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What if Joel Pett Were to Do a Pitino Cartoon?

Thanks to a reader, it might look like this….

Article written by Matt Jones

37 responses to “What if Joel Pett Were to Do a Pitino Cartoon?”

  1. 502Cat

    That is awesome!

  2. IIXChamps

    There needs to be a bridge in there somewhere

  3. louisville


  4. Rockfield,KY

    At least Pitino would have some hardware from his time at UK. What would Crean’s look like? Would you even bother to hang a shelf?

  5. louisville

    lol thats a what if….How about the one that was done. It will soon be another one VACATE!!!!!!

  6. VinDatUK

    I don’t see the vacated baby trophy on there…

  7. Rae

    How about an intrinsic value trophy?

    Oh, and the more people scream VACATE, the more it sounds like a child having a tantrum.

  8. Coat Hanger


  9. Azubuike's Bicep

    Now THAT deserves a Pulitzer!

  10. joel

    i like the original cartoon myself

  11. well you know

    #6, that was the patrick patterson of ksr posts.

  12. Al B. Frank

    Saw this posted on another UK message board yesterday. Also had Crean’s posted on another thread. It was an empty shelf, but it is gone now. Just says, “This image or video has been removed or deleted”

  13. joel

    It’s been a great couple days watching bbn lose their collective minds over joel pratt and pete thamel.

  14. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    How about one for “Coach Crean’s Trophy Shelf”? A whole bunch of nothingness and a Sweet 16 t-shirt…

  15. Al B. Frank

    13- Joel, I have never heard of any Joel Pratt.

  16. Don

    Is there a vacated and damaged uterus trophy?

  17. Dan

    They should add a trophy for most profitable program

  18. Al B. Frank

    This is not the cartoon that was on there yesterday, but a different one… still funny though: Crean’s Trophy Shelf:

  19. Ready 5

    Pett looks and sounds exactly as I pictured. Dude writes cartoons. Think about that. He friggin draws a cartoon. Yeah, buddy. He is so important. Again, he draws a cartoon. My 16 year old does more with her minimum wage part time job. Did I mention he draws a cartoon?

  20. Hicks

    Make one for IU as a program. Just have a pic of Bob Knight holding NCAA trophies in one hand and a IU player by the neck in the other.

  21. joel

    and let me tell you, I’ve been on here for 48 hours straight watching. that’s easy to do when you don’t have a job and live in your mom’s basement. I’m almost out of weed though so I’ll have to step away in a few minutes and go buy some from my dad upstairs. then I’ll be back to watch bbn lose their collective minds.

  22. nassua65

    15. UL grads are not known for spelling or reading skills, only for being jealous of Big Bro and posting on UK sites. Some things never change.

  23. SuperTroy

    There should be a white, liquidy substance running down the leg of the shelf…

  24. Sooo Telling

    Wow, that’s hilarious…. Did I miss the Crean cartoon?! That’s what I expected.

    Get up off’em boys…

  25. Dee

    16…funny..great line!!!

  26. WildcatDaddy

    Let’s see IU’s trophy case…don’t forget the spiders and cobwebs! Oh wait, they just added a (regular season) victory over UK and Sweet 16 ‘appearance’! LoL

  27. C Ray

    Yall need to understand…. Those were bridge years for @Rick_Spintino

  28. Dead Horse

    Quit beating me !!

  29. Elementary

    So this was out of line when it was aimed at Cal but its all fun and games when its Pitino, This site has no legs to stand on in the sports world, all you have is uk fans and when they turn on ksr, its back to representing drunk drivers again.

  30. Elementary is your highest education

    29 – “all you have is uk fans”…you don’t sound like a UK fan and yet here you are, commenting and giving KSR more hits…FAIL!

  31. Elementary is your highest education

    also 29, this site started out as a simple blog by Jones, and now he has a tv gig and various jobs reporting on UK for many different affiliates. So your “no leg to stand on” is yet another big fat FAIL!

  32. CatGrad7072

    #4: I think Crean’s cartoon would show a (mostly) empty closet rod with a single ‘Sweet 16’ t-shirt on a hanger.

  33. hello

    he won a nat’l championship for you all..

  34. ElementryJr

    If you want to call interviewing kentucky homers with your iphone a tv gig, go right ahead and invites to kindergartens classrooms, color me green. And i pay plenty for my isp, count all the little hits you want, im sure you re still paying on those student loans but dont fool yourself, ksr is still a simple blog.

  35. CR

    Personally, I believe that the vacates at UMass and Memphis were issues that Calipari had no control over and was not involved in. However, should my opinions not be correct,and him doing something which would lead to vacating a national championship would be the least of his problems. Having to face the BBN with that news… let’s just say, he’d be up a Big Blue Creek!

  36. Linda Taylor

    34-Elementry Jr–You really don’t know what you’re talking about do you? You’ve never seen KSTV have you? You don’t even know what it is do you? If you had been to this sight very much you would also know the Matt got full scholarships to college and law school and that this sight and that “tv gig” is more profitable than practicing law. Right now you can only get KSTV if you’re an Insight cable subscriber, but soon Time Warner subscribers in Ky will have access to it also. Oh and here’s a little secret, they use REAL big boy cameras, the PROFESSIONAL kind, and MICROPHONES too! Don’t tell anyone, Matt even interviews people like Dike Vitale and Andy Katz on KSTV. Oh dear, are they considered UK homers?

  37. SS

    # 13…why don’t you get the name right…?