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UK Hoops Beats the Vols!

It was a great game that just ended in Memorial, as the UK Hoops team beat the Lady Vols 61-60 in a thriller. A’Dia Mathies was a superstar, finishing with 34 points and hitting a shot with 4.2 seconds left to win. Kentucky had built up a 12 point lead with 8 minutes to go, only to see the Lady Vols fight back and actually lead by 3 with one minute to go. But a couple of late scores and Mathies’ heroics led to an exciting victory. The game was Tennessee’s first conference loss since 2010, and ended a 36 game winning streak.

Get em’ ladies…nice work

Article written by Matt Jones

28 responses to “UK Hoops Beats the Vols!”

  1. Hoss

    post. game. show.

  2. Pat Summit

    What happened tonight?

  3. Ghost of Dolph Lundgren

    Boy Pat Summ-tit sure looked good tonight…… Geez. As of tonight I’m changing my name to Ghost of Pat Summit

  4. Lincoln Park

    Joke, morons.

  5. Scott K

    Congratulations Lady Cats! Big win for what is becoming a big time program! Go Cats!!!

  6. Some Guy in Kentucky

    Tubby is beating IU, at IU with 12 minutes left 51-40.

  7. Tomas

    It is amazing how far this program has come under Matthew Mitchell. A’dia Mathies has ice water in her veins.

  8. Hoss

    Coach Mitchell has really built something from nothing. Sold-out crowd (pending Tipton’s numbers), #9 over #6, now leads the SEC. Good for him, man.

  9. Blue Haze

    Awesome! Congrats to the Lady Cats!

  10. Summitt

    Pat just sits there like a statue and radiates wisdom to the assistant coaches.

  11. Go kitties

    I wish the boys played as fast as the girls and with the same passion. That was truly a sight to see awesome womens basketball. These girls could actually beat anyone in the tournament, get griner in foul trouble and maybe we could be hangimg two banners this year!!!

  12. Hoss

    How long had it been since UK beat UT in WBB? I know they had a 36-game conference streak, but what was the streak over UK?

  13. Retard

    6- What? obviously don’t watch enough women’s hoops

  14. Retard

    whoops … meant 4 HA

  15. Nancy Pelosi has 4 eyebrows

    Great win! The Lady Cats are exiting to watch. That was like the third or fourth time I have watched them this season.

    GO CATS!!

  16. Some Guy in Kentucky

    #13 (retard?)I watched UK beat UT, and Tubby is still beating IU by 6 with 2 minutes.

  17. MattMeth

    Matt is on meth or suffering from second hand meth smoke.
    Listen to him on the radio.
    “Zone no big deal, we just missed shots.”

  18. tbt

    so what was the REAL story with Demoss leaving UK?

  19. proud

    way to go girls!!! U make us proud

  20. Steve Fitts

    Maybe we should call her A’dia Kidd-Mathies!

  21. The Realist

    Cal should show TJ film of A’Dia Mathies. This is how you play with heart and notice how she gets back on defense when she scores, the person she guards does not score while she is posing.

  22. Retard

    16- they deleted some comments… #4 is now, who I was talkin to…

  23. Retard

    Oh Yeah… GO CATS!!

  24. Wildcat44

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife said this was going to happen 2 months ago. Way to go LADY CATS. See you in Nashville. No let downs.

  25. Viren

    Congrats to Lady Cats and Kudos to Mitch Barnhardt who did a great job in firing Coach Maddox hiring Mickie DeMoss, and making anoither homerun hire in Coach Mitchell. Go Cats

  26. Micky is a Man Baby

    #18 – She ha “relations” with a boosters wife

  27. littlefeller

    UK invested $ into the women’s program and it is paying off handsomely(hint hint for football UK)

  28. bluesince66

    People on here making comments about Summitts health are complete morons or 12 years old, or 12 year old morons take your pick. Adia may have played the best individual game I’ve seen.