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Well THAT’s The Last Time We Send Matt To Maui

Somewhere a Maui referee is whistling Jones for a foul.

Rough game for the Cats tonight as they fall to Connecticut 84-67.  It was close from the get go until Terrence Jones got benched with two fouls early in the first half, and after that the Connecticut romp was on.  But as John Wall put it… “Tough lost for my Cats tonite they will keep getting better….But good game by Uconn and Kemba Walker.”  You gotta hand it to Kemba Walker, he was a beast.

Some things we learned tonight:

(1) Terrence Jones?  Still a beast.  But Kentucky is just not good without him at this point.  Early in the game it looked like TJ would dominate, taking his man off the dribble seemingly at will.  And ultimately Jones finished with 24, but was hampered with foul trouble early in the first half, and again in the second.  Regardless of your opinion on the officiating, it became clear that without Jones in the line up, this Kentucky team will have trouble finding the basket. And that is mainly because…

(2) Brandon Knight needs to find his game. At times this year Knight has looked phenomenal.  None of those times were within the state of Hawaii.  The high school Gatorade Player of the Year has had a rough tournament, struggling to score, control the offense, or keep a handle on the ball.  Knight’s leadership was needed during the stretch withouth Jones, and tonight it wasn’t there.  Last year John Wall became a nationally known name against UConn in Madison Square Garden.  This year held no such luck for the Kentucky point guard.  I have no doubt that Brandon Knight will adjust to the college game and be fine – he’s too talented not to be – but as long as he continues to struggle, so will Kentucky.

(3) On the flip side, Kemba Walker was stupid good tonight, finishing with 29 points, 6 assists, 3 boards and 2 steals (and 90 points on the tournamnent.)  Earlier today Cal mentioned regretting that he did not recruit Kemba.  I regret it now too – but not because I want him on our team.  With Calipari coaching him, he’d already be in the league.  The kid is good.

(4) We did see a glimpse of the legendary-due-to-rarity Calipari zone tonight.  And for a bit, it looked effective, forcing turnover almost immediately.  But UConn (mainly Kemba Walker,) figured out the zone early and hit a couple open three’s, forcing Kentucky back into their primary man-to-man and back into a game of catch-up.

(5) It sucks to see your team get blown out.  There really is no other way to put it.  But we have to remember that this team is young, shallow, and playing their third game in three days.  Fatigue will never be a factor like it was tonight.  They will get better, and by the end of the season I think it’s safe to bet that games will look more like the one against Washington (minus the sloppiness,) than the one we witnessed tonight.

(6) Again, I know it sucks.  But this loss isn’t the end of the world.  Going into the tournament, we weren’t sure how good this Kentucky team will be, but by now we have a much clearer picture.  They are talented but they are raw.  They will win games they shouldn’t, but they very well may lose games they shouldn’t, too.  Cal said going into the trip that the team could legitimately be 1-4 at this point.  Few believed him (rightfully so,) but sitting 4-1 isn’t awful.  And for a young team, early losses is not the worst thing in the world.  While you hate to see a blow out, it provides plenty of teaching moments, and I will happily sacrifice a tournament loss in Novemeber for a tournament win in April.

(7) Free Enes. Please.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving.

Article written by Will Lentz

84 responses to “Well THAT’s The Last Time We Send Matt To Maui”

  1. foreskin

    much like favre’s dong, enes must be freed and sent out into the college bball world to dominate!

  2. Jason

    Dear God all I want for Christmas is to Free Enes

  3. Dribble Jive

    You’re right Will, it’s NOT the end of the world. These young guys will learn from a loss in this fashion. They won’t, however, learn anything if they made the same mistakes and beat Chaminade by 6.

  4. Talent_Evaluator

    Our guys have a looooooooooooooong way to go to have any real chance of making noise in the NCAA tournament next spring. But, Enes Kanter could sure shorten the learning curve. I hope he makes it back in time for the Florida game in Gainesville which would be a 20 game suspension.

  5. mocha

    Well said

  6. IL Cats Fan

    I can’t sleep. Free Enes!

  7. Cotton Nash

    If Cal is determined to play a man to man all year,….the opposing team will shoot crip shots and our players will stay in foul trouble. Simple as that. We don’t have Cuz, Pat, nor Orton to help out down low when the guards and forwards are getting taken one on one. Last year the big boys could still lag back and block and alter shots. We no longer have that option. I repeat,..if we play man to man,…the good teams will shoot crip shots all might and our player will be on the bench in foul trouble,..just like tonight. And you don’t wait until you are down 22 points and Jones is on the bench in foul trouble before you use a zone!!! Jmo.

  8. brb

    cotton nash… aint the answer for that beat’n bad and quick shots that lead to the other end brotha……

  9. MagnaLoss

    Well maybe I can turn the radio or TV on and not hear…
    1) Knight > Wall
    2) Final Four 2011
    3) Anything about Kentucky’s Deep Team. We are good 1-6, 7-10 very average
    Hopefully this the proverbial “Wake Up Call” for the players, but more importantly for the FANBASE. Don’t give up on these kids yet, they will be fine. Just not as “ready” as the last crew was out of the blocks. Go CATS

  10. Sliggity

    Anyone that’s ever played an organized game of basketball knows how to “not to foul”. You might give up a bucket or two but when you’re Jones you’re Jones and this team will go as he goes. I say put him back in around the 3:00 mark of the first half and if he eventually fouls out then at least you know he was on the floor. The alternative is trailing 21 at half with a headful of doubt. Maybe that was “the way he wants it, well, he gets it”. Plenty more emotional games to come as this team grows, falters and ultimately prospers. Go Blue!

  11. Rondos dribbling hand

    One of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen. Still, we’ll be alright. I’m gonna keep watching my Cats and pray that Enes gets freed. Then the refs can screw us all they want, and we’ll still win.

  12. blueballs

    this team is sweet 16 at best!
    this team is not last years team,that team was deep…but the good thing is we will have players for next years guys whose coming in.
    the only one i see going is terrance jones and the rest will be back,cause there not ready!

  13. Ibrunswick

    Pitino’s UK nat’l championship team had an early loss and wound up doing fine. I would love to see these cats shave the smiles and those beards off the UConn players in the NCAAs

  14. Todd Carey

    Knight had his best game as a wildcat in Maui. How can you say “none of those in the state of Hawaii.”? Might wanna watch the Washington game again.

  15. tdogg4033011

    14) I thought he played pretty well against UW myself, but wasn’t gonna argue it. I think
    the emotional game Tuesday & lack of depth caught up with us last night. This team will
    be fine, without Kanter foul trouble will be our worst enemy all season. They will get better
    and better, its 5 games into the season ….. just sit back & watch this team grow up !!!

  16. Wake up call

    Now the Fab Four know what college basketball is all about!

  17. JH09

    Sitting in the hospital because my wifes water broke about 30 min after the game last night. While this is amazing it is not amazing that we found out she was pregnant the day we lost to WVU and now goes into labor the day of our next humiliating loss. Hopefully his streak of being a bad luck charm ends once he is born.

  18. pccatsfan

    Knight scored a bunch against UW, but also had 0 assists and 8 TOs. TOs from a freshman will happen. But 0 assists is an issue from the PG. At this point he is looking to shoot first and pass second. But that seems to be the case across the board. Seems to be a lot of forced drives and shots from most of the guys and very few quailty kick outs to an open man.

  19. pccatsfan

    17) Please check him for 666. 🙂 Just kidding. Congrats on the addition to the family and hope all goes well for mommy and the newborn.

  20. MagnaLoss

    Censorship is alive and well @ KSR

  21. MagnaLoss

    17) Your good fortune is bad luck for UK… Wanna try rooting for the Cards?


    It’s no wonder to me that the Cats held serve in the second half after the half of the refs calling fouls to stop the Cats from doing anything was over!


    And yes Walker is good but what seems like 15 ft’s for him doesn’t make his 29 seem as impressive to me.

  24. SexnNursinHomes

    at least we held walker to under 30 points. take that uconn

  25. Bill

    17… Congrats on the kid but this game wasn’t humiliating… It was what can be expected from a bunch of freshmen that are undersized, shallow, and do not have THREE McDonalds All American forwards to not only play defense but be a presence on the offensive end. Vargas will improve; he showed some signs of brilliance in Maui. And Enes would help a hell of a lot too.

    And don’t forget how miserable the refs were (I checked my email and had a message from Maui with a foul call on it).

    And not to mention that UConn is very good and will be ranked as such eventually.

    But, overall, I guess it is kind of embarassing because the rest of the basketball world only knows that Kentucky is ranked #9 and none of the above rationality.

    Whatever. Go Cats.

  26. Jimmy R.

    Brandon Knight is talented but will be here for at least 2 years if not more…Lamb looked more in control tonight. Knight has been mediocre the last two games. I don’t care about 24 pts…he turned it over 8 times – 0 assists. Once the defense was set Knight never had the handle/chops to drive into the lane…Liggins had to do that and since he’s never respected by refs he seldomly got the calls he should have…

    This team has a long way to go and when Knight and Jones don’t play well or get in foul trouble…we will lose.

    BTW…Jones is a beast.

  27. 44 STICHES

    I just saw in the Atlanta paper that DeMarco Robinson a WR from MLK high school down here committed to come play for us. Robinson broke the GA high school single season receiving yards record this year with 1,655 yds in only 12 games. The previous record holder set the record playing in 15 games. Robinson had 73 rec, 1,655 yds, and 27 TD’s this season. He is from the same county (Dekalb Co) where Raymond Sanders is from. Hope we can keep getting kids from Dekalb Co. it is loaded with talent.

  28. Mr. Obvious

    These refs would have been great for Orton, need a lesson on goal tending. Were they not from the Big East? Inquiring minds want to know.

  29. Tom Blevins

    It’s not the end of the world, it’s not even the end of the season. I hate losing as much as anybody, but we finished with a couple of wins in the tournament and are coming back home a better team than when we left.
    As for UConn being unranked, I remember Kentucky’s 74-75 team. They were unranked at the beginning of the season. They finished 26-5 and runners up in the NCAA. This UConn team is underrated. But they should be top 10, probably top 5 when the next polls come out.
    The thing for us fans to do is get our Wildcats and cheer them on to victory against Boston. This is Thanksgiving Day and I’M THANKFUL TO BE A WILDCAT FAN! GO BIG BLUE!

  30. oldrugdoc

    Well, bottom line as stated, a very young, talented team withs lots of rough edges but lots of upsode; without Enes we will suffer all year againsy teams with large, athletic frontlines; I see this team improving vastly but will be surprised if we are able to get to the elite Eight, but you never know how the tourney drwas might help us! For what its’ worth, I don’t think we will ever see Enes in a UK game situation. How could the NCAA justify that? Go Kats!

  31. Pearl and Calhoun...

    …proof you can cheat and win.

  32. fish

    yeah we got spanked but really no one can stop kemba rite now…feelin good about our team… t.jones is totally unreal- had no idea he was this good. wow. he’s got it. i was scared we mite lose 2 games in maui

  33. gcat4496

    Maybe the FB Cats will brighten everyones day by ending 25 years of Rockytop on Saturday.

  34. Mike

    A very humiliating defeat to say the least. The bigs, not counting TJ, played up to, or maybe even over, their skill level. The guard play (non-existent) was horrendous and they all played under their skill level. As most have been saying, it is still very early and we should get better. Calhoun really took Calipari to the woodshed…and to think his team was expected to finish 10th in their league??. Hopefully Lamb and Knight took some good notes from Kimba on how to play the position. Miller needs to start playing like a highly skilled junior, keep his mind more focused on the game, and stop committing these stupid fouls to send him to the bench.

  35. enispresley

    Let’s keep in mind that UConn beat Michigan St. too. Don’t be suprised if these two teams are in the final four. Hopefully, our young freshman will mature by the end of the year and we will be there too.

  36. KYfinest

    everybody is so ready to throw brandon knight under the bus, the entire team has a problem. tj has struggled at times, so has darius, deandre, and doron. give them a chance. he is learning to be a point guard, he was a shoot first guard all his life. do any of you know about his game or pinecrest prepatory school other than youtube? keep this in mind bbn, cal knows what he is doing, knight will get it. he is just like tyreke evans only shorter with a jump shot, he wasnt a point guard either.. all his point guards struggled and they all made it. on another note, Happy Thanksgiving.. Go Cats!!

  37. mashburnfan1

    35} lets also keep in mind that Chaminade dang near beat MSU.

  38. blitzmr2

    Defense could be an issue this year, but we have the diversity of offensive skill players to outscore other teams. The problem is just like when Boogie started scoring well last year, we started standing around and watching him, then throwing up bad shots. We started doing the same thing with TJones last night. When we dribble-drive to score AND dish, reverse the ball, and skillfully attack the rim–even to dish it back out again–we’re very good (top 10 team). Not great, but very good. When we stand around and watch, we’re decent (top 25-35).

  39. KSR Spy

    We need Enes badly….our interior defense is horrible. He made a fool of Jared Sullinger when they played…if he was here we would have won this game.

  40. Hymiet

    Kimba is the real deal! This was a great learning experience for us and we will get better.

    Free Enes!

  41. Hard Hittin' CAT

    Football CATS got a big opportunity on Saturday to make us all feel better about this one loss. Basketball CATS will be fine. Right now, let’s all give thanks for the opportunity to beat down the Volunqueers!

  42. BLADE

    dont even try to compare this bunch to last year. not even close. they quit last nite in first half. miller no where to be seen. couldnt shoot, didnt guard anyone. sad

  43. dudeupnorth

    Shit happens! Oh well. Brandon Knight had a bad tournament. Darius Miller might as well stayed in Lexington. Is UCONN a better team than we are right now? yes. Will they be a better team than us come February and March? my guess is no. I still believe this UK team can turn into a team that can win the SEC, well the SEC tournament at least, and be a tough out for any team that they get matched up with in the big dance. Brandon Knight will figure it out. Darius will find his place on this team. I’m not gonna be ridiculous and think that we have a final four team, but a sweet 16 team and a team that WE MIGHT ACTUALLY GET TO SEE AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!! Well minus Jones. Keep your heads up BBN.

  44. Ross

    Knight is not ready for primetime. He doesn’t have that “city” toughness to him.

  45. huge ky fan

    43 thts wat im sayin its no big deal tht we lost our players werent even playin as a team they were bein selfish and forcing dumb shots thts gonna happen wen u got such a young team all i hope is tht kanter gets eligible and thts a way to start for this young team


    NOBODY could have stopped walker last nite or even the whole tournament. He’s unreal and uconn is way underrated. I live in Louisville but really hate the cards because i have to work with card fans that like to run their mouth, especially about their new stadium. I hope uconn does lou worse than they did us. We will be a very hard team to beat come march. Cal knows what he’s doing. GREAT COACH!!!

  47. nassau65

    all the comments about the refs winning the game for Uconn is total BS. We got outplayed, plain and simple. I watched the entire game, and Uconn came to win. WE had no answer for Walker-he is a beast. This loss couldn’t have come at a better time. Now, the undefeated monkey is off our backs. I’d much rather get beat by Uconn than just about anyone else i can imagine. At this point in the season is no time to judge the cats. I still say this team could beat last year’s team at this point (4 games in to the season). We will be fine. Blaming it on officiating is just a redneck excuse for failing to admit getting outplayed. Go Cats.

  48. Dee

    I hate hearing the “youth” excuse. UConn was just as young. The problem is the offensive mindset. Once Cal realizes this teams strength is outside shooting then their full potential will be reached. UConn knew the drive was coming every possession so they just sat back and waited to block every ill-advised drive. You can’t blame Brandon Knight. He is just as good as John Wall with a better shot. 8 turnovers were not due to his lack of “toughness”, they were because of the attack, attack, attack, nonsense being instilled in them.

  49. joncal

    i told you my “calzone” was hip , new , and funky. i did not even know how to explain it so how can any other coach figure it out or the one, the only “dribble-drive.” enter jim calhoun and big east superiority once again

  50. huge ky fan

    ight knight is playin just like liggins last year he just needs to calm down cause he aint john wall we need to just settle down and all we have bein doin is just takin dumb shots and we will learn tht cause we r gonna lose more games than just one it dont hurt to lose so once we get some expereince and enes is freed be ready for a good team

  51. catfandan

    Oh no, we suck again…… The water boy

  52. BluKat

    I refuse to give them nicknames like TJ, sounds too much like another fan base I know

  53. BravoBigBlue

    Our lack of depth is a killer. But if our guys 1-6 can develop great chemistry and all play consistently from game to game, we should be a very good team. We have got to play zone BEFORE we get behind and in foul trouble. Finally, Darius Miller has got to play like he wants it ALL THE TIME. And be a leader. At a minimum, he should give this team 15/8/5. He is the most talented upperclassman and he must play up to his potential every game. Not the same “come and go” we have seen from him the first 2 years.

  54. UK-Believe

    one great thing is how much UL loves to see us lose. hahha. one game to a very good team in Maui and they couldnt be happier!

    39-4 under Cal and I suppose i would be happy if we lost too haha.

    GO CATS!

  55. Richard Madison

    I knew we were in trouble because the 1st half we only had a handful of clean shots. You can’t win a game when every shot is jacked up contested in the lane. Yeah you can draw a foul every now and then but Uconn just smothered us.

  56. CatCrazyBlonde

    @ 17 LMAO! I too was thinking about WVU! I just finished reading the “chowda” rilvary between Calipari/Calhoun and it made be think of last year’s Calipari/Thuggins… Don’t think it has anything 2 do w/the baby LMAO– I, well, JMHO, think that Calipari tends to clam up (no pun intended to chowda)a bit and get stubborn! Both games- couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t call time out or to change up! So frustrated last nite, when he didn’t call that 2nd timeout until about 2 minutes before halftime! WTF! Anyway, got a great team- glad it happened early…they needs some rest….

  57. huge ky fan

    i think our line up should change to liggins lamb miller jones and vargas i think tht would be our best five cause knight needs to learn to pass the ball more instead of first opition score, i think the five i listed would play well together then knight will want to play and will understand what he needs to do after a few games and also please let kanter be free

  58. huge ky fan

    i think our line up should change to liggins lamb miller jones and vargas i think tht would be our best five cause knight needs to learn to pass the ball more instead of first opition score, i think the five i listed would play well together then knight will want to play and will understand what he needs to do after a few games and also please let kanter be free

  59. huge ky fan

    also the only reason darius aint going his all because we r playin selfish y would he try if he dont get the ball we need to take knight out and play the five i said

  60. jorts works at jiffy lube

    Blaming the refs for the loss – typical

  61. A.R.'s Cats

    Walker was UN(FREAKIN)concious in Hawaii, we could’ve put 4 guys on him and he still would’ve had his way. Not just with us, but everyone the CON’S played. We’ll be fine. They have the taste of what it feels like to lose, so my guess “Basten” (Nov.30th) will feel the entire ire of us losing last night. As far as UL fans yaking their faces off about our loss, there’s two ways to look at it, and that’s Dec 31st and whenever they play the husky.
    I thought they looked tired last night, but also if you break it down in halves they had us at 21 at the break, but we won the second half by 4….See? there’s a silver lining in every cloud! May each and everyone of you have a great Thanksgiving, and GO CATS and FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  62. CatCrazyBlonde

    @ 17 RFLMAO and so is my fiance and daughter!! soo, soo funny! First of all, congrats! Secondly, we were wondering what you named him? Joking!! And hopefully he is a beautiful,bouncing baby boy, and not a morphed Bob Calhoun or a Bill Huggins (probably same outcome–LOL!) eek!! JK- congrats to your family!

  63. Just saying

    Could UK PLEASE beat a BigEast team!!

  64. claude bassett

    “If Kentucky can cut him off early, then the game is over.”

  65. CatCrazyBlonde

    @ 11 I would say that officiating during the UW game was horrendous/sucked, but we rose above and prevailed.. This game we just well, got smoked but I agree with
    @15 the LACK OF DEPTH finally caught up with us! These boys were spent!! I am having a hard time trying to understand why we dont have walk ons a bench? We can’t get walk ons to UK- hard to believe? yes,it’s early and the team will get better conditioned and players will improve,… But even if Kanter’s on the roster, what happens if we get a few injuries? Even without injuries, can we handle 6 games back to back at tourney time and win?? IDK Worries me…

  66. CatCrazyBlonde

    Oops reread my last post didn’t mean “back to back” to come off so literal like consecutive- meant six demanding grueling tourney games….

  67. CatCrazyBlonde

    Oops sorry didnt mean in my last post for the 6 consecutive post to come off so literal–meant 6 grueling tourney games

  68. john4uk

    Be thankful the Cats finished second.They could have finished 8th as Cal perdicted.And please lay off the Cats are young excuse.Most teams are young,and that excuse is as old as the hills.

  69. CatCrazyBlonde

    Oops, hope this post doen’t send two— sorry in last post @65 I didn’t mean for 6 back to back games to sound so literally, meant 6 grueling tourney games…

  70. Dubuas

    Sometimes, an early loss is the best teacher. I love BBN, but we expect perfection, and they are kids who have played less than 10 games together. I am amazed at the media’s treatment of Calhoun & UConn compared to Pearl & UT and Newton & Auburn. They yapped about Pearl & his character flaws all during their game. Calhoun committed many more offenses, & I never heard the investigation, sanctions, pending NCAA hammer whispered even once. Today, he’s the media darling. Can you imagine if it were us?!

  71. jaygee85

    calm down ppl, we lost one game, that we weren’t even supposed to be playing in, overall this was a successful tournament, and if a few of our players have average games, instead of horrible, we our Maui Invitational champs, and 5-0. Brandon Knight will come back and play good, and so will Darius Miller. We were fatigued really bad IMO, and TJones getting two fouls in the first half hurt big time, and I don’t care what anybody says, you dont bring him back in until the 2nd half. Knight, Miller, Liggins and Lamb are more than capable of keeping the game close without TJ, they just could NOT make a shot last night. We got West Va disease again last night, and kept launching 3’s when we should have been penetrating to draw fouls or dishing, but when the ref won’t blow a whistle you cant draw fouls, or pick up momentum with an and-one play. I think the missed goaltending calls hurt us alot, because they would have brought the game to 11 or 9 pts, im not sure which, if they call them. So instead of demoralizing the team with missed GT calls, our momentum improves. There was alot of factors that caused us to lose the game last night, and we definitely have to improve, but it definitely is not the end of the world, and we are gonna be fine, and perfectly fine if Kanter wins the appeal. We just need to work hard in practice and keep moving the ball around like we did against ETSU and Portland, instead of playing one on one all night like the Atlanta Hawks.

  72. me

    We would’ve lost to UW without Brandon Knight. We got dominated everytime he left the court and Lamb was PG. Rewatch the tape.

  73. DieHardCard

    Yall kitten fans must be getting tired of crossing paths with big east teams. Last year your last loss of the season came to one ( West Va) and this year you get dismantled by one ( UCONN) for your first loss of this season. That shows yall could not handle playing in a real conference because the SEC is a joke when it comes to basketball. Good to see yall get a taste of what we have to deal with night in and night out. lol…Have a great day kittens

  74. DieHardTard

    73) Yeah, you guys lost!!! To a Big Least team! HAHAHAH. Take that.

  75. RetardedCard

    UL fans always talk about our record against Big Least teams…what about against the filthy cardinals?

  76. diehardidiot

    73) so you spend your thanksgiving reading the message boards on KSR? I mean i am doing it but at least i am a UK fan. Just goes to show UL fans are pathetic and would rather see UK lose than UL win. Get a life man

  77. Issel's two front teeth

    #73 you mean the taste in DUIville’s mouth of losing every night, right?

  78. Issel's two front teeth

    If only the Ohio river would dip south alittle, just past Carrollton. Indiana could get what they deserve…. Louisville!!!

  79. Catsfanintheville

    Really Diehard, what conference did Louisville and UConn play in last year?

  80. Catsfanintheville

    Another thing diehard. In the last 15 years guess how many final 4’s for the Big East? 7…the weak SEC? Try 12. Now go work on your GED test next week.

  81. Catsfanintheville

    Oh Mr. Diesoft. In the last 15 years how many Final 4’s for the Big East? Try 7….for the weak SEC…how about 12. Hummmmm

  82. BruceWillisFailedPreschool

    @ 79-81 RFLMAO DieHard should change his name to your KillinMeSoftly


    I cant waite to see how bad louisville really sucks when they start playing some ranked teams instead of all of these high school teams. I remember laste year when you guys were saying siva was better than wall. What happened with that? Wrong! Are you Big East fans or Louisville fans. You always talk about how good the Big East is but never mention anything about Louisville, just the other teams. Go figure.

  84. kybigblue

    UK played four games in six days. It would have been hard enough playing three straight but adding the game in Portland and then having to travel to Maui immediately after the Portland game was a lot to ask of such a young team. The last time UK played in Maui (2006) they played 5 games in 8 days. Who makes out these schedules?