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Vandy Player Freaks Out During Halftime Locker Room Speech

I am not exactly sure why Vanderbilt put the clip above online, but they did. Here is a Vandy Offensive Lineman losing his head as his team leads lowly UMASS 10-7 at halftime. His words aren’t the easiest to understand but I think they include, “WE CUD BAY THE BUST OFFENSE TEAM IN CUNTRY….COME ANNNN LETS GO!”

Vandy…its a hard life

Article written by Matt Jones

37 responses to “Vandy Player Freaks Out During Halftime Locker Room Speech”

  1. Rise

    That OL sounded like a spoiled kid who didn’t get the toy he wanted for Christmas.

  2. Frankie

    Excuse me sir but you splashed some male testosterone on me.

  3. KYStout

    It’s called football and that is what you are supposed to do.

  4. Bob Cobb

    Reminds me of that old SNL skit where Chris Katan is playing a coach giving a halftime speech to the Kentucky basketball team and no one can understand what he is saying, except the players in the skit got excited anyway.

  5. John

    Kentucky wishes they played like that all the time.

  6. rick

    I liked it, i just wished he had hit somebody, there needed to be some blood in that.

  7. Jeffrey

    It was UMASS, you kidding me? They’re horrible, and they only put up 24 points against them.


    Complete with the Friday Night Lights themed background music of course

  9. Wrong

    I’m not sure why this is being made fun of. The young man showed his passion for his team and winning. Any coach out there would love to see that kind of fire from his whole team. Failed attempt at poking fun in my opinion.

  10. Sin The'

    Roid Rage!

  11. Jon O

    Agree with Wrong, UK could use a few players in the locker room like that big O-lineman from Vandy. He’s pretty passionate about the game and expects his teammantes to give a 100%. This post was a swing and miss by Matt, and reflects on his lack of knowledge of what is actually said and done in football locker rooms… aka, Matt never suited up and played the game.

  12. Musehobo

    No problem, with his heart, throwing things, or whatever. His inability to pronounce any words correctly was more than a bit funny though.

  13. kentucky effect

    Agree with Wrong also…..we can only hope that passion @ that level would ever be in our locker room.
    We can’t make fun of anybody @ this stage……

  14. binarysolo

    Not exactly sure why Vanderbilt put the clip? Did we watch the same clip, or did you stop watching after their senior OL dude “freaked out”?

    For those who didn’t watch past the halftime speech (cough Matt cough), we see Vandy playing much better in the second half backed with a swelling FNL musical score and they go on to score two more TDs while holding UMass scoreless. The clip shows a team facing adversity and overcoming it (albeit, against UMass).

    That’s why Vandy posted the video.

    I’ll hang up now and listen.

  15. Ricky bobby

    All that yelling and screamin and it produced…….14 second half points against UMass?!??? Hell, I patted my pop warner team on the butt, told them to hustle more, then ran all the fat slow linemen in the second half just so they could say they ran the ball and we still hung 7 more points on the other team.

  16. TiptonsNeverBeenInsider

    Agree with most everyone above… If you’ve ever been inside a football locker room competing at any level, you’ll understand the

  17. Honky Kong

    I liked the video. Wish we could see what goes on during UK’s halftime breaks. I hope our team plays with the same intensity tomorrow night. I’d like to see a video of John Gruenschlaeger 6-11, 350# freak out in UK’s locker room, while Matt Jones is in the corner in the fetal position shaking like a little girl.

  18. that'snice

    Not sure of the issue KSR has with this video. I hope Kentucky has that same kind of intensity in the locker room.

  19. gradstudent

    If that’s the worst thing you can find about Vandy football to make fun of, I’d say they’re doing a great job turning their program around. Nothing about the video seems odd to me.

  20. RealCatsFan

    Well, I just hope that we will bring it on the field this year against Vandy and avenge the last two ass-whuppin’s they put on us. That’s embarrassing.

    I have to say, that was a pretty pathetic looking crowd there to watch that game.

  21. I Sayy

    Calm down Bobby Boucher

  22. Probably Not Seen That

    I liked it… we probably haven’t seen that in our locker room in a long, long time.. even basketball last year.

  23. bigbluejon

    Sounds like James Franklin went to the Rick Pitino School of Hyperbole… That’s the best win I’ve ever seen

  24. Krispy Kreme

    If he has enough energy to smash his helmet and scream like a school girl during halftime then he is probably the problem. I hated playing with butt-kissers like this guy. “Ok, coaches see you. Get me some more Gatorade and sit down.”

  25. Isn't that why coaches coach?

    To DRAW out the focused emotion of playing college football especially during a game?
    OT: what is is UK’s record in football recently against Vandy?

  26. patrickaspen

    the stands are pretty bare…

  27. the realest

    only in white America this is inspiring …if he was black,he would be a thug that needs to control his emotions SMH

  28. SportsMotto

    You’ve become an icon in the state of Kentucky at a very young age Matt. By innovation, hard work and persistence I might add. By understand the interworkings that motivate athletes, this is easy to see why they put it on line.

  29. Obummer

    This is what kills me about people like Matt Jones that have never played a sport in their life and have no idea what goes on locker rooms……

  30. SportsMotto


  31. Wow...

    I don’t see any difference between this and the video that shows coach Stoops getting knocked down and the getting up screaming in the 1 video. You need guys like that OL in the locker room… To hold everyone accountable. Yes, they only scored 14 more pts, but did they play better? Yes… Did the play with more intensity? Yes….. So why is this funny? Nice try… But this one is a whiff

  32. Wow...

    27) judging by the fact you cant even spell your name right I can’t take anything you say seriously bud…

  33. Wow...

    You can really tell by these comments who are true football fans that know something about the sport and who are mainly basketball fans that support football and act like they know something about football…They Prolly expected UK to go to a bowl this year… Smh

  34. Wi Tu Hi

    The lineman that yelled and threw his helmet did not seem to fire up his teammates, no else said a word or even acted like they heard him. Maybe they could not understand him.

  35. Wi Tu Hi

    (no one else) for #34

  36. NYC Wildcat

    Well, I thought it was funny.

  37. Hink

    You got to love the heart and fire Coach Franklin brings.