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UK billboard on Louisville’s campus

According to Howie Lindsey, this Kentucky football billboard is located directly above an administration building on Arthur Street on Louisville’s campus.

So, I’ll ask you… Is this a good or bad idea?


Article written by Drew Franklin

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65 responses to “UK billboard on Louisville’s campus”


    “who gives a S, who gives a F.” – Steve Langford

  2. Jack

    Outstanding idea. What’s it gonna do, agitate them? Trust me, they couldn’t be more agitated. Plus, the many UK fan on their campus will love it.

  3. best1978

    Since more than 50% of Louisville residents are UK fans it is an excellent idea.

  4. Steely Dan

    Terrible idea. We suck at football. If we were good, I would support all the crap like this that we can fund.

  5. Jarvis Redwine

    Great idea! Most of Louisville and a large portion of the student body bleeds blue anyway. And we’ve dominated them in fball and bball the last few years.

  6. Rockfield, KY

    Since they claim to be making so much cash, let them have it taken down or else they’ll have to put up with it.

  7. Joe Walsh

    I like big tits…that’s right!

  8. Aja

    We could use that money to buy better players.

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  10. btowncatfan

    Good idea until the morning of Sept. 3, when it will have to come down. Hope I’m wrong, but..

  11. SteveM

    It is never a good idea to advertise UK football.

  12. Emerson Biggins

    The people who say this is a bad idea are probably the same ones who say UK doesn’t support their program. We may suck and we might lose to Louisville this year but at least their out there doing something, and Louisville does have plenty of UK fans.

  13. NoobSauce

    Epic idea! I wish I still went to school there with all my UK gear on everyday. That always got the tardinal fans stirred up. Oh butt hurt little brother always getting kicked around by UK. Look at that on campus. Even better idea put up a national championship billboard up too.

  14. haha

    The Depaul of SEC football?

    Uk victories like Wyclef Jean… Gone til November?

    Pardon the interuption, basketball begins in November?

    These have all been proposed as replacements.

  15. irrelevant

    Who cares it’s football… Just kidding, I don’t want all the diehards in a tissy.

  16. Mitch

    Thank you KSR for posting another pic of my billboard! (@kentuckyboy183)

  17. UK has a football team?

    The question is…. Will UK take down this billboard immediately after they lose to UofL? They will likely have a billboard in the middle of campus on whatever Division II school they play next year. After all, who else is UK football going to talk smack with?

  18. Rich

    I would rather see a billboard with the 2012 National Championship Basketball Team rather than our irrelevent football team.

  19. Jonathan Tinsley

    Look UK and Louisville equally suck. If we played Louisville later in the year we would win ,but early in the year they’ll probably lose. And Joker isn’t right for the UK job because of his way of thinking. He thinks were Alabama and win with are talent like all of the teams that miss of bowl games think. Boise State went by Joker’s ideas they’ll go 5 – 7 as well. Joker needs go by Boise State and TCU ideas and then we can compete. Billboard idea: In Front – Football’s your sport Back – how many rings you got? or 8 how many you have?

  20. Tebkats

    Bad idea. Would you like to see a UL football billboard on UK campus. Just common courtesy.

  21. Jonathan Tinsley

    what’s KSR phone #

  22. Jarvis Redwine

    17) UK has won 4 out of the last 5 and leads the all-time series 14 – 10. You are certainly entitled have your own opinion and to make predictions. But history says we will continue to dominate you. Louisville fball is also in a no-win situation with it’s conference affiliation and it’s football coach. If Strong is successful, he’ll move to another program and if he’s not UL will be mediocre at best.

  23. memphis

    20) That’s the beauty of UK’s campus compared to UofL’s campus. No billboards on campus.

  24. big tim

    its a great idea both team are talking smack on twitter it great louisville in ky louisville not in lexington a people who think ky going to get blown out doesn’t know football

  25. rjr

    I like the UK billboards in Louisville, but there is no reason to put them on campus. I also think its silly when you consider UL will likely crush us in football this year.

    #23- There used to be some billboards over by Kennedy’s books, not sure if they are still there. I believe there are also some billboards on Euclid Avenue (on the non-campus side of Rose). But its true, Lexington is not as urban as the city of Louisville.

  26. BBN

    The billboard is just the beginning. When we finally start playing an annual home game in the Yum Center, Calipari is going to roll up UL’s championship banners before the game like Joe B Hall used to do at Freedom Hall every year. Cal is going to go old school on slickly Ricky.


    Even though im BBN this is so funny and much cooler than We are uk

  28. Adrian Baldwin

    The money to put up the billboard should have gone in to the video games fund for the PS3’s in Wildcat Coal Lodge.

  29. In South Central

    That billboard will look pretty stupid once UK gets jacked up by 20+ points. Now, a basketball sign would make more sense. Either way, a waste of money and time.

  30. Michael Cats Fan

    The “dirty birds” are always fun to make fun of, it’s just the natural order of things in Kentucky.

  31. Charles Barkley

    That’s a turrible idea. Turrible!

  32. kinda funny

    @3 idk where your getting your stat but more that 50% of Louisville is not uk fans. And the billboard would have been cool if it was for basketball….Cause we are going to get raked in football.

  33. lovemycats

    @32 you are wrong, it is more like 60% UK fans in louisville. and UK does SUCK at football as long as we have Joker.

  34. 3 fan

    Dumb, dumb dumb. There are probably 100 billboard vacancies that this could have been put on. All it will do is fire up a team that is already 11.5 point favorites.

    Joker should have had a say in this. He HAS to beat UL to have a shot at a bowl (hahahahaha). Dumb to fire them up.

  35. Greg

    32. Its probably not 50% but it is widely said that Louisville is 60/40 UL to UK, and that is what is said here in the city. I’d bet it is closer to 50 than just the 40%. We are everywhere.

  36. Ryan Harrow

    UK football = Depaul basketball

  37. IIX

    It’s cool cause Louisville doesn’t exist.

  38. kybigblue

    The UK billboard doesn’t knock UL or Louisville while the other billboard is a slam at Lexington. Plus there are lot more UK fans in Louisville than UL fans in Lexington. I think the two billboards demonstrate beyond a doubt which school base has more integrity.

  39. UKBlue

    If you are going to taunt your enemy & talk shit, you better be good enough to back it up. We aren’t good enough, in fact we are f’ing horrible !! We really need to stop wasting money on these types of stupid ideas. Now if this was a billboard of all of the UK players going to the NBA on the billboard & it saying: Go to UK & U 2 can make your NBA dreams come true, now that would have been awesome.

  40. mike

    it reminds UK fans it is closer to basketball season!

  41. really

    36 were not that bad were more like alabama basketball some year were pretty good some year were not. and uofl not as good as people act like they are people saying were going to get blown out they are dumb. who cares what the line says you dont know till the first games over to how good a team is going to be. there going of last year

  42. mike

    Reminds UK fans it closer to basketball season

  43. mike

    #22…… in Modern series UL 10 wins UK 8………..

  44. Realistic Cat

    It’s an awful idea considering we have a football team that MIGHT win 4 games..

  45. Evan Partin

    I don’t think it’s smart to add fuel to the fire in a situation where a loss seems inevitable. I do like the trash talk but maybe putting a billboard on the campus is going to far

  46. Dini

    Kind of like asking to get your teeth knocked in. Isn’t it?

  47. Big Blue Coming at You

    Considering that this year is going to be really bad and that UL is likely going to win, it’s a bad idea. Now, had it been a basketball advertisement then i would applaud it.

  48. Joker The COACH

    Why are they putting this up??? Move that line to 14 point underdogs!

  49. C Strong

    Don’t worry about this firing up my guys. They’re too busy playing video games to actually see the billboard.

  50. eightisnotenouch

    Horrible idea. UK is terrible.

  51. Common Sense

    I like it. Can’t wait for the game, it will be a lot closer than people think. Can’t wait for football season as a whole.

  52. West Ky. football fan

    If Charlie Strong is going to slap UK logos on things in Louisville, the University of Kentucky might as well have at it too.

  53. West Ky. football fan

    43, If you count just the games Louisville has won in the series, then the Cardinals are undefeated all-time against UK.

    That makes about as much sense as “modern” series.

  54. Billy G's AA Counselor

    Yeah…let’s waste $ on a billboard promoting a team that might win 2 games this year if they are lucky instead of putting it into facilities or getting a coach worth a damn. UofL will beat us by 20 this year

  55. 3cats

    so when UK has a down year the fans and the University should not support the football team. If your a fan you support the team win or lose. Ul won six games last year and lost two games to sh… teams. Uk has lost one time in the last five games vs the Cards and we suck!UL is not a football power just because Strong said so. I hate the Non-fan thats only around when a team is winning. Go Football Cats!WIN OR LOSE

  56. 3cats

    Some of you sound like the Card fans that I work with, don’t want to count the CRAPTHORP years becuse they sucked…. well they still suck!

  57. jwcatfan

    The Anti-UK Football fans on this site REALLY piss me off. UK will be good…much better than last year when we started a freshman at QB. If you wanna bitch and moan about how bad UK will be and what a terrible coach Joker is…then TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! Fair weather fans…pisses me off.

  58. big pecker

    Great idea they should have put a dog shiting on a card

  59. big pecker

    everytime UL is favored UK beats that ass and messes thier whole season up

  60. B Howard

    Why UK would boast about the football team is truly a great mystery!!!

  61. Rumplestiltskin

    What’s a “EUK” and why would I want to wear it?

  62. LOL this sign

    60- Why does anyone but Alabama boast about they’re team? Are you saying that only the best can boast? Dumb.

    57- Most of them don’t know anything about football, so they have to down play it. Instead of cheering for UK, they just cheer basketball….not really knowing that without football hundreds of athletes every year would not come to UK. Football pays for almost all of the other sports combined. Yeah, football makes a lot more than basketball too. O…I forgot. All they care about is basketball because they were losers as kids and they lost at life, they don’t want to lose anymore than they have already. Take the safe route…basketball!

    54- If we quit advertising, then we couldn’t get any coach to come. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    50- See my post above ^ #57

    47- Why??? UL is rated higher than we are preseason. But you being a basketball only fan you already know that.

    39- What makes you think things can get ANY better in recruiting for the BBall team? We are at the top now so we can’t go anywhere. Football needs all the help they can get.

    11- People who have your attitude have kept us down STEVE. Thanks for all of those horrible years in football…it’s fans like you who are to blame.


  63. poop eater

    Joker needs to quit “kidding” himself hehe.

  64. Rumplestiltsneighbor

    Regardless of the nebulous apparel request, I think the billboards are fun.

    The fans that get all bent out of shape over something so harmless need to get a better perspective on life. Same deal for the UL ones near UK.

  65. BCG' s liquor salesman

    #57 you are a fool and a sunshine pumper. When they have a third losing season in a row after this season come talk to me about it.