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What Kentucky Got Right On The Five Minute Run

(AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)

With 17:30 left in the game Florida had just scored to retake a 21 point lead. From that point the Cats exploded on a 15-0 run to cut the lead to six point with 12:25 to go. The Cats showed a flash of the team we all expected them to be and perhaps offered one final hope for some post-season success. Here’s what I saw the Cats get right during that explosive 5 minutes:

Forcing Turnovers

For a bit Kentucky looked like the poised team ready to roll while Florida started to play tight. One thing that was present out of the second half gates was improved defensive intensity. The Cats were all over Florida as they blocked shots and forced the Gators into bad plays. Twice down the floor UF walked as they fell into a UK trap. Another possession James Young came up with a steal that lead to a transition bucket. For a team that has struggled all season long on the defensive end it was a nice sequence that displayed just how effective the team can be when the defense is working.

Finishing In Transition

Not only were the Cats finding success on the defensive end during that five minute span but they also were clicking offensively for the first time in what seems like weeks. During that stretch they scored on 7 of their 8 possessions and grabbed three offensive rebounds. The team has struggled to move the ball in transition all season long while also having issues finishing at the rim. Today they showcased an ability to move the ball to the rim for an easy score and almost made it look easy. For five minutes they looked like the team we all expected them to be before Donovan could adjust and the Cats ran out of steam.


Earlier this week Calipari talked about his teams finally clicking at all different times during the season. During that five minute stretch when the Cats had nothing else to lose thy finally looked like the light had come on. Now we are on to the SEC tournament and the rest of the postseason. If UK can somehow stretch that five minutes into 40 then maybe they can find the magic to make a run. As Dakari said after the game they still believe they can do it so we need to as well. That five minute run was the one glimmer of hope the Cats have left to salvage a season.

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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63 responses to “What Kentucky Got Right On The Five Minute Run”

  1. bo

    Who really cares at this point in the season. The only think that can help this team is….the season be over.

    1. Bye!

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

    2. bo

      Hit you on the way out! Punk!

    3. mashburnfan1

      bo…we are not allowed to say the obvious or we are trolls, not real fans etc. Only reason we made a run is UF was probably bored.

    4. hot beans

      what a dumba$$ article to write. kentucky got their a$$es kicked but lets try and take some hope away from a 5 min run. If this site wants to be honest then talk about how stupid it is for UK to switch on every screen while teams continue to pick and roll with their big man. This leaves Andrew Harrison guarding a guy like Patrick Young who ends up using Andrew Harrison down low or WCS/Dakari guarding their point guard who they cant stay in front of. Learn how to fight through a screen. Our offense is terrible. We have no idea how to beat a zone and it starts with getting the ball to the middle. Instead we drive the ball into the thick of it and throw something at the rim and try to clean it up with a rebound. This is not an offense! It is street ball. You all know what’s better than trying for an offensive rebound? Making a good shot that has a high chance of going in the basket in the first place and the only way to get those good shots is run an effective offense like Florida does. This team has three problems. Poor coaching this season, no heart, overrated talent.

  2. Rei

    What helped was going zone. What hurt was going back to man defense.

    1. dave

      thought during the big run we were playing man??

    2. Rei

      Went on a 15-0 run. Florida didn’t score because we played zone.

    3. wrong

      We were playing man

    4. Bill Brasky

      We played both. Zone created a couple turnovers. Man led to some contested shots.

  3. Really?....

    That we’re focusing on a 5 minute stretch should tell us everything about this team and its effect on BBN’s psyche. At this point, is there any difference between optimism and delusion? I would say no.

    1. Jeff

      Great point!

    2. Steady

      Agree, we have a top 40 team, nothing more, nothing less.

    3. No hope for this team

      I agree. Having a good five minutes in the second half is like scoring birdie on the 18th hole to shoot 95. You’ll still come out the next day and suck because you don’t really have a clue how or why you did it. It’s a false since of security that brings you back tomorrow. We’ve rounded the corner (birdied the 18th) several times this year only to lose to Arkansas and Souh Carolina (shot another 95). This team needs to take two weeks off and then quit the game altogether.

  4. Matt Jones

    No worries about next year. We will destroy everyone. Booker and Ullis are killers. Lyles is a top 10 pick and Carl Towns will dunk on everybody.

    1. Wow!

      Gosh, you are so clever! Pretty lonely on a Saturday night?

    2. Reality Check

      You’re being sarcastic but what you’re saying is true. Ulis is a true PG and will probably take the starting position from Andrew about 10 games in. He should move Andrew to the 2 anyway because he won’t make it in the NBA as a PG. Towns is WCS but with a shot. He can score. Dakari is going to be a great center.

    3. ukfan

      Lets just wait till they get here and see what they can do before we put any expectations on them.

  5. Jeff

    All this talk about 5 great minutes is making me sick.. We were terrible the other 35. Moral victories are for football.. Oh btw we still lost by 19!

  6. KentuckyJoe

    We are so bad we are excited about five minutes Florida took a break? Then turned it back on when they needed? We are starting to sound like Lousyville or Indiana. Sad.

    1. bo

      You nailed it!

  7. NBA league pass

    oh great, a moral victory. I feel a lot better now. thanks!!

  8. THE game!

    This is IT guys! THE game! how to fix Kentucky’s woes 101: MAKE the selfish, self-concerned Harrison Twins PASS the ball to a better player who can score named Julius Randle and let him help win the game. We have been playing 4 on 5 the entire season… and the one we are missing is out BEST player!

    1. THE game!

      Louisville Trolls Please Note: We beat you playing 4 on 5, so suck it.

    2. mashburnfan1

      If we played Loserville today we lose by 10 plus. We don’t deserve a tourney bid but will get one and will probably get the tards early.

  9. doc

    Love the photo of Alex. Course he is one of the worst players to wear a Kentucky uniform (and get the amount of playing time that he does) since Saul Smith. But he sure looks good in a photo. And that’s all that really matters anyway. Huh, Mrs. TT? He’s photogenic. You sure can’t deny that is the case. Go Calipari! We like moral victories.

  10. CatsfanMike

    Let’s root for this team to go as far as they can. The youngest team in America finished number 2 in the SEC behind the number 1 team in the country. Enjoy the successes. Our expectations were way to high.

    1. ukfan


    2. roundball fool


    3. Jimbob Bautista

      Right on!!!

    4. mashburnfan1

      The SEC is horrible, finishing 2nd here is not hard to do. If we were in AC, Big 10, Big 12 or that new conf we are under .500 and out of NCAA tourney.

  11. K2da

    Are superstars are just bored
    Time to take their talent to the D league
    Where they will play not one…not 2,3,4, 5 not 7 but lots of quality minutes in empty gyms!

  12. Big Brother

    I’m so tired of what if’s and moral victories and maybe they finally got it and patting a team on the back for cutting it to 6! What a joke lol! We still lost by 19 people!!! We got blown out! For the 5th game in a row we didn’t come close to covering the spread. The problem is our fanbase is so desperate for something to cling to that we get excited because we cut it to 6. This is the second straight year we have stunk, and its the second straight year we have regressed instead of getting better like you’re supposed to.

    I’m gonna give everyone some advice… unless you enjoy sounding ignorant please just everyone keep your mouth shut on the ” wait until next year ” talk. We’ve already been embarrassed enough from all the 40-0 shirts and being sold on a team that isn’t even CLOSE to being as good as we hyped so I don’t want to hear any media member or any coach tell us how good we will be next year. I will believe it when I see it.


    Question: will we have a senior night ever again? People are saying Willis, Ullis, Booker will be four-year guys but I don’t think so. Willis probably, but the other two, four years? I doubt it. Even if Willis does play through his senior year, that’s several years without a senior night which is just mind-blowing to me. I’m not necessarily complaining I’m just pointing out how upside-down things are these days with kids thinking they are ready to play against Lebron James after one damn year in college.

    1. Hammer

      Look at from Barnhart’s perspective. We save many $$$ on senior night.

  14. DavidPat

    As long as there is hope & faith there will be true blue fans! The rest can pick another team to show case their ignorance!

  15. Catcard

    What happened was a total beat down!! 40-0???? Lol lol lol!! Don’t worry BBN the twins are leaving in about 2 weeks!!

  16. Hammer

    A five min run is like playing 3 good holes of golf but sucking the other 15. It don’t mean —-, unless of course you are grasping and you can decide for yourself. A five min run and get trounced by 19. Man, what logic….

    1. CatsfanMike

      Great analogy! You described my game, but those 3 great holes always have me going back.

  17. Which One

    So is Andrew, “Dribble” and Aaron “Drive”, or do I have that backwards. Cuz they don’t really like to pass the ball to anyone else.

  18. Rupp's Aura

    Jesus Titty-Effin’ Christ…we lost by 19 and the only way result of today’s game was that we got smoked. 5 minutes? That’s but 1/8th of game.

  19. Got It!

    Cal needs to bring in like… 400 guys next season…. because it appears our guys are only good for about 1-play per game.

    1. Got It!

      See photo above.

  20. Big Brother

    I honestly don’t think UK fans realize what an egg on our face season this has been… Pre season #1, 40-0 t-shirts, the twins are coming t-shirts, gonna hang #9 and Matt Jones hosting a show inviting all media members to predict how few, if any loses this team would have. What a joke! As a fan I’m embarrassed and I’m embarrassed for how a portion of our fan base turns a blind eye to something like this and accepts it. Cracks me up lol. Joke!

    1. Jimmy

      Very sad indeed. I believe everything Cal says myself. There is no egg on his face, nor on the Kool-Aid drinkers. Not that I can see. Cal really likes his team though. And Poythress was the reason we made a run today. And he loathes zone defenses and steals. And he couldn’t coach Archie. And Terrence was a selfish MF. And he thinks we should not go for steals, but instead we should just stop them with good defense and not gamble on steals. And we need to limit our 3 point shots and take it to the paint. And body language is the most important thing of all. Just wait till next year. Cal promises it will not be the same. Just like he did at the end of last year.

    2. Patrick_Wren

      Go away Troll! A Louisville fan made the 40-0 t-shirts….. Do we have issues…you bet. But go suck it on the t-shirt poop!

    3. Skeps

      Right on, Jimmy.

    4. Sally

      You were not a Tub Apologist, were you, Skeps? I thought not. Of all the posters on this site, you clearly see. Maybe with more time and even more of the same, in the not too distant future others will come to see that Cal does not have a clue. He sells snake oil and people buy it. And the disappointment of these last two years is NOT because of his players. The players have changed to a certain degree with the same results. No, it’s his POOR COACHING!!! I am just waiting to hear what the excuse will be next year when we have veterans plus 4 more new future NBA players. That’s why I don’t think he will last at UK more than a couple more seasons at the most. Once the players stay and we have veterans and we still are embarrassed by his poor coaching, Coach (and the Kool-Aid drinkers) will eventually run out of excuses. That’s just my opinion. Some might disagree. Only time will tell.

    5. Not Bucky Small Hooves

      I said the same thing last night. This team is the biggest bust of all time. And I think back to how stupid Matt was in the preseason, hyping this team. What a clown. Telling Ryan how that a little birdie said this team wasn’t just good, it was REAL good. What a stupid effing bird that was. Never again will I buy any hype. I got burned and learned. What Matt needs is a different guy on the show. Somebody with a brain that will call him out on his stupid shit. For his own good. Cal better get his head out of his ass and remember how to win.

  21. timefor9

    Unfortunately college basketball games are not 5 minutes long…

  22. sportsfan

    UK is horrible, this season is worse than last season…by far! The real team went undefeated 18 -0!!! you fans are to blame- calling it the Best recruiting class ever, 40-0……Please! Go Gators

    P.S. I know you UK fan talk all about Records and Wins and all that crap, But UK went 16-0 SEC-The Gators went 18-0 in the SEC Most wins in EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mark Liptak

      Sportsfan (aka troll):

      If you are going to troll at least get your facts right. UK fans weren’t calling this the “greatest recruiting class ever” the national media was.

      That being said you can go back to waiting for spring football to begin. Florida isn’t even on the same planet as Kentucky when it comes to college basketball. Please don’t make yourself look stupider than you already are.

  23. Cat dog

    To borrow a Tubby phrase:
    This team looked like Tarzan but played like Jane.

  24. Mark Liptak

    Five minute stretch? Unfortunately the game is 40 minutes long.

  25. Jaaaaayyy

    Very few dominant teams dominate an entire game. Remember our 2010 and 2012 teams when we’d get up big and opponents would come sneaking back in all fired up to cut it to single digits? Then we’d stretch it back out big, or perhaps just hold on enough for a 8-12 point victory with free throws . Well, that’s what we were to Florida, the pesky mid major team that gets fired up and hits a few shots while the dominant team goes to sleep a while. Love the guys, the coach, the program, but the team is simply not a good product and has gotten worse the second season in a row, instead of better. Remember how awesome Alex looked against Maryland and duke last year? And how close we played all the top non conference teams? We’ve regressed so much over the season with each of the last two teams that we equal a mid major squad. The trajectory of today’s game was what you’d expect from a high major FBS school playing Popcorn state. Still, I hope something clicks and we can shake off the bad joo joo that has overtaken the team.

    1. Not Bucky Small Hooves


  26. Ken In Middletown

    Check this out: We fall behind by 22 playing man to man “defence”. We switch to zone, go on a 15-0
    run & eventually cut the lead to 6. THEN, we go back to man to man and get blown out by 19. WTF??? I know Cal doesn’t like to play zone, but we’re paying him $4,000,000/year & he can’t see
    what is obvious to everyone else? When we’re playing zone, we outplay the #1 team in the nation by
    15, and when we’re in man to man, we get plastered by 34. DUH!!!

  27. WKYblue

    One of the best coaches in the country is coaching in our state right now. Ask Rex Chapman about this on Twitter. Given a chance at a University that can recruit itself this coach would be possibly a great fit. Check out his winning percentage at every place he has coached. Check out his National Championships won. This guy is a winner. Ray Harper at WKU.

  28. B-man

    I’m not overly concerned or surprised by the outcome of this game. Let’s face it…this was the “Perfect Storm” for a beat down. UF starts 4 seniors and it was senior night, their last home game and they were playing for a perfect record in conference play. Haters, fair-weather fans and trolls can say what they want, but no team was gonna go in there today and win…not even close.

    1. Sammy

      Okay,..but how about the other 8 losses this year, B-man? How about the double digit losses last season?? What is your excuse for those other 20 losses? Huh?? I know one thing. It surely could not have been poor coaching by Cal. I think we could agree on that. Right?

  29. Obvious

    Kentucky fans need to stop looking at 5 star as the same each year (or top 10) when analyzing recruits.

    Some years the ability of kids coming out of high school is better than others. Also, some years we just miss by focusing on the wrong guys. It’s clear the point guard that Cal needs must be of a Rose/Wall and possibly Knight calibur to make the Dribble Drive Offense successful.

    When we miss and get an Andrew Harrison or have to fill a gap with a Ryan Harrow the offense (and the other players in it) suffer as a consequence. The PG position is CRITICAL for it to flourish.

    The level of “ability, consistency, heart, team chemistry potential with others” while at UK in comparison should be made clear (rank 0-10):

    10 — Anthony Davis
    9 — Demarcus Cousins, Enes Kanter, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, John Wall
    8 — Patrick Patterson, Julius Randle, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Nerlens Noel
    7 — Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones, James Young
    6 — Darius Miller, Marquis Teague, DeAndre Liggins, Josh Harrellson, Alex Poythress, Archie Goodwin, Aaron Harrison, Andrew Harrison
    5 — Darnell Dodson, Kyle Wiltjer, Julius Mays, Jarrod Polson, Willie Cauley-Stein, Dakari Johnson, Dominique Hawkins
    4 — Marcus Lee, Jon Hood, Derek Willis, Ryan Harrow
    2 — Daniel Orton
    1 — Eloy Vargas

    When you take this comparison ranking into consideration you can easily see why some ‘groups’ of top 10 players are clearly more capable of surviving a season together than others.

    2009-2010 Squad: Wall(9), Cousins(9), Patterson(8), Bledsoe(8), Miller(6), Liggins(6), Harrellson(6)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 7 (By Playing Time): 7.42
    Result: 35-3 (14-2 SEC) Elite Eight (1 horrendous night from the perimeter vs WV prevented a National Title)
    Final Rank: Coaches #5, AP #2

    2010-2011 Squad: Knight(8), Lamb(7), Jones(7), Harrellson(6), Miller(6), Liggins(6)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 6 (By Playing Time): 6.66
    Result: 29—9 (10—6 SEC) Final Four
    Final Rank: Coaches #3, AP #11

    2011-2012 Squad: Davis(10), MKG(9), Lamb(7), Jones(7), Teague(6), Miller(6), Wiltjer(5)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 7 (By Playing Time): 7.5
    Result: 38-2 (16-0 SEC) — National Title
    Final Rank: Coaches #1, AP #1

    2012-2013 Squad: Noel(8), Goodwin(6), Poythress(6), Wiltjer(5), Mays(5), Harrow(4), Polson(5)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 7 (By Playing Time): 5.5
    Result: 21—12 (12—6 SEC) NIT
    Final Rank: Not Ranked (Coaches, AP)

    2013-2014 Squad: Randle(8), Young(7), Harrison(6), Harrison(6), Poythress(6), Johnson(5), Polson(5), Cauley-Stein(5)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 8 (By Playing Time): 6
    Result: 22-9 (12-6 SEC) — Projected 22-11 (2nd Round Loss)
    Current Rank: Coaches #24, AP #25 (After this final end of season weekend they will drop out of both polls)

  30. B

    I think Patric has been skipping leg day.

  31. MC

    Maybe we would be 40-0 if the games were just 7 minutes long. In years gone by this would a novel thing called coaching. After the last game the so called star player says we don’t know what the problem is but we gotta get it together. Ease go to the NBA and leave if you don’t care more cause we do.