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Article written by Matt Jones

37 responses to “UK vs AUBURN LIVE BLOG”

  1. Tmounce

    Where can i stream the game?

  2. ArkansasGame

    Row 12, Uppers for Arkansas game next Tuesday night:

  3. Catfan in NYC

    Anyone having problems with ESPN3? Is the game even streaming via ESPN3?

  4. king


  5. Hero

    Not on ESPN3…anywhere else?

  6. IndyCat

    Is ESPN3 on blackout mode right now?!

  7. RussellForker
  8. kfund

    Davis needs to start wearing the Abdul Jabbar sports goggles. 2nd game in a row he’s been hindered by a blow to the eye.

  9. Cynthia

    I can’t get ESPN3 to work either, has no listing for UK or any other 8pm games.

  10. bigbluecats.

    I just love how the announcers are all over Auburns nuts. Nothing new I guess. Everyone always want to see Goliath fall.

  11. not the shoes

    i bet stat guy calls in tomorrow with an updated count of teague’s missed lay ups…

  12. Cynthia

    the game is on ESPN3 now… finally

  13. random hero

    I have no sec network and no ESPN 3
    I’m gonna cry

  14. Cynthia

    you can listen at UKTube on the website

  15. GA_Hill

    What’s the deal with ESPN3???

  16. shendo

    i’ll say it here since i apparently don’t have the special pass to the live blog. they showed the replay of the teague play at least a dozen times and he didn’t do anything.

  17. shendo

    so there is either no contact or incidental contact and then the player comes up and shoves teague. the refs review the play and give teague a tech. BS

  18. Wow

    We suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bigblue

    karma, we laughed at the cods last nite we not looking like the #2 in america we have warts also.

  20. Azzpucker

    Anyone’s azz puckering yet?

  21. JimmyMack

    #18 I second that

  22. Chris

    It is working on 637 on direct tv

  23. Jumpin' ship

    #18, 21, 22-c’mon, you guys are above bailing out!

  24. bama cat

    24-I don’t want to bail. I just want them to shoot better. matt jones said this team ain’t no good and they right in game. we need a 3 point shooter like that kristian waltford at iu. then we be awesome. even indiana wuldnt beat us then if he on our team. we be undefeated and #1 all day.

  25. bama cat

    we won! I knew matt jones wont let me down. he said it be a blowout and it bout to be a blowout. aburn ain’t worth shit. they suck. we wont lose like ul does on road by thirty. we need shooter though. anybody think calipari get waltford to trsnsfer from iu? he be a pro under cal.

  26. strange brew

    I loved when Auburn fans chanted “Mary had a little lamb,” when Lamb shot free throws. Guess they getting ready for the farm animals they rape daily.

  27. finally

    Will I get a post through at last?????

  28. CatLanta

    Glad we won. But don’t like Cal’s win at all costs by playing Teague. He shouuld have been kicked out of the game for the Nut shot. Punk move by Teague and gutless move by Cal.Cal’s

  29. HuntsVegas

    Road Win …..

  30. weiner whack

    marquis teague’s stats: 12pts (2-3 three goggles), 3 assist, 3 turnovers, 4 rebounds, 1 dick punch and a UK victory…pretty solid night

  31. CatRealist

    If Teague played for UF, UT or the Tards, we would all think he was a thug. Should have been kicked out of the game. What a b@tch.

  32. Mirabale Dictu

    #21-Have you heard the term “Redneck?” Just checkin’

  33. notv

    can someone put teague punching the guy in the dick on youtube? I missed that bit…

  34. Good News

    Hostess filed Chapter 11 yesterday. So, Cal will likely be able to see his toes in a couple months.

  35. whatZ??

    @@ 16… What were you watching? He hit the guy…. you could see it. teague (little t) sucks….. point blank. period. His guy beat him off the dribble so many times, I lost count….his guy drove in and either shot or passed off when side help came. come on.. what can this guy do good??

  36. joe schmo

    any 1 seen casual gamer reed lately? wondering if he still got that dick burn on his lip. what a douche.

  37. podcast????

    Where is the podcast from today and yesterday?