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Twitter reacts to Ryan Timmons’ commitment

Photo by ‏@derekpoore

RYAN TIMMONS IS A CAT! Timmons picked Kentucky over Florida, Ohio State, and Illinois in an emotional press conference at Franklin County High School this afternoon. After the announcement, both “Kentucky” and “Ryan Timmons” trended nationally on Twitter. Here are just a few of the celebratory tweets:

Kentucky Head Football Coach Mark Stoops:

Kentucky Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown, who made Timmons his top priority:

Kentucky Assistant Coach Chad Scott:

UK legend Tim Couch:

Former Cat and KSR guest host Jared Lorenzen:

Former UK great Ricky Lumpkin:

Kentucky linebacker Bud Dupree:

2014 UK target Drew Barker:

Josh Hopkins:

ESPN college football analyst Mark Schlabach

Why not indeed.

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82 responses to “Twitter reacts to Ryan Timmons’ commitment”

  1. Quentin McWhorter

    Welcome to the BBN Mr.Timmons. Can’t wait to see you living in the endzone in Commonwealth. What a great way to kick off NSD eve.

  2. Isaac in Long Beach

    So stoked about football, for the first time in years. Stoops gettin’ it done!

  3. MtnCat

    8 or 9 HELL, WHY NOT 13 or 14 !!!!!!
    Don’t be Stoopied and underestimate #BBN.

    GO CATS!!!!!!!

  4. LeX

    Call me when we get a class that actually means something in the SEC.

    We’re still 12th.

    We’re still not going to break .500 in the conference.

    We’re still gonna struggle to get 6 wins and not get blown out by everyone.

    Ill be surprised if we win 4 games next year honestly.

  5. Al's IndiCats

    A new DAWN has broken for UK Football, We have maybe the GREATEST Basketball recruits of all time just around the corner for next year, now hopefully football isn’t far behind. Great Job Coach Stoops~

  6. Big Mike in The Wood

    I wish we could IP ban these Louisville Trolls.

    #4 you do realize he has the exact same rankings as Devante Parker did when he committed to Louisville right?

  7. JG True Blue

    5 LeX is another loserville troll! BBN is ready to win some games. Thanks Ryan for choosing to be a hero at UK!!

  8. Mark Stoops

    Please advise that my twitter handle is @MarkStoopsUK. Not @UKCoachStoops. Thank you #BBN

  9. Isaac in Long Beach

    4) How quickly you forget that your best receiver was also a 3/4* coming out of high school. Also, you do realize that he’s #249 out of maybe 3000 in his class, and was offered by Florida AND Ohio State?

    U MAD BRO?

    5) As for you, if you really are a Cats fan, which is obviously doubtful, take the negativity elsewhere. People like you are embarrassments to the rest of us and you might as well be rooting for little brother.

  10. Big Mike in The Wood

    well Cardzzzz’s comments that I replied to have been removed, so my #4 is no longer accurate. Kind of like Ricky P’s money shot. Down my leg.

  11. Al's IndiCats

    5 getting there’s going to be half the fun, just nod back off and you’ll eventually feel the ground shake when we get there.

  12. Ville Cat

    One down and one to go tomorrow. Hope we are celebrating Mr. Hatcher tomorrow. Like Mr. Timmons today

  13. RedHoundFlyer

    That is one ROCK SOLID Family! God Bless Ryan!

  14. Blue4ever

    Be careful to step around the Troll poop at #4.

  15. Isaac in Long Beach

    8) False.

    Anybody else?

  16. Musehobo

    “according to, this is the 2nd year in a row that Timmons has led the nation in yards per touch (23.8 yards)”

    Sounds to me like he may be flying under some people’s Radar. Matt usually says, look who else is recruiting them. That’s another indicator.

    Personally, I think the stat listed above is one of the more important stats a receiver can have. Yds per touch means he’s either breaking tackles/really fast/makes good moves or reads/ or all of the above.

  17. Al's IndiCats

    or 4 instead of 5

  18. LeXisAHater

    5. Right, next year…because UK currently has the toughest schedule of all BCS Schools. Don’t count this program out for the near future. When was the last time you saw excitement like this from the fan base in ANY UK sport? Last time I remember is Cal’s first year/class. It doesn’t necessarily equate to the same sort of turnaround but that would be impossible in College FB. You and all of the fans that sing the “iv’e heard this all before” song have clearly closed off your logic receptors in your brain. Get hyped instead of hating.

    4. 4 stars…also…those rankings mean less than they get credit for…Johnny football was a 3 star.

  19. Perk

    Why is everybody freaking out? Can we win a SEC game first guys. I’ve never seen our fan base jump the shark so bad in all my years as a UK fan

  20. GeePee

    I’m so giddy I’ve GeePee’d in my pants!

  21. TruJustin

    Now we need Asiantii Woulard to sign tomorrow. C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!!!

  22. LeX

    #7 No Im not. Not everyone who isn’t totally excited isn’t a Louisville fan. I just dont think a class like this is actually capable of competing the SEC. Sorry. We only have two, four star players. That’s not gonna cut it. This is why I didn’t want stoops. He will recruit really well relative to Kentucky’s past but still not on par with the rest of the SEC and unfortunately he wont be any more successful than Brooks was. Music city bowl is our ceiling unfortunately until we pay for a real big name coach. But you idiots will gobble it up blindly and when Stoop ultimately fails, like every coach this school has ever had, you will trash him and wonder why we cant compete. The problem is systemic in nature and wont change until real funding for the football program happens.

  23. Isaac in Long Beach

    19) That’s not what jump the shark means…


  24. #19 Perk Says

    We got a recruit we really wanted, but don’t be excited about it. Thats like saying you snagged a date with Kate Upton, but you really shouldn’t be happy about it until your conquered her twin peaks.

  25. Isaac in Long Beach

    22) We’ve signed 7 4 star players.*

    Pay attention, or stop speaking.

  26. LeX
  27. Isaac in Long Beach

    26) Hmm, that’s funny, because the big stat they’ve been throwing around all day is that we’ve signed 7 players ranked 4* by at least 1 recruiting service, which is 1 more than we signed the past 3 years in all.

    Pay attention, brotha, lest you be labeled a troll.

  28. Perk

    If by troll you mean realistic UK football fan than call me what you will. I just hate to see our fanbase set itself up for another big disappointment. Lets see some results on the field before we go screaming about how great UK football is. Its makes are fanbase look foolish and uneducated about the game to the rest of the nation.

  29. 22 LEX

    In reply to negative nancy Lex and the 22nd comment. How is funding not happening? The new coaching staff is being paid grossly more than Jokers and his staff. The University is going through the legislature for facility upgrades and the recruiting and marketing budgets have been enlarged.

  30. LeX

    27. Yeah that’s an idiotic way to count talent. Take your blue-tinted glasses off and not put the pressure on Stoops that everyone else is by thinking this class will actually mean anything. We’re a basketball school. Until Football receives the same level of funding(relative obviously) and commitment from the state legislature, UK administration and the athletic department it will remain the same as it always has, a team that will struggle not to be last in the SEC.

  31. The Real Joker

    Fans like 28 are the real reason this town needs an enema

  32. LeX

    29, But its still not on par with the rest of the conference. Just because they get paid more than the last staff doesnt mean jack when in context to the rest of the conference.

  33. Isaac in Long Beach

    30) People who are paid as recruiting analysts probably know more than you about how to “count talent”. I’m gonna go with their word, and chalk you up as what you are: a troll.

  34. explorer

    Hey LeX, if we had guys as good as Timmons at every position we would be one of the top teams in the country. And what do you really think the difference is between what rivals ranks as the tenth best team and the 20th? You are really showing some ignorance. Try to do some critical thinking.

    And the $100,000 question what coach could have done better than Stoops with this years class?

  35. Excitement

    28. There’s nothing wrong with being excited. I don’t see anyone running around as if we’re going to win the National Title this year. I only see fans who are excited about the new coaching staff and the players they’re bringing in.. There is also a little new found hope of actually competing, a little, in the SEC.

    Nothing wrong with being excited about the program.

  36. Yitbos

    Fans saying how other fans look stupid and then screwing up are and our make me laugh.

  37. Rae

    Before we can compete with Bama and LSU, we have to compete with Vandy. So yes, this is a start. Building something that was never there requires climbing a ladder, not jumping to the top like in basketball. We’ve already got more 4 stars than we could get under Joker. We are competing for the better end of 3 stars, the guys that had offers from Florida instead of Florida International.

  38. LeX

    33. Call me whatever you want. You’re cherry picking. Perhaps the better way to view if they’re legitimate recruits is if the ranking is consistent across several different websites. Which in that context we have one four star kid in Marcus McWilson who only came here because we hired his coach that got him to Nebraska. When November of next year rolls around and we just lost by 4 TD’s to Vandy, maybe you’ll grow up.

  39. G-Unit

    21- We dont need Woulard… UK never even extended an offer…

  40. explorer

    Lex and Perk – if you are not trolls, then you are idiots. And I am not trying to be funny. I sincerely mean that. Sorry, but that can be the only two reasonable explanations for your comments.

  41. Perk

    Hey Isaac just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll. Hell if that were the case then I could call you a troll.

  42. Blond Bomber

    Hey Lex, when was the last time we were beating out teams like FLA or Ohio ST for players???? Wake up dude, these teams wanted this kid and they got kicked in the STOOPS!!!

  43. Isaac in Long Beach

    40) Sir, I don’t need to grow up. I’m a grown man who has loved this football team through the good times and the bad times. Even when we are in a period of success, there have always been people like you who get off on downplaying the good things that are happening.

    In my years of following the Cats, I’ve unfortunately never learned not to give people like you an audience.

    You can take that negativity, and shove it.

  44. LeX

    34. Do some critical thinking of your own. This class is no better relative to the rest of the conference than we’ve ever done. What do you think that means in terms of how well the team will do. Yeah we’ll compete with Louisville and beat those cupcakes but when Alabama and Florida come to down we’ll still be losing by 30. Its not good enough.

  45. LeX

    43. Its not negativity. Its whats going to happen. You guys all said the exact same things when Joker took over.

  46. Isaac in Long Beach

    43) Oh, I know that. It just defies reason that anyone but a Louisville fan could have anything negative to say about what’s happening to UK football. Look around you, you guys are the only two people here with anything bad to say. Why should I think you’re anything but a troll? That’s the difference.

  47. LeX

    46. Hell I remember you idiots blindly praising billy gillispie when he was hired while I was called an idiot and a troll.

  48. Isaac in Long Beach

    Anyway, I’ve got stuff to do off the internet!

    Have a great day, EVERYONE! GBB!

  49. Blond Bomber

    LeX you all did the same thing when you hired Kragelthorpe, how did that work out for you???

  50. LeX

    46. Its incredibly infantile of you to just brush off criticisms and call anyone not totally excited a Louisville fan. Grow up.

  51. Isaac in Long Beach

    Real quick, LeX – Check out the latest post on this very site.

  52. UK8Champs

    I love what Stoops has accomplished so far, In state talent is always a priority. Football is a sport that takes multiple years to build a team but Cobb showed how much one player can impact a game. Stoops is off to a great start, if he gets three or four classes like this we will be solid. The fact that a kid is looking at UK before signing with LSU is crazy, Stoops affect!

  53. Yitbos

    Lex….how would you beat the Florida/Alabama’s of the world? It won’t happen overnight or in a year or two, BUT given this type of recruiting it could be a reality. This guy had hardly any time to recruit, compared to a coach who was there previously, and had done a hell of a job. Imagine what this staff could do with a full year to recruit. We know the staff has been able to coach kids in the past with success and there isn’t any reason to doubt they can continue to do so here.

    So, don’t be a Debbie Downer, give the staff a chance to so something before you crap all over them.

  54. Perk

    Fans that know more about English class than football make me laugh.

  55. LeX

    51. And that’s obvious cherry picking.

  56. dave

    we could get top 10 facilities but they would still be in lex, KY.
    until the state of KY has in-state talent akin to OH, FL, TX, GA, CA, PA, AL, LA, etc recruiting will ALWAYS be difficult for whomever is coaching here. even for established names like saban, meyer, miles, richt, etc.
    so they’re not coming to UK over UGA, UT, UF, FSU, tOSU, etc for an additional $2-3 mill.
    so if we already know those schools have wayyy more to offer than UK right now why are you complaining about a potentially, top-30 recruiting class?????
    and funding is apparently on its way so stop being a little b****

  57. explorer

    Lex – This is one of the best classes that we have in several years would you not agree? Therefore, we have become more competitive in the conference. It might mean that we only lose to Florida by 2 touchdowns instead of 4, but we are still more competitive. Again, you make ignorant comments. Your being negative just to be negative and make yourself look stupid doing so.

  58. LeX

    56. That top 30 class is still 12th in the SEC. Players come for the coaches. An open checkbook to a real star in the business is the only way this program will ever do anything.

  59. LeX

    57. Do you understand what 12th in the conference means?

  60. Hljhfcv

    Trying to figure out where all the Barnhart haters are at?? Looks like he picked the best coach we could have asked for. Hopefully you all laughed and called yourselves fools for acting like some! BBN

  61. Pete

    wow, trolls have taken over today? seems to happen every time something good happens for the program.

  62. explorer

    You never answered my question. Who could have done better than Stoops this first 3 months?

  63. LeX

    61. No one is saying its bad. Just that it doesn’t mean anything different from how things have been.

  64. LeX

    62. Gus Malzahn.

  65. UK8Champs

    I dont think we will be 12th, not ready next year for top 6. Give him a couple years, we wont be the doormat anymore!

  66. UK8Champs

    Lex, thats exactly what it means, better recruits means better teams!

  67. njCat

    Lex / Isaac. Fact is, there are not established coaches that would come to KY. The best strategy for Mitch was to go after a talented up and coming coach. There are countless examples of young coaches turning around terrible programs (look at Vandy and UL as recent example). Stoops’ first three months shows that he has both energy and selling skills, and he has shown he can coach by doing so well where he coached before. These are three skills sadly lacking in our last coach – which led to his predictable failure.

    Why don’t you do yourself and everyone else a favor by swallowing your negativism for a bit and see how things go this year. If he turns out to be a clueless coach like our last one – then come out with guns blaring. Until then, why not help build some enthusiasm for the program.

  68. LeX

    67. Anyone will go anywhere for the right price.

  69. Stickman

    19.Perk Says:
    February 5th, 2013 at 2:07 pm
    “Why is everybody freaking out? Can we win a SEC game first guys. I’ve never seen our fan base jump the shark so bad in all my years as a UK fan”

    You don’t really understand what the term “jump the shark” means, do you?

  70. dave

    urban has said no to ND
    harbaugh, miles have said no to UM
    petersen has said no to UCLA, countless others
    gundy, strong said no to UT
    sumlin got a raise a day after kelly was hired with eagles
    please list which top names who are going to leave their school/job for UK even though these much better football jobs got no’s from big-time coaches

  71. G-Unit

    LEX – Louisvilles class would rank last in the SEC… sure, you beat Florida… but there is a HUGE difference between having a month and a half to prepare for someone and having 3 games in 3 weeks against UF, Bama and USCe….

  72. LeX

    71. Put down the meth. Im a Kentucky fan.

  73. DCS195

    22) Are you insane? What exactly did you expect any coach or coaching staff to accomplish in eight weeks. You are absolutely nuts.

  74. SEC4Life

    UK was able to compete decently in the SEC under Rich Brooks with lesser talent I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to win now. No one is expecting an SEC championship anytime soon but another nice string of bowl games and not being an automatic W for the SEC traditional football schools will be a hell of a step in the right direction.

  75. mocha

    love that Schlabach linked wrong stoops twitter handle.

  76. dave

    sooo according to the time-stamps was everyone tweeting from rome & london after the announcement??


    Disagree with me? Troll.

    Say something I don’t like? Troll.

    Say anything with a negative tone at all? Troll.

  78. Here it is

    WOW! LeX must be cramping today.

  79. UKfootball fan

    #77 = dumba** troll

  80. ouch

    #4 you are a sad sad man…

  81. special eddie

    #74 That’s what I am saying…..Why can’t everyone see it that way.

  82. Bob Mugge

    LeX why don’t you be a fan of another school? You obviously can’t give a coach a chance. We have signed more talent than we have in a long time. A player is picking us over Florida, Ohio State and others. We are going to improve our recruiting every year from here on out. Watch and see. So go somewhere else and take your negative attitude with you. When he succeeds don’t jump on the band wagon.