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Video Vault Classic: UK’s 1997 Runner-up Tournament Run

Article written by Bryan the Intern

20 responses to “Video Vault Classic: UK’s 1997 Runner-up Tournament Run”

  1. _Blackhawk_

    With the image of Anthony Epps weeping after that OT loss forever embedded into my brain I think I will pass on watching this video. I still remember it all too well.

  2. ChampDan

    Epps’ shot to send it into overtime is one of my favorite shots in UK history (a stretch, I know, but just my opinion). Listening to Nanz call the end of that game in regulation still gives me goosebumps

  3. gobigblue32

    I’m with #1…too soon, too soon. (12 years later…still too soon)

  4. 42

    It’s alright. There’s always next year.

  5. UKBigDaddy


  6. UKBigDaddy

    my bad, wrong place….

  7. P3

    terrible foul call on Nazi there at the end…

  8. Wildcat Fan-atic

    Here’s a little “Video Vault” of my own. Full highlight video of the 1978 NCAA title game. Link below.

  9. hoptowncatfan

    Did anyone else wonder about how far down the path of leaving Kentucky Pitino was while watching those clips? Had he already been approached? Had he already decided? Was his soul already sold?

  10. reesewitherspoonschin

    Maybe Nazr would have gotten some more votes if he would have hit a free throw this game.

  11. Tavin_Dillard

    How did I forget that Jason Terry was on that Arizona team??

  12. GoCats2010

    DEREK ANDERSON, I know, risking career, but in his 19 games he averaged just shy of 18 points per game. at least let him stand at the 3pt line, he was shooting 40% on the year

  13. GoCats2010

    10. everyone was on that Arizona team, how the hell did they put that team together and Olsen never duplicated that success…I smell a rat

  14. clsmooth

    Should have included Anderson coming of the bench to shoot the technical foul free throws against Minnesota.

  15. GoCats2010

    anyone know what Cal’s announcement this afternoon is?

  16. Waitin' on 8

    14) Maybe new uniforms? Maybe Cal has decided to run for President in the next election?

    Also, if Anderson has played in the 97 NC game, I think we’d have pulled it out.

  17. TOMPAV83

    I can vividly remember running around my house screaming at the top of my lungs after Epps hit that shot. I thought it was a foregone conclusion we were going to win it after that….sigh
    9, i completely agree with you, hit a f’ing free throw

  18. jglunt

    the anderson tech free throws ommission was big, as was the mercer spinning layup against minnesota, as was the jared prickett hangin on the rim technical. this was one of the greatest UK teams ever and it could have included Antoine, a healthy Anderson, and Sheppard…wow would they have been unstoppable. i’m not ashamed to admit i cried when we lost this one (i was 13).

  19. IloveUKdoU

    #8 Awesome video. I remember that game like it was just last week. So great, so great, so great!! To me that is THE classic UK game by which all other games should be measured. Thanks so much for the memories.

  20. atomicdawg02

    The last minute of the 97 championship game was one of the best in recent memory. I wish D.A. had been able to play in that game. Anthony Epps is one of the more underrated PG’s in UK history. I’m just glad Utah beat Arizona in the 98 regional final b/c I’m not sure we could have beaten them that year (Majerus had dinner with George Karl the night before and he suggested using the triangle and 2 defense to defend Bibby and Simon).