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UK Fans of the Day Are Happy About Floyd Mayweather’s Bet

Boxer Floyd Mayweather likes to gamble. On his Twitter account, he will post the tickets of bets he makes on various sports, and he seems to be a huge fan of college basketball. It was rumored that he lost a million dollars on Duke vs UNC Saturday night (he says that is false), but otherwise he seems to do ok. Today, Mayweather put $100,000 on the Cats to beat Florida and as the ticket below from his Twitter account showcases, he won.

We at KSR do not condone gambling on college sports (it is purely for recreational purposes), but Mayweather’s support for the Blue and White is, I am sure, appreciated. Now he just needs to go and fight someone worth watching.

Article written by Matt Jones

42 responses to “UK Fans of the Day Are Happy About Floyd Mayweather’s Bet”

  1. -kSR friendly bookie-

    He still owes me 235,500 from betting on the masters in 2007..

  2. Walden Schmidt


  3. wolfewiz

    Damn I miss college.

  4. That Guy #8

    Money mayweather best boxer of our generation would beat the brakes out of Manny glad to see hes got faith in the cats

  5. Steady

    I’m rich b*tch.

  6. JayShidlersRoots

    Too bad FM will be broke in 5 years

  7. JVice

    2- Oddly enough, I’d go 3-2-1

  8. John O

    I know the middle girl in this pic well i just text her to make sure it was her. Actually a Murray alum if is who I think it is.

  9. Shartzer

    Definitely 2-1-3

  10. Alex

    You’d think with how much he gambles, Floyd might know how to properly account for the juice.

  11. WOW

    Anybody got names?

  12. Voiceofreason

    So I’m a gambling idiot. How much did he win?

  13. billy

    Mister expert Wilbon lost his prediction today.

  14. gottodoit

    Our program needs no postings of any kind about gambling.

    We’re doing so well, there are a thousand other subjects to discuss. Use some common sense, for goodness sake!

  15. ummwhat

    13… looks like $86,956.50 to be exact.

  16. gottodoit

    Another thing – Matt don’t be rude to any caller. I’m referring to the one who phoned in today and was a North Carolina fan. At least he took the time to listen to you. Are you trying to become Limbaugh-light?

  17. Joe

    Matt, quit skipping out on the live blogs. They suck without you.

  18. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!

    Does anyone know or have a link to watch a replay of today’s game? Was out helping the tornado victims in Piner/Crittenden Ky during the telecast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Middle Man


  20. Reality Is

    Screw Mayweather. Good think today’s game was an easybet. If it were difficult he would run from it and hide. The only way he isn’t broke in 5 years is if he hits another girl and goes to jail where he can’t spend it.

  21. LansingCat

    Those chicks aren’t hot.

  22. SeaBlue

    Matt, this is sexist having these babes in the laundry room.
    Next time: shower

  23. The Tain't

    So,was the $89,956.50 what he won in addition to his $100,000? (Sorry, I’m not a professional gambler.)

  24. John O

    for those asi
    king about a replay. i just saw on my tv channel cbssd not sure what that channel stands for and i live in central il but they are showing the replay at 9 cst…flip through your tv and currently it is the cuse vs ul game showing.

  25. DustinUK

    The best part about this is that he put 100k on the first half line. That’s the sign of a true degenerate.

  26. WKY Dude

    If I’m not mistaken, it’s that a line on the first half? You can make those wagers at Vegas and the ticket reads “1st Half”. Still a winner.

  27. -kSR friendly bookie-

    With a local bookie.. Juice is always 10 percent.. Meaning. If you bet 100 dollars and lose u owe me 110 dollars… Sportsbooks the juice (fee paid to carry the bet) fluctuate between 5 percent and 15 percent.. For example if Kentucky is a 5.5 point favorite and the Line say -110 that is ten percent.. If it is at -5.5 and the juice says -115 that is 15 percent and indicates the line is closer to moving to -6 than it is to dropping to -5

  28. ukjonny8


  29. Sheesh!

    Or if it’s a moneyline bet as Matt likes ya put up $100,000 and win $86,956.50 like he did! For the first half. :)Wonder if he bet the second half?

  30. Legion

    The girl on the left is incredibly cute. Wow

  31. -kSR friendly bookie-

    This was not a moneyline bet. He wagered 100,000 on the first half of Kentucky vs Florida with a line of kentucky -3 @ -115 (15 percent). Since sportsbooks and Vegas arent gonna let u net straight up and hope you come back around to pay the juice (front the money..) the take the juice out of the 100,000.. So 86,956.50 was his pay off…for risking or wagering 100,000.. The line was -115 (15 percent) because the line was tilting heavy for Kentucky.. Almost moving to -3.5 first half.
    I’ve been at this a long,long,long time.Lol

  32. BroMontana

    They are Murray State students/alums. I got 1-2 names, don’t know 3.

  33. feed me seymour

    Mayweather is an idiot anyway. The girls are all good lookin’. I completely concur with an earlier poster who said that he missed college…

  34. UL2UK8

    CBSSN, Dish channel 158, is replaying the game at 10:00pm-midnight tonight. They are also showing it Monday at 4:00am-6:00am, 4:00pm-6:00pm, and also at 10:00pm-midnight.

  35. Jenny Craig Pitino

    If CBS is going to have NBA guys call the college games, I wish someone would tell them something about the teams.

  36. jldljkd guy


  37. underKanter

    @46. it’s not just that.. but girls wearing UK gear are just that much sexier

  38. barn

    38–so how does $100000 minus 15% equal $86956.50? and the girls are cuties

  39. HackRichards

    I’m with Number 3 – I miss college…

  40. NegativeForNoReason

    51 – Ignore the 15% comment. The bettor (Mayweather) has to put up extra money for the bookie (Mirage) to take his bet in this place. So, for a bet of 115 he gets back 100, plus his initial bet of 115 (total take of 215). In this case he bet 100k, and wins 100k/1.15 = $86,956.50.

  41. barn

    54–i see. i think. thanks

  42. sevenisnotenough

    I in for 312.