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UK Cheerleaders on Television


Do you like Cheerleaders? Do you like Cheerleaders on Television? Well the UK squad will be on a show called Cheerleader University tonight at 10 as the feature act of a six episode reality show on the UK cheerleading team. Apparently the show is on a network called “WE” which I think stands for Women’s Entertainment. The network draws huge ratings in the Chris Tomlin and Scott Rigot households and will be the place to find this interesting show. The UK cheerleaders are amazing, so check it out.

And who knows…..maybe Woo will make a guest appearance.

Article written by Matt Jones

15 responses to “UK Cheerleaders on Television”

  1. Anonymous

    i’m a former uk cheerleader!

  2. This is so wrong...

    Rebecca Mann, is that you?

  3. Glen - Houston

    Who recruits for the Cheerleaders? Maybe Tubby can get some help from the cheerleading recruiter.

  4. TCCAT

    Gawd Darn College Students……

  5. KentuckyCane

    #4, WHERE’S MY MONEY!!!! BTW, nice hat.

  6. TCPcat

    Hey look at the girl on the bottom right…it’s the girl that took a swipe at ‘Jokim Noah’ :}
    My Hero!!!

  7. jayhovah

    I didn’t know Peyton Manning used to cheer at UK.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks TCCAT, spring break was AWESOME!!!

  9. as is

    Like I said yesterday (here’s the preview):

    Matt, why isn’t this news (and go to the video section) -it starts tomorrow on WE (I know, but they’re still cheerleaders!)

  10. conspiracy theorist

    Don’t give me that “‘WE’ which I think stands for Women’s Entertainment” stuff, Jones. We all know you watch Dharma & Greg on there, I won’t mention all your TiVoed Hope & Faith episodes. Plus, WE always throws guy like us a bone and plays “Field of Dreams” or “Bull Durham” – the ladies like the Costner – so we can forget that our balls get checked in a jar by the door when leave the house. Good times.

  11. Randy21

    No Thanks..

  12. Daniel

    I’ve never even heard of that channel…

  13. TCCAT

    The check in is the mail.

  14. Papel_Hygienico

    I love the look of awe on the face of the guy looking up that cheerleader’s skirt. Classic.

  15. Anonymous

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