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UK vs. Louisville Bingo

Looking to add some spice to your tailgate on Saturday? Have no fear: UK vs. Louisville Bingo is here! I’ve created a bingo card with things you will see from BOTH fan bases in the parking lots around Commonwealth. Print a bunch out and pass them around. Create a prize for the winner…just make sure it’s not Preston Knowles’ hairbrush.



Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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17 responses to “UK vs. Louisville Bingo”

  1. Nathan

    nice! First?

  2. Section114

    You should have put louisville’s bus getting warmed up late in the 3rd quarter, gotta be ready to leave soon after the beatdown that came their way

  3. BigBlueBear

    Kentucky Kid receives the Medal of Honor. I hope he’s a UK fan. #Louisvillehateday

  4. PittDaddy

    What if I see Drew Franklin passed out tailgating on a motorized cooler. Is that 3 spots or just one?

  5. PittDaddy

    Yesss! Thanks Ms.

  6. walter

    No bourbon, WTF?

  7. 7 And Counting

    Should’ve made Karen Sypher the free space.

  8. LineBeard

    I will have a space filled in before I get to the tailgate. L Yeah!!

  9. Deion Branch
  10. UKErin

    You should have a UK2K shirt on there as the free spot. Those damn things are everywhere at Commonwealth

  11. CATSfan517

    Do you ever get the feeling that Cards fans, overall, are just…bitter?

  12. C Strong

    10 – Even I have to admit that ‘What Kentucky Means to Me’ is weak. Way better than KSR’s version? I don’t recall KSR having a version of ‘What Kentucky Means to Me’, but damn, bruh, they sure are killing us with these posts today! We did a nice job of trying to be as clever with this article you linked, but as usual, we don’t measure up to KY.

  13. Mike

    Is that F A T ass really “handsome” Jimmy? No wonder he can’t talk. His mouth is always full of food!

  14. Scott

    Crown Royal, sums up everything that is wrong with The Vile. We are a Bourbon state.

  15. CatFanForLife

    10-Get a life, get a clue. Your “what Kentucky means to me” is an obvious attempt to outdo the guys at KSR. Here’s an assessment…FAIL. Now go crawl back into your hole and quit trolling this site.

  16. Scott

    @10: So sad, as if the Big East could compete in football. Vandy beat your conference champion…go back to your hole, drink your Crown and Coke, look like a dork in your new hat with flat bill and price tag hanging off it. What a bunch of pansies.