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What is Holding Up Enes Kanter’s Eligibility?


Kentucky needs Enes Kanter this year. On a team that is much more well-suited to Calipari’s normal Dribble-Drive Offense than last year’s group, there is nevertheless a gaping hole. As was shown in Canada, Kentucky needs a dominating post presence, who can score from the block and allow UK’s outside shooters and penetrators to create space and dish more effectively. Enes Kanter is that guy. With his amazing footwork down low, his NBA body and an ability to hit the boards as well as anyone that will play college basketball next season, Enes Kanter is set to be a star and (as Calipari said during practice two weeks ago) “the best player on the floor” in nearly every game he plays this season. But first, he has to get eligible, and as of this writing, there has been very little movement on the Kanter eligibility front. The mystery as to why Enes has yet to be cleared by the NCAA is one that has led to worry from the fans and is a growing concern for the folks at UK. And the problem is, that it isnt clear how the core issue in question can be easily remedied.

Over the past week, I spoke with a number of sources around the program, all of whom tell the same story. The issue with Enes Kanter is one of amateur eligibility, specifically whether he received benefits while playing for a Turkish professional team that would render him ineligible to be classified as an Amateur. That is the rules problem, but the practical problem for UK is much more of an issue. The Turkish team where Kanter played and the Turkish Federation are offering no help to UK in its attempt to get Kanter eligible. The NCAA now allows for players who were on professional teams in Europe to play college basketball, so long as they were paid solely in expenses, and not in salary. Thus what the NCAA and the University of Kentucky need in order to prove eligibility, is proof of exactly how and in what form, Kanter was compensated. Did he just get living expenses, similar as to what happens at American prep schools…or was he given a salary like a full-time professional player? That question determines whether Kanter can qualify under the new rule.

However as might could be expected, only one entity has that information…Kanter’s former Turkish team. Kanter was a seldom-used reserve for the team Fenerbahce Ulker. As is the custom in Turkey, young players are signed to deals, as early as age 15 and then if they reach success, play for the professional club and are then given professional salaries when they get older (usually age 17-20). This system works in Turkey and is the method for the production of young college basketball players, instead of the American college system. The Turkish Federation wants Kanter back and has no interest in helping make Enes eligible to play American college basketball. In fact, they have the exact opposite interest. What Calipari is attempting with Kanter could have long term implications for college and European basketball. If he can bring Kanter to America, make him a Top 5 pick in one year, then the theory goes that other Europeans will follow suit at Kentucky and other American Universities. This can only hurt the European basketball leagues, who have benefitted from having young players who NBA teams want, and potentially will have to buy out of their contracts.

Thus with no incentive to help the NCAA, Kentucky, Kanter or basically anyone not in Turkey, the Turkish Federation is stalling and UK/Kanter are suffering the consequences. UK and Kanter have done all they can. They have given all the information they have and are hoping for a decision. But the NCAA wants records of what was given to Kanter by the Turkish team. If that doesnt come, it is unclear what the NCAA will do. Will they deem Kanter eligible and say all is good? Will they make him eligible, but with the understanding that if salary payments are discovered later, UK could be ineligible (making UK have to put a lot of trust in Kanter)? Or will they deem him ineligible because there is not enough proof to say one way or the other? IF the NCAA makes the last choice, then teams in Europe will have a path to be able to keep their young players from coming to America…simply dont cooperate with the NCAA or college institutions. One would think that isnt the precedent the NCAA would want, but with that institution, who knows.

So now UK and Kanter are in a holding pattern…attempting to get info from a source that doesnt want to give it. How this finally plays out will likely determine just how good Kentucky can be this coming season.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. thehow

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  2. sortleader2

    What was Enes doing at the back circle on Transy’s campus? Son, that there’s some quality Angus filling up those white shorts.

  3. Fan


  4. Brian Williams

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  5. 4uk91.507

    That sucks. I doubt we see Kanter then…Funny thing is, he will not go back to Turkey either way right? So the Turks have already lost, just hand over the paper work already!

  6. Nice Booty on Right

    It is fine as wine!

  7. Ken T. Ucky

    There is only one rational solution… declare war on Turkey.

  8. uksbiggestfan

    The only thing I can say is…I will be PISSED if he doesn’t get eligible! Turkey better start cooperating or I might have to go BEAST MODE on em!UK#1

  9. Mikeywayne726

    This is unfortunate, but we all knew there would be major hurdles to deal with involving Kanter and his eligibility. Turkish League officials are not handing over those records, and we may not want what they have anyway. They will sit on them and hope one of two things will happen. One, Kanter is ruled ineligible, they hope to keep others from following his lead. Two, he becomes eligible and plays, then they come forward with documents showing payment of more than expenses and all will see a mess, something future prospects from Turkey will be weary of. What will happen?

  10. Mack

    If he had stayed at UW or had become a little dookie would Kanter still have a problem?

  11. All I have to say

    Remember, Thanksgiving is coming up shortly! Turkey is on the menu!!!

  12. Love

    Can’t he get the paperwork since he is the “employee”

  13. Mikeywayne726

    By the way, I have a Turkish guy who works for me as a server at a local restaurant (lexington), and now I will be forced to cut his hours and put him in poor sections. His fault for being Turkish. What kind of name is Okan anyway.

  14. GeorgeCostanza

    this post is worthy of both a
    “Worlds Are Colliding!” and a
    “George Is Getting Angry!”

  15. e

    Are there not tax records for something like that?

  16. Blasphemy

    At least he is getting good tail while he is here. No doubt about it. #2 My thoughts exactly, that’s some USDA quality stuff there!

  17. sortleader2

    I wonder what the young lady on the right has to say about this matter? Anyone else want her to grab a hold of their mic and bless it with a few heady sentiments? Hey, you put her on here. It’s 9pm on KSR. What do you expect?

  18. GoCats32

    Thanks Matt. I thought that’s what this post would be about. As I posted earlier today I was hoping what I had heard was just a rumor. I guess it wasn’t. I don’t see that anything can be done if Turkey doesn’t want to cooperate and it seems that they don’t. The NCAA just needs to make up it’s mind how they want to handle it I guess. If the Kanter’s have receipts etc as rumored from Enes’ playing days maybe that’s all that will be needed for the NCAA and if they do clear him does UK take the chance it won’t be “Memphis-ed” later on?

  19. LansingCat

    I’m sure he’s eligible. Why else would UK go after him so tough? Surley they asked Kanter what he recieved for his play there, and surely he didn’t lie? I hope. Fly Cal to Turkey, have him march into that office, and fu(k!n9 demand the proper paperwork. Also, I suppose this brings new meaning to KSR’s own Turkey Hunter.

  20. The Rock

    I say we put Turkey Hunter to work and let him live up to his name. And if that doesn’t work, well, at least we have Tomlin’s contemporary Christian music career to fall back on.

  21. MM

    I had this info over 3 years ago. You could have had it for $9.95.

  22. UnderTaker


  23. Rolo

    My fear is that the NCAA will make NO decision in this matter. None. Without cooperation from the Turks, the NCAA may just ignore it altogether. No ruling, nothing. Thus, leaving Kanter in purgatory. If Matt’s info is correct, I don’t see any decision anytime soon. How can they rule without any documented evidence in such a case? This is the NCAA. It isn’t as if they are ever in any hurry. But then again, what do I know?

  24. DaviessCounty CatFan

    Send in the damn 101st AirBorne Division! haha

  25. 4uk91.507

    Turkey is not making any friends… Weren’t they selling Turkish flags on UK campus when Enes arrived? At least there’s still Agop Tomurcuk.

  26. Corylidleflymehome

    Well this sucks bad.

  27. fred

    Can’t someone come up with the transcript ransom that is still legal in the new found NCAA rule?

  28. NCAA Take on Enes

    During the 2008-09 season, Kanter was a seldom-used reserve for Fenerbahçe Ülker, a Turkish professional basketball team. He played in at least nine games with the team – four in the Euroleague and five in the Turkish Basketball League. He was named the Most Valuable Player in the 2009 FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship, averaging 18.6 points and 16.4 rebounds while leading Turkey to the bronze medal. Fenerbahçe and Olympiacos B.C., a Greek basketball team, both offered Kanter professional contracts, but he declined because he wanted to play high school and college basketball in the United States.

    Kanter maintains that he did not accept money as a player in order to preserve his amateur status. The NCAA rules presently call for athletes who have competed with a professional team but have not received compensation themselves to be suspended one collegiate game for every game they played with a professional team. The NCAA is presently considering an exception that would eliminate this penalty. If approved, the exception would allow Kanter to become immediately eligible for U.S. collegiate competition without sitting out any games.

  29. Truth

    As to the Randall Cobb question. Is he the greatest football player ever at Kentucky? I love the guy and he has 2 seasons remaining(I hope)to prove himself, but I dont’t believe numbers can’t be the deciding factor. Vito “Babe” Parilli quarterbacked Kentucky to its share of the 1950 National Title with the victory over #1 Oklahoma in the 1951 Sugar Bowl (NCAA Record Book). The next season he led Kentucky to victory in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas over Texas Christian. That was truly the Golden Era of Kentucky Football. Today’s Kentucky Football is a different animal I know. Best of luck to Randall Cobb and the rest of the Football Cats, rewrite history!

  30. Sawyer


  31. catfever

    We all need to stay positive whatever the outcome is. (1.) The Turks don’t do anything, he’s ruled ineligible, Cal has to do something different. (2.) The Turks give up the paper work, he’s ruled eligible, UK goes on to kick ass this year. Or (3.) Turks don’t do anything, NCAA rules him eligible, UK wins the championship, then somewhere down the road somebody comes out with something, UK gets on probation and everybody in the basketball universe says “I knew they were dirty”. Actually #3 would not be too positive.

  32. Flippy23

    I guess it would depend quite a bit on the quality and quantity of evidence that Kanter brings himself. There may be a tipping point where, lacking evidence to the contrary, the NCAA would simply rule in Kanter’s favor and move on. But he changes us from a top 15 team to a very serious title contender; so this decision is huge for Kentucky fans. The kid is that good.

  33. Rolo

    28 – That new rule you cited was adopted by the NCAA if I understand it correctly. Now, the NCAA wants some proof I guess. That proof doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

  34. UKBaller24

    It doesn’t help that the new head of the NCAA was recently the president of Washington. I’m sure he feels like UK stole two players from his team. I can see him trying to hose us on this one.

  35. UK BlueBlood

    He will not play unless the NCAA rules him eligible without any concerns. If there is any chance this will come back to “bite” UK, he will not play.

  36. 4uk91.507

    So if he did receive extra money would he then have to sit for 9 games and then be eligible to play?

  37. markky

    no big surprise at all on what was written…with Cal, we may need to get used to it as well. as long as there isn’t any -after the season- vacated penalties

  38. Mack

    You would think that Coach Calipari would be able to get his good buddy Obama to pull some strings with the Turks, you know international goodwill and all! Heck Obama may get him Democrat Senator from Kentucky in November.

  39. pitinoshairplugs

    Girl on right = TURD CUTTER!

  40. SagaciousMind

    The real victim in this matter is Kanter. When are they going to realize that the USA is where it’s at to play ball. After all, we invited the sport. Even if he doesnt get to play here, it doesnt mean he is going to play there and he will still be in the NBA. I think it’s pretty shady that the Turks won’t cooperate. The best Euro players come to the US anyway so what’s the difference? Also, couldnt Kanter’s dad have some kinda pull in the matter? I mean the guy is loaded right? He is a doctor. Looks like UK is gettin to be the NCAA’s test dummy on a new issue. I just wonder what they will do. I hope they clear him. It’s not fair to Kanter or to the UK program. They need to hurry up and decide somethin.

  41. SagaciousMind


  42. ORLY

    So basically BTI’s post was completely erroneous and we are all dumber for having read that?

  43. N2theBlue

    My worst fear is that EVEN IF KANTER RECEIVED NO COMPENSATION, the NCAA rules him eligible, he plays, we win, and then the Turkish team fashions up some fake paycheck or whatever and sends it to the NCAA. Then it will be Enes’ word against the team, the NCAA (with its chief from UW) sides with the team, deems him ineligible, the wins get vacated, and we have to hear it from the haters from now until eternity.

    Hate to say it, but drop him now, and avoid potential embarrasment. Weren’t we more excited about 2011, anyway?

  44. UKBaller24

    A poster on another UK site is claiming Vargas may not make grades and it’s going down to the wire for him. Anyone know when Eloy is supposed to be on campus?

  45. DavefromFlatgap

    Let’s pay Sypher to Turkey and have her Suck the information out of them. I’ve always heard she could suck a Turkey thru a stir stick,,,,,,,

  46. sortleader2

    43. You have truly revealed the crux o’ the BTI matter. For years he has dumbed down KSR. Other than that, he is a nice kid.

  47. blueblue

    I think Coach Cal needs to call John Wall and ask him to talk to President Obama. Maybe, if the President will get the State Department involved in this, then we may be able to get some cooperation coming out of Turkey. If not, then maybe Obama will call the NCAA on our behave.

  48. SagaciousMind

    44, even if the haters want to say something this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Cal. would just continue to say they good players sometimes have baggage and Cal gets caught up in it…again. Maybe Cal woulda thought differently on him if he knew it was gonna extend like this. But if he stays with UW, would he had been cleared by now?

  49. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    who needs an elite talent like kanter when we have the seasoned vet jorts who gives us the best chance to win right now

  50. UKownsU

    So, if no Vargas and no Kanter, who is going to rebound? Jorts will be the man I guess. We will have to shoot lights out because we won’t be out rebounding many teams.

  51. e-dub

    true dat

  52. Chris in LA

    Quick, everybody get on Turkey’s facebook page and comment to convince them!

  53. PatTanaka

    If jorts is the man in the middle next year, we are in big trouble. He will have 3 fouls before halftime of every game.

  54. Talent_Evaluator

    I’m surprised that Coach Cal would place all of his eggs in the Enes Kanter and Eloy Vargas baskets. There is a really good chance that UK will not have a legitimate center this year. If it comes down to a UK decision on whether to play Kanter or not, I just hope it doesn’t not cause a huge ordeal and permanent friction/hard feelings between Cal and Mitch Barnhart/Sandy Bell and others in the UK athletic department.

  55. PatTanaka

    54) If the NCAA leaves it up to UK to play him, there is no way UK should let him play. It’s obvious the NCAA will come back in the spring and drop the hammer on us. Is there any doubt?

  56. HMM

    I can’t see why the NCAA would want to rule him eligible without proof. Why would they want to help expedite a one and done player? Do they want more one and done players? Doubtful. The kid is most likely in the US to avoid having to sign an unfavorable cheap multi-year contract like Ricky Rubio. That is a problem for the kid, but why would the NCAA care?

  57. UK

    I suggest an all out blitz of the Turkish Pro teams, e-mail, general office, phones, owners, staff etc.. by the Hoard that IS the BIG BLUE NATION! They would fold in a week…..

  58. Sanity

    54. How many baskets should UK have? Should Coach Cal add the Easter Bunny to the list?

  59. Sweet Wm

    Lets play him……..ask the courts to place the burden of proof on the NCAA.

  60. bleedingkyblue

    Hey everyone come vote on my blog at

  61. J Hood

    Should I feel bad about all of this?

  62. mattcat68

    The tactics being used by the Turkish basketball federation tell me one thing, Enes wasn’t paid a salary. If their records showed that Enes was paid, they would have handed them over a long time ago.

  63. smarter_than_you

    I really hate Turkey(the country not the food i love that stuff) if the Turkish federation doesn’t hand over the info then obviously he wasn’t paid a salary or they’d show proof in hopes of getting Kanter back. The NCAA should just rule him eligible b/c of how obvious it is he wasnt paid, not to mention his parents are freakin wealthy for cryin out loud and his plan has always been to play in the NCAA, so of course he wouldn’t screw it up by receiving money that he clearly doesnt need. And by the way no offense but I already knew all of this waaay before this post and I’ve never paid for info on any site

  64. Staffoooo

    Everyone relax. IN CAL WE TRUST. Wait….and Smile in the end…..

  65. loublue22

    If you think about it, it makes no sense for the Turkish team not to turn over records if he was paid a salary. They want him back, if they had records that would make him ineligible, they would give them up. Kanter’s dad kept records, that should be good enough. Kanter turned down more than one lucrative offer to come to America. Cal would not have come this far unless he was sure Kanter had not been paid a salary. I say play him unless he’s deemed ineligible, obviously. As we’ve seen a ruling of eligible doesn’t mean much anyway……

  66. SagaciousMind

    62, you are 100% correct. if he had been paid they would have handed it over proving it and hoping they can get him to come back. hadnt thought of it like that. lets hope you’re right though, which i believe you are.

  67. DeAndre

    62) solved the riddle, let him play.

  68. UKFan14

    I hate the NCAA. What a joke. Every time something like this happens (which seems like every day) I wonder 1) How does the NCAA have the power to be judge, jury, and executioner. 2) Who grants the NCAA the power to do this. 3) Who does the NCAA help/serve.

    I seems like the NCAA needs a huge dose of commonsense. It’s obvious that the European League wants Enes to be ruled ineligible to keep their kids home. If they screw up this kid’s life because they are being dicks then I think the NCAA is greatly missing the point. It will be interesting to see what happens over the years as the NCAA continues to tightens the reigns.

  69. GeorgeCostanza

    It’s time to introduce the Federation to Dom Pappa.

  70. Kunta

    Can we just get a fan to buy the team in Turkey, and then get his records? It’s Turkey, the team couldn’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars and a few dog turds.

  71. mattcat68

    Is Tubby’s old fax machine still on the UK premises? That thing was like kryptonite to the NCAA clearing house.

  72. DirtyBoy

    Would it be dirty for us to offer this team the $200k as a “processing fee” for Enes’ records? That’s the next loophole in recruiting Euro players. Boosters can pay foreign professional teams to fake documents.

  73. RobLock'sMullet

    Is there not some Turksih equivalent to a W2 or tax return? If Enes shows no income, how could the NCAA infer he was a paid player with proof of no income? Could you check with the local counsel in the Jones & Bruce Instanbul office?

  74. UKSux

    Enes did show some in-cum in Josh today.

  75. tlowbrewskis

    FREE ENES! big time terminator love on hard knocks again tonight too. rex ryan said he will become the number one guy in the nfl you don’t want to go one on one against.

  76. just thinking

    In this horrible bad economy we live in today, I ask myself, does the NCAA have enough money, staff, support, and power to support and regulate the entire universe when it comes to judging the athlete’s eligibility? I hope they are strong enough to say yes. If not, Reorganization in the NCAA is needed.

  77. name

    i dont know if that is fully true,

  78. Coach O

    Having been through this before, I would recommend Enes to secure legal coucil in Turkey. They can secure all of the necessary documentation from the Turkish team. The NCAA looks favorably on legal statements from attorny’s. I once brought the top player from New Zealand to the states to play and he was in the same situation as Enes. The NCAA has a rigorous process which included me meeting with them in person to go over all of the documents. We didn’t find out that the kid would be eligible until the end of August,two months before the season starts. With all of this being said, the only way we got this done was by the kid retaining legal council in New Zealand to acquire and produce the necessary documentation to prove his amatuer status to the NCAA.

  79. back to the point...

    Can we get back to talking about girl on the right’s dumper?

  80. Kevin

    Yesterday it was all the Clearinghouse’s fault, today it is all Turkey’s fault. Personally, I doubt if this has anything to do with malice or obstructionism by Turkish officials. UK is probably a little ignorant of how things work in Turkey. “Coach 0″ has a point in #78, hire a Turkish attorney or some kind of facilitator to work through the Turkish bureaucracy and get something done. It is a different country with different norms and customs, hire someone who knows how to get something done there instead of expecting them to act like Americans.

  81. Reality Check

    Enes Kanter is a pro. It’s as plain as the blow back mullet on Matt’s head.

  82. hersheyisbear

    Wow I’m getting scared. Something better happen and it better happen soon. I feel sorry for this Kid.

  83. KYStout

    #62 and #78 make great points.

    1. If Kanter had been paid, Turkey likely would have turned over the records in hopes of keeping him out of US basketball. (IF that really is the issue)
    2. Secure legal council in Turkey and secure all necessary documentation. (If this hasn’t been done yet, then everything possible HAS NOT been done by the UK/Kanter camp.

    Again, all of this is based on the ASSUMPTION that Turkey doesn’t really want to cooperate in order to keep Kanter from playing in the US. So far, I haven’t really seen much to prove that accusation beyond their failure to release the needed records.

  84. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Damn Anthony Davis, if it weren’t for him we could afford to pay off the Turkish Team!!!!

  85. Boogiewoogie

    I took the time to write a letter the the Nation of Turkey. Let’s start the Free Enes Kanter Campaign!!!!

  86. willdcat

    We need a phone #, e-mail, web site – something – so we can contact the Turkish team, and bombard them; UK fans will make them Turks wish they’d never heard of Enes…

  87. IcemanG2

    I don’t feel good about it at all. BUT, as others have suggested, if Enes really was paid, you’d think Turkey would go ahead and say “sorry, we’ve got him, see?” That said, you can’t trust foreigners, so they could be trying to put the ultimate screwjob on the Kanter family for even attempting this – let him play, then watch as he is embarrassed, along with UK, when they reveal records AFTER the fact. That would be brutal on so many levels.

  88. IcemanG2

    70 – LMAO

  89. Indycatfan

    78 80) it’s an enirely different world in the Middle East, you get caught stealing you lose a hand, mess with someone’s wife you get stoned, ect. ect. I really don’t see them wanting to co-operate with ANYONE from the states for the reason we aren’t very well liked……AT ALL!
    68) this isn’t going to screw up Enes’s career by along shot. He’ll sit out this year (and still practice), go to the draft, and earn his millions while not even stepping the floor. It’s just pissing us off B/C we all felt and was told this would be cleared up by August and everything would be in place, now that it is August we’re breathing in exaust from the 1955 broken down diesel bus known as the NCAA Compliance Board.
    And if you remember Mississippi State had the same thing in a guy named Reik that was ruled ineligible for the first nine games last year.

  90. Seneca

    89, must be totally different over there. Over there you mess with someone els’se wife you get stoned. Over here it’s just the opposite. :)

  91. CatsfaninFL

    I second #79.

  92. Seneca

    This could be a long drawn out affair, especially if it is in the Turk team’s best interest to withhold the information.
    As many have said, legal representation may be the best recourse. The good news is, the Kanter family can probably afford a few lawyers.

  93. ltothaj

    hopefully he is ruled eligible, but it seems like this is gonna be like Renardo Sidney, he sat out all last year, now has to sit out the first 9 games of this year…FREE ENES

  94. Looking for 8

    89 – Turkey is a democracy and a NATO ally… we cover there ass big time… more like Israel than Iran. Just sayin.

  95. buk

    89)Turkey is fairly secular and westernized. More European than Middle East in nature. Doubt chopping off peoples hands is a common practice there.

  96. DerrickMiller

    Any human with a brain knows that there is no way possible Enes Canter should be eligible. He was paid money. If that’s the case, then Jeremy Tyler can come back to Louisville.
    Even if he is eligible, UK will never win with JohnCal running the semi-pro team. I think it’s great he keeps getting the best talent, and continues to lose. “The bst day in UK basketball history” – JohnCal on 5 first-rounders. Nice quote. I’m sure Tubby, Joe B, Pitino, and Rupp all loved that one. Thing is – he knows he can’t win the big one. SO again, load up homie. When it comes down to it – you’ll get outcoached. Keep jackin up 3′s. Whatever you do, don’t give it to Cousins: the best player in the country last year. Never seen a 1-3-1 zone before. If Tubby had that team, they wouldn’ve won it all – believe that

  97. Dick and George are my homies

    The war on terror will now extend to Turkey

  98. Nick

    re (96.) You know what I say about people that declare things they can’t know for sure as fact…they clearly don’t care whether or not what comes out of their mouth is the truth or a lie. It’s just logic that if a person doesn’t care if their words are true or not then they will always lie when it’s in their interest. Therefore the person that posted #96 is a LIAR.

  99. payne

    I think the fact that the Turkish league is not cooperating is all the proof the NCAA needs. If the Turkish team had paid him more than living expenses and those payments would make Kanter ineligible, wouldn’t you think that they would be more than willing to hand over those papers and get their boy back? A lack of papers means they didn’t pay him and thus he should be ruled eligible.

  100. njCat

    hey 96. how in the world would Tubby ever get to coach players like the ones Cal recruits??? What a joke. At least Cal’s teams are fun to watch.. and 35-3 is a good season in my book, championship or not. what a d……

  101. BigBlueFanatic

    Well, the US has declared war for less compelling reasons of late, so why not go straight to the Turkish government?

  102. Big Dad

    This might sound stupid but couldnt the university send someone over to Turkey and get the paperwork firsthand?

  103. i_sure_care

    hey #96 –

    you’re an a**hole…tubby won with pitino’s players…we’ll see what happens won’t we? until then, eat sh*t and die.