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Wall and Patterson Press Conferences


It’s that time, folks. UK announced that John Wall and Patrick Patterson will hold press conferences this week – most likely to say goodbye. Wall will meet with the media tomorrow morning at 10:00 am and Patrick’s presser will be Friday at 2:30 pm.  It’s okay to cry.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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52 responses to “Wall and Patterson Press Conferences”

  1. UK_Chris

    Patterson….Be like Singler and come back for your senior year!

  2. Digger Phelps

    Earn your paper, booboo.

  3. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    1 – Did you just ask him to be like Kyle Singer? Get a grip, man.

  4. ukgenius


  5. Don

    :wah: I’ll miss them a lot. My wife said she won’t watch now that Boogie’s gone – lol!


    **NEW VIDEO** 09-10 Kentucky Basketball: “The Beginning of an Era”

    Link below.

  7. UK_Chris

    3. I meant in decision to return only. I thank God everyday Patterson’s not like Singler. Chill bro.

  8. UKFanInCincy

    Its going to be a sad, sad day.

  9. Don

    #6 not anywhere on the internet from what I can see – not in blog, discussion…anywhere.

  10. super

    Jan Terri doesn’t want to lose you Pat!

  11. JiminyJillickers

    PPat stays !!!!

  12. abc

    before they go i would love to play a pickup game with them…….AT THE PLAYYYYGROUUUND!

  13. bluezodo

    Here is a video of Jarrod Polson dunking, shooting light out from 3, sweet dribbling skills, and blocking the crap out of elisha justice.

    I think he should be a preferred walk-on for next season

  14. nkycatfan

    If I don’t watch and refuse to acknowledge this event does that mean it never really occurred? Kind of like, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

  15. :(

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  16. To our great filmmaker

    #7 I’m just happy that UKCAT8FAN is back! That guy makes great films. There was a time when I couldn’t find your clips but no more

    that made my day

  17. Indycatfan

    My guess a UK sign would be considered a gang sign #11, but not as that weakshit Duke players put on youtube.

  18. Jonah Hex

    Que the titanic music—-my heart will go on….dont let go Patterson, dont let go.

    Sniff sniff.

  19. Jonah Hex
  20. Ted Stryker

    What kind of comp. did Polson play against? Is he on any AAU teams?

  21. Indycatfan

    They all have class, but without a doubt Patrick was the elite of them all…..Thanks Patrick and to your Family

  22. TheFakeMrEd

    I saw a discussion that said Wall’s hand sign simply meant “eastside”, not really a gang sign. Typical jealous Duke Fan.

  23. ThatsAShame

    Both great players in their own manner.

    John, if that basketball thing does not work out I am sure someone in Lex would hook you up with a comfortable job.

  24. Mack

    There is no cry………………….

  25. WildcatsOne

    🙁 x 2

  26. Wall2Cousins.

    Is anyone else concerned that neither Bpsyco or Cats2 has not posted in the last hour? Is it possible this all just a dream?

  27. Poops Alot

    Come on Pat, make the call. One way or the other, bro. We want ya back, but the high schoolers NEED to know.

  28. .

    #28 Just Give them time. lol!

  29. Please

    Someone advise Eric Bledsoe to pull his name from the draft. One more year and he is a guarantee to be picked in the top 10, Please don’t make the same mistake as Morris, Azubukie, and a few others have made. Not saying that bukie is not having a good nba career but he could have earned himself a few more dollars if he would have came back.

  30. D Fox

    #28 Go over to Rivals and you have Cat fans on there all day and night. Ron Mexico and C-A-T-S, J Fields come to mind. How freaking sad is ones life that they have to post on a board all day and night?

  31. UKCatFan2013

    :(… that is all.

  32. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    I might stop crying in time to watch. I’ll still live in my delusional dream world until the officially announce their departure. Having those two back with our incoming freshmen as well as Miller and Liggins would make for an incredible team.

  33. Todd Penn

    #32 we hate you

  34. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    “they announce” not “the announce”

  35. EyewearMan

    Thank you PPat for 3 great years!

  36. D Fox

    #35 Why?

  37. I bleed KY blue

    It will be a very sad day when PPat says his time at UK is done. You wont find an athelete with as much class and character as Patterson. He represented the Big Blue very well and will be greatly missed.

  38. edgehoops

    The timing of this is intriguing. Wall at 10:00am. Teague at 1:30pm.

  39. crazydave

    40…Wall gets out of class at 0915 and Teague starts his English class at 1:30…a perfect reason for him to skip.

  40. cat fan

    i just heard from a good source that both wall and pat are coming back for another year!!! go big blue

  41. Todd Penn

    #38 It seemed that you were taking a shot at fellow cat fans. If not then I am sorry and will give you a hug.

  42. Good Source

    42. You weren’t suppose to say anything you son of a …

  43. D Fox

    #43 Not taking a shot at all. I honestly feel sorry for them

  44. JDMN

    42. Your a bitch, man

  45. bigkyfan10

    42… stfu and get out

  46. nalley723

    Gang signs? Really? That’s 3 fingers he’s holding up after netting a three, morons

  47. JohnWall

    I just thought i would info ya me and patterson are coming back for one more year im going to run the point… Knight going to moved to shootin guard… GO BIG BLUE

  48. AtomicDawg02

    I’m not crying, I have something in my eye that’s making it water.

  49. JohnWall

    Me and Pat are coming back for one more ride

  50. LizzieB

    Somebody with the techie skills definitely needs to get on making a montage video of this past season w/ this song!!!

  51. NonebetterthantheCATS

    Patrick Patterson and John Wall will be missed greatly, but in different ways. Cats fans will never forget the character and passion PPat brought to the court and classroom, and who could ever forget the razzle dazzle, leadership, and excitement John Wall seemed to incite from the fans on every possession….fellows you will e missed.

  52. NonebetterthantheCATS

    and lets not forget about Big Cous….although childish at times, thats the passion that a champion needs. Damn it felt good to dominate the inside again. Orton and Bledsoe, good luck guys, but we could have used ya…