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Wednesday, April 14th: The Day the Cats Reel in Two Big Fish?


Wednesday is going to be one of those days. You know the kind of days I am talking about…the “I cant really get a lot done because I keep waiting for the news to break and then cut out early so I can watch the show/live blog for the final confirmation” type days. On Wednesday, Brandon Knight and Michael Gilchrist will both announce their college choices on the ESPNU Signing Day Special that begins at 4 pm. For those of you that have been living under a rock, Brandon Knight is a top 5 2010 player, who will give Calipari his 4th straight likely “one and done to the NBA” Point Guard star. Michael Gilchrist may even be more special as he is the consensus #1 player in the country for 2011 and a player that Dick “Hoops” Weiss told me a few weeks ago was “the best I have seen in that area since Kobe.” High praise indeed.

So tomorrow they make their decisions and decide their homes. If Kentucky gets both players (and all indications seem to point to the Cats ending up with both), what are they getting? A quick rundown:


If there is a player that controls the 2010 UK team’s future it is Brandon Knight. Kentucky has to have a great PG and Calipari’s system is based on having someone who can take the reigns of the DDO and make it succeed. Knight would be the next great one on the list. He is a shoot-first point guard who is actually a better passer, and when he lets his passing game develop, he can drop dimes with the best of them. He is quick, but his strength is in his basketball IQ and over the course of the last year, we have seen him hit big shot after big shot. He does have a lot to work on with his game and I think he will actually be a player that Calipari helps as much as any that have played for him recently. Unfortunately if he comes to Kentucky, he will be compared to the “once in a generation” talent of John Wall, and I hope fans give him some slack, especially early. But he is (along with Harrison Barnes and Kyrie Irving) the best of the best when it comes to this class and his recruitment has been priority #1 for Calipari. It will be quite a big get if he picks the Big Blue on Wednesday.


Simply put, he is the John Wall-type talent of the future. He plays a different position (more on the wing) and their games are actually a bit different. But when it comes to a special talent that has a chance to come into the college game and completely take it over in one year, Gilchrist is the guy. Scouts have told me that that Gilchrist was the best player in America this year as a Junior and that he is only getting better. He is an explosive athlete, can shoot, has great court vision and is able to score at will. There are the occasional questions about effort, but they are rare and no one has ever said he is anything but a great kid. If he commits, he will become one of the best wings to ever decide to play at Kentucky and will immediately make the 2011 class the likely overall #1. Simply put, like Wall, he is a star.

Tomorrow, Kentucky has a great chance to get both guys. We will be here to take you through every minute and live blog the festivities, for those of you who cant watch and for those of you that like a little commentary with your boring ESPNU show. Here is our schedule tomorrow. After regular posts during the day:

3 pm: Blog becomes only one post, to help ease site traffic

3:45 pm: LIVE BLOG begins

4:05 pm: Brandon Knight expected to announce

4:20 pm: Calipari expected to be on show

5:45 pm: Michael Gilchrist expected to announce

We will be here for all of it. The live blog will be on here and we recommend you get on early to beat the rush. If the site goes down, look on Twitter or to find the login link. It should be a great day around these parts tomorrow, so wear your blue to work and get ready.

Article written by Matt Jones

174 responses to “Wednesday, April 14th: The Day the Cats Reel in Two Big Fish?”

  1. Brandon Knight


  2. Frogpoop


  3. Brandon Knight

    I am super excited. I cant wait to play in front of the UK fans.

  4. CatfaninTN

    Tommorows gonna be a GREAT DAY to be a UK fan !

  5. ukfan17

    boogie is now on twitter and i can already tell he is going to be hilarious! cant wait for tomorrow

  6. Chris Collinsworth

    tomorrow will be a great day in which no one will punch babies in the face!!!

  7. CatfaninTN

    FYI I apparenly a troll, someone call my mom 8). IT is gonna be a good day people !

  8. CalifCatFan

    Duke fans, UL fans, and Tenn. Vol fans (with the exception of Macon Vol Fan, of course), please stay off the KSR site, so that UK fans can keep up with the happenings without the website crashing. You have been warned.

  9. Purple headed yogurt thrower Kanter

    Man I hope we don’t get let down.

  10. IceWaterSmooth

    “the best I have seen in that area since Kobe”……..
    Didn’t know Dick “Hoops” Weiss worked for Colorado Hotels/Ski Resorts..

  11. andrew

    anyone know the wingspan on Gilchrist? watching videos and the guy just glides to the basket and uses his length extremely well. Looks like an excellent shot blocker

  12. Alamo_CatFan

    PG Brandon Knight – check
    SG Doron Lamb –
    SF Darius Miller – check
    PF Patrick Patterson –
    C Enes Kanter – check

    Starting five almost complete. Maybe swap CJ Leslie for Miller??

  13. Yankee-CatsFan

    “If the site goes down” hahahaha There will be no “ifs” Matt. But thank you for the info so I can get back on the Live-Blog.

  14. Slim Skittle

    12- sounds like a good way to boost ESPNU’s ratings and get more attention

  15. CatInAshland

    Come on you guys. Why would Cal be on the show if we weren’t getting Knight???

  16. CatfaninTN

    @9 I agree but I think we will be so happy tommorow night its gonna be silly. As for me I think its all gonna be wonderful tommorow, Let them call me what they like, BUT we will will see. Its sad to see how far we have come just to wtach the doubters eat there words !

    If I am wrong them Ill take it like a man

  17. MboroTNcatfan

    dont know about anybody else,but i haven’t felt this excited since christmas eve as a kid

  18. Crazy Talk

    calm down people, what are they supposed to say…yeah everyone has it right, hes UK bound, but please tune in tomorrow for the presser

  19. tyson

    matt, on the timeline you forgot to mention when Jai Lucas is announcing

  20. KY12

    I love how everyone is trying to create more hype/attention, it is working though

  21. East German Surplus Server

    I am pumped up and ready for all

  22. IceWaterSmooth

    Might be Orlando Sent. sports editor starting stuff to get hits on the newspaper website…..
    Nah…. just trolls.

  23. CatfaninTN

    Tommorow he will put his hat on, and it WONT be UConn. See you here tommmorow night ,.

  24. edgehoops

    Chill… everything will be alright.

  25. KY12

    wish they could get wordpress to work so we could kick it old-school sign in

  26. Wall2Cousins

    stupid trolls…i live in Florida aint nothing about B Knight to any school other than Kentucky….so STFU and deal with it….Brandon Knight is going to UK and i said that before the tournement…case close sorry bitchESS

  27. KY12

    36) yep, south FL kid going to UCONN, yea right way too cold, plus Calhoun is a jerk. Oh yea, and he’s not Cal

  28. Alamo_CatFan

    His coach is on a cruise and isn’t going to meet with Brandon until tomorrow morning.

  29. Chris

    Could you compare Gilchrist more to Evan Turner?

  30. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    So when did they insert a Christmas on April 14th in the calender?

  31. KY12
  32. Bigbluecatfan

    UCONN makes no sense at all sounds like someone trying to put out some smoke to throw everyone off base. UCONN already has the midget and a couple of other guards in place. I don’t think Knight wants to play second fiddle to anyone. What are they smoking anyhow?

  33. Crazy Talk

    I officially proclamate this weeks wednesday to be not only hump day, but hump all the other college teams day

  34. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    Orton, on his twitter, talks about working out and eating. What time are classes at UK San Fran.?

  35. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    34. It’s official then!

  36. elen degeneres' man pants

    i just scoured the OS and there is no Knight news. checked breaking news. podcast, nothing says that stuff.

  37. Camadeyeahaa!!!

    There’s nothing on Catspause about Knight’s coach and UCONN. Just some late night trolls out and about.

  38. grand poobah

    He is at the helm and am lovin it! When do we extend the lifetime contract and get it over with?? Eff me im giddy!

  39. Camadeyeahaa!!!

    It’s already settled. Why would ESPNU have Knight make his announcement and then have Cal on ten minutes later? I love how Cal is scheduled for 4:20, now I have two reasons to celebrate at that time.

  40. Ockercat

    Me thinks I smell a “TARD” fan…lol

  41. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    Is it wierd for a grown man to wear another grown man’s NBA jersey? I haven’t had one since Barkley’s jersey as a kid. I hate the NBA but I got to root for Wall , Boogie, and EB. Notice I didn’t say PPat , cause he is coming back!! Mabey not but I would get his jersey too. Mabey I can go all Matt Jones and get the sweatshirt! Didn’t Matt wear a yellow WVU sweatshirt when he did the show last year?

  42. bill

    SO we get another sweet 16 or elite eight and then blame it on the freshman who then proceed to leave for the nba. Oh well, I don’t care about the ncaa tourney anyways – go SEC champ CATS

  43. Camadeyeahaa!!!

    43) Actually the foundation is being set for a title run in 2011-2012. Next year will be exciting and fun to watch, we will have a very fast and athletic team that will be difficult for anybody to keep up with.

  44. Wildcat4Life is reporting that Washington filled their last scholly today with an African C named Aziz Ndiaye. Does this mean Jones is down to UK and Oregon?

  45. Crazy Talk

    Im just happy that we finally have a coach that isnt scared of the big time and goes out and lands kids that for the last 10 years…..10 years, we have either been too scared to recruit, too lazy to recruit or too drunk to recruit.

  46. 12KY

    Wooo jones to uk then oregon has no coach or ad

  47. Slim Skittle

    42- mabey you need to learn how to spell maybe

  48. GoCats2

    Am I bad husband/father or a great UK fan? My wife has an ultrasound tomorrow to find out what our next baby is but I am more excited for the announcements. I am glad my wife has never read any of these comments.

  49. Slim Skittle

    42- your still my boi though just b/c we will both be wearing Boogie’s jersey in a few months

  50. IcemanG2

    Okay, why is nobody addressing the Bledsoe/Patterson agent reports from Lexington news stations? This is a big deal. I knew Patterson was gone, but actually thought Bledsoe might come back after seeing him slip in all mocks — even Chad Ford has him in round 2 now. I think Bledsoe made the biggest mistake of his life by signing with an agent before conducting workouts for any NBA teams, if this is true. What if, God forbid, he has a horrible workout, or gets injured (ankle tweak or something) that causes him to drop on draft night? If he is a second round pick, he will be NBDL all the way. Sad.

    Meanwhile, it looks as though cooler heads have prevailed from the Orton camp, as he hasn’t signed with an agent … yet.

  51. Slim Skittle

    49- WOW…..that’s all i can say

  52. 49's Wife

    You bastard!!!!!! You’re divorced.

  53. casey

    52 — well, it’s either a boy or a girl, how suspenseful is that? maybe if there was like a 1% chance that they’re having a puppy or something then it’d be worthy of Knight/Gilcrist excitement level.

  54. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    How does Chad Ford’s listing of EricB go from lottery, to 2nd round, without more games, or workouts. Hopefully, EricB did not sign. If he did, players should stop listening to what Ford says.

  55. captian obvious

    this just in…

    maggard is still obsessed with MJ

  56. TokyoLovesUK

    If Coach Cal does bring in a monster class this year, the NCAA will do everything it can to try and rule Enes Kanter ineligible. Some of the people who would be involved in handling Kanter’s case are probably UK
    haters themselves. I really hope he gets a chance to play for Cal this year.

  57. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    Your wife prolly says the same thing

  58. The Opposition

    If Brandon Knight is going to determine UK’s success in 2010, you’re in for a LONG season. He is the single most overrated player in the Class of 2010. Good luck!

  59. GoCats2

    52,53 you can cut me a little slack this is my 6th child, yes I said my 6th child. I have been to many many ultrasounds. My wife knows me and understands me very well.

  60. captian obvious

    59. you have a piece of sour grape stuck in your teeth

  61. bigbill992001

    12-never in a million yrs, doesnt hurt to dream, tho I cant wait for 4pm

  62. Argento

    Heard a lot of the same things said about wall from you chumps.

  63. Kanter is a diaper dandy

    PG: Brandon Knight
    SG: Miller/Liggins
    SF: Stacey Poole
    PF: Leslie/Jones
    C: Kanter

    What a lineup! DDMO heaven!

  64. Argento

    Wall is overrated, Cousins a project with a bad attitude. Blah Blah. None of it was true.

  65. ukcatfan88

    I think I just pooped ice cream!

  66. baller

    does matt jones have a job? how does he have time to live blog in the middle of a weekday?

  67. BPsycho

    #67 Because he’s clearly more baller than you.

  68. Cat Fan

    PG:Brandon Knight SG:Doron Lamb SF:Darius Miller PF:C.J. Leslie C:Enes Kanter Elite 8 or More

  69. Scrub the Tub

    Does this mean Jai Lucas ain’t coming?

  70. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    @awireman just tweeted that a friend of Mike G said UConn is favorite. They are recruiting Knight as well. And CJ Leslie aren’t they? I hope we aren’t getting to ahead of ourselves on this.

  71. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    Why are blog posts “filed under blue blooded opinions”

  72. ukguy

    59 go back to the loserville board and talk about how good russ smith will be. lol

  73. 12KY

    Bledsoe will be top twenty

  74. 12KY

    That was Tony wrotens tweet being rt’d by wireman he was saying that’s HIS new top 5, which is good because uk wasn’t in his top 5 until gilchrist told him something, wonder what that was? Hmm.

  75. KSR fan

    67- He does the blog full time. According to KSR and Matt Jones netted about $550,000 last fiscal year.

  76. kdub

    71 I think you misunderstood @awireman’s retweet of @TWroten5. PG Tony Wroten (#9 Rivals, #11 ESPN Super 60) tweeted “Just talked to the bro mike gilchrist. Ok I gotta new top 5 y’all. Real talk. 1.Uconn 2.KENTUCKY 3.Nova 4.Syracuse and 5.UW. ” Note the use of all caps for KENTUCKY.

  77. The Opposition

    69) That is a much less talented lineup than UK had this past season, and still just as inexperienced. Good luck! Haha!

  78. Coolio

    Yea Boone’s Butcher Shop paid Jones 300,000 alone in advertisement fees. Come on, KSR isn’t making $500,000 a year. They wouldn’t be so pro-tax gov if they were making any real money.

  79. MCStayUpLateâ„¢

    78 sucks

  80. casey

    76 – You must not be much of a fan

  81. Coolio

    That would mean that KSR is grossing around 1.2 million a year if they are Netting $550,000 a year. That is ridiculous. Probably Matt Jones, but not this one. This site is good, but little advertisement. There is no revenue value with this site. The people here are not making money. They are enjoying themselves and it is a hobby. This aspect adds to the lure. They are able to work with the elites in a joking fashion.

  82. blueblue

    I just got off work at midnight and I have to go right back at 8 am. I should be sleeping, but I just CAN’t!!!!!

  83. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    Ok I just freaked out for a second on that @awireman tweet.
    Now I can sleep better! It’s good to be a UK Wildcat, I said it’s good to be a UK Wildcat!! Suck it everyone else!! Where u haters at now!!! Suck it!!! Hahahahahaha

  84. TokyoLovesUK

    UK really does have so many haters, especially in the sports media world. Funny how the smart haters were such Tubby Smith apologists and defended him when our program was in a gradual decline to irrelevancy.

  85. The Opposition

    You guys need experience like U of L. We got Russ Smith baby!! #1 on rivals

  86. Voiceofreason

    Tubby ? Really? At this point that’s like bringing up Joe b hall. Let it be. Some of you just hated tubby didn’t you? News flash. We could have had much worse than tubby.

  87. Casey J

    is anyone suprised at how much maggard reads this site? He constantly wants to talk about Matt but is always quick to talk about him. Hypocrite. He is a Dook fan scamming Uk fans and trying to scam Tennessee fans

  88. BPsycho

    #88 He’s the dude that looks like the dude disguised as another dude!

  89. TokyoLovesUK

    If Knight & Leslie were to announce for UCONN, I would still pop the bubbly if Gilchrist commits. Otherwise, I would be stuck opening it on my wedding anniversary.

  90. KNIGHT_blu


  91. The Opposition

    Will someone please spank me?

  92. Ice Cream Man

    #66 was it cold or warm? Always wondered about that.

  93. The Opposition

    I am gay and wanted you guy to be the first to know this.

  94. JF

    Can’t sleep. Is it possible to be nervous and confident at the same time? I think I’m there.

  95. UK2Day

    just woke up 2 seconds ago, let the refreshing begin…

  96. Boggie Blue

    I am giddy!

  97. HighOnUK

    Did anyone see CJ Leslie’s tweets last night?


    CJ is going to look good in that Kentucky Blue!! RT @dbjohn2: Everyone follow CJ Leslie @WOG_CJLeslie and show him the power of the BBN!! about 12 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by WOG_CJLeslie and 5 others

    Why would you re-tweet something about wearing blue next year if it wasn’t what you were leaning towards?

  98. thedenimthatsinem


  99. actually

    rev up the fax machine … got some LOI’s on the way

  100. Michael Gilchrist

    Guys, I’ve not decided yet for sure? Have I?

  101. Terrence Jones

    I am going to Kansas!!!

  102. NCAA Compliance

    Don’t sign that letter just yet Michael. Coach might not be there next year.

  103. Sarah Palins Credentials

    I got a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Communication from the University of Idaho.

  104. Eric Bledsoe

    I’m not getting drafted and I will be back.

  105. Little Buddy

    Ah, the ole’ fax machine, huh. I remember it well. Speaking of Tubby, I received an email about 4 years ago from a local sports personality that thought PPat was looking for a “payday”, and because Tubby wasn’t in to that, he would probably go elsewhere. Several follow-up emails and conversations with other insiders said the exact same thing. Well, we all know what happened, Tubby landed PPat and well, the rest is history. I think I will share those emails with someone and get the last three years victories looked into. Nothing might come of it, but it sure wouldn’t help UK’s image, would it?

  106. Barack

    I am the worst pres. ever. I wish Jones would suck my half breed di__k!!!
    Maybe I can get healthcare to pay for that

  107. Wondering

    I heard that Knight will be going to UCONN and Gilchrist will sign with Arkansas Pine-Bluff… Write it down. It is a lock.

  108. BK

    I am pleased to announce my commitment to…… Kansas.

    Kentucky’s internet access would implode.

  109. why?

    can’t see comments hope this works

  110. UKBlue4ever

    103) He will not be able to sign a letter of intent until November. The only thing he can do today is commit, which is not binding him to UK.

  111. actually

    how will UL trolls spin it when Teague commits to UK ?

  112. Richard

    Can’t get over Cal’s recruiting skills. If he gets Gilchrist and Knight…it has officially gotten to the point that Cal described last year.

    The part when, all the other coaches see the UK guys coming into the gym and so they just took tail and go home b/c it’s a foregone conclusion that UK will get the recruit.


    It feels like xmas morning, when you aren’t allowed to open the presents just yet………….

  114. Mr.Economics

    Bill Keightly is smiling today.


    The McD’s game may just have to be renamed the UK-VS ALl Star Game in the near future

  116. Mack

    Yes a good day, as I print a copy of my 1040.

  117. headbandhalo

    107) “half-breed” ….really?….you’re starting to make us look like stereotyped skinheads on “Justified.” Just shut up.


    116) Hey troll go play with your pud elsewhere

  119. Leroy Byrd

    103) I can’t tell you how much I love it that opposing fans only recourse and/or hope for their season to be considered a success is if UK is hit with NCAA sanctions.

    Truly the signature of a man that pulls for a terrible team and has no hope for the future.

  120. The Opposition

    I ride da Meat sickle,,,,I ride the Meat Sickle all night long!!!!

  121. Bigbluecalizone

    Love these trolls on here. You know that you are King when you’re rivals have to visit your site on the biggest recruiting day of the year to try to drown their sorrows in your jubilation. It’s good to be King.

  122. knewit

    PLEASE!!!!! Someone figure out how those of us who don’t want to pay for that stupid ESPNU-suck network can watch the broadcast for free online and post a link

  123. Cats Fan

    125) to many big words. JJJJJJubbbbbuuuuullllaaaashunnnnnn

  124. goodknight

    Someone please tell those of us who dont want to pay for espnu-suck how to watch the broadcast live online….

  125. Leroy Byrd

    I’m sure Pitino is off trying to line up some used cars and McDonalds vouchers for Teague to keep him on board for 2011 right at this moment.

  126. Cats Fan


  127. DavenderCatTheSequel

    128) Then why are “the fans of other schools” on a UK blog posting faux self-assurance? Suck one indeed.

  128. Leroy Byrd

    128) Yeah man… Cal should be ashamed of what he did with a bunch of freshman. What an embarassing season. That’s sarcasm in case your reading comprehension is no better than you basketball analysis skills.

    Personall I hope he continues to “aka rolling the ball out ther” and I’m all for his coaching ability catching up with UK once again. LOL.

    Everyone can’t get bounced from the tourney in the 1st round my man. You just keep leading by example….

  129. Mr.Economics

    goodknight – it is called capitalism — you pay for what you get. Pay to play!!

  130. Tiger's Wood

    Happy Wildcat day everyone!

  131. Bigbluecalizone

    Forget Cal. I want Pitino’s man gravy

  132. Wedding Planner

    My fellow UK fans, be proud to see all these trolls here with their hate. In college basketball, to be hated like this means you are the best. Much better to be hated than ignored.

  133. Cats Fan

    Toknight’s gonna be a good knight and toknight’s gonna be a good good knight oooo oooo

  134. Bigbluecalizone

    i have a mangina

  135. EddieSuttonsLiver

    Yeah, Jesus Christ (I mean John Calipari) is a great recruiter but CAN HE COACH????

  136. Winston Wolf

    Let’s not start sucking each others ***** just quite yet gentlemen.

  137. EddieSuttonsLiver

    Im gay and I think Calipari should recruit hotter players.

  138. nunya

    “There are the occasional questions about effort”…? really! Michael Gilchrist is famous for exactly the opposite, he never takes plays off. This is one of the reasons he is considered so highly. MJ big time fail.!

  139. Funeral Planner

    I’m hearing from my sources that Knight will be making a surprise choice and committing to Oregon. Gilchrist WILL be committing to Kentucky, but it will be EASTERN Kentucky University that pulls him in.

    In other news, Calipari will be visiting high schools in Knott County, Perry County, Floyd County and Pike County to try and find some great walk-on talent, who will fill out all the scholarship positions because he can’t recruit…

    Annnnnnnnd scene. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the one-man play “Haters From Other Schools and How They Act on the KSR Boards.”

    We’ll be here all week.

    God bless the Wildcats. God bless Calipari. God bless Kentucky. God bless the United States.

    This post brought to you by the People’s Fund to Elect Eric C. Conn for Governor of Kentucky.

  140. NoelGallagher

    Wish Michael Gilchrist could declare early for College?!?

  141. Double Vision

    There’s never been any question about Gilchrist’s effort from anyone who knows anything about basketball.

  142. Rpikey

    Michael Gilchist is known for his non stop work ethic. I read you board, Matt Jones, because they tend to be humorous. Unfortunately, you just got this one alll wrong. I have never heard anyone say anything about his lack of effort, you fail Matt Jones, as USUAL!

  143. Cutler's eyebrows

    “Drop dimes”? Wow.

  144. Mr.Economics

    A woman is picked up by Dennis Rodman in a bar. They like each other and she goes back with him to his hotel room. He removes his shirt revealing all his tattoos and she sees that on his arm is one which reads, “Reebok.” She thinks that is a bit odd and asks him about it.
    Dennis says, “When I play basketball, the cameras pick up the tattoo and Reebok pays me for advertisement.” A bit later, his pants are off and she sees “Puma” tattooed on his leg. He gives the same explanation for the unusual tattoo. Finally, the underwear comes off and she sees the word “AIDS” tattooed on his penis. She jumps back with shock.
    “I’m not going to do it with a guy who has AIDS!”
    He says, “It’s cool baby. In a minute it’s going to say ‘ADIDAS’.”

  145. Bigbluecalizone

    Man, you got to hand it to the U of L fans on here, they are really talented. It’s not everyone that can formulate a thought(no matter how stupid it is)and type it on a keypad while being bent over a desk and swabbed with a Peni-Pop. Way to take one for the team you pathetic testicle jugglers!!!!!Ha,,ha,,ha,,ha,,

  146. Leroy Byrd

    140) Irony would be a UofL fan coming to a UK blog to see where all the blue chip prospects decided to sign

  147. Mr.Economics

    “He’s great on the court,” a sportswriter said of a college basketball player in a interview with his coach. “But how’s his scholastic work?” “Why, he makes straight A’s,” replied the coach. “Wonderful!” said the sportswriter. “Yes,” agreed the coach, “but his B’s are a little crooked.”

  148. Mr.Economics

    A true Bobby Knight story recalled as best as can be remembered from the”Morning Briefing” section of the L.A. Times:In the ’80 Olympics, the U.S. basketball team, coached by Bobby Knight, played and beat the Chinese team handily. When asked about the win, Bobby said, “It was a lot of fun playing the Chinese, but an hour later, we wanted to play them again.”

  149. BPsycho

    Mountain Berry Blast Powerade.. I try to drink one a day to stay hydrated. It’s packed with Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium as a part of the ION 4 Advanced Electrolyte System. Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 pack long lasting energy throughout the day.


    Suck One!

  150. NotTheSlickistRick

    There seems to be an explosion of trolls over the past few days. Since many, or most are probably filthy tardinal fans it is only to be expected. UK is getting lots of positive press (other that Strickland of course), while the only press UL fans have to look forward to is the impending Sypher trial, and lurid details that are going to emerge about Saint Rick.

  151. Mr.Economics

    BREAKING NEWS — China Daily is reporting that one of China’s top recruits will sign with John Calipari and Kentucky this afternoon.

  152. Mr.Economics

    Wondering,will the Sypher trial be televised?

  153. Leroy Byrd

    159) How else are they going to find out where the relevant recruits are signing?

  154. "U of L" is short for "Ultimate Log Slurper"

    Yea, when it ever got to the point that my own team was so irrelavant that I had to go to another team’s blog and try to get a rise out of their fanbase, I’d just lock myself in a room and wait till mommy got home. What a bunch of loosers. Man, I guess we should really feel sorry for them. They are going to suck so bad next year, and no hope of improvement going forward. When you have a washed up coach with so many personal distractions that no parent in the country will send their kid there, man it sure don’t look good.

  155. Leroy Byrd

    140) I read your post again. “134 – I love when rednecks like this start to preach about reading comprehension. lol. how ironic.”

    After re-reading it I feel 100% qualified to preach to you about reading comprehension as well as spelling and grammar.

  156. NBA league pass

    you’re on a roll buddy!

  157. Mr.Economics

    165 — Did you say – roll?

  158. Coke988

    Anyone else going to bring a second pair of underwear with them today just incase they get a little too excited?

  159. SavannahCat

    Not to rain on the parade, but I think most of us felt pretty good about Knight and Gilchrist anyway. I was hoping Matt Jones, “big week” would include some guys we are not so sure about….maybe it will.

  160. Camping On Acid

    Where’s BTI when you need him?

  161. Mr.Economics

    168. Did you not read my post about the Chinese player?

  162. Cats Fan

    I bet he has a mean cross over 170

  163. Wes Wesley

    I’ll deliver.

  164. Jack Nicklaus's green jacket

    Live in Louisville, have many friends that are UL fans. They ALL think UK cheats to get the recruits (somebody is paying the players to go there…they will say). When asked about their team, very few have any idea of their incoming players and they are ready to dump Coach P. They will then return to the UK cheats diatribe. In summary…they are a sad bunch, they are very pessimistic and want to focus on football.

  165. Hologram

    100) coach o tweeted that it was time to fire up the fax machine! woohoo

  166. Gov't Cheese

    173) Does it suprise you that someone that’s a UofL fan doesn’t understand how a program could get top notch talent without paying the players? Someone would have to pay a 5 star recruit to go to UofL. When your frame of reference is an irrelevant program it makes it difficult to comprehend a school where the best of the best WANT to come and play.

    Remember, they have been watching Edgar Sosa-like talent for the past 10 years.

  167. Carmelo Anthony

    All this fab freshmen and super recruits are nice to talk about, but only one team in recent years has cut down the nets with a one and done. Cal has done a great job at turning the program around and putting UK basketball where is belongs, but I think you can only take young talent so far. Lets hope we start to build some experience around these young guys or we better get used to sweet sixteen and elite eight tourney runs.

  168. A Cousins fanatic

    ahhhhhh LOL Calipari will be on @ 4:20pm. make sure to check his & everyone else in the rooms’ EYES.

  169. Wes Wesley

    Coach Cal pays pretty well.

  170. Beatle Bum

    Sullinger should be added to the group of Irving, Knight, and Barnes as the best of the best in 2010.

  171. The Clinic

    Have Pitinos efforts to recruit teague been aborted yet?

  172. Cliver

    Got ’em.

  173. Brandon Knight

    I have just decided to play for THE University of Northern Iowa so I too can kill KU

  174. Brandon Knight

    You are a fraud.