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Watch the UK Villains game tonight on Wazoo

A lot of you are asking if you’ll be able to watch the UK Villains game tonight and the answer is yes. The Wazoo Sports Network is streaming the game online so everyone with an Internet connection can enjoy its greatness. The game will also be televised on Wazoo for those within the channel’s reach.

If you’re going with the Internet option, it will cost you a little bit of money. It’ll be a Pay-Per-View event at I’d advise you to go ahead and get registered now if you know you’re going to watch the live stream.

And if you’re a true fan and want to be in the building when Christian Laettner is announced and Enes Kanter scores his first points in Rupp Arena, plenty of affordable tickets are still available for the game on Ticketmaster. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t go. The Big Blue All-Stars roster is unreal and you should want to be in the building. Don’t give me that ‘Monday night’ excuse. Be there.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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35 responses to “Watch the UK Villains game tonight on Wazoo”

  1. Billy Clyde Gillispie

    All-stars gonna whip the Villians!

  2. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Big fan of the game but can’t for one second consider Farried (SP) and Mack Villians. If only they could have gotten Noah…

  3. whistlin Willie

    In no way am I hatin on the rosters thrown together for these exhibition games, but selfishly there are some other names I would love to see from my seat tonight. Walter McCarty, Heshimu Evans (lemme hear ya!), Gerald Fitch, Gimel (the real one), Mashburn, and of course….Jim Master (every team needs a free throw shooter)

  4. jaaaayyyyyyyy

    Went to register and the site was already broken! Hopefully they can secure some more server space before the game.

  5. Cousins Fake Teeth

    ppv for a crappy quality video stream? No thanks.

  6. GoCats2

    I know we are promoting the villians but do we really need to use THAT picture of you know who? Its bad enough we have to see that in the opening of every CBS sports telecast but on a UK poster?

  7. big tim

    yeah it broken is there a diffrents in wazoo and wazoo ppv i look at my tv guide for wazoo it didnt show it

  8. UkFan4life

    Is it going to be on the radio? 98.1? I have to work tonight…

  9. Joey F

    Chris Thomas looks like the guy off of Hot Kool-Aid

  10. big tim

    it come on insight channel 524 in louisville

  11. Davis's Unibrow

    Thanks #10! they just showed the game vs Pikeville too.

  12. matt

    Does anyone know how much it will cost on wazoo?

  13. Big Blue 66

    Im going and Im jacked! Gonna be alot of fun….after the dominican games, really hope the UK guys can pull it off, the villains have some awesome players as well.

  14. Kige Ramsey

    What channel is Wazoo in Lexington on Insight?

  15. Han

    FYI, Insight Customers will find Wazoo on ch 524 if you have a digital box and/or digital cable.

  16. Han

    FYI, Insight Customers will find Wazoo on ch 524 if you have a digital box and/or digital cable.

    Also, it’s $10 with a code for the PPV. Go to for the link.

  17. Adam


  18. Fred

    pass on paying for streaming video. If their site is already busted I can only imagine what the service will be like tonight. Live blog?

  19. bung

    how much is cab fare from floyd co?

  20. LunchBOX

    What number channel would that be in the northern ky area?

  21. WE_ARE_UK

    ESPN is right…Kenneth Faried shouldn’t be a Villain. Since he knocked Louisville out of the ncaa tourny we should have made him an honorary wildcat for the night! He is far from a UK Villain. This game is a brilliant idea though. Should be an awesome night!

  22. UKGrad93

    Go to for the channels in all areas. Its on 18.2 in Lex. $9.95 with the code GOBIGBLUE

  23. UKGrad93

    Here’s a link:
    And the 9.95 is for PPV on the computer. If you can get the channel in your area, it’s free!!

  24. BGCatsFan

    Franklin – It’s fine to say “Don’t give me the Monday night excuse” for those fans in the Lexington area, but not ALL of BBN lives in Lexington. Not fair to make fans in Bowling Green or Pikeville feel guilty about not attending the game. We’d love to go, but it’s too much to ask us make a 5 hour round trip with work the next morning.

  25. Brad

    #20 – I live in NKY and looked all over the Insight website and my on-screen guide and could not find a listing for the game.

  26. mocha

    i’ll be honest, i live in san diego and don’t want to pay 12.95 to watch this. i’ll just be hoping can get somewhere for free, if anyone knows of something pass it along please.

  27. Joey

    Me and my daugther will be there, she got to meet all the players that where at marion co last friday and even got to get on the bus after the game while cousins and harrellson signed autographs.

  28. MT

    I tried registering twice and I never got a confirmation message. I better not get charged twice!

  29. Dave B

    Somebody should tell Jeff that Wazoo is terrible with their listings on Insight. It never matches what’s actually on. I’ve taped (and watched) all the UK Pros games on Wazoo, but they all are called something different, like women’s soccer etc. So tonight, turn it on and don’t pay attention to the listing.

  30. vds

    can somebody stream the game? live all the way in Utah and not paying 15 dollars for a rookie exhibition game

  31. big tim

    26 might want to check if somebody puts it on there it will be on there

  32. vds

    Can’t find a stream anywhere and the stupid site won’t let me buy it. I’m in Utah and really want to watch kanter play.

  33. vds

    Anyone found a stream yet? The wesite is screwed up and not letting people order the game

  34. Bluebronco73

    Wazoo picture on 524 is horrid!!

  35. mantank

    Is anyone else having an issue on Wazoo buying the game? I’ve put in my credit card numerous times and it keeps going back to the same screen over and over again. WTF?! HELP!!