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Vee Sanford is visiting Dayton today

Former Lexington Catholic guard and Billy Gillispie recruit Vee Sanford is visiting Dayton today. He also plans to visit Loyola-Chicago and Marshall. Sanford spent last season at Georgetown University where he averaged 2.4 points in 6.6 minutes per game. Sanford decided to transfer because of the lack of playing time and the lack of opportunities to earn more.

It’s news like this that makes us appreciate where Kentucky basketball is with Calipari, compared to where it was under Billy Clyde. We need to be reminded of the Dakota Eutons and the Vinny Zollos of yesterday so that we can enjoy the Michael Gilchrists and Anthony Davises of today. Vee Sanford is a guy Gillispie spent a lot of time watching (although I don’t think he was ever offered) and, for a while, it looked like he could’ve ended up in a Kentucky jersey.

And this isn’t a knock on Vee Sanford. I watched him play in high school and he has game. Whatever team he ends up with will be getting a solid player. But after seeing Dakota Euton go to Asbury, GJ Villarino at Appalachain State, and now Vee Sanford visiting Loyola-Chicago, it’s almost funny to look back at the talent Billy G was scouting.

Actually, it’s very funny.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “Vee Sanford is visiting Dayton today”

  1. Boggie

    If I’m actually first, I would like to take this opportunity to say that Billy Gillispie can forever sux it!

  2. PatPattersonISWalkingThruThatDoor


  3. cracka

    bcg just gets it! wait a minute, i think messed that up …

  4. tdogg4033011


  5. Wildcats

    I graduated with Vee and he is one hell of a ballplayer. I think it would have been a great 4 year player and would have developed into an All-SEC caliber point guard, whether it be second or third team. I think Georgetown is losing a guy who could have helped them become a good team. He could have been great in the Big Least.

  6. john4uk

    But you are forgetting how excited Kentucky fans were when Gillispie was recruiting theses guys.Some thought the players he was recruitnig the cream of the crop.Im thankful everyday that Gillispie and Tubby are gone.Too bad Gillispie was ever hired.

  7. JonnyComeLately

    Talk about a no news day. This sux.

  8. David E.

    7 – Yet, here you are commenting on it..

  9. Not a Tubby fan

    I don’t need to be reminded of anything of the sort.

    i appreciate the talent that Cal brings in without any negative backlight.

    I’d rather forget about BCG. Bad enough that we aren’t allowed to forget about TLT.

  10. BlueBomb

    I recall the buzz around Gillispie when he arrived. He was throwing scholarships and offers around like crazy. MANY people thought he was a God there for a while. But then he started coaching…

  11. TeamPaulyD

    Still wondering who will be 1st 2012 commit… Any thoughts? Plus if Shawn Kemp never got in trouble could imagine that team with Chris Mills Laron Ellis and Rex Champman!!! Wow Maybe we never get Pitino…. funny how things workout

  12. Red Rooster

    That’s a Demarcus Cousins/Gary Coleman wuzzle!

  13. TeamPaulyD


  14. mudcreekmark

    I still think Sanford will end up being a good player before his college days are up. He is one of BCG.s recruits that actually might have made it.Do you think that he is better than Jon Hood?

  15. SexnNursinHomes

    tdogggggggg in da howwwwse!!

  16. you guys are sort of douches

    Why does this site always make fun of people? Vee is a local ball player. Whether you admit it or not Drew, you backhandedly dissed a good ball player from central KY.
    Leave Clyde and Pitino to their own paths. I mean dogging Cal was the past time before he came to UK. Wouldn’t you folks learn a lesson from all of that. I really think this site has a formula of “nothing to write/no real news + need an article b/c that is what the fans expect = let’s make fun of someone.”
    What are you guys going to do when Pitino retires from coaching and is welcomed back to UK as being a huge part of our legacy? All the back-tracking/rationalizing/justification with Cal and then the Tony Woods possibility will be pale compared to Pitino in the next couple of years.
    If you don’t say anything, no one will know if you are a fool.

  17. kyeric

    What? I always have to #PAY for sexn nursing homes. Those old ladies are getting expensive!

  18. tom5673

    what’s funny is that everyone forgot that billy g. won the sec coach of the year after leading us to a 12-4 record his first year. the reason that billy g. was recruiting these kids is because tubby had driven the program down so low that those were the only players uk could recruit. it’s not like he didn’t want to recruit the 5-star mcdonald’s all-americans…he couldn’t. uk wasn’t even on their radar. what a terrible time that was. but, the future is fantastic.
    can’t wait ’til next year!

  19. tdogg4033011

    18) NO EXCUSES !!!! UK wasn’t on the map when Calipari took over either ……


    UK basketball should have the best recruits no matter who the coach is.

  21. Tom Blevins

    To be fair, when Vinny Zollo committed to the Cats, he was regarded as a top 10 player in his class. yeah, I was excited about him, just like I was about Patrick Patterson signing with Kentucky. Daniel Orton was another with a huge skill set, that he never got to showcase at Kentucky (or in the NBA) because 1. he never fully recover from his injury, and 2. he came to Kentucky at the same time as Cousins. So we may not like Billy Clyde’s batting average, but he did hit a few recruiting home runs.

  22. SexnNursinHomes

    17- when you ride with me everything is free, aged all the way up to a 103.

  23. you guys are sort of douches

    Also, if PPat wouldn’t have destroyed his ankle in year 1, Clyde would still be our coach most likely. We were dangerous that year.

  24. tom5673

    19. don’t get me wrong, i’m not a billy g. fan. but, he did bring in liggins, miller and harrelson. he also sealed the deal with patterson and the prophet’s son, alex legion (highly touted recruit at the time). tubby’s recruits were absolutely awful except for the rondo, crawford, morris class and the occasional diamond in the rough (e.g. – azubuike, meeks). both gillispie and calipari were amazed at the overall lack of talent at uk when they arrived. that’s on tubby…period.

  25. JimBobCooter

    To the Billy Clyde defenders… Liggins wouldn’t even enter a game for him… instead of letting PPat’s injuries heal, he worked them into more severe injuries… he ridiculed Meeks for SCORING (and hid the t-shirts the SCHOOL MADE celebrating his UT record.

    The guy is a fanatic. And not in a good way. I hear he truly loves his players and just believes in tough love… but the team easily could’ve made the NCAA tourney but tanked in year 2 bc he simply could not inspire them other than over-working and insulting them.

  26. Tokyo Satchel

    I don’t think it’s funny. Sad maybe, but not funny.

  27. BlueWorldOrder

    Didnt Vee’s Dad play one season at UK?