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Non-Conference Schedule Going Forward

Kentucky has 9 non-conference games remaining, and as we know all too well, how our opponents are doing can become a huge factor in NCAA seeding come March.  Coach Cal has proclaimed a better non-conference schedule, playing teams that can compete in their respective conferences.  East Tennessee State and Portland are considered contenders in their leagues.  Obviously, all of the opponents in Maui were BCS schools, which is always nice. 

So, how have our future opponents been doing?  Well, lucky for you I have not only looked up their schedules but given you a couple notable stats for each team:

Boston U (4-3)
Wins: George Washington, Marist, Nevada, Cornell
Losses: at Northeastern, at Villanova, Hampton
Notable Stats: John Holland (19.0 ppg), Team FG% (39.3%)

at North Carolina (3-2)
Wins: Lipscomb, Hofstra, UNC-Asheville
Losses: Minnesota, Vanderbilt
Notable Stats: Harrison Barnes (12.6 ppg, 5.8 rpg), Turnovers (17.0 tpg)

Notre Dame in Louisville (6-0)
Wins: Georgia Southern, Liberty, Chicago St., Maine, Georgia, California
Losses: None
Notable Stats: Avg. Victory (23.7 pg), Hansbrough and Abromitis (32.3 ppg combined)

Indiana (6-0)
Wins: Florida Gulf Coast, Wright St., Mississippi Valley St, Evansville, North Carolina Central, Northwestern St.
Losses: None
Notable Stats: Christian Watford (17.5 ppg), Team FG% (49.7%)

Mississippi Valley State (1-5)
Wins: Georgia Southern
Losses: at Georgia, at Indiana, at Saint Mary’s, BYU, Liberty
Notable Stats: Team PPG (54 ppg), Team FG% (33.1%)

Winthrop (2-3)
Wins: Queens, at Wake Forest
Losses: VCU, Hampton, Belmont
Notable Stats: Robbie Dreher (20.0 ppg), 4 double digit scorers

Coppin State (1-2)
Wins: UM-Baltimore County
Losses: at Oklahoma, at Towson
Notable Stats: Team FG% (38.4%), Turnovers (11.0 tpg)

at Louisville (4-0)
Wins: Butler, Jackson State, Chattanooga, Marshall
Losses: None
Notable Stats: Team PPG (85 ppg), Turnovers (15.0 tpg)

Pennsylvania (2-3)
Wins: Davidson, Lafayette
Losses: at Manhattan, Drexel, at Pittsburgh
Notable Stats: Jack Eggleston (16.0 ppg), 3P% (30.9%) 

There are 5 locks for wins.  Indiana has played ABSOLUTELY NOBODY so far, meaning the game in Rupp should be a wakeup call.  North Carolina has come out of the blocks slow, but will still be a challenge in the Dean Dome.  Notre Dame has also played a weak schedule, but do have some solid players.  Louisville is probably better than we thought, but still don’t have the talent of Kentucky.  The other 5 games will not be a challenge.  

Point is, Kentucky should expect no less than 7 more non-conference wins in my opinion.  Eight is completely reasonable, and nine is not out of the question.  Agree or disagree?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

28 responses to “Non-Conference Schedule Going Forward”

  1. jamal


  2. SexnNursinHomes

    Thanks BTI, I would have never went to that trouble for research, unless it was to poll a group of women on my new invention, The Dildonator 5000.

  3. WildcatsDominate


  4. HuntsVegas

    Agree. Also, Trevor Lacey put up 40 Friday and 47 Saturday….. he’s averaging 46 after 5 games.

  5. Wayne

    agree with #1. thats the essential one but I do agree with the writers post

  6. Kentucky14

    Based on how these teams are playing, we should win all these games. ULs Butler win looks worse the more they play.

  7. Stumpster

    Hey BTI, off topic, but do you have the article or whatever that shows defense under Brown, excepting this year, has been UK’s best since the 70s’? You mentioned it earlier and Matt mentioned it in the post game. A guy I’ve been arguing with all weekend doesn’t believe it. Fire at all costs bandwagon kind of guy with no facts. Curious, thanks!

  8. Boycott the radio until BTI is fired.

    He wants to fire Joker after 1 year, well he sucks way more than Joker. He’s a moron and should suffer the same fate that he wants for Joker. Boycott the radio show and its sponsors until he is gone.

  9. KSR Spy

    Tough news for former Kentucky Wildcat Perry Stevenson; he has been waived by the Tulsa 66ers…

    Cred to AWireman

  10. Jen

    9 is not out of the question! This team showed heart after playing 4 games in 6 days with such a short bench! Cal is a master at getting kids to play beyond what they truly are (see harrelsons reb against UW). This nonconference schedule is weak as they come! I say 8 and quit doubting this team!

  11. Luke
  12. Old Henry Man

    The Cats will be underdogs at UNC. UofL may be tough, but I see a W.
    For some odd reason, Indiana scars me.

  13. hmmmmm

    So… is this a sign that we can stop talking about the football team? I really don’t care about their upcoming appearance in the Bowl. Wait, or was it the Meinke Car Care Bowl?

  14. jbird

    Good work, BTI! Happy Free Enes Week to all.

  15. Knoxcat

    12 – not nice. Not nice at all.

  16. BBN

    #9: Yeah, because you support the loser and maintaining a losing program.

  17. _Blackhawk_

    #13 IU scars you? Really? IU is the one team each year we can never win by enough….if it were 50 I’d want it to be 55…..if it were 60….I’d still want more. I’m hoping we scar them for life in Rupp this year.

  18. Tej

    14 maybe you should realize that football is more important than basketball to a lot of uk fans. Basketball fills the void between football seasons.

  19. BigCAT

    #19 if that’s true, I feel sorry for you! BTI I agree and I think alot of teams are over AND underrated (see Uconn) but when it all pans out we should at worst have three, prolly two losses come SEC play.

  20. MikeInLex

    8-1..Just beat Louisville and its a good year.

  21. Jimmy Buffett


  22. i dont care about cobb

    19 holy sh!t I almost peed my pants laughing, that was a good one…. Oh were you serious? Damn I did pee my pants
    .This football team is a joke, coach has a perfect name. Enjoy the loser bowl

  23. hmmmmm

    19.) Maybe you should realize that you are the only person who cares more about UK football than UK basketball. I feel sorry for you and any others like you who prefer UK football to UK basketball.

  24. JJ


  25. Don

    No one scares me except Louisville, and that’s due to their size. Other than that, they play a real frantic pace, and live/die by the three. They don’t have any athletes that are scarey at all, but if Knight doesn’t handle the ball, we’ll be run out of the Greast Bucket.

  26. Bluebleeder

    Good point #26. Calhoun knows the dribble drive and he planted 2 defenders everytime. They just figured it out thats all. We needed this loss believe it or not. Our little kiddie cats need to be humbled. Knight will be fine,remember he does not have a backup like bledsoe,its all on him and he knows that. Welcome to the NCAA kiddies. Its time to be a man. We will be alright.

  27. dain

    #13- we certainly will NOT be the underdogs to a 3-2 UNC. Both teams have had their ups and downs, but UK is the favorite as of now.