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UK reportedly out of the mix for Tony Parker

Tony Parker, one of Kentucky’s remaining targets in next year’s recruiting class, will announce his college decision at the McDonald’s All American game next month according to this report from Adam Zagoria. Parker’s father told Zagoria that his son would be choosing between Kansas, UCLA, Duke, Ohio State, Memphis and Georgia at the game March 28th. That would seem to mean that Kentucky is out of the mix for the Georgia big man, who visited Kansas over the weekend. He was at the Kansas-Missouri game along with fellow Kentucky target Shabazz Muhammad, and the possibility of both ending up at UCLA has been widely discussed. Parker is also close with UCLA commit Kyle Anderson and his father said that the Bruins are “definitely high on the list.” Kansas’ recent history of producing NBA big men also makes them an intriguing option for Parker, according to his dad.

Parker is Scout’s #20 overall player and #9 center in 2012, but Kentucky still has options for big men in the class with Nerlens Noel and Anthony Bennett and either would likely vault UK’s class to the top of the national rankings. The final dominoes in the class are about to start falling, and we won’t have to wait much longer to see which of them fall Kentucky’s way.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

42 responses to “UK reportedly out of the mix for Tony Parker”

  1. Bluez


  2. capt. price

    How is UCLA reeling in a number 1 class? They suck horse bowels.

  3. Bristol VA/TN Cat

    Snoop Dog, House of Blues New Orleans, Friday March 9. This will be the best SEC tourny EVER!!!

  4. bosshogg24

    UK can’t take all the good players, Cal has others ranked higher than Tony Parker!

  5. Team Turmoil

    Why are we talking about the # 9 center in the class? That’s a Louisville-level kid

  6. Lovely

    2. It sounds fishy to me too. It would be like Joker or Billy G getting a top recruiting class.

  7. Gilchrist on D

    Kid looks fat to me.

  8. capt. price

    I watched him play on tv. He looked terrible. it was just one game, but his body language (and numbers) was poor.

  9. Bid Diesel

    This means Nerlens is ours, folks.

  10. ltylerj

    That’s Renardo Sidney.

  11. Joker

    This is good news. It likely means Cal has pulled the offer (assuming it had been extended)and that means here comes the high top fade.

  12. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    Poor man’s Jared Sullinger. 6’8-ish, glued to the floor, not entirely athletic.

  13. Old Henry Man

    I agree #7
    I watched him play on TV and he looked strong, but slow

  14. Wildcat44

    Usually means we are in line for someone better. This a way of saving face for these kids because they know something is about to go down. Just a thought.

  15. REAL BLY

    If I see another Michelle Obama add on this site….I’ll never return!!! EVER!!!!

  16. KSRBluesman

    8,12,13, agree watched on tv wonder if he can dunk? take my chances on willie cauley.

  17. Reality Is

    Good luck to the kid. Nerlens will be nowhere but UK. Looks like Parker found out.

  18. Wildcat44

    17 EXACTLY

  19. Brink

    15 the more times u type her name the more likely the ad is to show up

  20. SEC Tourney

    Anyone looking for a place to stay in New Orleans pretty cheap, e-mail me. My bud backed out and I need someone who can split the room cost. Great location and hotel room downtown. Just be cool with drinking and smoking.

  21. Wild Turkey 101

    He’s not good enough for UK.

  22. bluera1n

    #15 Firefox with Adblock Plus

  23. theWilkman

    #7 I agree. Looks like the next Renardo Sidney

  24. MKG fan

    I bet he can eat 100 taco bell tacos in one sitting.

  25. Cats are Gr8

    #20 count me in. not.

  26. Duke blows

    Why does UCLA get a good class.may be because they are a close #2 program to us Cal does a wonderful job but there is other schools too.Which makes what he’s done even more impressive

  27. Carl

    I always was a little suspect of his sexuality since Eva Longoria dropped him.

  28. Big Blue 66

    lol, its amazing times being part of BBN, when we are tickled that a top 20 kid doesnt list us because it probably means we already have someone better…..Cal is quite the man

  29. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    beware of #20 … this has sting written all over it !!! as Admiral Acbar once said “IT’S A TRAP !!!”

  30. Michael Scott

    Georgia? Seriously?

  31. SEC Tourney

    29) No damn trap…totally legitimate offer. Just trying to save some of my cost and help someone out who may need it.

  32. Ridiculous

    If we get Poythress, Bazz, and Noel is would be ridiculous. Those are arguable the 3 best and athletic kids in the class. Lexington would remain Lob City.

  33. 44 Stitches

    Tony Parker is man child. I’ve watched him play down here in metro Atlanta since he was a freshman. Parker was once a top 5 player in his class when he was a freshman. Parker hasn’t gotten much better since he was a freshman though. I know we all trust in Calipari when it comes to recruits but I was kind of shocked when I saw he offered Parker a scholly. My guess is Parker ends up at duke. Coach K has been all over him. Parker could be like J. Sullinger or he could be like R. Sidney. It just depends on what type of day he is having.

  34. The Cult

    Ciao baby

  35. trust in cal

    I love our coach!! hes a mastermind!

  36. BusterBrown

    20 – that’s halarious. Can I stay in your hotel room and drink and smoke with you?

    Btw – this kid looked like he would be a weak link. Slow and awkward.

  37. Mudcreekmark

    I watched the kid on TV also, and I wondered why we would be interested in him.He was fat, slow and didn’t seem to me to have a high motor at all. I hate talking about a kid but that was my first impression of him. I think he is overated and someone calling him a Sullinger is way off. More of a Renaldo Sidney for sure.

  38. SagaciousMind

    I believe my post was deleted so I’ll put it on here again. #15, I’d rather see Michelle on here than her no good sorry excuse for a president husband!!! As for Parker, merely a back up so who cares. Bennett and Noel are the ones we want.

  39. George Bush

    38- Hello!

  40. Duke blows

    If we would have got him he would have been the second coming on here. Give it a break,he’s just a kid a good player might have thought we were getting Noel and didn’t want to sit like what happened to Orton so book luck to him and to us with noel

  41. mashburnfan1

    Another Josh Smith or ReLARDO Sidney type player in my opinion.

  42. Obama says

    Bush may have been bad but I am spending more money than he did and will continue to spend and waste more…fact!