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UK vs. Villains Recap, brought to you by the late Christian Laettner


Drew and I just finished fighting Jerry Tipton for a seat in the media room so we could bring you this recap of the Villains came tonight straight from Rupp Arena.  We toiled over this long and hard after a game that, at time, seemed like it was trying to put us to sleep.  In the end, there was a bit of excitement and some shenanigans at hand…

Big Blue Allstars vs. the UK Villains —– 152-149

The crowd wasn’t pretty, but they were out for blood.  The game, far from a sell out, started off in typical exhibition fashion.  Lots of stars, plenty of villains, some question marks (with Wall appearing late and in street clothes), and zero defense (at least at first).  Sloppy play dominated the game.  Points were scored in odd flurries.  The scattered look of the game somehow created a high scoring race.  After every rebound, several men were jetting down the floor and outlet passes flew.  Run and gun, absolutely.  And not the kind that T-Will is fond of.

During most of the first half, you could hear a pin drop in Rupp Arena.  The upper decks were sparce, but the place was packed with blue throughout the lower arena.  The lack of cheering can be chalked up to the frustratingly play and the confusion as to why John Wall (and Tayshaun Prince) weren’t playing.  Oh, and the fact that the Big Blue Allstars kept falling behind.

The second half saw a swing of events.  The game tightened up down the stretch, with Meeks putting on a show with a barrage of threes and a few dunks.  As the crowd got louder, the defense intensified, and the formers Cats found themselves ahead as the fourth quarter wound down.  The building, for the amount people there, really lit up with this exciting run.  It took an otherwise dead crowd and turned them into the typical frenzied Wildcat faithful.  The game became a back and forth battle, but Mr. Fourth Quarter (Zac Randolph) hit a huge three to tie the game.

Rex Chapman put on his thinking cap and drew up a late play for the Cats, but Nazr’s three ball shanked off and the game went to overtime.  In OT, the intensity that built up in the second half suddenly died and fizzled into a close but unentertaining finish.  The Villains went up three with in a sloppy four minutes, and Jodie Meeks final shot from about 30 feet out couldn’t find the hole.  The Villains got the last laugh.

A few highlights stood out, apart from the second half run by the Big Blue Allstars.  Christian Laettner’s intro come with thunderous boos, and the fun didn’t end there.  With a pool of Keith Bogans sweat covering the floor, Laettner coyly gave in to the fans’ requests and grabbed a towel.  The most hated villains of them all got on his hands and knees in front of the Big Blue Faithful and whiped the floor like a servant.  Score one for Kentucky fans.

That wasn’t all.  In the fourth quarter with a minute and half left, Laettner whispered sweet nothings into Rex’s ear.  Tomfoolery was at hand.  Jerry Tipton’s eyes widened.  Next thing you know, Laettner is berating the refs with the stare of the Crypt Keepr.  Christian Laettner enacted his pre-planned rouse of getting ejected…it worked.  He got tossed.  That boost wasn’t enough for the Cats to go in for the kill, however.

The second most entertaining moment came with the bricked Terrence Williams dunk as seen below.  Jorts also put up a quick flurry of points.  Kenneth Faried showed a ton of athleticism with his usual blocks and dunks.  Brandon Knight had a good showing, but came away gimpy.  Cousins didn’t play a ton.  Rondo put in a ton of work and was constantly trying to drop off assists that couldn’t find a home.  Chuck Hayes wasn’t exactly in basketball shape, but he brought an intensity to the game, especially late.  Meeks was the star for Kentucky, however, dropped a cool 42.  For the Villains, Corey  Brewer took every chance he could to score.  Rudy Gay and Nolan Smith did work.  Tyler Hansbrough worked hard in that blue-collar way we’ve all come to hate.

But what about Enes? After the game, Rex told me that Enes was as nervous as he could possibly be before the game.  He wanted to come out and impress the fans who had his back for so long.  And, while Enes is a guy who is better off in a controlled basketball game, still impressed with 14 points and 10 rebounds.  Afterwards in the locker room, Enes guaranteed that Kentucky will wiin the national title this year.

But what about John Wall? Great question.  He showed up late and with a hood over his head, but the fans were still loving him.  Some say there was insurance issues as far as the players covered, others says he just came from another game.  And some different others say he was napping and/or shoe shopping.  As a conspiracy theorist, I believe all to be true.  Still, the crowd went absolutely wild when he was introduced as the Y.

After the game from Rex and Laettner

In a short press conference after the game, Rex Chapman and Christian Laettner took the mics to answer a few questions.  Laettner said he agreed to do this game right away …because of the UK fans, because he once looked up to Rex, because he loves when Jeff Sheppard is doing in the Commonwealth. He admitted to some of the theatrics of the night.  Laettner was a great sport about it all, and actually showed compassion for UK fanbase that hates him so much.  He didn’t seem to grasp how hated he truly is, possibly, but he agreed that sometimes its good fun to curse and berate your enemy as a sports fun.  Rex jumped on the mic and immediately said he should be fired for that coaching job.  Both guys noted how young these players are who make decisions on the court, and that real hatred should be held back if you can understand that.  Rex also admitted that Laettner is one of the top 10, maybe top 5, college players of all time.

“I want to strangle Pelphrey every time I watch it… Just standing there… There’s time on the clock, John.” – Rex

“Everyone should be mad at me for what I did.” – Laettner


A few notes from other parts of the world…

– Tuesday is decision day for one of UK’s biggest targets in the class of 2012. DaJuan Coleman will announce his decision at 2:30. He is down to Syracuse and the Cats, the two schools that have been on the top of his list for a year now. Everyone with a website or a Twitter account predicts he’ll pick the Orange in the end. Coleman is a New York kid, born and raised in Syracuse, so pulling him down south to Lexington might be too tall of a task for Coach Cal to pull off. Coleman will likely do what we saw Perry Ellis do a month ago and stay with the home state school. It’s tough to lure any kid away from home when the local team is an elite program. We can still hope though. Either way, we know the KSR server will crash and burn by 2:40. See you then.

– The media picked the Cats to win the SEC – because they will – but the all conference teams could use some adjustments. Terrence Jones made First Team All-SEC, as he should, but Anthony Davis was named Second Team All-SEC. We don’t like that. Davis should’ve been on the First Team and in the discussion for Preseason Player of the Year.  I guess the old guys with the ballots don’t remember what happened two years ago when they did the same thing to John Wall. We all know how that kid turned out and Davis is expected to do the same thing. Quit hating on the freshmen.

– The story of Mike Hartline’s vehicle getting Tupac’d is very shocking. There isn’t a lot to say about the incident right now, but hopefully details will surface soon. There had to have been some kind of an exchange between the two sides leading up to the shooting. No one randomly shot up a vehicle because Kentucky’s former quarterback was in it and it’s very unlikely that those three are involved in anything that would warrant gunfire. My guess is just a random argument with the wrong type of person. Really, all that matters in the end is that all three young men were unharmed. It could’ve been tragic.

That’s all for now. As always, listen to Kentucky Sports Radio radio at 10:00 am on Talk Radio 1080 AM.

Go Cats.

Article written by Chris Thomas

44 responses to “UK vs. Villains Recap, brought to you by the late Christian Laettner”

  1. tdogg4033011

    any chance of Neal Brown as OC at UK next season?? or just wishful thinking??

  2. bbmaverick

    I can’t understand why Wall plays in every pickup game and exhibition that I read about on the ‘net, yet didn’t play in the Big Blue All-Stars game at Rupp Arena.

  3. Furst


  4. bigbluecats

    2- I can see insurance being an issue for a lot of players. I have heard of players have stipulations in their contracts that if they get hurt outside of their league sanctioned games then they have to pay money to their teams. All in all i thought it was a good entertaining game. Better than baseball. And better knowing its UK coming up with these exhibition games than another school. But Im sure if Duke had them or NC ESPN would be all over it and since it was for the V foundation, Im sure they would be praising UNC or Puke all week long. The best part was listening to my wife get pissed for UK not playing D lol

  5. Scott

    I’m from Kansas and I drove down to Oklahoma City last night to watch the charity game that Kevin Durant hosted. John Wall was supposed to be there, and he’s the main reason I made the trip. I was very disappointed when he never showed up last night. In an article on ESPN about the game that took place last night, they said Wall missed his flight and that’s why he wasn’t there. But if he didn’t play again tonight, I think there might be more to it than that.

    Guess I’ll have to find a way to watch him play another time… :(

  6. cats11

    Real talk – If Enes was freed, Faried put him back in a cage. Enes got Faried.

  7. lpool003

    Idk about Coleman yet, I wouldn’t count us out. If he picks Syracuse he will have to compete with 2, 7-footers for playing time next season (assuming Melo and christmas stay another year which is most likely). He could come to UK and get immediate playing time with a coach who has proven time and time again he can get you to the next level. Guess we will see…

  8. Ryan

    Enes impressed? Hardly. I like the kid, but he did not have a good outing tonight. He looked lost and could not handle passes at all.

    I was really disappointed that Wall and Prince didn’t play. I understand that they might have concerns about injuries, but if you’ve agreed to play, it’s been advertised that you will play, and people have bought tickets based on the fact that you’ve been advertised to play, you should play.

  9. Big Blue 66

    All in all, basketball in rupp is great and rondo and meeks were amazing, but, very disappointed about Wall, and Boogie apparently got mad at some fans telling him to play D and I guess he pouted and decided not to play 3/4 of the game. Honestly, pretty disappointed.

  10. SagaciousMind

    I know it was a charity game, but it actually pisses me off that our boys lost. We had a helluva lot more players on our team and it sucks losin to those guys cuz I’m sure message boards are all lite up about how we got beat and blah blah blah. It’s embarrassing. But what makes me more pissed about it is how Wall and Prince agree to play and they dont. Seems like our guys didnt give a crap. Wall has been playin in games all summer long but not now? Someone on CBS was callin Wall a selfish narcissistic premadonna and I defended him…maybe I shouldnt have.

  11. Ballin

    All the fans were giving Cousins a hard time for not playing defense and he took it to heart by firing back at them. One fan shouted “cousins why don’t you earn your paycheck and play defense”. He responded with a “shut up!” as he looked at the heckler in the stands. Then a lady shouted pretty much the same thing to him and he went off on her telling her to sit down and shut up. The fans should have realized going into this game that it was going to be an offense kind of game with hardly any defense due to the fact no one wanted to get hurt like Knight did. It’s just not worth it to them and the fans should come into realization with that. Also Tyler Hansbroughs dad was sitting in front of me and got a kick out of the heckling.

  12. Overall this was a ....

    - why not just UK vs UK in another glorified pickup game/recruiting tool
    - whole laettner thing was phony & transparent
    - faried, mack, nolan, randolph. why??
    - on a monday night for $20+ a ticket?

  13. juan4uk

    Wow, KSR hasn’t picked up the UK athletes signing a petition for NCAA to pay up with more cash?

  14. SagaciousMind

    11, it doesnt matter if the fans were yellin things. Cousins yellin back proves everything people say about him. He needs to grow up and ignore that crap.

  15. hoop33

    Cousins hurt his ankle, if u watched the game at all he was limping from the opening tip n not moving well at all. When he came out the last time he had ice on his ankle the rest of the night. So knight and cousins were injured. Not sure about wall and prince. As far as the heckling goes, ppl need to grow up. If u came there expecting tenacious defense and a game in the 70s or 80s, that’s your fault. This isn’t tubby ball, this was an all star game! It was all for fun, shut your mouth at the game and don’t disrespect the players who came and played for u. It was for charity, none of them had to come. Cousins lives in Sacramento now, he didn’t have to come to ky n play a charity game, but he did cuz he loves it here. Don’t yell at the players and disrespect them, so they lost, does tht mean anything to the 2011-12 team? No. This game was absolutely nothing other than for charity and fun, grow up people.

  16. hoop33

    On another note, while jones, lamb, miller, etc…sat front row in the end zone, twany beckham sat in the lower arena sidelines like 15 rows up close to me…random

  17. SagaciousMind

    No the fans shouldnt be yellin, but Cousins yellin back is even worse. After all, he is the professional. I’m sure no one expected an all out game, but a little bit of defense wouldnt kill.

  18. Thank God I Like College BBall

    When the League gets going again I feel like it’s going to take awhile for the product to get back to level we expect. Except for Rondo, Lebron and Durant. Faried will be a great pro 1 day. He can jump out of the building.

  19. Laettner

    I was wiping the spot where I hit the shot…still rubbing it in after all these years.

  20. Buckets

    People complaining need to get a grip. It was a charity game and I’m sure the guys that didn’t play have a good reason for not doing so. Anybody yelling mean stuff at our own guys is a jackwagon.

  21. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Give too many stupid people too much freedom and you have people rooting for their own team to lose (several of you with our football team) and yelling crap at our own players (during a charity game).

    Either jump off the bridge or step away from the edge completely… don’t just dangle there.

  22. One of those fans

    Caliparis in your ear needs to put a bullet through his ear.
    You wanna know what stupid is? Trying to tell someone how to support his team. Wanna know whats even dumber? Worrying about what other fans do. Youre a f’n idiot.

  23. DerickColeman

    My boy is going to da cuse!!!!

  24. Lex07

    Wall and Cousins have been around here a LOT over the lockout. They didn’t have to be. This was an amateur production from the beginning- I’m sure Wall had his reasons for not playing. And where has PPat been all this time? He must be the busiest guy in the NBA considering we are in lockout season.

  25. SexnNursinHomes

    In other news….. research found that wrestling was fake. Shocking.

  26. silverado

    Editing is your friend.

  27. Catfan17

    24- Patterson is out with an injury. Has been all summer.

  28. Magically Delicious

    So who won the game? Your crap writing hardly reveals a victor. I think KSR is a little embarrassed…

  29. D Dimer

    23- I’d say you have a 50% chance of being correct.

  30. Legggoooo

    For those of you who say its for charity and fun – shut up! You are probably the ones that also think that every kid should get a trophy. I didn’t pay $130 for 2 tickets to watch UK get beat by Laettner, Hansbrough, Brewer, etc. I didn’t expect “tenacious D”, but I did expect some. Liggins was basically the only one that did for UK. You don’t have to contest every shot but you should at least get in front of him and put your hands up. If there is another one like this, I know to keep my money in my pocket and just watch it on TV.

  31. Manbearpig

    25-DANG IT!!!!!! WHY GOD WHY!!!!!!!!

  32. Porcino's

    You shelled out $65 a ticket for this? Seriously?

  33. SexnNursinHomes

    31- haha
    a lot of pissed off grannies right now.

  34. Mr Schwump

    Good job of making excuses for not getting Coleman.

  35. cracka

    yup, i looked it up on ticketmaster after they said there were a bunch of tix still available … yesterday around noon, you could still but 2 tix at midcourt about 20 rows up … they were friggin’ $85 each … that’s stupid … i woulda paid maybe $20-35 a piece

  36. Vick

    Here’s my take aways from the game:
    1. I was disappointed in the crowd. I really thought there would at least 15 to 20 thousand for the game. I think there was a few thinks at work here. One, it’s close to actual basketball season so people aren’t as pumped about exhibition basketball. Two, I think the promoters eyes got a little big and over priced the tickets. I think if they sold every ticket half price there would have been a lot more people there.
    2. I know it’s an exhibition game but the lack of effort was a little disappointing. I thought this would be the finale of the games they have been playing and would want to come out and put on a show. Instead, it was mostly boring with some good moments.
    3. I thought Enes was nervous and it showed! I thought he looked awful. No hands. Couldn’t make a lay up and mostly seemed out classed by the other players. Having said that I think he will be a solid NBA player and I wish him the best because I know he really cares for the fans and the UK program.
    4. It was probably worth the price of admission to hear Laettner get booed and wipe sweat up off the floor.
    All in all it was a little disappointing because the Big Blue Allstars lost and the effort was very minimal. I’m just glad some money got raised for charity and that I only bought the 25 dollar tickets. I would have been upset if I paid any more.

  37. bluesince66

    Since I’m not a big NBA fan I’m not surprised by the attendance, who really gives a crap. Not sure where the not getting Coleman remark comes from, he hasn’t announced yet. Are a reason and excuse the same thing? If not I think what ksr is pointing out is some reasons the kid will probably pick Syracuse.

  38. WalkersGoggles

    My thoughts on the game-It looked like a live version of my NBA 2k11! only thing missing was clark kellog doing the color.

    I was shocked by the crowd size-ticket prices? maybe. I think a lot of fans were bumbed when they got drilled by Cal’s Dominican team and it left a bad taste in their mouths. That’s sad as this was such a unique experience that I think a lot of fans missed the point. Something like this might not be able to happen again for quite some time. If you are yelling at Cousins to play defense, you might be taking it too seriously.

    I’m glad Laettner got tossed from the game-who didn’t see that comimg? Would have been great if he had gone to the dressing room and come back out in his Duke gear and checked in! Rex could have had a tearaway suit on and pulled it off and had his jersey on!— rasslin’!!!! LOL “it’s real to me!!!” :)

    Game play–it looked like an all star game. Very little D until late in the game. That little run they had late in the game transported you back to glory days for a moment. Meeks, Rondo and Liggins played hard. Enes looked human! gasp! Chuck Hayes looked like he swallowed Bledsoe.

    It was a cool experience. Yes, it would have been a little sweeter if someone could have stomped on Laettner and they would have won. But it was a cool moment to see my NBA 2k11 custom team come to life.

  39. Bigbluecalizone

    This was aweful. I mean I know it was for a great cause and all, and that is good. But now I can’t bring myself to hate Laettner as I have for nearly 20 years. How can this happen…….

  40. notBomaniJones

    Hey no Prince or Wall but at least they snagged an appearance out of Scott Van Pelt

  41. Ndo

    For everyone crying about players not playing, and no defense from the ones that did need to wake up. These are professional athletes trying to stay in shape with a little pick-up ball untill the nba resumes. No one even plays defense in the League untill the playoffs start. People amaze me with their ignorance, get off Wall & everyone elses back. If you were dieing to watch bad offense and great D should tuned into MNF

  42. Dajuan Coleman

    Chris Thomas don’t know where I’m going. He guessing. He fallin in line with all the other stooger cause he don’t know squat, ya’ll! I’m comin to L-Town.

  43. The Anti-Schwump

    Definitely some people with their expectations out of line regarding this game.

  44. HicksPickSix

    I know this is a blog and all, but the simple grammatical mistakes in this article are pathetic. A note to Chris Thomas: If you can’t handle basic subject/verb agreement, have someone read over your material before publishing it. Better yet, don’t waste your time putting it on the site in the first place.