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UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes


You guys didn’t think I’d do the notes all week without putting up a picture of a pretty lady fan, did you? Meet Brooke (or Brooklyn). She’s a huge Cats fan who absolutely loves Josh Harrellson. She’s also sporting a pair of UK “Sports Fluffies,” which she assures me are the “must have” accessory for tailgating this fall.

On to the afternoon notes:

– As previously mentioned, the saddest news of the morning came from Joker Phillips, who announced to the media after practice that freshman WR Daryl Collins sustained a season-ending injury to his knee. Collins, one of the true freshman who had a real possibility to contribute this season, will now be redshirted. Joker says Collins was on the verge of breaking into the rotation. Cruelly, his knee surgery is scheduled for September 1st, the day the Cats kickoff against Western. This is a tough loss for the team and the mysterious wide receiving corps, which will now see Gene McCaskill and EJ Fields getting most of the snaps from the slot position. Best of luck to Daryl in his recovery.

– Need some good news? Joker also announced that OL Stuart Hines and LB Danny Trevathan were voted team captains by their teammates.

– More good news? Hines, who sprained his left knee earlier in the camp, was able to practice with the squad today, even getting some reps in with the first team. In a move that would make Larry Vaught proud, TE coach Greg Nord announced that Jordan Aumiller will be the starting tight end, with Nick Melillo and Tyler Robinson as backups. Joker said he feels very comfortable with freshman QB Maxwell Smith as Morgan Newton’s backup. Smith has taken the majority of the second string reps from last year’s spring camp on.

The Herald Leader has a nice set of portraits of the football team up on their site. Someone please tell Danny Trevathan to get his hair out of his eyes. Also, RB Josh Clemons is a dead ringer for Wesley Woodyard. Let’s hope the similarities don’t stop there.

– I don’t know what Orange Slice Sports is or why they’re reporting this on Twitter, but sources have told them that Rajon Rondo will be on the Kentucky staff until the NBA lockout ends:


Over at, Jon Hood gushes about the incoming freshmen:

“In one of the pickup games, I threw one almost to the top of the backboard and [Anthony Davis] caught it and dunked it,” Hood said. “He catches everything and blocks everything. And after he blocks you, he will point at you and tell you that he’s the best defensive player in the country.”


– Finally, Mississippi State freshman forward D.J. Gardner was dismissed from the team by Rick Stansbury after some inappropriate tweeting. Yesterday, Stansbury announced that Gardner would redshirt the upcoming season, which may or may not have been news to Gardner, who reacted with a tirade of angry tweets about Stansbury and the staff, cuss words and all. His account has since been deleted and he is off the team. Just another kid who should have learned something from Josh Harrellson.

Here’s today’s podcast, which is solid radio gold. In the first hour, Matt sparred with Mike Rutherford of the Card Chronicle, and in the second, talked to former Cat/Twitter superstar/general awesome person Rex Chapman. If you don’t listen, you should be kicked in the face. Enjoy.

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