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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast


Notes? Podcast? Legeaux…

— The Big Blue Madness campout outside of Memorial Coliseum begins tomorrow morning at 7:00 am. Tickets will be distributed at 7:00 am Saturday to those in line and online at Tickets are free (two per person) but there is a small handling fee for online orders. I will be camping out for a KSTV segment from start to finish and would love to eat all your food and sleep in your tent. I prefer Lunchables. See you there.

Jon Hood did not appreciate Beisner’s “Hey There, Handsome” post:

@hoodyhoody4: Sad that grown men have nothing better to do than to stalk young college students’ social media sites then claim it’s news #morelikestalking

@hoodyhood4: Gonna start posting stupid crap and see how quick it hits so called “news” websites.

It made a news website? Awesome! Congrats, Beisner.

Love you, Jon. #madville

— A high school wide receiver in California caught 28 passes for 347 yards in one game over the weekend.  Jake Maulhardt, a 6-foot-7 receiver, fought off double and even triple coverages on his way to the third-best receiving game in history. His quarterback completed 41 of 54 passes for 416 yards in the game. Maulhardt is drawing a lot of attention from Pac-12 schools.

— The Atlanta Braves are making me nervous. There is a KSR road trip at stake in this NL Wild Card race.

— Mitch Barnhart was on today’s radio show. Barnhart said UK would not be interested in move to ACC and would not rule out a veto of Louisville to the SEC. He also said that the money simply is not there for substantial further renovations to football facilities at this time. Take a listen…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

114 responses to “UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast”

  1. Mike13w

    Braves will pull it out.

  2. Tom Baker

    Can someone explain to me why Jon Hood even has a Twitter account or uses social media? I do agree that many probably annoy the hell out of these guys, but he seems to be particularly thin-skinned. Or maybe his man-crush on Beisner manifests itself in the same way a six-year old girl’s does on the boy who pulls her pony tail.

  3. Cal Purnell here

    whoooaaaa somebody does not like Beisner

  4. Hoops McGee

    Hoody – be glad someone is even interested enough to bother posting a pic. #falsefamehater

  5. Arreba Arreba

    Hood does seem like kind of a d***. Maybe it stems from earlier childhood when his mop got replaced by a Swiffer.

  6. cdc_uky

    He needs to let go of the KSR hate. This is the biggest fan site that supports him/his team. Hood is weak on the court, seems to be a baby off the court, and now sports a U of L line beard.

  7. Bunzz

    In the famous words of the Joker and Mr. Steve Johnson…Jon,

    “Why So Serious?”

  8. The Warden

    Hood is Jerry Tipton’s illigitimate son!

  9. mitchdoesntcare

    Mitch Barnhart “no we cant”

  10. Jon who?

    He wants respect sine he is on the team (best team in the country)….but really the only way to earn it is to play well on the court when given the opportunity. He has yet to perform well. And complains when fans talk to him, media talks about him (like what media outlet does not do that to any athlete). I would rather have a player who would start on EKU or WKU than Jon Hood to sit on the bench.

    ohh and Didn’t he have the worst OPER (opposing player efficiency rating) last year or atleast top 10 in the country? haha thought so.

  11. 1st Down Kentucky

    Has Joker had any contact with the kid from Cali.?

  12. TheNewOriginal

    4/ Hood – Read post 4 and try to comprehend it.

  13. DoubleZeroMostel

    I like the Veto threat move here by Barnhart. It’s a public kick to Jurich’s scrote.

  14. madville

    Hood is a douche. And so is his dad. They both think their ish doesn’t stink.

  15. GoCats2010

    GET BEISNER FOLLOWERS!!! He has less than 100 fewer followers than Hood…Poison has 3000 more…

  16. Pick Ratino

    1….just like I did.

  17. joshua

    Sounds like Hoody4 needs a hug. Be glad your even mentioned Jon. You are gonna have to settle for being background decoration in the pics of T.Jones and the Blue Chip squad, holding up #8. So I would not bitch too much.

  18. KYfarm

    girl in the glasses

  19. Brent S.

    No hate for a Kentucky kid but settle down big fella. If he wants to act like a baby I’ll sit the end of the bench next year for him and he can have my seats up next to the ceiling.

  20. B-Rabbit

    1) that looks like a game for the #SEXNetwork

  21. BigBlueLush

    At least MB has enough sense to squash the ACC move BS. UK can have my diploma back if they ever tuck tail and run like that.

  22. ERStLouis

    Go St. Louis Cardinals! I can’t believe they blew an opportunity against the lowly Houston Astros. Wow, Braves have it tough against the Phillies and Cards didn’t capitalize. Oh well, two more games to play to tie or pass the Braves! Also, Go Big Blue! I support my local baseball team, but I’m a born and raised UK fan. I wish I could be there for Madness.

  23. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Hood consistently comes across as a dick, whether its KSR or not. Maybe he’s a really nice guy, but he doesn’t come across that way publicly.

  24. Charles rants

    Barnhart is the worst AD Kentucky has ever had. No vision for football but by-golly the olympic sports are thriving! What a shame.

  25. it's on

    ‘Coal Boys’ putting together the funding to put Joker out of his misery.

  26. Calipari'sInYourEar

    How could a Kentucky native on the University of Kentucky Basketball team be anything but a fan favorite? It’s almost an impossible circumstance.

    Here’s a perfect example:

    A college student demands that he be considered a child, so that he can suggest a blog of fans who follow the team he’s on are adult stalkers.

    That my friends is douchery. Next thing you know it’ll leak out that he considered attending Duke. Gulp!

  27. farby

    Hood obviously learned nothing from Jorts. I will not be buying a Toyota from him.

  28. Moses

    Fire Barnhart.. And ps SOFTBALL

  29. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    I vote that we totally sell our souls and let Big Coal/Friends of Coal/Whatevertheirnameis build (and name) a huge ass stadium for Kentucky. New training facilities, new practice fields, new coaching salaries, the whole shabang. Stamp “COAL” across every single placard for all I care.
    Just don’t provide excuses for us losing to Mississippi St, USC, and Arkansas on a consistent basis.

  30. Allen Harris

    Jon Hood is the anti-Boogie


    Matt, I thought you did a good job of bringing up the fan base issues with Mitch. While it could have been tougher I thought you were as that “network” says…fair and balanced. And I thought Mitch did a good job of expressing himself and the issues. Clearly he thinks Joker can turn it around and be successful….I hope he is right. But also….he seems a bit surprised as well that the football team is off to this bad start. I for one say thanks for having him on the show.

  32. wldctky

    Hood needs to quit being a little girl..

  33. mitch mcgary

    see ya’all at madness

  34. Champ

    Hood probably doesnt realize how many ppl are going to like him less after crap like this. And he probably wont care, which makes him even more an asshole

  35. BlueGene

    could HoodRat be more of a whining dbag?

  36. SexnNursinHomes

    what. a. dick.

  37. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (34) EXACTLY

  38. Ghostofbearbryant

    No money for football (or, I guess you could say, none more of what they brought in for their own use) but let’s get ready to have that giant freebie bball party. Totally immoral. Take SEC money created with football and not lift one finger to help create it.

  39. Ignore Hood

    Maybe we should just completely ignore Hood’s existence. Show him no love hate or anything. You wanna root for the guy but he keeps coming across so poorly. I hate it about the ACL and wish him well. Maybe someone should tell him Billy G is coaching at Texas Tech.

  40. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (38) You honestly think the basketball team needs fball $$$ in order to put on BBM? get a clue

  41. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (39) we should edit out his face from all pics of the team/games/wins/trophy presentations, too. it’s obv he hates being on KSR.

  42. Grow up

    or you guys could all grow up and leave one of our players…a college student…alone. Good Lord

  43. Al's IndiCats

    I thought Matt did a good job of letting “AT LEAST LETTING SOMEONE FINISH A SENTENCE” plus to the fact the he express the fans concern. Great job Jones!

  44. OldManYellsatCloud

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks Hood is being a whiny douche.

  45. Come ON

    Why the hell would we move to the ACC? That one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. This conference realignment stuff is ridiculous, so glad UK isn’t part of it.

  46. dc4uk

    Hood does seem to act like he’s better than everyone else. Maybe he needs to pull that stick out of his ass. Anyways have fun sitting on the bench your senior year, its too bad uk could have used your scholly on someone that is much better and more talented. And maybe someone that has a personality. Hood acts like everyone is out to get him, hopefully he’ll realize he’s Mr. Irrelvant soon enough.

  47. OldManYellsatCloud

    42-Or, and this is just a thought, he (and you) could grow a pair and stop taking everything so seriously.

  48. Ghostofbearbryant

    40. No, I think the bb team needs to chip in for the non revenue sports in an equal fashion to football. I know they can afford it, they get to keep every dime they bring in and FB has to pay the other expenses. It’s ridiculous.

  49. 3 fan

    I was at UK when Travis Ford sat out his redshirt year and the year after. Ford was so hated by his own teammates and former players at the time they wouldn’t let him run pickup games with them at Seaton Center. True story.

  50. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (48) WRONG. I wish Barnhart would’ve talked about that stuff today on the show, but it was a “football” discussion. Come bball season, we’ll have him come on and tell you how ill-informed you are.

  51. Colorado Cat

    Love the website…please fix the app

  52. Seriously

    @hoodyhoody4 UMADBRO?!?

  53. kdog

    JH is a real life replica of TIMMAAYYYY from south park

  54. Ghostofbearbryant's weiner

    Hood does stunts on the weekends for Clay Aiken in gay movies.

  55. Ghostofbearbryant's weiner


  56. kdog


  57. So what

    Dear Jon, If you don’t want to be in the spotlight, then don’t stand on stage. By the way, this blog has more fans than you. Learn to defend and hit open shots, then you can call out media. Thanks.

  58. halfcourtshots

    Jon is not a bad guy. I know everyone on here thinks it’s fun to rip him, but he had a point in this case.

  59. Calipari'sInYourEar

    If Jon Hood wanted to play BBall under the radar, he should have gone to play basketball at any of the 300+ NCAA Division 1 schools where you can count the basketball fans on one hand.

    It’s not like he didn’t know playing for Kentucky would be an interactive fan experience. He lives here for christs sake.

    No excuses Jon. Now shave that linebeard and “act” like your own of us.

  60. Calipari'sInYourEar

    *one of us.

  61. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Krebs needs to talk to Hood about accepting his position on the team. He handled being the cool, white guy on the team well. Jon, you could be loved by the fans too…it’s up to you.

  62. Shoes

    Why the heck doesn’t Hood transfer? It’s not like he’ll get any PT next year. If he wasn’t from KY, Cal would have cut him loose when he signed on..

  63. Hon Jood


  64. halfcourtshots

    This is Jon Hood and this is my KSR handle

  65. cmcolts

    Am going to definately unfollow Hood. Would hate to be labeled a stalker!

  66. Champ

    and isnt twitter a form of “stalking” in the first place? So why does he even have a twitter

  67. Big cat

    JON HOOD is waste of bench seat on the side line, prove you can play Kentucky Basketball or transfer

    Braves will make the playoffs and win the world series!!

  68. Gill Fish

    Love ya Hood, but you seriously need to take a page out of Jorts’ book. Embrace the fans, learn to laugh at yourself = We will love ya until your UL line beard is gray and you’re too old to ride 4-wheelers.

  69. Justin G.

    Well…..UK has a football program that is Top-20 in profitability, and a Top-25 fan-base in attendance, along with a very profitable basketball program, yet, UK does not have the money to do anything that will help them become competitive, Mitch? Yes, you spent money on those ribbon boards, but all you have on them are advertisements, that you make money off of.
    I love how he adores being in the SEC, but he knows that we are not competitive, and that he acknowledges the fact that UK’s coaches are some of the lowest paid in the country! The funny thing is that UL, down the road, is building new facilities, bringing in hot new coaches, and out-recruiting UK, while being in a bad conference. Mitch, is full of crap excuses! Here is to many more years of mediocrity, and going backwards!

  70. TonyDelk00

    Alfonso Smith (former UK running back, current AZ Cardinals RB) 17 carries for 54 yards on Sunday

  71. MIDDAY

    Little Line Beard Riding Hood

    copyrights to MIDDAY

  72. Hoods Rage

    Lighten up dude. Please do not post anymore news on thin skin hood. I dont want to have to not like anyone on the team.

  73. Brant Baines

    Give my boy Hood a break. I was chillin with him at lunch today and he said he was gonna start tweeting out some jokes directed at KSR. It’s all in good fun. Reminds me of the time Charlie Sheen made fun of his boss on Two and a Half Men. No biggie. Next thing you know we will all be laughing about this at Comedy Central’s “Roast of Jon Hood”

  74. Hood hater

    What a thin skin puss. KSR should Black ball him. Probably blames us for his suckiness.

  75. Jones Returns

    Why yall gotta rip on Hood? Some of these posts are embarassing. Are you a UK fan or a KSR fan? Cause they’re not always one in the same… Grow up. I love KSR and Beisner’s posts, but I didn’t see the point in the “Hey There Handsome Post”. Guy was working a charity event for Christ’s sake and you go and create a post that does nothing but make fun of the kid. Bad form… What’s your problem with Jon??? Guy’s a wildcat…period

  76. Bigbluecalizone

    Seems like a classic case of a kid who has been told his entire life how great he is, been the cream of nearly every crop he’s ever been a part of, then makes it to the big league and finds that he is a very small fish in a pond full of sharks. Very,very thin skinned.

  77. John Denver

    I think someone needs their twitter privileges taken away. Dejavu Jorts!

  78. John Denver

    77) He wasn’t all that great at North. He just happened to be the best we had which wasn’t saying much. If his Dad hadn’t promoted him in the AAU circuit, he would have been a little sisters of the poor D-1 college player.

  79. Tigolbitties

    Is there anything the Jon Hood does well at the game of basketball?

  80. Carl

    I agree with Barnhart: 1) a move from SEC would reduce our football revenue and further limit our facility improvements and recruiting. 2) Many of the players we recruit from FL, GA etc. come to Kentucky to play in the SEC. 3) ACC is not going to have a legitimate BCS contender unless Free Shoe U. can stay out of trouble.

  81. M. Garlich

    Agree with #75… It seems more on here are quicker to defend Beisner and his stupid posts… versus a UK player. Grow up get a life…the above remarks are embarrassing to read.

  82. Carl

    On another note, I believe Jon Hood to be a good person and a stand-up young man. I believe most bloggers and sports reporters are 10% journalist; 50% groupie; 30% wannabe and 10% stalker. So get off Hood’s a$$ !!
    GO CATS !

  83. comebackcat

    Some of these posts are sad. they kid is what, 20? of course he’s thin-skinned. everyone is at his age. As a previous poster mentioned he was doing a charity event. why couldnt the comment be about that, and what a good thing that is for representing the school. Beisners post was stupid, and didnt serve any purpose but to slam the kid, who hasnt heard much good about him on this site in a looonnngg tiimmmeee. give the kid a break, and perhaps some positive comments and he might

  84. dandy don

    You know with the injury to #4, you’d think Stacey Poole will get his fair share of minutes this season. My only question is when Poole scores, who is going to go wild on the bench and have to be held back by the white kids? Either way, still don’t know how he turned the four wheeler over.

  85. bung

    Jon must have taken it as an insult. If he was wrong I bet he apologizes. If he was right then I am glad he has the guts to stand up for himself.

  86. Teddy Bridgewater

    Barnhart are you afraid….HAHAHAHAHAHA

  87. SaveUofL

    #75, 82 & 88 Why do we have to support a UK player just because he’s a UK player? I have met several of these guys and honestly some of them are flat out pricks in the real world. Should I have to like them only because they put on a UK jersey?

  88. catnuts

    Come on KSR, stop allowing the name calling and attacking of one of our own. Jon Hood does not deserve to see all these so called adults on here acting like a bunch of babies calling him names. If it were Jones or Lamb would you allow it? I certainly would hope not. So why allow it withe Hood? Because he hasn’t lived up to some of your alls standard? This kind of slander should never occur on this or any other fan site. What does this say to prospects? “Boy, if I don’t live up to their expectations, they will blast me, I’m not going to a place like that.”

  89. bung

    Must be frustrating for Hood being an instate kid trying to break into the kind of line up we have had the past 2 years. Now the injury. I am sure all UK basketball fans are pulling for him to succeed on and off of the court. Hood to McGary for #9.

  90. Doom or Gloom

    Well said 89…Jon Hood comes off as a prick!

  91. bung

    yep…i support them because they are UK basketball players and I am a UK basketball fan.

  92. Doom or Gloom

    90 – it has nothing to do with basketball. JOn needs to take things in stride and be a little more lighthearted with the stuff that comes from this site. What Beisner posted was all in good fun.

  93. raining blood

    #90 if anything its a lesson to a thin skinned kid who needs to toughen up and chill out. What did he think was going to happen after he went on twitter and ran it? #twitterrantsaredumbespeciallyifyouarewellknown….lighten up hoody.

  94. REALLY JON.....

    Really JON, REALLY??????? Grow up DUDE! We dont really care about u, hate to say it. U are the one looking on this website to see if we talk about ur torn acl. U need a reality check!!

  95. John Kerry's Brother Fred

    Can anyone confirm Jon “Please love me” Hood actually tore his ACL, or is this a hoax because Calipari doesnt want him to play next year?

  96. arlie

    Can anyone confirm these are really Ky Fans disrespecting one of our own?

  97. M. Garlich

    #89 – Hey agree you don’t have to like (or even support) just because they play for UK.

    Just embarrassed by many of the posts that attack a young player. Regardless if someone is the star of a team, a role player, or even a walk-on…can’t some as fans avoid the personal attacks on a player.

    Even if I didn’t like a certain player or if a player was rude to me in public…I’m not going to blast them on a message board.

  98. Sherman Minton

    Hood is a douche. Why is the girl in the white jersey smiling? Maybe she should look at Hood’s line beard, that should make her laugh.

  99. ukchampion

    100 – agreed.

  100. Realitycheck

    Hood maybe you should go to western and sit on their bench. You were overated in high school and just look at the other kids that billy clyde recruited and where they are now. You couldn’t start for KY Wesleyan.

  101. catnuts

    Beisner, I’m not saying you called him names. I asked why is KSR letting these grown men, I assume, attack one of our own.I have seen posts deleted or not allowed for alot less. Just like when you all posted a picture with Anthony Davis and had a caption calling him Unibrow. I spoke up against that and in just a few minutes the caption was changed. I just don’t think it is in good taste to make fun of kids, period.Let alone kids that we cheer for. My question is, how does this play out in the recruiting circles? Think other coaches wouldn’t use this site as fuel to try to convince recruits that this is how the UK fans will treat you?

  102. NBA league pass

    This is simple. If you think Hood is a prick and you’re a college student at UK, then go say it to his face. Maybe he’ll pop you in the mouth.

    If you are a grown ass man and you’re telling him on twitter, you have serious mental problems. He’s a college kid.
    Seriously…a 30 or 40 year old man talking trash about ONE OF OUR OWN BASKETBALL PLAYERS on a message board or his twitter is retarded. Get a grip people.

  103. Dane Brammage

    #1, too late for the Braves to pull it out.
    They’ve ‘done’ shot their wad.

    Who the Fok is Jon Hood?
    Ah ha!
    Thanks #8 (the Beav’s dad).

  104. NotJonHood

    Does Hood realize that beisner doesnt actually care, and that’s all part of the joke? he reminds me of that ugly girl in highschool who thought she was hott. Sad.

  105. ?

  106. Why

    Why pick on Hood or ANY UK player? Some people don’t handle teasing like others. For example, why do they disable the comments section everytime they sell something on here? That’s right, because they get ripped and can’t take it! I love this site and the radio show but you guys need to know who you can attack and who you can’t, now look at all this crap being said about a young man that has done NOTHING to any of you!

  107. Hood is a Doosh

    Seriously. Lighten up bro. You obviously don’t have much of a sense of humor.

  108. tonygreendoesthestankyleg

    im afraid we’re all missing the real point here…. #27 was hilarious!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  109. joe joe

    I don’t like Hood now either. This is a fan site Hood. Go to hell, man. I don’t even know Beisner that well except for what he writes on here. It’s a joke f-tard. Beisner is just kidding around with you. I don’t even care if Hood ever plays. He’s a whiny little b. You’re going to have a rough life if you can’t take a little joke. You would go home and cry every day if you had a normal job like the rest of us… you will soon enough.

  110. Nic J

    Beisner never attacked Hood. Not once. He was giving him some pub because he grew a beard and Hood popped off… If Hood had kept his twitmouth shut, you wouldnt have all of these comments towards him. The writers of this site are the biggest fans of the program and players… Hood should embrace the popularity like JOrts did, instead of acting like a little bitch.

  111. Hoops Malone

    We probably shouldn’t poke fun at Hoody as it could negatively impact the way he pla….wait, never mind.

  112. Russel Roy

    Hey people it’s a website that is brought to you “in the most ridiculously manner possible.” Every player has embraced it but Hood! Jorts is even profiting off the Jorts movement that this website brought! Really you cant accept that a picture is posted of you with a beard and “bedhead”?? The Poly-Sci joke made me laugh out loud! You can laugh too Hood! It’s ok! Laught at your self! KSR has never made fun of your terrible performance in games, embrace that!

  113. Russel Roy

    Lighten up little guy!! You cant take a joke (and the poly-sci comment did make me laugh out loud), and laugh at yourself every once in a while?? Good Lord, way to alienate yourself more! Such an idiot.