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UK-Western Broadcast Info


Straight from UK:

Rest assured, Kentucky fans of Lexington. Those fans that are unable to attend Saturday’s home opener against Western Kentucky will be able to watch the game on Insight channel 14.

To view the game, which will be televised by Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast, Insight customers in Lexington only need basic cable. The telecast will be of no extra charge to Insight-paying customers.

Insight has also made the game available in Louisville (channel 22 on digital, channel 503 without a digital box), Northern Kentucky (channel 422 on digital, channel 99 without a digital box), Bowling Green (channel 5) and the Evansville/Henderson area (channel 74 on digital, channel 503 without a digital box).

Viewers with Comcast Cable and New Wave Communications will be able to watch the game, as well as customers with Frankfort Plant Board Cable in Frankfort (channel 77).

The game will be available in selected markets in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

And from Matt earlier:

If you want to know about the game on television, here is the summary. If you have Insight Cable, you have it. If you have another cable company, you have it if you have Comcast Sports Net. If you have Direct TV or Dish Network, you have to get it on Pay Per View. That is the easy rundown.

You can also watch the game on ESPN3 if it’s available in your area. Enjoy.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

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34 responses to “UK-Western Broadcast Info”

  1. Jake_GOCATS

    Yeah is available if you have windstream. It has awesome quality too.

  2. echo 1

    Va Tech loses to James Madison? Ha! I guess that Boise State win doesn’t look so good now. Oh, WTVQ, don’t advertise the OU/Florida State game on your website, then show the Louisville/EKU game. Morons.

  3. SexnNursinHomes

    it’s about time we riot

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    2- If boise st goes undefeated, and it’s a big “if”. then they will be in the championship game. book it.

  5. bballjoker

    justintv stream it perchance?

  6. The Lady

    Is the game going to be on TV in Louisville?

    Sorry. It had to be done. ; )

  7. What's up Time Warner?

    C’mon Time Warner! Can’t even make the cut. Is Owensboro not big enough

  8. UKfanintheville

    I don’t have a channel 503 on my insight cable guide. It goes from 501 straight to 506 espn. Channel 22 is CSPN2 which I’m pretty sure won’t have the game. Any help?

  9. KLP

    ESPN’s website says the game is not blacked out on ESPN Game Plan, but a DirecTV operator is telling me that it is…… Does anyone know for sure if you can get the game in Kentucky on DirecTV??

  10. mocha

    Serious question: I live in cincinnati and have time Warner…am I screwed?

  11. echo 1

    4 – True enough. And I hope they get slaughtered in that game. When BSU plays a real schedule, then they will deserve their ranking. Until then, they are just a cute story. The only good thing that could come out of your scenario is maybe it is a step closer to a playoff.

  12. Brucie Pearl is a Liar and a Cheater

    9- defintiely not blacked out with GAME PLAN.

  13. Time Warner sucks

    Time warner in freaking Georgetown doesn’t have it either. Sucks for you in Owensboro, but common, Georgetown is right down the freaking road and can’t get coverage.

  14. bosshogg24

    ESPN360 live stream on your computer, check it out!

  15. Brucie Pearl is a Liar and a Cheater

    13- if you live that close, you need to get your azz down to the game in person.

  16. Brucie Pearl is a Liar and a Cheater

    Georgia is awful. Chalk that one up as a win. Florida is definitely winnable as well

  17. RidgeRunner

    Sorry if I’m being a whinny little b*tch guys. My Mom won’t make me Mac-N-Cheese for dinner and I really wanted it. She says I need to eat more vegetables. Life is so unfair.

  18. GeorgeCostanza

    17) You’re telling me!

  19. LilPinkJersey

    I assume its on radio too? I’m in Montany so my azz will be at a campfire.

    Ridgerunner, ask ma to put some itty bitty pieces of broccoli in your mac n cheese. Yum!

  20. BB,Megafan

    8 I had the same trouble but there a 503 CST. I think it was just added in the last 10 minutes.

  21. bleedblue

    Channel 503 has finally appeared.

  22. bballjoker

    yeah, at a minimum is there a radio station streaming it online?

  23. dukeoflouisville

    Matt Jones has a big head.

  24. Free Enes

    23. a big sexy head

  25. hoop33

    live 20 minutes from lexington and cant get the game.
    pretty sure im not paying $25 to get it on dish payperview.

    nebody got ne tickets? maybe ill just go to it

  26. kanter? i barely know her!

    yeah, in louisville i’ve got to go out to a bar to see the game… i don’t have a digital box and 22 is just a lot of fuzz.

    btw, campbell i believe you’ve got insight in louisville backwards, it’s 22 without a box, and 503 with.

  27. PeteeCamelToe

    No online stream on…Anybody have any other ideas?

  28. duhville cat

    26) I’m at work so I can’t verify but I’m sure 503 is only available with a digital box. 22 is gonna be standard cable.

  29. UKfanintheville

    20 Thanks yeah I just checked and it has appeared. Heres to BBN being so strong the cable company makes new channels appear to please us!

  30. Friend of a friend

    Watch out for channel 582 in Louisville, which said you have to “buy” the game…for $135

  31. kanter? i barely know her!

    28 yeah, that’s what i said.

  32. Ughhh

    Its on but it just kicked me off and wants a password now. Awesome.

  33. duhville cat

    31) yea dude. Sorry, just wanted to say u were right but some di##hole here at work interupted me and I just had to cut it short. Been busy as a one legged man in an ass-kickin contest today. My bad. Great game. Go Cats!

  34. enes your majesty

    What happened to the defense?