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What Is The Kentucky Combine?

A few more details on the revolutionary “Kentucky Combine” that just happens to coincide with a Trevor Lacey visit.  Smart?  I’d say so.

When:  Obviously, the combine is today and tomorrow.  Each day will feature one session, which will take place from 3-5 pm at the Joe Craft Center.

Who:  As of now, approximately 23 NBA teams have confirmed that they will send a representative to the proceedings.  On Kentucky’s side, all three underclassmen mulling their decision – Terrence Jones, Brandon Knight and DeAndre Liggins – as well as Josh Harrellson and Enes Kanter will participate.  For the NBA scouts, this appears to be the only opportunity to see Kanter, who will not work out with individual teams until after the lottery, and Jones and Knight, who have no scheduled meetings made public, for the forseeable future.  Harrellson and Liggins will work out this weekend, along with 32 other players, at the the New Jersey Nets’ facility.  Media is not allowed to attend the combine.

What:  Since no UK coaches will be involved (the school worked closely with the NCAA to determine what was and wasn’t allowed), the two-hour session will be broken down into two portions and held under the direction of the NBA personnel. 

It essentially consists two parts:

1.  Interviews – Each player will have the opportunity to meet with the NBA representatives over the two day period.  This is where they will discuss their strengths and weaknesses, as well as where the NBA folks see them in potential draft conversations.  This type of feedback is typically streamed over the course of several weeks of meeting and working out for individual teams or attending group camps.  Kentucky’s players will have the luxury of being a part of these meetings directly and all at the same time.

2.  Individual Workouts – Each player will go through drills and different individual sessions that will be at the direction and discretion of the NBA representatives.  Again, the workouts are private and no information will likely be made public, but the performances in these drills will factor heavily into the feedback the players get in their one-on-one interview sessions with the teams.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

24 responses to “What Is The Kentucky Combine?”

  1. MrTumnus

    Just another reason why we get the top recruits…

  2. Bg Cat

    All 3 Juniors ?

  3. Rebecca Gayheart

    I know the real reason is if they can play then they can play but I will be very interested in seeing their standing/running vertical leaps,2/3 court sprint times,lane agility drill times and reps on the 185 bench posted on this site.PLEASE.

  4. Entrenador Cal

    Buenos suerte, muchachos!

  5. Rebecca Gayheart

    Oh sorry.Also their standing reach and wingspans.Thank you.

  6. Rebecca Gayheart

    And their standing reach and wingspans please.

  7. Boogiewoogie

    I’ll pay all of these NBA guys $5 each if they tell Brandon Knight he is not ready for the draft

  8. Rebecca Gayheart

    Oh dummy ME!No info will be made public.Sorry.

  9. MemphisCat

    Heard Rick P say, he had the same idea for his Loserville players but Cal stole his idea and recruits.

  10. Joel Lobb

    Masterful piece of pr for “Teflon-John”—

  11. Zach R

    I read where Kanter was not working out for any team till after the NBA draft lottery.

  12. KC

    Pete Thameltoe to be on 1070 the FAN in Indy around 2:00 PM to discuss his article on Bender/UCF.

  13. Irwin R. Fletcher

    gets it

  14. Jimmy Dykes Vocabulary

    @11, Kanter isn’t doing any “individual workouts” with any teams. But he will participate in this combine.

  15. Gilchrist on D

    C- Davis Jr.
    F- Jones

    C-Wiltjer / Vargas
    F- Miller
    G-Liggins /Poole
    G-Lacey / Hood

  16. Boogiewoogie

    #15- I think Miller will start over Lamb. Miller is going to be the most improved player in the SEC and perhaps the country next year.

  17. CatManBlue

    lamb=6th man of year
    Miller=comeback player of year
    liggins/gilchrist= co defensive poy
    Davis= POY
    UK=National cHAMPS 8

  18. Philthy Phil

    I think Cal should invite T Jennings to the combine. It would really irk UofL fans that Cal would help Jennings get to the NBA. But maybe he doesn’t need to workout since Little Ricky knows how to get players to the “league”.

  19. Tuck Fipton

    Just a matter of days (maybe hours) till the NCAA comes up with some reason why the “combine” is against the rules. If it’s not against the rules somewhere, it will be after the next “closed door session”. You watch, they will have a problem with Kanter being involved with it, because of the fact he wasn’t considered permanently not eligible “student athlete”. They WILL find something wrong with it. But ya gotta hand it to Cal for being an “in-your-face” guy. I love it!

  20. Mack

    ESPN is reporting Kanter will be Chicago and not attend the Combine.

  21. Gato Salvaje

    I think this is a great idea. It makes a lot of sense to have the NBA scouts to come to Lexington to do interviews and work outs, rather than having UK players travel around the country for work outs (which I would guess they would have to pay for), would mean they would invariably miss more classes, and could become a potential source of amateurism violations in the event that the NBA scouts paid for things that weren’t allowed (better for the players and for UK). It also appears to mean that the UK players get many more NBA opinions and more feedback than they would if they had to just choose 2-3 teams to work out with (which is better for the players). Of course, it also helps recruiting (better for Cal and UK). But as #19 pointed out, don’t expect this to last – rival coaches will probably figure out a way to get the NCAA to ban this type of activity, even if it is clearly in the best interests of the players themselves.

  22. Al_Gore

    “Kentucky Combine”….Pfffttt… I created that first…..

  23. yoyoyo

    #17–Miller for comeback player of the year? Do you mean most improved?

  24. mudcreekmark

    15)Miller will not be coming off the bench. He may be the 2nd best player on the team next year right behind Davis. I think the light will finally come on for Miller and we will see what he’s made of. I’d be shocked if he don’t average 15 a game next year.