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We still don’t know what attacked and killed 3 horses and 2 dogs in Monroe County


Well, this is terrifying.

Something killed three miniature horses and two large dogs in Monroe County and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife doesn’t know what to make of the attacks.

Initially it looked like it was a large cat, but after inspecting the animals the wounds aren’t consistent with a predatory attack, per WLKY. There are bites, cuts, rips and tears, but supposedly it’s not consistent with a large cat attack. A large cat or bear running around farms in Monroe County would have been scary enough, but not knowing what’s causing the attacks is more terrifying.

Authorities are asking for folks in Monroe County to be careful and keep an eye on their pets and children.

Any guesses? Regardless, be safe, Kentuckians.


Article written by TJ Walker

31 responses to “We still don’t know what attacked and killed 3 horses and 2 dogs in Monroe County”

  1. J. Did


  2. pwells618

    Werewolf that’s my guess.

  3. Optional Facts

    The Eastern Cougar rises from the ashes!!!

  4. Wade

    Satanic kids

  5. HackRichards

    Pigeon Toed Bandicoot

  6. Chagan02

    Chupacabra boys

    1. Booby Petrino

      Best me to it!

    2. Booby Petrino

      Or beat lol

  7. number9RoyHobbs

    Rabid jackelope with mommy issues.

  8. unbridled

    I’ve been following this story and it seems like we have no idea which information is accurate. It’s very much like the Kennedy assassination and the Las Vegas shooting

  9. catdaddyd

    The Waddy Werewolf has moved to Monroe.

  10. lindamyers56


  11. bigbluebanana

    I consider myself a fairly logical person, I try not to get carried away with my imagination of what “could be”. However, I’ve been around long enough to know that there are things in this world we do t know, or cannot understand. The logical answer is that it is a big cat, bear, or maybe a pack of coyotes and maybe humans made an error in assessing the damage…but, I’m not ruling out scary ass Sasquatch, werewolf, wendigo, or rake either!

  12. Chacosrule

    Fish and wildlife suspect the owner.

    1. unbridled

      Is that for real? I haven’t heard or seen that

    2. unbridled

      Nevermind. Apparently kdfw asked the owner if he shot his own horses. The sheriff Dale Ford strongly disagrees with kdfw biologists and insisted that the animals were not stabbed, sliced, or shot.

  13. nagnuggts


  14. Game Changer

    Rick Pitino… he comes out at night!! Lock up you wives and children

  15. RobertRKO

    Ryan’s kid’s hit them with the stolen golf cart

  16. Jimmy

    There was a full moon that night…whats pitino’s alibi

  17. blueballs80

    It was Mitch McConnell. Hide yo animals!

  18. Exilecop

    Pope Lick Monster!!

    1. BlueBanker18

      The Goat Man is on the move!

  19. TPACAT

    El Chupacabra

    1. meeksfor3

      That is why we need to build that wall fast.

  20. The Real LindaS

    I tend to think that Matt Jones is moonlighting now, trying to figure out how he is going to spend all that extra money he will have with his big tax break. I think he was looking for something exotic to serve at the new restaurant and he did his end of the job but Shannon and Ryan forget to pick up the meat and now it has gone bad. Ryan needs to forget about that hair transplant, he is looking worse than little slick quick rick and Shannon, well, he has his groupies he has to take care of. Matt forget the exotic food, donate you tax break money to me and live long and prosper.

  21. fogt333


  22. meeksfor3


  23. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    Not that far from Hart Oounty where a wolf was killed a few years ago.

  24. Kentuckian 1st

    My Guess: One of the dogs killed the other animals – Owner put down the dog – Left the killed animals all laying out until coyotes/dogs had chewed on them a bit – then called it in. Large cat tracks are not uncommon in this part of the state. Bobcats are in the area.

  25. CombatMedic_98

    Big Bear…Big,Big Bear!