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“Under the Lights: Kentucky Basketball” debuts tonight


Tonight is the debut of Fox Sports South’s 30-minute all-access look at the Kentucky basketball program. “Under the Lights: Kentucky Basketball” airs at 9 p.m. (ET) and will feature exclusive interviews with Jamal Mashburn, Rex Chapman, Kyle Macy, Patrick Patterson, and our good buddy Joe B. Hall. I’m sure we’ll hear a few words from Coach Cal too.

Fox Sports producer Ray Goodrich wrote on the FSS website today what it’s like to ring the doorbell of the Calipari home at 7:00 am.  Goodrich’s An Engaging Experience tells us all about his morning spent alongside Coach Cal.  (Surprisingly, cold Papa John’s wasn’t on the breakfast menu.)

Check out the Under the Lights 5 minute teaser and then set that DVR to record tonight’s show just in case you don’t make it home in time from watching the UK Hoops take on #19 Georgia at Memorial.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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35 responses to ““Under the Lights: Kentucky Basketball” debuts tonight”

  1. Douggercats

    Yea, baby.

  2. Douggercats

    Yea, baby!

  3. buk

    Yea, baby!

  4. GoCats2010

    Yea, baby!

  5. btowncatfan

    2,3,4 Is there and echo in here?

  6. GoCats2010

    IS there an echo in here?

  7. mocha

    anybody know what channel this is in the cincy area with time warner cable?

  8. Ralphie330

    Thanks Drew.

  9. uksbiggestfan

    anybody know what channel this is in the cincy area with time warner cable? I kid, I kid. It’s good to hear that nothing was off limits after what Billy Clyde did to espn last year!UK#1

  10. me

    Yea, baby! 😉

  11. KY12

    Have you guys seen the new video, this is Louisville basketball. Apparently it’s just an episode of judge judy, with all the teams legal problems being settled. BTW, how did Smith and Jennings get out of assaulting a police officer, that’s hard to do even for them.

  12. BigBlueFan

    He only eats HOT Papa Johns Pizza, he’s Coach Cal Bitch!

  13. KY12

    If you want to compare taking a chick into an unoccupied home and fighting cops, be my guest.

  14. Marquis Teague

    Will be at the Tennessee game this weekend with JP Tokoto and A. Thomas. All of them are top-10 recruits. I hope Cal lets him know that Pitino is Definitely leaving UofL so it would be best to stay away from them.

  15. KY12

    Hey is it worse for an 18 year old to hook up in an empty house, or a 50 year old to cheat on their wife in a public restaurant? Tough call

  16. LouisvilleFanCraig

    Kensucky aint got nothing on the dirtybirds – Go Cards

  17. afidler

    This WILL be on Fox Sports Tennessee (since we don’t get Fox Sports South, proper). That would be Channel 28 in Nashville on Comcast.

  18. Marquis Teague

    LouisvilleQueerCraig- Why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be researching head coaches so you can replace Pitino after he goes to St. Johns? HAHAHA

  19. Diller

    Someone get it on YouTube please!

  20. kyforever

    Is it just me or does anybody else think Coach Cal looks like an older version of Ralph Maccio from the Karate Kid movies?

  21. UK2K

    18-except for more national title, more wins, a better win percentage, more players in the pros, a better fanbase, better players, and hotter girls, i guess your right. touche

  22. kyforever

    Also, was wondering from this post. Can you just walk up to Coach Cal’s house and ring his doorbell?

  23. DumbassSan

    22- Yeah, that’s just you….take down your “Crossroads” poster now.

  24. The KENTCUKY Jersey

    They are making fun of John Wall on Yahoo!Sports. Why did Cal tweet that photo out when he knows everything involving Wall and UK will be heavily scrutinized?

  25. kyforever

    Ralph Macchio as he looks today. Yes it is Coach Cal’s long lost son.

  26. kyforever

    25) i would respond but make it a point not to respond to hateful dumbasses. grow up. just having fun bitch.

  27. kyforever

    26) was wondering the same thing. a hater at work today first thing off the bat says to me ” so Wall has a 3.7 grade point average but can’t spell Kentucky.” I said he didn’t make the jersey NIKE did. To which he responded “well if he had any brains he would have noticed it was spelled wrong and wouldn’t pose for the shot”

  28. ManCrush

    28-Work out your man-crushes quieter and try avoiding the lash-out when called on it.

  29. Rodney King

    25-28-30- Cant we all just get along

  30. ukcatfan2013

    The game is free for me to go. If anyone is willing to carry me, buy me a popcorn and a coke. I will go to the UK Hoops game.

  31. Bigbluecalizone

    You know how to tell when a programs is really sucking like a carp in a $hit pond? Their punk ass, thumb sucking fan base starts visiting a Winners Blog since there is nothing but gloom and doom on their own site. You want to know what else is funny? When a coach has ruined his rep to the point that he can’t get a friggin job with what is possibly the worst Pro Franchise in the history of organized sports. And according to multiple NBA sources, he’s been trying to land anything he can for a couple of years. Hell, he’s trying to get out and can’t. Yea, you suckers got a lot to be proud off. Suck it.

  32. kyforever

    30) will work on that. thanks. 31) the answer is no we can’t all just get along, we are Kentucky basketball fans.

  33. uksocal

    Anyone broadcasting the show on justin?

  34. gobigblue

    poor LOSERVILLE fan.. good then something to watch tonight besides that sorry BIG EASY basketball

  35. Sam

    Stupid dish network… don’t get FSN… would it be on that justintv site or something?