and even his staff wasn’t all that great with recruiting.

    Stoops is going to have to build from the ground up and it won’t happen overnight. It took Oregon several years to get where they are. UK is going to have start with the Air Rid to generate excitment and make some noise. The defense is going to have to improve. Once that happens we should see improved recruiting and on the field perdormance in terms of wins. Teams that have been built from scratch are Oregon, Boise St. and TCU. They haven’t recruited much better than UK but are now getting some nice classes. For those who don’t think UK can do it, look at Vanderbilt. Their 2013 class ranks 18th nationally right now. Remember, they’ve beaten us two years in a row.

  14. Alex

    Who cares if he has a hurt wrist…? Break his neck. This is a Rival game.

  15. however

    #10 In the SEC, perhaps opening the checkbook for the coaches is secondary to opening the checkbook for recruits.
    #13 Look at the last 50 years of UK FB, or at least back to the Curci era. At some point, you have to look at the program itself being responsible for the inability to recruit, and not just the coaching staffs. The teams you mention that have been built from scratch, Oregon, Boise and TCU have 1 big advantage over UK. They don’t play in the SEC. Vandy has improved its stock, but will Vandy consistently finish above 4th in the East? Vandy’s 8-4 overall record and 5-3 SEC record is something UK should aspire to, but its still behind FL/GA/So. Carolina.
    I don’t disagree with your point. If this staff can’t recruit, then none of this honeymoon excitement matters. And getting a couple kids that were looking at FSU is nice, but its gonna take half a dozen of those kind at least over a 3-4 year period to make any kind of impact.

  16. Blue bloody

    #9 look you can hate UT all you want but only in the last 5 or so years have they been “average.” Unless a BCS title, 6 sec east titles, and 4 sec titles since 1984 is what you consider average.

  17. Whateva

    I HATE it when people write about basketball folks’ opinions of the football program. All basketball folks think about is basketball. I love basketball…but football is #1 for me, even tho my team is Kentucky. Ask someone who REALLY CARES and they will tell you we don’t want to be relevant, we want to be champions. Your asking the wrong people….ask someone who cares, not someone who doesn’t.

  18. Ricky Bobby

    If you’re not first, you’re last!

  19. blue happy pappy

    #16 I agree at times Tennessee has been great but 26 years in a row? Surely to freaking goodness we can win at least every 4th or 5th game?!

  20. Duke Sucks

    Be real people we ARE NOT going to pass Bama, LSU, and Flordia!
    16) I hate UT but you are right. They are a good coach away from being great again, everything else is in place already!

  21. theSkinny81

    11 – now playing overseas – THAT’S something to get excited about! L1C4got about them.

  22. mudcreekmark

    Relevancy for UK football= Getting us back to the point Rich Brooks had us and then building on that.You can argue all you want, but when you beat the #1 team in the nation your are relevant.Brooks had us competing with the best teams in the country, not always winning but giving them all they wanted.
    Irrelevancy for UK football= Going into games knowing you have no shot. Getting beat 40-0 by a bottom of the league team. Losing to directional in state schools.

  23. Jvice

    Man you guys give Corey a lot of hate. Call me cray, but is Corey the new BTI?

  24. bluebloody

    @#19…every fourth or fifth game is probably the best thing to shoot for at this point. In order to beat UT (or anyone else on our schedule for that matter)however, we have to start beating them in January and February in recruiting. I don’t have the link handy but Mr. SEC did an analysis over the past ten years comparing a four year average of your recruiting ranking and where you finish in the SEC at the end of the season. Unlike a lot of other conference where someone catches lightning in a bottle (i.e. Kansas State in the Big 12), teams in the SEC pretty much finish out where they recruit. This is why it is my belief that UK may have to just eat the money lost in year 3 or 4 if Coach Stoops hasn’t had success. We are just so far behind everyone else in the talent on our roster that it may take a full four year turnover to get us competitive.

  25. Bluegrass

    We have to have Championship expectations every year. If you are happy with going to a second or bottom tier bowl every year that is what Kentucky will do. Do you think Kentucky Basketball would be relevant if we were happy to go to the NIT every year. Alabama football fans expect a National Championship every year.

  26. jch

    Glad to see the majority of responses are in opposition to the author and the quoted blog.

    However, I fully believe Mr. Nichols knew what he was doing by taking this slant on the aforementioned blog…

    I think Barnhart hit the nail on the head when he said Kentucky football is at a “point in time” meaning there is an opportunity now for Kentucky to leap into the ranks of the UGAs, Auburns, USCs, Arkansas, UTs of the SEC. None of those programs would accept 7-8 win seasons as “gifts from Santa”; heck, Auburn won a national championship 2 years ago and fired their coach this year for not winning enough!

    With the 2 hires of Stoops and Brown, those of the top 5 offense and defense in the country, we have the opportunity to make a huge leap. Now is the time. If these guys aren’t successful in the next 2-3 years, the time will have passed. They will move on and we’ll be searching for another Brooks.

    However, if we the fans are excited with 7-8 win seasons both those guys will be gone in the same 2-3 years. These coaches are young and hungry to win; these guys aren’t going to be satisfied with 7-8 wins and neither should we. If they feel the support for this team is “OK” with 7-8 wins and a bowl in Tennessee every year they’ll jump at the first decent offer to come along.

    However, if we the fans are fully behind them and believe they can build a true contender (both in the SEC and the nation – kind of one and the same lately!) we just may keep them around for quite a while; especially Stoops.

    I had Christmas dinner with a large UK “booster” and he said he, for the first time in a very long time, was actually excited about football. He said this as if he were genuinely surprised and said the same for the other boosters he knows. It’s a shame the $$$s behind any program (aka the boosters) are surprised at actually excited about football but we should take full advantage of this “point in time” and get them fully behind the program.

    Every now and then a “point in time” comes along in any program/organization/company…etc. The trick is to recognize it and take full advantage of it.

    Here’s to hoping Mitch & Co. have done just that!

    I think they just may have.

    Go Cats!

  27. BBB

    This is the same BS attitude that UK has to get rid of. Thats why I wanted Petrino to coach because anyone who is that big of a jerk would never settle for 7 wins. Why should we? Petrino could have taken us to 8 wins and beyond and mitch was too_______ified to pull the trigger. Stoops probably will make it fun again….but not allow us to play in a sugar bowl….where Joker is coaching now.


    I’m so sick of Matt and the others on this site saying “KY will never win SEC championships…it’s the reality of the job.” If we don’t set our aim for better than 7 or 8 wins, this program is always going to be a disappointment in my eyes. I grew up a Florida State football fan because my family is from there and KY was always terrible in football. There’s NO reason UK can’t win championships. UK has a great fan base, the potential for great facilities, and the proven success of a brand name in basketball. It will take time, but UK can compete for SEC and National championships in football as it does annually in basketball. Have a little faith and a positive attitude for once. I know the past doesn’t make it easy, but mediocrity should be no goal. Championships should.

  29. danny

    Just to have a Competitive team that can hang with South Carolina,Florida,LSU and if they lose a game as long as they were tried and didnt give up is all I ask…GO Big Blue