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UK’s response to the Kanter ruling

University of Kentucky response to NCAA decision on Enes Kanter

UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart

“We are disappointed in the result and equally disappointed in the process. We have spent significant effort and resources to help this young man play college basketball in the United States. This has been on our radar screen daily for 10 months.

“We were informed by the NCAA that the flexible decisions made by the NCAA staff in other high-profile cases could not be used in case precedent and were not binding on the NCAA going forward. The University of Kentucky was very hopeful that our student-athlete might receive the same type of consideration afforded to these other athletes but that did not happen. We were also reminded on a regular basis that the amateurism and professionalism piece, including benefits received from a professional team, is the one area of Bylaw 12 that has not been deregulated.”

UK Men’s Basketball Coach John Calipari

“We are obviously disappointed in this decision and find it unfortunate that a group of adults would come to such a decision regarding the future of an 18-year-old young man.

“This has never been about our program or the University of Kentucky, it has been about the wishes of Enes and his family to have their son educated in the United States. It is a shame that Enes had to endure the constant speculation and misinformation that was furthered by certain media organizations in the smear campaign conducted by his Turkish team.

“The silver lining is that Enes will always be part of this team. My job will be to prepare him for his entry into the NBA Draft, which this decision by the Association will likely necessitate. Enes will always be a part of our family and I plan to be by his side in the green room whenever he is drafted.”

Article written by Thomas Beisner

126 responses to “UK’s response to the Kanter ruling”

  1. mateotemprano

    like the corporate tools they are, the ncaa issues bad news on friday at 5pm.

    what a crock of shite.

  2. boots45

    Horsesh t!!!!!


    How are we even gonna have enough players to practice? Maybe the tredmill can guard Jorts!

  4. Art Vandalay

    Gotta like Barnhart firing on the “selective enforcement” issue.

  5. kyjoe

    My respect for both Mitch and Cal just went through the roof with those responses.

  6. Pissed Off

    Well, the committee members better have a police guard escort themselves home from here on out. I’m sure there are some UK fans out there who are a little bit irrational now as a result of this decision.

  7. bxtxcatfan

    Keep Jorts free of foul trouble.

  8. amsterdamcatfan

    Well done Mitch & Cal!


    In politics they call the timing of this decision throwing out the trash.

  10. cam newton

    I didnt know

  11. stringmusic

    NCAA can EAT Me!

  12. DanDaMan

    You tell ’em Coach!! Enes will always be a Wildcat in my book!

  13. Eric

    what the f… ncaa can get sued, i hope they do, it will make my day.

  14. RidgeRunner

    I’m on my laptop at a McDonalds on the way to Birmingham for the football game. Stopped twice to check in for any news. Now this.

    I was in special forces years ago..I still have contacts & you prolly know what my very first thought was! Trust me it was bad!

    NCAA two-faced bunch of hypocrites! Gonna be hard to drive on now…I am pissed!

  15. tnRNcatfan

    Man what a travesty….Mitch and Coach are handling this well. In my opinion they should hold a press conference and let the NCAA HAVE IT!!! They should get on the horn with Vitale and Bilas and Decourcey and make sure they yell it from the media mountain tops that this is a joke of an organization that is suppose to stand for the student athlete and what is in their best interest…

  16. bcat

    Boooooo! I hate you NCAA! I hope Oregon wins by 50!!

  17. Big Blue 66

    I will be sorely dissappointed if KSR and Matt Jones do not chase down the committee members and pull a TMZ type humiliation on them asking them point blank, how they can justify sidney and selby and not Kanter.

  18. Bluebleeder

    Fu@k em,we got Josh now. Hope the best for enes. The next time we look at a player from another country,we better go thru it with a fine tooth comb.

  19. BPsycho

    I love Calipari.

  20. BPsycho

    #17 I dunno about that, but I’m ******* the NCAA site in the *** until it crashes….

  21. Double Bacon Six Cheese

    LOVE IT! You guys look like idiots!

  22. Dale

    The NCAA committee has the audacity to admit they made “flexible decisions” but not binding going forward.

  23. Big Blue 66

    I hope Cal and the rest of the team use this as a “us against the world” attitude and does some a*s kicking to everyone in their way.

  24. Darryl Isaac

    The NCAA has ruled Enes Kanter permanently ineligible stating that Kanter is just too good for any player on the college level and that with Kanter UK would not lose another game this season and win a national championship. So in the way of fairness the NCAA had to rule Kanter ineligible because everyone knows fairness is always in the best interest of the NCAA.

  25. B-Rabbit

    Send Alan Cutler to chase down the committee members!

    And Matt………when will Enes be on KSR?? You said if he was found to be permanently ineligible that you would have him on air!

  26. Player Hater

    Basically u rule kids eligible for taking money KNOWINGLY, or their parents try to KNOWINGLY take money. 18 year old kid says no thanks to MILLIONS, and ummmm naw ineligible. Pisses me off so bad. I know it sounds dumb but I really do think that if the US mens and Duke coach wanted him he would be playing. I think if he went to Washington like he was gonna do he would be playing. Its real damns simple…Coach Cal is not liked or wanted in NCAA basketball. Sorry NCAA it ain’t gonna happen. UK will free something else on the face of EVERYONE next year and your little picking and choosing on who plays will have NO EFFECT. Coach will now make a point to get the title he wants and when it happens I will never be happier. WE ARE THE VILLIAN IN THE EYES OF EVERYONE, and im fine with that. …. cause the bad guys win sometimes. Just ask the fraud of the NCAA.

  27. Peoplewhowork

    Should use this an excuse to do like Duke would and beat teams by 50-60-70 points if possible. Just to rub their noses in it.

  28. Blue to the Bone

    If the rule stands, then no foreign players that get per deim money paid to them would ever be allowed to play in the NCAA. What is too much money? No standard, only subjective based on opinions. Can’t manage anything without a standard. Crock of S###.

  29. Matt Jones ghost

    Adam Zagorias twitter Deandre Daniels and dad said they have not made up mind yet on college choice.

  30. Job

    That awesome of UK to stand up for Enes the best they could…Calipari is a Great Coach and im glad that he would support Enes and help him along his journey to Greatness, even though Enes didnt receive the same treatment as other players like Selby who received extensive benefits, Enes is forever and always a part of UK and we will always stand up for Enes and wish him the best!!

  31. OneAndDone

    21) Go back to your Loserville site. We DESTROYED you all without him anyway/

  32. Dale

    I hope this brings the team together more and they play with a mission of rage.

  33. echo 1

    Is anyone really shocked? I understand being angry, but this is the NCAA we are talking about. They do crap out of spite rather than rule with anything that resembles fairness.

  34. BPsycho

    #21 Why? We ranked #10 without Kanter…. You haters are just breathing a sigh of relief and you know it lol You were scuuurrrred to death…..

  35. Rob Schnieder

    He can still get an education Cal. He just can’t play college basketball while he does it.

    Nice try though.

  36. Ale84life

    Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU NCAA

  37. Tubby's gopher

    My money Says: Pat Forte just inserted himself into the anus of Pete Thamel.

  38. Rob Schneider

    35 – Go drink your pee, you disgusting piece of trash troll. Shouldn’t you be mugging someone in the ‘ville?

  39. HA

    He can still get educated in the US. Get over yourself.

  40. Grevey's Sports Bar

    Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.

  41. Blue Chip

    It was always a long shot. Wish Enes the best and let’s just keep behind our team. We have a lot of guys working their asses off to get better.

  42. Computer Blue

    UK should have appealed showing the NCAA how much money they would stand to earn if Enes were freed. That’s the only thing they care about.

    I wonder if other institutions are getting so fed up with the NCAA that there might be some people leaving and starting a new org?

  43. BPsycho

    #33 I knew it was coming. I just had hopes they would do the right thing in this case. They used the term “flexible decisions” so that tells you all you need to know. They will rule according to how they want the season to go. This year it’s “Duke repeat” when the brackets come out this year they will probably get another cake walk…

  44. CardinalsSuck

    I love seeing louisville fans on here feeling satisfied about this. I think their butts are still sore from that whoopin we laid on them in the chicken shack….without Enes!

  45. Don Quixote

    #28 is exactly right. What the NCAA has just done is shut the door on foreign players as the foreign league system currently stands without established parameters. The shame of it all is the NCAA just missed royalties and all the money to be made by luring high profile foreign players to use the NCAA as a stepping stone to the NBA as opposed to maintaining the status quo. NCAA got this one wrong. Without issuing a statement they showed leniency for players taking inpermissable benifits and sided with those who admittedly solicited funds. (Should I remind everyone that both activities are illegal if the income is not reported, i.e, tax evasion) With this ruling they told foreign players and thier potential markets, “We don’t want you or your money.”

  46. AppyCat

    The NCAA is a mockery and a model of incompetence without liberty and justice for all.

  47. AppyCat

    I meant injustice.

  48. Tubby's gopher

    Anyone with a NCAA # to contact to voice my displeasure?

    I’m ready to break shit!

  49. Sammydog

    #21..No UK, Cal, Barnhart, and the Kanters look very good in all this. The NCAA is the one who looks like an idiot. I can’t wait for the fallout from the national press on this one. The NCAA has stepped in one pile of doo doo after another in the last month.They have left poopy tracks all over the place. What happens when the FBI investigation into the Newton matter finds that $$$ did change hands? We all know it did. It is just a matter of time until someone files a lawsuit against the NCAA.

  50. Big Blue 66

    the SEC should opt of of the NCAA, with its power in football and most revenue sports, they would fold in 24hours. You know I could take this ruling if the as*holes were just a bunch of “letter of the law” nerds, but when they flip flop, uphold the rules one time and not the next and let people with intent and execution of violations play with little or no punishment and then punish someone with all intentions to do the right thing it just burns me up.

  51. Boogiewoogie

    Sticking behind our head coach and AD 100%!!! They were classy and very critical in their statements. All this means is that reaching the Final Four this year will be a big time testament to Cal’s coaching and the heart of our players!

    Kepp your head up Enes! You are still a Wildcat!!!

  52. Sammydog

    Does anyone think Daniels delay in his choice of schools has anything to do with the Kanter decision?

  53. Mark Liptak

    I congratulate both the head coach and the A.D. for their direct comments about the hypocrisy that is the NCAA.

    I found two things interesting about all this. First that the NCAA released this after 5PM on a Friday. A typical gutless move by an organization lacking in logic or gonads.

    Second, the comment about “flexible decisions” made by the A.D. is completely accurate. The NCAA does what it wants, when it wants, in whatever way they see fit without any rhyme or reason. And then they have the arrogance to get upset when different media organizations and individuals call them out for their hypocrisy.

    I have no idea what the Kanter’s will do, that’s up to them but I personally wouldn’t mind a lawsuit. The NCAA needs to be slapped back in their place; apparently they forgot what happened when they went too far with Jerry Tarkanian.

    UK will survive without him and with the possibility of an NBA lockout next year, God help the rest of the teams in the NCAA because Kentucky is going to be absolutely loaded and with a bit of revenge on their minds.

    Mark Liptak

  54. Rob Schneider

    I am a particularly hideous troll, that has nothing to do but come here and spew ignorance. I am audacious because my team took a good whipping on our home court. Yet I still come here. Go figure.

  55. NKY_UK_fan

    This is a travishamockery!

  56. Pookie Jones

    21.) We look like idiots? that is hilarious… go marinate in your inferiority complex for a while… then google charter school, tradition, and history. You don’t know anything about it!

  57. El_Duderino

    hate to hear it, but move on, support the other UK players who are representing the University. just feel like Cobb & Knight are living in the shadows of “Free Enes,” and that hurts both programs just as much as the ruling.

  58. fattmurray

    Fire Sandy Bell and hire Auburn compliance officer.

  59. Grinch

    Had Kanter went to Duke or UNC he would be playing and would not have missed a single game. Complete horse crap.

  60. Double Deuce

    So with this statement…the NCAA just said, “we can do what we want, when we want and to who we want!”

    “We were informed by the NCAA that the flexible decisions made by the NCAA staff in other high-profile cases could not be used in case precedent and were not binding on the NCAA going forward.”

    That’s total BS right there folks…total BS!

  61. Grinch

    21 – how’d that beat down at the Kum Center feel?

  62. ltylerj

    After the first hearing, he should have transferred to Duke. THEN, when they cleared him to play for Duke, he should have transferred back to UK and sat a year like he said he would…would like to see the NCAA talk their way outta that one.

  63. bigcat

    ‘flexible but not binding’> “we can do anything we want at anytime, without answering to any damned body”

  64. LetterWriter

    What’s the address for the NCAA? Let’s send them some mail!

  65. Hunter1249

    21) Our team wasn’t the one that started a fight during a dance contest at the bowl and yet we look like idiots? Sure.

  66. LetterWriter

    I looked it up. Send ’em your comments!

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association
    700 W. Washington Street
    P.O. Box 6222
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

  67. Ben

    Time to finally get over this and move on and enjoy the season! What else did you expect from the NCAA. I knew months ago that this would happen, so I am better prepared to move on. We all know what the NCAA is! No reason to repeat it. Others know too!

  68. Rob Schnieder

    He can still get an education Cal. He just can’t play college basketball while he does it.
    Nice try though.

  69. BPsycho

    #62 GENIUS! That would have seriously worked lol

  70. bullshiat

    if it were any of those beloved big ten schools or puke or carolina he wouldve been playing in november. it is a referendum on cal and uk. they hate us cause were the best and cal has been great. it comes down to plain ole jealousy. ncaa and appeals are probably setting aroung laughing at big blue nation. well my message is that they can all kiss my f*^&$@ arse and eff u too trolls we will still beat go to the final four this year and next biches!!!!!!!!middle finger again to ncaa

  71. BlueJ

    Does anyone have any contact info for the ncaa?

  72. BlueJ

    Email or mailing address.

  73. BPsycho

    #68 Yeah yeah Rob, everyone heard you last time. Don’t you have some gerbils to tend to?

  74. CatSinceBirth

    I’ve been a Cat fan for 64 years, but if Cal doesn’t ban that SOB Jerry Tiption from the arena in the near future, I will be highly disappointed in him. No, Tipton didn’t make the decison on Kanter, but the arrogant SOB surely critiqued him enough in the media,thus he got what he was after. He and Thamel are from the same mold. I literally hate both of them. If someone meets up with either one, smack the piss out them once for me. I’m just an old throughly pissed off man.

  75. Mark Liptak

    Found this at another site. Someone obviously did their homework:

    April 1997 to August 1997: Kansas City summer basketball coach Myron Piggie makes cash payments to high school player Corey Maggette totaling $2,000. The money comes from a revenue pool that includes donations to Piggie from professional sports agents Kevin Poston and Jerome Stanley.

    Nov. 12, 1997: Maggette signs a national letter of intent with Duke.

    October 1998 to March 1999: Maggette averages 10.6 points per game to help Duke (37-2) reach the national championship game, which Duke loses to Connecticut.

    June 30, 1999: Maggette is selected 13th in the NBA draft.

    April 13, 2000: A federal grand jury in Missouri hands down an 11-count indictment of Piggie, which details the payments to Maggette (along with players at three other schools). By NCAA statutes the payments compromise Maggette’s amateur status. Maggette initially denies receiving any money.

    April 18, 2000: The NCAA’s Jane Jankowski says: “We will have to determine if Duke, in fact, had an ineligible player in the NCAA tournament. And, if so, what monies would have to be returned for use of an ineligible player.”

    May 23, 2000: Piggie works a plea bargain and admits making the payments.

    July 12, 2000: Maggette comes clean and admits he received the cash from Piggie.

    Spring 2001: Duke hands over all its information to the NCAA, according to John Burness, Duke’s senior vice president for public affairs.

    May 30, 2001: Piggie is sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for fraud.

    January 2003: Piggie is paroled from federal prison in Arkansas.

    As for the NCAA ruling, it’s been nearly four years since all pertinent information was admitted under oath, four years after the NCAA vowed to “determine” if Duke violated eligibility standards and three years after the school presented its defense.

    “We don’t have any information on that,” NCAA spokesperson Monica Lunderman said Tuesday. The NCAA does not provide comment concerning “ongoing investigations.”

    But what they could still be investigating is unclear. There appears to be nothing else to find. Everyone long ago admitted everything. If there is any movement on the case, Duke administrators are unaware.

    “We have not heard anything official for the past year,” Burness said Tuesday.

    So the case is what, fully investigated but never to be ruled on? The NCAA hoping it just fades away, forgotten?

    These things take time though, right? Not really.

    Then there is Cam Newton and the Ohio State Five. Scumbags?

    Mark Liptak

  76. my dog eats better than this

    RETIRE # 0 NOW !

  77. UK's Victorious Secret


  78. Oliver Simmons

    Well done Cal and Mitch.

  79. Enes

    I should not have taken the money.

  80. Tom Blevins

    if the Kanters want to sue the NCAA, I’ll give them my ex-wife’s lawyer’s phone number. I’d almost feel sorry for the NCAA then. Almost.

  81. KY Realist

    Cal should be behind bars for trying to pull off this stunt. It looks like Cal plans on taking all the credit for Kanter, the pro, going in the top of the draft. Nice.

  82. Zeus

    If you are going to phone, email, or text those losers, might I suggest having some
    constructive criticisms ready. It is easy to rant about how we’re being cheated and
    how Auburn is getting away with murder. My idea: all foreign-born players have to
    have a 3-year binding scholarship, and must sit out their freshman year. If they want
    to jump pro after 1 year, the school has that scholly tied up for 3 seasons with no benefit
    other than practice time. That would discourage schools from going after that kind of

    As an aside, how much of a role is the NABC and NAACP playing behind the scenes? It is
    apparent that for every Turkish player given a spot on a major college team, that’s one
    more inner city black kid who doesn’t get a shot at college and an education.


    Looks like the letter N in “NCAA” really does represent “National”, not “International”.

  84. Jon Cochran

    You mean the “Its Not Fair, He Gets To” defense didnt work?!?
    And why does Cal think its his “job” to get Enes ready for the NBA, his “job” is to coach UK basketball team.

  85. ILCatsFan

    I am going to PEACEFULLY protest in front of the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. I would love to see as much of Big Blue Nation there as possible. How could we set this up? Drawing as much national attention to this travesty is exactly what the NCAA deserves. Corruption needs to be exposed and a protest is exactly the way to do it!!!

  86. bullshiat

    81)eff you 2 sumbiach

  87. ohio state sucks

    Cant he just apoligize and promise to come back next season?

  88. Big D

    I am not surprised. Kinda pissed but not surprised.

  89. BobJ404

    if he were enrolled at Duke –He would already be playing

  90. Big D

    89)You bet he would.

  91. Mr Schwump

    College basketball nationwide have just unpuckered their assholes, won’t have to face UK with Kanter.

  92. CarolinaCatFan

    I’m extremely disappointed but not surprised. I applaud Mitch for taking a shot at the NCAA and Cal for taking shots at Forde, Thamel, etc. I don’t expect to hear a whole lot more from either party on the issue. I think its important for Cal to move on and he’s smart enough to know that. As a former collegiate coach, I know that the NCAA’s justice is not always consistent, but I always beleived that it was fair and was about helping young men and women reach their potential on the court and in the classroom. These past several months have left me shaking my head. I don’t know who the NCAA thinks they are fooling hiding behind the “veil” of amateurism and integrity. I don’t think there’s much legal standing for a lawsuit, but if it would at least open the door to get someone asking questions and holding these clowns accountable then it would be a small victory. I feel bad for Enes. I think he really embraced what UK is about and I hope he has a successful career in the NBA. But maybe, just maybe his situation is the one that gets the right people to demand transparency and accountability from the NCAA.

  93. GeezerJock

    OK, it’s over, HOWEVER,
    I will never forget the EXPLOSION by BBN at midnight madness when Enes made his appearance and donned the Undertaker hat.
    Can you just imagine what it MIGHT have been IF he had ever reported to the scorer’s table and entered a game this year?????

  94. Bowel Movement

    Why would multiple prep schools turn this kid down? Why did a top 5 NBA pick only have two scholarship offers? It’s simple, because he played on a pro team and as paid by the pro team. Leave it to the VACATER to think he could get this kid eligible. It’s bad enough he buys players, let alone trying to get a pro kid eligible. The kid said he anted an American education, looks like he still gets his wish.

  95. Syrin

    Give them absolute hell.

    They REWARD cheaters who had clear intent to get money and those who take money.

    They punish those trying to be amateurs with confusing rules. Ass bags.

  96. ohio state sucks

    What ever happened to UCONN? Last March it looked like the ship was going down, then nothing else was said.

  97. NCAA President Mark Emmert

    By law i am entitled to make a player eligible or ineligible at my wishing. The staff on the Appeals commitee are my drinking buddies, so there is no way around MY decision. For all you loser UK fans out there that thought that Enes Kanter would commit to UK and play basketball after he turned his back on my Washington Huskies…you my friends are IDIOTS! The OSU program is legit and i have made regular visits to there program and they are all very good people. I understand that UK fans are upset about Josh Selby and rightfully so…and for your information he did exceed more of a benefit than what was published, i just felt it would help KU b more dominant and chose to only publish part of his benefits. I know enes Kanters parents accepted the money but somebody had to pay for it and it just had to be Enes. I understand that Enes would probably have given UK there 8th National title and for that very reason i chose to make him PERMANTLY INELIGIBLE haha!!!!!!!!! I do know that it was my personal judgment decision that made all the UK fans around the world upset with me but hey…life sucks sometimes! GO Huskies!! Your President Mark Emmert : )


    My dog and wife are in for a long night. Phuck you, NCAA….This drunks for you, you ba$tards!

  99. UK's Victorious Secret

    94. give me proof of him purchasing players….. oh,ok, thank you…

  100. NCAA President Mark Emmert

    Checkout my Facebook Page!

  101. Jeremey "PO'ed" Clem

    Is it a coincidence that the ruling came out of Indiana where we know there is much love for the Wildcats! Had he been at duke, unc, kansas (no capitalization on purpose) this would have been a non-issue. I’m okay with the fact that he was ruled ineligible based on the rules, my gripe is that Cam Newton, Josh Selby, and the Ohio State players still get an opportunity. Yes they are different situations but WRONG is WRONG. If you sin you go to Hell no matter if you steal a candy bar or take someone’s life. What’s the difference in taking $33,000 and selling a jersey? WRONG is WRONG. It is clear they are doing what is best for the NCAA. How can you call it rules if you make your decisions on an as needed basis? Quote “the final decision of the reinstatement committee is completely compatible with the collegiate model of sports our members have developed” The only consistency with the NCAA is their inconsistency!!!!

  102. sweett

    so if the NCAA made a statement saying if any player that received benefits is ineligible, then explain why josh selby gets to play please

  103. ILCatsFan

    Let’s peacefully protest in front of NCAA headquarters! Who’s with me???

  104. Jeremey "PO'ed" Clem

    Did they (NCAA) ever find out if Cam Newton’s Father actually got money? Or did they just decide it was his dad not him and say it’s not our responsibility? Then that leads me to say did the money paid to Kanter go to him or his parents? Go CATS!!!

  105. I get even

    “flexible decisions made by the NCAA staff in other high-profile cases could not be used in case precedent and were not binding on the NCAA going forward” = “you better hope we like you”

  106. J cruse

    We need a new AD!… what a wimpy statement from MB!… He left it to Dr. Todd and Cal , who both stepped up and made strong statements on Enes’ behalf. MB should have publicly called out these NCAA jerks by names for their inconsistencies and injustice to this young man and his family.
    Nothing we haven’t seen from him before in his weakness to defend our athletes and coaches.

  107. Maesh

    Coach Cal and Mitch making strong statements here.

    Best of luck to you Enes!

  108. Urincatland

    81 AND 83, F^ck You Motherf^ckers!!

  109. Urincatland

    sorry 83 meant 84

  110. Viren

    SEC need to pull plug from NCAA period. Let them have OHIO STATE and KANSAS fatten their bank account.

  111. SeattleCat

    Hey BBN,

    We need to use our resources to fight back against the NCAA. I just wrote a letter to Senator McConnell to seek an investigation of the NCAA for corruption. Here it is:

    Senator McConnell,

    After today’s ruling on the Kentucky Men’s Basketball player Enes Kanter I cannot hold my voice any longer.

    There is an organization effecting the young men and women of not only the United States of America but the entire world. This organization is corrupt and the actions it takes for some Universities and not others should now be investigated by our government.

    My concern is not only for the University of Kentucky, but the University of Arkansas’s disadvantage to the University of Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl and several other examples that I can present if needed.

    Senator, as a Kentucky citizen and long time servant of our great Commonwealth and country I plead with you to investigate the NCAA.

    Thank you for your time and reading this message.


    (My name)


    Enes would have been the single most dominant player in college basketball. Merry Christmas to Duke from the NCAA!

  113. Don Quixote

    110) Agreed. Succeed with any other conference that has the balls for 4 super conferences and then let the NCAA see who really has the power.

  114. Urincatland

    94, too ashamed of telling your fan base?? You’re probably some of those cheating motherf^ckers from kansas…

  115. Urincatland

    111 sounds very good!!

  116. Jon Cochran

    #111- Should be nominated for funniest post ever, whew had to wipe the tears after reading that one. And are you called urinecatland cuz ncaa just pissed all over you??


    NCAA is the NCAA.. But we new it was coming guys… He played pro and it caught up to him.. We should have known…

  118. Bruce Pearl

    Enes come over for a BBQ…. but don’t tell anyone!

  119. BPsycho

    #116 Not so fast. Funniest thing ever posted to date is, and probably will always be. When Pitino said: “It only lasted 15 seconds, and I went down my leg..”

    lmfao and it’s not even close. Pitino hears it in his sleep I guarantee you: “down my leg”, “down my leg”, “down my leg” “15 secs, zzzzz down my leg”

  120. blitzedanddazed

    Kevin Lennon of the NCAA Compliance Committee is a jagoff!

  121. UKhoopshysteria

    Forget recruiting international players and stick to bribery within the states. Suggested proposals:

    Promise all incoming players around $5,000 upfront so long as they agree to repay the money later on to a charity of their choosing.

    Promise (on good standing)a recruit and his family the option of obtaining a lump sum of money for their services. However, so no money changes hands this will only be a binding agreement to pay the money after said player leaves the university.

    Promise a new arbitrary principle allowing players to break rules with the understanding they WILL NOT be punished in the current season of play.

  122. cldsprgmike

    Can we have # “0” put on the players uniforms someplace in respect for Enes or do we have to have the A holes in Indy approve that too ?

  123. Dieng

    Forget ENES!!!

  124. mitch mcconnell

    hey 111, we are kind of busy with the whole health care dilemma and a couple of wars going on. we are trying to find ways to get people back to work in this recession. sorry that you and your brothers in the uk fan base are so arrogant that you think i have time to mess with this kid who is going to be making millions in a few months. or maybe he will stay in school like your coach said he wants to and get an education. right!

  125. MAD

    Here is a link to write critisicm to the NCAA. It will not do any good, but it made me feel better.

  126. Cat fan

    I was just reading some post who think Cal should not help Enes get in the pros. That is ridiculous. The reason Cal is so succesful in recruiting, he does not just get commitments from kids. He also makes a commitment to them. He helps these kids realize their dreams. He does not get enough credit for the teaching he does. Calipari gets it!!!!