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UK Fan Gets Apology From Laettner. I think?



Last week, we got an email from a Kentucky fan who used the Final Four autograph sessions to get Bobby Hurley to endorse the “I Hate Laettner” movement.  This morning, I got an email from another reader, who approached Laettner himself at the Final Four and asked him to apologize for what he did to Kentucky in 1992.  Laettner politely agreed and then handed this to our friend. 

Is it an apology or is it a subtle and potent nerd-fighting tactic?  You make the call.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

45 responses to “UK Fan Gets Apology From Laettner. I think?”

  1. Chad Huffman


  2. CatsFaninLex

    Sorry for ruining your life…lol

  3. ChiefWiggum

    Why would you want his autograph? Has-been.

  4. SaveUofL

    “ruining your life” with that shot? could ha

  5. Coopersidor

    That would be a good picture to have. Make sure you videotape the burning ceremony.

  6. SaveUofL

    Investing in one of Laettner’s companies might actually ruin someone’s life.

  7. Tebkats

    Typical Laettner type comment.

  8. comment

    why isn’t anyone guarding him?

  9. Jonah Hex

    I read the yahoo article about him last week. I couldn’t believe how arrogant he is. His own teammates don’t like him.

  10. walter sobchak

    Actually, that’s pretty funny. Pure nerd-fight tactic tho.

  11. Go Deep

    Dude I hate this, makes me think he might actually be human. AHHHHH, this ruins my life.

  12. UKeith26

    UK fans should not be asking for his autograph. It goes against… everything?

  13. MacyTime

    It isn’t the fact he hit that shot. It is the fact that anybody that uses a UK player as a step stool should not be in the game to shoot a last second shoot like that.

  14. Brew Crew

    Yeah, why would a UK fan ask him for an autograph? They should have thrown him on the ground, and autographed Laettner’s chest with the sole of his shoe.

  15. NC cat

    He is who we thought he was……and continues to prove it!

  16. GoBigBlue

    11> Don’t worry. He’s being facetious.

  17. bleedblueky

    He didn’t ruin my life, however, his shot did have brought my baby boy to this world one month earlier! I still hate him!

  18. The Ghost of Antoine Walker

    @ChiefWiggum – you’re an idiot! Too not want someone’s autograph because they are a “has been”,
    really? If Willie Mays was standing in front of you, would u not want his autograph? This was a
    great college player and played more years in the pros than you did too! Get over “the shot”
    already and take pride your team was involved in what most people say was the greatest college
    game ever, I do!!!!!

  19. I hate Duke

    #14…Quite funny! Somebody should have pelphrey autograph it after he apologized for ruining our life that night. Laettner was an all-american. Of course he can make an open free throw. Pelphrey just stood there. He is our Ray Finkle! “laces out”!

  20. Paul Bunyan

    You are supposed to eat shredded beef jerkey!!!

  21. walter sobchak

    Good one #19 – Ray Finkle

  22. Inside Your Mind

    I actually think it’s funny. But as #8 asks, why isn’t anyone guarding him? First mistake was not guarding the inbounder. That likely would have kept him from catching it in the first place. Second mistake was not getting in his face when he shot the ball. It’s really not a surprise it went in given that we just let him do it.

  23. Troll Warrior

    Why didn’t slap the taste out of his mouth.

  24. cpacat

    Think big blue nation should seek his autograph at these venues, then turn around and light it afire and drop it on the ground right in front of his table. Let it burn for a minute, then stomp it out!

  25. David E.

    Why would some moron ask Laettner to apologize? Do you think he should have missed the shot so UK could go to the Final Four and not HIS team? Let it go people. He was a great player who hit a great shot. He was also an arrogant sucker, but many great players are. This is beyond ridiculous.

  26. bray

    I blame pelphrey and his chicken shit defense. Look at him, no wonder Arkansas blew.

  27. bung

    It was a another Pitino mistake.

  28. Beth J

    25: Oh look, you forgot to take your sense of humor pill this morning. You also forgot to remove the stick from your backside…that HAS to be uncomfortable.

    This is HILARIOUS. Love it.

  29. kdsmith

    I think this is funny as he!!, cmon fellow big blue nation, we all hate Laettner but he’s got a very good (mean and arrogant) sense of humor. I loved the unforgettables but I think they would have been forgotten if not for this douchbag’s shoot.

  30. Irwin R. Fletcher

    #18 – Comparing Laettner to Willie Mays? Really?

  31. All Leftists are Enemies of the U.S.

    He stomped on Timberlake. Should have been ejected rather than merely T’d up.


    It’s ok. He ruined his own life after he went to the NBA.

  33. ?


  34. Al's IndiCats

    His team disliked the guy, but seriously who cares! Why do youy think Hurley signed that guys shirt last week? He hated him also.

  35. Cousin Eddie

    Defense was nonexistant because Pitino told them ‘DO NOT FOUL!!!’….I know ‘do not foul’ is not the same as ‘do not play defense’, but the ‘do not foul’ comment led them to be overly cautious.

  36. ChiefWiggum

    #18) Willie Mays is one of the greatest of ALL TIME in his sport and is an icon. I would love to have his autograph. You would be stupid to pass it up. But unfortunately, there are Laettners every year in college basketball. It has nothing to do with “the shot” and me getting over anything. It has to do with the fact that this guy couldn’t cut it after the media and the NCAA stopped taking care of him. As far as him playing more NBA years than I did, you are basically saying I should be thankful to have an autograph from anyone who played pro ball. No thanks. You enjoy chasing down the Ed O’Bannons and Trajan Langdons of the world.

  37. UK MD

    That’s actually pretty funny.

  38. nba

    I wish it was farmer he stepped on…he’d a beat that ass. Plus pelphry lagged off bc he knew they would have called a foul, but still. Not guarding the inbound isn’t that big, ppl say well he had an open look to pass….yeah but we also had an extra person playing safety

  39. spookykim

    I still hate Laettner — now even more!!!

  40. The Ghost of Antoine Walker

    @ 30 & 36 – thanx, you made my point for me perfectly! Can’t use the has been excuse, cause you
    both would obviously want Mays’ autograph. Let it go people! It was a game. Laettner is
    ruining your life too, and he’s prolly sitting at home laughing about it 20 years later! BBN
    keeps this memory going, not Laettner. A fan came to him, and fans posted it on this site for
    everyone to see.

  41. Jo Jo

    #35: Defense was non-existent because the refs had blown the whistle anytime a Cat got remotely close to Laettner.

  42. ChiefWiggum

    40) If you want to only use the fact that both guys are done playing their sports so that makes them has beens, then you are right, Willie Mays is a has been. So how about I say I don’t want Laettner’s autograph because he is a has been who never amounted to anything after sucking from the NCAA teat?

  43. Big Blue Homer

    Since I’ve been called a moron, I feel the need to defend myself! Here’s a link to my blog for the full story on why I waited in line for Laettner:

  44. Puke

    Either way, Go to hell Lattenar

  45. Sham

    I’ve said this from the moment I saw the players walk onto the floor after that final timeout. Right defense, wrong players. Timberlake and Riddick should have been in the game.