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Two Quick Things on the Evolving Bledsoe Situation


— I often blast local writers for their columns on various topics, but sometimes we do come to praise. The latest example is this well-reasoned post on Eric Crawford’s blog at the Courier Journal on the Eric Bledsoe situation. Crawford’s main point is that he can see no “smoking gun” on Calipari or UK coming from the New York Times article and that if UK did their homework, past precedent would suggest they will be ok. He does however add the true fact that with the NCAA, the past means little, but still a very interesting read. It is also worth noting that after writing a pretty strong piece on Calipari for his Sunday paper, the Herald-Leader’s John Clay almost acknowledged a mea culpa on his blog today, saying “maybe, maybe not” to a mock question if he was too harsh. In my experience with sports columnists, that is as close as you will ever get to a “my bad.”

— In other news, I am told by a source close to Eric Bledsoe that he is considering suing whoever is the leak of his transcripts to the various media outlets. The question of who is the leak, is one we will explore in more detail later, but for now, it looks like Bledsoe is taking this very seriously. In the end, if nothing comes of the NY Times investigation, the question as to who actually leaked the transcripts may be the biggest story of all on the issue.

We have two rather large columns coming on a media member who has played a key role in this whole scenario and a summary of the events of the weekend for those of you who have been out and about. Come back later.

Article written by Matt Jones

19 responses to “Two Quick Things on the Evolving Bledsoe Situation”

  1. gossie21

    Of course there was no smoking gun. It wasn’t a story on UT or UofL, then you would have all sorts if weaponry and/or hairbrushes.

  2. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    ask Randall Cobb anything!!

  3. Dave C

    This is just another case of Fordes tactics of trying to cause as much smoke as possible even though he knows there is no fire, in hopes that the shear apperance of inpropriorty will convict Cal in the court of public opinion. Plain and simple.

  4. Rush3Redux


    Outstanding work on this issue. John Clay’s mea culpa maybe/maybe not can be attributed to your writing on this site. Given it’s a holiday weekend, especially, you’ve done a phenomenal job covering this issue and giving us a sane, rational, non-sensationalized perspective on a story that matters to all UK basketball fans. That was something we needed. In sum, thank you.

  5. Wedding Planner

    John Clay still needs to apologize for the BS rumor he spread about LeBron calling Marquis Teague

  6. duhville cat

    1) good one

  7. NotTheSlickistRick

    Matt, Thank you for taking time out from your holiday weekend to provide a glimmer of hope & reason amidst the gloom of these stories(and over the shrills of the filthy bird fans).

    This weekend has by far been some of your best work, and everyone needs to acknowledge a job well done.

    I am so impressed, that if I ever move to KY and need to sue an insurance company you will be the first one I call.

  8. duhville cat

    Matt Jones is the pitbull that the Big Blue Nation needs in its backyard.

  9. gcat4496

    Yes UK admin. You better do your homework because the NCAA will clear every Calipari Recruit and then wait for the season to end and then they will focus in on the most suspect candidate to dig up some dirt.

  10. kentuckyjoe

    4, 7, 8; all so well said. I agree with you that Matt has done a teriffic job (as usual), and I could say it no better than you did.

  11. UKwildcatsUK
  12. catbalue

    Another case of being tried in the press with no proof but a lot of innuendo’s with a good helping of rumors and gossip mixed in. That’s the main stream media of today.

  13. nassau65

    with the mainstream media, it seems that UK is guilty until proven innocent. nice job Matthew, as usual.

  14. nassau65

    BTW, here’s a salute to all the servicemen and women past, present, and future. Thanks for your service!!!!!!!!!!
    r.i.p. pop, member of the WWII Flying Tigers. I miss you every day.

  15. duhville cat

    11) amazing that espn didnt even mention the Pump brothers in that article. how about the players that they funneled into the Kansas program thru their AAU teams? hundreds of thousands of dollars going to the Punps and all espn can talk about is Kansas being the victim.

  16. duhville cat

    11) also, just skimmed the article but didnt see any mention of Morningstar’s dad being involved. If this was WWW and UK all hell would be breaking loose!

  17. bnoe

    2) randall cobb answered my question, but apparently he doesn’t know who janet reno is.

    Who would you rather start a small business with: Janet Reno after a safari, or the fat guy from My Name Is Earl?

    Idk who Janet Reno is

  18. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    17.. i saw that… i asked him about KSR and how it felt to grow up in the shadow of knoxville and play for UK but he didnt answer it

  19. Indycatfan

    I’ve said this many times, why let the truth to get in the way of a good story. UK fans just get used to this, SOOOOOO many haters outside the BBN