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UK Yard of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast


You people are crazy.

— Grab your fancy eyeglasses, friends, UK basketball is coming to you in 3-D at least once this season. Kentucky basketball will be televised in ESPN 3D when Vanderbilt hosts the Cats for ESPN College Gameday on February 11th. ESPN just released its 3D college basketball schedule that also includes the entire Big East Tournament. That means you’ll have the opportunity to try to catch Peyton Siva’s errant passes right there in the comfort of your own living room.

Happy Birthday, Kyle Wiltjer!!!

— The Indiana Business Journal released a 242-page study that places valuations on college football programs as if they were businesses for sale. The results took over two years to compile, and Kentucky’s ranking might surprise you. According to the IBJ, Kentucky football is ranked No. 20 with a value of $152.5 million. The University of Groupons, I mean Louisville, is alllllll the way down the list at No. 51 with a value of $30.4 million. Texas is No. 1 with a ridiculous $848.3 million, followed by Jo’Ja, Penn State, Florida, and LSU.

— Joker Phillips channeled his inner-Mike Gundy after practice today when talking about how he handles the negativity surrounding the program. Joker yelled, “I’m a grown man! I’m 48!” in his best Gundy voice.

— Our friend Adam Lefkoe at WHAS released another trailer for his UK/U of L documentary called “The Rivalry”. This one features some chatter from a Louisville barber shop:

— Matt and Ryan Lemond discussed Pitino’s ridiculous analogy and welcomed Noah, a new KSR star, to the show. Listen in…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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31 responses to “UK Yard of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast”

  1. Bob

    That’s Shirley Cunningham’s house, the lawyer who scammed his clients out of money and went to prison. He lost this house in the process.

  2. Bob

    Ooops, maybe that isn’t his house. He had “Cunningham” mowed into the lawn.

  3. HBD

    Why does the guy in the chair have shaving cream on his forehead?

  4. CatGrad7072

    Joker has a new slogan for the rest of the season? Follow Me.

  5. Yep.

    If Uk football is worth that much I say SALE!!!!!!!!

  6. schwing

    why are they shaving that dude’s forehead?

  7. Walter White

    Definitely not Shirley Cunningham’s house ole’ Bobby!

  8. Dumbledore

    I drive by this nearly everyday. People are nuts.

  9. SweetTeaMob Til I DIE

    You guys are stupid. Thats how you get a REAL line up. Thats a real barbershop, not Great Clips.

  10. Ben

    Joker may have played and coached at KY, but his statements clearly (not so clearly) show he has no idea why UK fans are so frustrated! Joker may be the greatest guy in the world, but he is no Head Football Coach! At least not yet and we cannot afford on the job training. We have suffered long enough!

  11. Waitn' on 8
  12. Trevor Kelsey

    By God, what happened to my face? And body? And brain? How could I possibly be more disgusting than Howie Lindsey?

  13. Trevor Kelsey

    By God, what happened to my face? And body? And brain? How could I possibly be more disgusting than Howie Lindsey?

  14. Somervillain

    Can somebody please tell me what the cultural equivalent of the shaving cream forehead is? I had no idea that was an option and that is all I could focus on in that video. You learn something new everyday. Do you know what they put on fries in Holland instead of ketchup? Mayonaise.

  15. Kidnut

    Loved the Speedway story, glad I caught it in the afternoon podcast.

  16. Me

    Why did you show that “Go Cats” pic? Now all the libs / ‘Occupy’ crowd will be upset that someone actually worked for their money and has a nice house and a lawn crew that would mow that in their yard.

  17. Saul Goodman

    #16 that makes sense. im sure there are several people thinking that


  18. Holden McGroin

    that clip is funny! got any more?

  19. ChicagoCat

    Wait, Joker is 48?!? I hope I look as young as him at 48, wow.

    16 – Weak attempt at a political nerd fight post hijack. Fail.

  20. PPat2theRafters


  21. Hahahaha

    #17 & #19 – yall wouldn’t be democrats, would ya? If you didn’t like what he said, why would you respond back and comment on him highjacking the thread – sounds like he got ya.

  22. jch

    I’m trying, I really am but for the life of me I can’t make an “s” out of the last letter in the landscaping…

  23. lexslamman

    That is funny because you live in a state where the roles are reversed: traditionally the Democrats live in the bluegrass, have higher paying jobs and more personal wealth, while the Republicans represent the hicks with rusting cars on their lawns.

  24. Hal Mumme

    Take your political argument somewhere else we don’t come to the ksr website to read about politcal views. If you have something intelligent or constructive on the topic of Kentucky Football or Basketball I am sure we would all love to hear it.

  25. UKfansinthevillelovesthecats

    Ahhh… now that we are having a mild political nerd fight, lexslamman appears out of the woodwork to enlighten us with his/her wisdom. I feel smarter already.

  26. Inside Your Mind

    23. You’re right. The Dems are so much smart than the Repubs that they found a way to destroy America in a quarter of the time it took Bush.

  27. Holden McGroin

    it’s amazing how quickly politics can ruin a comments section.

  28. hwjackson

    @ #1: No, that is not Shirley Cunningham’s house. I drive by this place everyday on my home from work…it’s on Parker’s Mill Rd. in Lex…Cunningham’s house is on 25 right outside of Georgetown.

  29. Yardman

    The sign is really well done, I drive by and see this going home every day. It is not Cunninghams house in Scott County. This one is on Parkers Mill.

  30. hwjackson

    @ #22: It was originally a 3 before, I guess, the home owners noticed it…here recently, they have mowed down the incorrect lines on the 3 and are trying to grow it back up to make it an “S”

  31. Steady

    Oh no rich people’s yards…calm down Dems.