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UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


A few notes on a day of disbelief and sadness…

 – As we continue to beat our brow and try to dissect what seems to be hundreds of reasons that Kentucky fell to Alabama last night, an interesting point was raised on Tom Leach’s radio show this morning.  Leach said that these young Cats need to “respect their opponent” and that, against Alabama, they didn’t seem to fully recognize that they were facing a team that was undefeated at home and had the advantage of some mismatches.  It’s seems like a bit of a cop-out to lump that into the “they’re young” category, but that again appears to be the diagnosis.  They won’t play a game the rest of the season where they aren’t the favored or most talented team, so they better respect their opponents and be ready for a battle every night.

 – It’s still pretty incredible to see the way Calipari’s cursing of Terrence Jones has made its national rounds.  Stories about the act, as well as the apology, have popped up on every national (or non-national, for that matter) media space so far.  It’s a little ridiculous to think that coaches don’t curse, though I can certainly recognize the frustration with it being aired so prominently.  Kudos to Cal for apologizing before we all blew it up into a PTI debate topic, but I’m still waiting for the players to apologize for that crapfest last night.

 – Boyle County linebacker Lamar Dawson officially scheduled his press conference for signing day.  It will take place at 9 a.m. and hopefully overshadow the BTI post that will follow it.  He is down to UK, Tennessee, USC, Oregon, Louisville and Central Florida.

 – In what Clay Travis so rightly labeled as the potential end of football players on Twitter, Every Day Should Be Saturday captures the Tweets of Florida football player Will Hill, which are absolutely hysterical.  Warning:  They include about 642 phrases or words you wouldn’t use in front of your mother.

Finally, in case you missed it, it was an action-packed morning on Kentucky Sports Radio as Matt and Zach talked the Alabama game, took a call from Kige and did their best to not call each other “selfish mother f—–s”.  Check it out.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

20 responses to “UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes”

  1. bung

    thanks for the pic Mr. Beisner….u da man

  2. Cats100222000
  3. MissinBoogie

    2 – #wrongonpurpose and also #talkoutofmyass

  4. bung

    Jones plays slow and selfish right now….Hood plays with energy and desire. Maybe Jones should watch Hood start for a little while. I think they could all be good Cats.

  5. bung

    Leach and Pratt know how to actually call the games. What a pleasure to listen to them. And the radio somehow gets in sync with the tv after a couple of minutes.

  6. Goode

    Bung – we havent seen your daily post on ‘fastbreak points’?

  7. UKTheta

    reppin’ THETA!!

  8. bung

    Sorry Goode….. we only had 2 fast break baskets last nite. During the Laker swoon this year it was reported the reason was because they shot too many 3’s and fell from 19 fast break ppg to 4.

  9. kentuckyjoe

    Beez,the players don’t have to apolgise for a damn thing. They gave it their best.

  10. dave

    will hill should win some sort of twitter award. #sour


    we are going to struggle on the road but surely we can win 2 or 3 games on the road. i see very little chance for any home hiccups since cal is whatever and zero at rupp. looks like 11-5
    to me, which at worse should get us a tie for the east title. 12-4 or 10-6 could be possible, but i say (25-7,11-5). probably earns ya a #3 seed in tourney, and could be a #2 seed if you win sec tourney.

  12. Big Blue All Day

    25-7, 11-5

  14. SeoulCat

    Matt is spot on with the Coach K note. The head Dukie has the pottiest of the potty mouths. I sat behind Ratface at a USA-S.Korea exhibition here a couple years ago, and he made some sailors blush …no, really, there were sailors in the audience.

    Again, the people that got offended by Cal rippin’ into Jones need to take the following advice:

  15. bung

    We do great running out on turnovers so some say our “transition game is good”. But we have a complete lack of effort most times on running out after a defensive rebound.
    Kentucky……………. 8 16 – 24
    Alabama…………….. 5 4 – 9

    POINTS IN PAINT 1 2 – Tot
    Kentucky……………. 16 14 – 30
    Alabama…………….. 20 12 – 32

    2ND CHANCE POINTS 1 2 – Tot
    Kentucky……………. 4 10 – 14
    Alabama…………….. 8 12 – 20

    Kentucky……………. 2 2 – 4
    Alabama…………….. 4 2 – 6

    BENCH POINTS 1 2 – Tot
    Kentucky……………. 6 11 – 17
    Alabama…………….. 7 8 – 15

    SCORE TIED BY 1 2 – Tot
    Kentucky……………. 0 0 – 0
    Alabama…………….. 1 0 – 1

    LEAD GAINED BY 1 2 – Tot
    Kentucky……………. 0 0 – 0
    Alabama…………….. 1 0 – 1

  16. Bringith

    The commentary given explaining Will Hill’s tweets are hilarious…kudos to whoever can interpret what the hell that dude is saying. Will Hill should join the freakin circus.

  17. ThankfulCat

    Anybody else think the auto insurance chick>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    is hot????????????

  18. Bluecalizone

    #4-You should change your screen name from “Bung” to “Bong” because you’ve got to be puffing da cheaba my friend.

  19. Jarrod Polson Fan Club

    I know these girls.


  20. stevied

    3 – 4 – 4 – 3. Ain’t no run stoppers in that picture.