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Was this not a happy team?


Whoa, wait a second. Were we lied to? After spending six months watching a group of kids play and appear to be as close as any team in recent memory, reports over the past few days make you wonder if we all saw something that was maybe not the case. According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, things might not have been great all year and it makes you wonder if when Daniel Orton stormed off during the Mississippi State game, maybe that wasn’t the whole story. From his Twitter page today:

Kentucky frosh Daniel Orton doesn’t love playing for Calipari and Cal doesn’t love coaching him, sources say. Expect him to stay in draft.

NBA execs and agents say Calipari battled infighting among parents of upperclassmen and underclassmen over playing time, publicity, etc.

As sad as I was for the season to end, hearing this stuff makes it about 1,000 times worse. Oh well.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

101 responses to “Was this not a happy team?”

  1. Cobb

    Now Cal’s comments about CYO basketball yesterday make a lot more sense.

  2. BRBGottaTakeADook

    I’m calling bullshit on this one.

  3. Daniel Orton

    I hate Coach Cal and I hate every one of you toothless rednecks.

  4. JO

    Wow..just didn’t expect all of this..

  5. Keeping it Real

    WTF? Makes Orten’s dad’s comments a bit more interesting….

  6. coach 1

    Those issues are on every team

  7. eastky

    Hard to keep that under the rug all season.

  8. mark

    Let’s don’t let one bad apple………..

  9. JMBlue

    I think it is becoming clear what Cal was referring to when he said that things went on this year that will not happen next year. I don’t see how Orton can complain about playing time. Did he and his father expect to start ahead of Boogie and Pat? I don’t know the man and I wouldn’t know him if he walked up and punched me in the face and said, “Hi, I’m Larry Orton”, but I don’t have a good impression of that man. Who knows, Cal may be the one advising Orton to leave. Maybe he doesn’t want the headache. It isn’t as if Orton fits the DDM anyway. IDK. We’ll learn more I guess.

  10. John Hood's Dad

    John will be the #1 pick, ive been hearing it all season.

  11. uk...

    To think this doesn’t happen to an extent on every team is naive

  12. beentheredonedat

    right on #11…. Cal is the master still at managing it and thats why we heard nothing of it but when you have parents who think (and perhaps rightfully so) that millions of dollars are at stake this is UNAVOIDABLE!

  13. WelcomeToTheCaliparty

    10 – You’re right, john will be the #1 pick, John Wall.

  14. BPsycho

    It’s ok guys. This group of parents are gone whoever they were. We start again next year 🙂

    And maybe next year we will have an even more special group that reaches greater heights.

  15. Pokey Chapman

    Congrats to these guys for keeping their selfish feelings behind the scenes during the season. Well done gentleman.

  16. UKfanNKY

    Heard Orton was a cry baby. GO CATS!!!!

  17. ksmith

    All this crap about parents complaining, if the player showed superior ability during the game or practice then there’s no need for mommy and daddy to call the coach and complain, he would be playing. Cal’s job is to put the best players he has available on the court to give the team the best chance to win and I think that’s what he did all season. If Orton is better than Cousins why didn’t he show that when he was in the game???? Don’t get me wrong, I think the kid and would’ve liked to see him suit up for us next year, but that’s not looking likely.

  18. Charles Riney

    I don’t buy it. But it was obvious that Orton thought he should play more–maybe if he was any good he would have

  19. ksmith

    Sorry, I meant to say, I liked the kid and would’ve……

  20. Mike

    Sounds like D O doesn’t want to “be the man” with another top 5 recruitingt class! Good luck in Italy or the Ukrain Daniel!


    Man, I can only imagine the uproar if Tubby had this exact same thing going on….wow…

    i LOVE coach Cal, it’s just entertaining to see a double standard amongst ‘fans’…

  22. Beastyme!!!!


  23. HelloKSR

    6 – I agree. With talent (and parents) like this team had, it’s no surprise that there might have been tension. It comes with the territory. Cal did a great job of staying focused on the task at hand, and the team did a great job of going 35-3. Gotta love our Cats, each and every one of ’em.

  24. bayoucat

    Stupid. You’re legally an adult when you turn 18 (17 in some states). My mama and daddy didn’t hold my hand and wipe my nose when I went to college. As far as input and authority is concerned, parents should be taken out of the equation when their son signs the dotted line. Larry Orton, you are crippling your son for life by even opening your mouth.

  25. The Man In Black

    21 – It is Cal’s first year. What double standard? Sorry we aren’t all true ‘fans’ like you. This ‘fan’ will give Cal some time just like Tubby was given. Cal took an NIT team to the Elite 8 in one year. I think Cal has earned some patience.

  26. Chest Rockwell

    I’m mainly surprised that it took this long for word of egos causing problems in the locker room to get out. I’m not surprised that it’s Orton, though. Think about it–before Cal came in, we were all very VERY excited about Orton. He was a really highly regarded kid coming out of high school, and he’s the only freshman other than Jon Hood who didn’t have a completely breakout type year. I think he’s being ridiculous, but I see where this is all coming from.

  27. ksr

    wow, orton why the hell don’t you get out arent that good and you have a rude awakening in the nba if your not more developed. Obviously your dad is an idiot and quite honestly I’ve backed you up through all this but the more I hear, I hope you get the hell out of my university. Tell your pops congratulations on being an idiot and good luck in the nba jackass.

  28. GoBigBlue

    -That explains in UK’s lost to WVU because we didn’t play like Kentucky, it was like we didn’t want to be there, (lack of defense)

  29. Golden Boy

    If Orton goes it is an awful, short-sighted business decision. He would be top 5-10 next year. He’ll lose out on millions…dumb, dumb, dumb.

  30. MEWH

    21) Tubby had TEAM TURMOIL, not one kid’s sniping father. And Tubby(who I like immensely) should have talked to Donna Smith about her son stinking up the joint………….

  31. Matt Pilgrim

    -26, me and orton were going to sh** right until Cal came

  32. John Wall Breaks Ankles

    I think other comments here are right — this stuff happens to a certain extent on any team. You get a group together with this much talent and they’ll all have some pretty big egos and their parents will all think they’re the man. I’ll guarantee you this though — any player that was on this year’s roster will prefer how things went in 2009-2010 vs the soap opera that was the Clyde years. So let’s keep it all in perspective and take this with a grain of salt.

  33. jman3715

    Orton was a Gillispie recruit, correct?

  34. Golden Boy

    And regardless of the record and talent we put on the court, I’m not sure if I’m willing to make an Elite 8 team…’SPECIAL’…I think ‘SPECIAL’…is coming in the next 2-3 years. Mark me on that.

  35. Korean Tacos

    26) I don’t think it’s that surprising. Hasn’t Jones said before that this staff was pretty good at keeping things close to the vest? That they only allowed what they wanted to be known to be known?

  36. AtomicDawg02

    Interesting comments from Colin Cowherd today at the top of the 11am EST hour (if you want to check them out). He stated that guards have a longer shelf life than big men (duh) so that they were better staying in college b/c they go against NBA level talent more often than big men do. On the contrary, he said big men should go ahead and enter and get paid before they start to fall apart (Greg Oden anyone). So, main thing is he said John Wall could and should stay another year since he’ll be durable and play for many years. Probably the first mainstream guy I’ve heard say that about Wall.

  37. MEWH

    Has anyone heard of Carl Henry, or Miss Cleo Legion? Or how about Craig James? There are jackasses thta try to live vicariously through their kids at every stop. Luckily in college, most parents can’t afford to move to where their kids are.

  38. GoBigBlue

    We have possible 8 Pros on this years team and couldn’t make it to the Final Four, either there was problems or Cal just can’t coach.

  39. ukkilla05

    everyone has to remember that cal NEVER recruited orton either

  40. Voice of Reason
  41. CAnTuckeeBoi

    21.) Couldn’t have said it better myself. Fans are fans no matter the weather. I love UK basketball, I would love them if Sarah Palin was coach, but to think Calapari poops ice cream is just being naive. The man has done a great job and will continue to do a great job, but when something sways away from the norm it takes a true fan to notice, and not to start point the finger in the opposite direction.

    20.)If you don’t think Daniel Orton is good enough to play in the NBA then you have lost your mind. He is not as skillful as Cousins, but you dont find a man with his size, his athletic ability, his defensive ability, and his soft touch at his age.

    And if any of you all think for one second that if you had an 18 yr. old that was worth millions of dollars, and you didn’t feel like he was reaching his full potential that you wouldn’t say anything then you’re of your rocker.

    Bleed blue, but you can take the blue goggles off every now and then….

  42. WH

    Cal had 5 first round draft pics and couldn’t make the final four? No worries his Maker’s bottles are selling great……what have we gotten ourselves into?

  43. The truth

    I think it’s fine if Orton feels he was slighted and wants to enter the draft. I also think it’s natural for his dad to feel that way. I would suggest though that both think twice before getting into a PR battle with Calipari. He will win and the Orton’s will look bad. It will probably negatively affect Daniel’s draft status too. Stay or go, but keep that laundry n the closet because you’re dealing with a master in Cal.

  44. GoBigBlue

    39-your right, but after Cal was introduced as the UK Coach, his first visit was to Oklahoma to visit Orton

  45. Richie Farmer's Moustache

    I could not cheer for UK if Sarah Palin was the head coach, sorry.

  46. ukkilla05

    44..very true but he didnt recruit him for months/years like he does other players

  47. NCAA Probation

    39) Cal doesn’t recruit period. World Wide Wes does all the dirty work. If you don’t believe me, check out all the s#itty players who played for Cal during his first 5 years at Memphis. During year 6 WWW joined Cal’s payroll. Cal went to 3 NIT’s his first 6 years at Memphis. He cannot recurit or coach for that matter.

  48. Korean Tacos

    What I find funny in all of this is with Orton posters are saying he should come back to college.

    BUT in other cases, people always say “They shouldn’t come back. What if they get hurt?”

  49. ukkilla05

    47…whatever it takes to win..not hurting my feelings

  50. Korean Tacos

    “I’ve already met with every player and met with the five guys who should put their names in the draft,” Kentucky coach John Calipari told Friday morning after Calipari and I introduced Kentucky’s John Wall as the national freshman of the year at the United States Basketball Writers Association breakfast in downtown Indianapolis.

    Calipari said he told five of his players — freshmen Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and Daniel Orton, and junior Patrick Patterson — to put their names in the draft. All players have until April 25 to declare and, under a new NCAA rule, until May 8 to withdraw their name and still be eligible to return to college. The NBA hasn’t changed its deadline for withdrawing — 10 days prior to the draft in June. But with the new NCAA rule, players would have to provide documentation that they withdrew from the NBA draft in order to prove that they returned to college by the May 8 deadline.

    Calipari said he told three of those players — Patterson, Orton and Bledsoe — to keep their options open.

    “You don’t know where this is going,” Calipari said. “Eventually you’re going to be a professional. It may not be this year or next year. I told them they have to keep doing their academic work so that if it doesn’t play out they’re still fine

  51. UKNation

    Ease up guys. Orton is UK family. These are all guys that are under 20 years old and listen to what mom and dad say to them all the time. I would love to have Orton back. Good kid, good grades, stayed out of trouble off the court. These guys are very fragile. I love this TEAM!

  52. MEWH

    41) Orton would foul out in 5 mins in the NBA. He will get drafted, but it’s based on POTENTIAL. If he was 1/2 as good at putting the ball in the rim as he was at goaltending it, he would have played more.

  53. Korean Tacos
  54. UK1998

    When I mentioned this throughout the season, I was labled a “Cal Hater”, “UK Hater”, or a troll. Guys, I have been a fan for 27 years, and this experiment is almost officially a fail. I will give him two more years, but this sounds like it could be heading for a disaster.

  55. user2

    mmmmmm…. Korean tacos….

  56. Wayne Dougan

    Patterson should return. He could be the damn governor of Kentucky if he went all four years and we won a title. Or at least one hell of a Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance salesman.

  57. Korean Tacos

    55) Korean tacos are the BOMB!!

  58. user2

    A korean bomb of tastefull goodness in my mouth…wait, that sounds gross

  59. Caliparitrue

    Bye bye Daniel. Hello Enes!!

  60. Blue Lou

    Wow, this is ridiculous. To those of you with the negative comments about Coach Cal:

    Give me a break! The guy took us from NIT to a 35-3 record, SEC titles, Elite Eight. YES its disappointing that 5 of these guys are going pro and we couldnt make the Final Four, but it’s not the end of the world. ITS HIS FIRST YEAR, IMAGINE WHAT HE CAN DO AFTER 3,4,5 classes in a row like that!!!!

    47- you are absolutely retarded if you really believe that. If WWW is doing all the recruiting for Cal, then why do all of these elite PG’s continue to come play for him and when asked why, say because of his development of great PG’s. Go back to your Duke blog or whatever shithole you came from.

  61. L.A.CatFan78

    blah blah. Orton should have went elsewhere then. Assumption of the risk.

  62. MEWH

    54) What are you talking about? How is this a failure? We went from NIT to Elite 8 and were the #1 story in the sport. We have the chance to put 2 guys in the Top 5 picks in the draft, and maybe a third in the lottery. Two others are considered borderline first rounders.

    We have two guys coming back that played decent minutes, and 2 great prospects already commited. And there will be more, much more talent infused before school starts up in August. And they will be guys that fit his system.

  63. Blue Lou

    54 – Good GOD are you serious?????? Why exactly is Calipari all the sudden a failure? What has actually happened to make you say that? Would you rather be toiling in mediocrity as we have the past 10+ years, or losing your players to the pro’s and then re-loading.

    As others have already noted, this in-fighting for PT by parents happens all the time, at EVERY LEVEL.

  64. lexslamman

    I am totally unconcerned with the John Wall, Daniel Orton, Patrick Patterson, Demarcus Cousins, and Eric Bledsoe situation. They paid their dues and if they want to go, best of luck to them.

    I am concerned with the Brandon Knight, Josh Selby, CJ Leslie, Terrence Jones, Terrence Boyd, Doron Lamb, Corey Joseph, Elisha Justice, Kiel Turpin and Luke Cothron situations. Give us more red meat to chew on when it comes to recruiting, please.

  65. bigbluebobbo

    I like Daniel but I don’t see how an NBA team would draft him in the lottery, let alone the 1st round. If you’re a team in the lottery you need to use your 1st pick on a guy that will make an impact on the franchise right away. These teams don’t have 2-3 years to wait on guys like Orton to develop. My guess is he’ll be told he’s a first rounder by some GMs only so he’ll stay in the draft and then they’ll pick him in the 2nd round kinda like Meeks last year. I hate to say this but this situation reminds me more of Randolph Morris more and more everyday. Here’s the scary thing-I think Morris was a better player after his freshman year than Orton is now and Morris went undrafted. Orton is better defensively than Morris will ever be but Morris was much better offensively. I just hope Daniel and his daddy don’t put all their eggs in the “NBA basket” and then have it backfire. If so, Larry Orton may want to introduce himself to Jeremy Tyler’s dad because they may be rooming together in a hostel next year in Europe while their boys play b-ball. GO CATS!!!

  66. Lifelong Cat Fan

    Now we know why The Thress Amigos were not the Fantastic Four this year. Orton is rarely seen in any of the activites that Wall, Cousins, and Bledsoe are.

    As to the link to the ESPN article, wonder why Calipari told Patterson to keep his options open?

  67. matt

    I don’t know how Orton or his dad can complain about playing time. If he would have played more then he would have fouled out of every single game. Orton would have played a lot more if he didn’t foul so much like an idiot.

  68. jealous

    Why has not anyone mentioned my name in all of this D.O. stuff? Where was I on the cover of all the magazine shoots….why don’t i get the press with the rest of the freshman?


  69. Boogie Monster

    47 – You’re a dick.

  70. Team leader

    Kentucky – The ONE’N’DONE U.! Pathetic! THIS ISN”T KENTUCKY BASKETBALL TRADITION! Thanks Coach Cal for flushing TRADITION DOWN THE TOLIET! Oh, yeah, we’ll still get to the NCAA and Elite Eights (BIG FRIGGIN DEAL!) Then we RELOAD again?… WHO Really things Elisha Justice is coming to UK??? MR. KENTUCKY BASKETBALL??? No Way . . Watch and weep as he plays for the UL CARDINALS down the road. Another UK traaitioin FLUSHED DOWN THE TOLEIT!!! IF you’re not a one and done, forget this place!!!! THANKS CAL fer the NEW UK TRADITION!!

  71. Reality Check

    70) Cal doesn’t like to play white players. Why would Justice want to come here?

  72. IndyCat644

    I will say this one more time…calm down. This team has more one and done players than Cal’s total at Memphis, this is not a normal year.

  73. Jessica Simpson's daddy

    You guys leave little Danny Orton’s daddy alone!

  74. Mike

    I love when this site runs with every rumor.

  75. Roscoe P Coletrain

    70 – first change your name to Rip Van Winkle because you have been in hibernation for the last decade. TWO – Cal only had 4 ONE AND DONES in his entire career. Because you are an idiot, you have taken a one-off and made it gospel. This year was a very unique situation, where there were 4-5 elite players available, and we got 2 of them. Bledsoe and Orton built up their draft status through strong play. What is he supposed to do, get scrubs who stick around 4 years and don’t improve ? We already had that, and it was called the Tubby Era.

  76. The Source

    You people that post mean spirited remarks about our past and present players are pathetic and sad. I truly feel sorry for you as your lives must be absolutely miserable. Somehow knowing that these idiots are so miserable makes me happy for some reason don’t ever change.

  77. JMFATZ47

    I really wish everyone would just chill out and let the dust settle. The chips fill fall into place before you know it. What I don’t understand is how everyone supposedly braced themselves for the possibility of this happening and now everyone is acting like its a bad thing. Look, we had what was arguably the best recruiting classes of all time. Now we may put 5 players in the NBA via the 1st round. Last time I checked thats a good thing. Also, last time I checked, we have about 5-6 top 25 recruits itching to sign with UK very soon. Lets not allow a couple rumors and an overly confident father ruin one of the best seasons I have ever been a part of.

    We could still have BCG. Hell, we could still have Tubby…..things could be worse than 35-3 with an elite 8.

    Kentucky basketball is relevant again….over a year ago, this is all I wanted and I think we got more than that!!

  78. BravoBigBlue

    Orton’s minutes were about right this year considering the 2 guys playing ahead of him. And he had trouble staying out of foul trouble. If he goes, he goes. I would like ot have him back next year, but if he doesn’t want to be here, he should move on. As for Patrick, I suspect his stock has dropped somewhat. At one time, he was projected at 9 and now it’s about 15. It would be great for Kentucky if he came back one more year. Of all those leaning to go pro, I would take Patrick and Boogie back over the others.

  79. Wildcat Fan 4 LIFE

    99% of the comments qualify for deletion…. COMPLETE MORONS! GET A LIFE!

  80. Recruit over coaching

    Cal not being able to coach in no new phenomenon. He gets the top pg prospect over the last 3 years and does nothing to improve their game. Rose, Evans, and Wall would have been the top pick or picks regardless of Cal’s tutelage. Were Walls numbers any better at the end of the year then the beginning? No, Is Wall still considered the top pick like he was before putting on a UK uni? yes. Cal recognized that players who were 1 and dones needed a school that wouldn’t care if they came for a year messed around on the court and left. He simply filled a void that these players needed. The comment about his teams at memphis being horrible before WWW are more true than any of you care to consider. WWW also got lebron to pay attention to Cal. I think its safe to assume without WWW Cal would still be in the NIT with memphis

  81. Argento

    What about his team at Umass? You know, the one that beat one of the best Kentucky teams ever. Guess that was just luck.

  82. cats1068

    47 and 70, thanks for the drive-by posting. Now you can go back into cybersapce where you were the last 4 years. You know UK is back when the haters are drinking haterade and take drive-by pot shots and hide behind the guise of the keyboard.

  83. cats1068

    Add 80 to the list of drive-byes. Keep drinking the haterade.

  84. BravoBigBlue

    80 – I’m no expert on Coach Cal’s past history like you obviously are, but I have a life. I am only concerned about what he does at Kentucky. So far, so good as far as I’m concerned. I’m looking forward to the future of UK basketball with him as coach. As long as everthing is done above board, I really have no problem with the one-and-dones and reload.

  85. thomas thompson

    The one & done theory may work this year at UK, but let it play out for 3-4 seasons and then form your hypotheses. The one & done may actually turn into a 2 or 3 & done. PPat is a 3 & done.

  86. Grumpy Old Man

    (In Dana Carvey’s Grumpy Old Man voice from late 80s early 90s SNL)
    In my day we didn’t have Twitter, tweets, face book, blogs, or forums. If we wanted someone to listen to our antagonistic drivel we had to have it published, or write a letter to an editor, call a radio program, or just talk to other people about it REALLY LOUD! We didn’t NEED internet media outlets, and we didn’t want them! That’s all we had and we LIKED it! We LOVED it!

    In my day when my favorite team had a GREAT year we didn’t let the accusations and insinuations of others less fortunate ruin our opinions of our beloved team! Who knew if they were even true! In my day we enjoyed being in the moment, having a stellar season, and looking forward to what may be next year! We didn’t make ourselves puke while agonizing over every little post, tweet, blurb, interview, or statement that players, coaches, or reporters made! That was how it was and we LIKED it! We LOVED it!

  87. Cats Fan CWR

    The comments to this post are embarrassing as a UK fan. Even if you disagree with Daniel’s decision or approach to the draft, it’s no excuse to bad mouth a young kid that represented our team and state well throughout the season. He is not telling anyone on this message board how to handle their careers, and you should extend him the same courtesy. And the negative comments about Coach Calipari are so stupid that they’re not worth comment. Some people simply can’t be satisfied.

  88. BravoBigBlue

    The way I feel is that although I wasn’t happy with the end result, I was very pleased with the season we had this year. What a talented group of basketball players. They made it fun again. This is a season I will never forget.

  89. Lady Cat

    It was his decision to still come to UK when Gillispie was fired. He decided to come even after Cousins committed knowing he was the #2 player in the nation. If he was that unhappy, he shoulda just transfered at the end of the fall semester and went else where. But he shoulda know that was coming. Cousins is way better on offense and thats why he plays…plus he’s bigger. Orton really could benefit from another year and with Cousins gone, he would get that a long side Enes Kanter. But instead, he’s gonna pass up a good opportunity to become a top 5-10 pick like someone said. Sounds like his dad is a bad influence…bet I know someone who probably wouldnt be happy with his actions. And the upperclassmen’s parents shoulda known that their sons would lose playing time, especially the seniors. These players that came in are top NBA draft picks, somethin UK hasnt had in a long time. Just be happy you were a part of such a talented team and won like you did. It amazes me at how selfish some people can be. Orton leaving wont hurt my feelings…bring on CJ Leslie and Terrence Jones.

  90. Yarrrr Jeanius

    I wonder if Tubby left the magic fax machine. Sounds like there may be a few more of our guys needing it soon!!

  91. UKalltheWAY

    To be honest I hope Daniel Orton DOES LEAVE!!! His attitude is pathetic, he didn’t deserve to be on this team!!

  92. teamblue

    larry ortons comments were not the brightest thats for sure…especially about making cousins look bad…can only make for tense moments among players and I am sure the players have read that by now…including cousins…larry orton just put his son in a tough situation saying those things…


    (2)Questions as we exit the season earlier than expected….(1) Why didn’t we overguard Missoula (sp) to his left when we knew he couldn’t go right? and (2) After the coach told Hood he would give him a shot in a game situation prior to the SEC tournament but didn’t keep his word..what happened? I guess his lack of defensive speed kept him off the floor, who knows? I do know one thing, he couldn’t have laid a bigger egg than those bricks we saw against WV.

  94. ukfan

    #54, exactly UK nor any team can continue winning by just having a roster full of only one-and-done. An example of that is North Carolina had a top recruiting class last year and a top 10 pre-season favorite. What happened to North Carolina this season? They ended up at 2010 NIT runner-up to Dayton.

    Are UK fans willing to accept a 20-16 (or worse record) and a very poor SEC record under Coach Cal for a season or two just to have some of the top talent and to get get to possible get back to the Final Four?

    As for Daniel Orton, I would like to see his reasons why he dislike Coach Cal. Last year we heard rumors of players not happy and this year it was like there was a gag order until after the season. I understand a coach cannot make all players happy all the time and things could be misinterpreted.
    view you cannot make a judgment call of what going on. So, until all the information is out on all sides, I am not making any judgment calls on anything.

  95. Brian in Shelbyville

    I cant believe some of you people. DO lost his mom right before season. Anyone remember that? Shame on you people for dogging out an 18 year old kid. On any other team in America, He would have started, got more playing time, and developed further than what he did this season. He is a kid that was probably very lonely, a bit alienated, and behind two other players that were more developed (Cousins) and more experienced (PATPAT). The Three amigos plus Pat got all the attention from the national media. Have a little empathy people. I mean really? I can’t believe some of the GARBAGE you people are posting here. Truth be told, this young man was in a tough situation, and at times it got the best of him. I would LOVE (thats for you UKalltheWAY) for Orton to stick around. He has a tough situation, and I wish nothing but the best for him AND Larry. I’m out….

  96. Empty Roster Spots

    Is is true that we are currently recruiting a few of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s kids?

  97. uk...

    95…I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for puttiing on the uk uniform daniell

  98. Brian in Shelbyville

    Hey Biesner,
    Why in the world did my comment get axed and you let people insult a player and their parents? This site is now and has always been my favorite for all things U of K. But the level of insults and hypocrisy in some of these posts makes me question your, or whoever is moderating these posts, good judgment. Why have a comment section if I cant comment? I simply posed the opposite side of the coin by defending Orton who clearly has a hard decision to make. Brian in Shelbyville

  99. Brian in Shelbyville


  100. big blue77

    u all are a bunch of idiots

  101. Russ

    As a long time UK fan, I am very pleased with the season. It would have been nice to win a NC this year…as it would be every year. I do hope we get a stable of hosses on the team that stay a while and just sprinkled with one-and-dones. As far as Coach Cal being a good coach, I don’t think there is very many head coaches out there that are great in all facets of the game. I seem to recall how Joe B. Hall was accused of being a dynamite recruiter and a lesser bench coach. That’s why he did well as long as Dickie Parsons was on the bench and wasn’t able to fully recover after the NCAA cut the number of coaches and Dickie left…But I’ll take Joe B. and Coach Cal all day. Bring on the top-10 recruits and let’s throw that tater up and PLAY!! Go ‘cats!!