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Two Fans Ready for Tonight’s Game

As we get ready for the Cats’ game tonight in StarkVegas, Josh Hopkins was on Anderson Cooper today and threw up the Three Goggles to America. Josh does this at every possible opportunity and showcases what most of the hardcore UK fans are really like. No matter where they are or what they are doing, if one can rep the Cats, they will.

And then there is this email that came to me today:

Just wanted to send in this picture of my 85 year old mom watching our Big Blue playing Alabama. It got to close at one time and she couldn’t watch. She sits in the same seat every televised game and cheers on the big blue. Just thought the BBN would get a kick out of this picture of a nervous 85 year old fan. Her name is Bonnie H. and she resides in Hazard, Kentucky. I cant imagine how she would act if she saw them in person. Thanks for your website. I check it everyday:

And you thought you got nervous….

Article written by Matt Jones

19 responses to “Two Fans Ready for Tonight’s Game”

  1. Another Perspective

    I’d hate to have someone post pictures of my “in game” antics when things tighten up.

  2. BigBlueForLife

    I was afraid she was a streaker, thank goodness I was wrong!

  3. Owensboro Cat Fan

    haha. I mute the game and follow the liveblog when it gets close.

  4. bob1378

    Now THAT is classic! Cayts!

  5. suz

    I love this, she is like me but I just use my hands or walk out of the room. Love me some Josh Hopkins…his passion for KY bball is so much fun to follow. Thanks Josh

  6. BigBlueSkyDog

    3) I do the same thing. If we’re really stinking it up, I’ll turn the TV off for five minutes and turn it back on to see if we’re making a run. I haven’t turned the TV off yet this year. Needless to say, I lived through the Billy Clyde era in five minute increments.

  7. ZombieLibrarian

    King Rex has gotten himself in a little bit of hot water with thte Twitter machine, it looks like:

    If you follow Chapman’s twitter, which many of us do, you’d know he is a first-class wiseass of the highest order. He’s always saying borderline inappropriate and also usually hilarious stuff. That being said, this was a stupid post; not so much because it’s that insensitive, but because this is a ridiculously hot topic right now and modern ‘news’ reporters troll the interwebs for anything mildly offensive or colorful that they can sensationalize to make more ‘news’. If he’d made this comment a week ago before the ESPN nonsense, no one would have even noticed. This was very poorly played in a society where it is ever so popular to both ‘stir the pot’ at every possible chance and to have the ‘victim’ mentality.

  8. Joe

    She needs to go to a game.

  9. NKYCatFan

    My best friend will constantly pace during close games and turn the TV OFF if the opponent goes ahead in the 2nd half. I can’t watch games with him any more.

  10. DT in DC

    That will so be me when I’m 85…unless the ‘Cats give me heart failure before then.

  11. MBnTX

    I know her and I know she was peeking out the other side!!!! She may be 85 but she gets around with the best of them!!!

  12. JRob

    My 73 year old grandma from Altro, KY in Breathitt cnty can’t watch either if it gets close! She gets too nervous!

  13. JohnTheBlinkyLightStand

    My mom always claims she has to go make snacks when the game is tight, then she comes back empty handed and asks how it’s going!

  14. Midday

    Love when you post, Matt. Thanks!

  15. Joe Mazzulla

    This is what all of BBN was doing that one night in March… 2010…

  16. Kenneth Faried

    I OWN u Cards!!!!!

  17. secretagent0014

    That is a ghost! I am skeert!

  18. Boogerjones

    hahaha yes!

  19. bevo

    She needs a UK snuggie.