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UK Fans of the Day Want To KSR Podcast and 2012 Draft Talk


If there’s one thing you and your friend with his chest hair shaved into a “K” are dying to talk about this afternoon, it’s the 2012 NBA Draft.  Congratulations, you’re in luck.  Chad Ford already has his Top 100 prospects for the 2012 NBA Draft loaded on and, much like the last two editions, it’s pretty heavy on the boys in blue.  It’s so heavy, in fact, it looks like there could be another five guys gone in next year’s first round.

Here are his rankings:

1. Anthony Davis

3. Michael Gilchrist

10. Terrence Jones

12. Marquis Teague

25. Doron Lamb

Peyton Siva is only 77 spots behind where John Wall was ranked two years ago.  Those comparisons might just come to fruition after all.  Speaking of 78, here’s Matt Jones with this morning’s KSR podcast…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

19 responses to “UK Fans of the Day Want To KSR Podcast and 2012 Draft Talk”

  1. Pitt

    Is that Payton Manning on the right?

  2. courtney stodden's plastic surgeon

    Darius is going to be moving on up that list next year.

  3. NotThatThere'sAnythngWrongWithThat

    No, no and no.


    Darius Miller could make 6 cats drafted.

  5. Jimmy Buffett


  6. SoCalCat

    Not to be politically incorrect, but I hope this photo is not one of many …

  7. DoubleZeroMostel

    And people wonder how stereotypes get started.

  8. Don

    I love Miller. He has the tools and the potential to be simply awesome. If he keeps his head straight, then I think he’s a 14-16 ppg player with no problem. He is a difficult matchup with his versatile inside-out game, size, and ball handling.

    Miller could definitely be a first rounder.

  9. Matt Jones

    That photo is epic

  10. Need43

    Dam Patrick sparks in the middle?

  11. Need43

    Patrick Sparks in the Middle???

  12. donjuan

    Awesome. Beer, jorts, and Kentucky. Where amazing happens

  13. Boots45

    Podcasts aren’t working on iTunes. Anyone know what’s up?

  14. dman

    Dude of the left kind of looks like King Rex.

  15. Women Everywhere

    No, no, and no.

  16. The Blue Goose

    itunes doesn’t have the podcast…what will I do at work tonight?

  17. SBhullar

    Dat dude in the middle is my future teammate Tu Hollaway.

  18. Cats

    Just placed a bet with the local bookie. Over/Under on how many vaginas those 3 dudes have seen in their life was set at 1……..I took the under.

  19. PaducahCatsFan

    Just listened to the podcast, why do they keep saying that Sacramento needed a PG? They just picked up Tyreke Evans a couple years ago