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Turkey Speaks on Enes Kanter….What it Means


By now you have probably read Pete Thamel’s latest entry in his “Please forget that my Eric Bledsoe article was probably bogus…I really am a reporter worthy of the New York Times…I promise” memoir, the article on Enes Kanter. Thamel happened to be in Turkey for the USA Basketball World Championships and did an interview with the GM for Enes Kanter’s team in Turkey. The GM said a number of things, most importantly that the club paid Kanter over $100,000 while he was on the team before the age of 17 and that he was paid $6500 a month in salary during part of that time. The GM also produced a number of Dan Gilbert-esque quotes aimed at trashing Kanter as a person, but the heart of the story and the most important part for his eligibility is the amount of payment. The GM refused to show Thamel proof of the payments, and Thamel does note that there is an incentive for the GM to lie about the payments as they will only be eligible for money from NBA teams if Kanter does not play college basketball. However the GM does insist the payments were made at that all he wants is to tell the “truth” to the NCAA.

As a starting point of course, I have no idea what money was paid to Kanter by his Turkish club. But after months of stonewalling with the NCAA, we do now know that the Turkish club has at least given the organization something and they have taken the position that they will fight to see him be ineligible, rather than simply just refuse requests. With that said, the case will break down like this:

1. Kanter was Given Money of Some Sort: The question then for the NCAA’s purposes will be how much and what for. Under current NCAA rules, Enes Kanter could have been given money for living expenses, room and board, meals and some day to day life expenses. Over the course of 18 months, he was clearly paid some amount of money, but how much will be the key issue. If it could be deemed a cost of life fee, then Enes might still get eligible. If it is a salary that manifests a desire to be a professional, he wont be deemed eligible. It is that simple.

2. Are the Turkish Club’s Claims Verifiable?: This would seem to be a simple question of documentation and verification. The GM tells Pete Thamel that he was paid, Kanter and his family have said that he was not. Since Thamel did not see the actual documentation (another similarity to the Bledsoe case), we just have to determine whether the GM’s word is reliable. One would assume that a basketball General Manager wouldnt lie to the world’s most known newspaper but then again one would assume that a team with a vested interest in a result might spin information in a way that most benefits them. Bottom line, we can all guess, but we dont really know. The NCAA will be the only entity to see the documentation and they will decide.

3. Whatever Money was Paid, Was it Too Much?: This is actually a much tougher issue to dissect than most in the media are acknowledging. The rules in this area are all new and the NCAA has set no precedent for which schools can follow. Will it be the case that the NCAA will set a certain cost that it deems too much and if that has been exceeded, then the player isnt allowed to play? Or will the NCAA set that cost and then determine that if it is exceeded, Kanter must pay it back? It isnt clear how much money is too much money in this case. A full scholarship and living expenses to Harvard is likely worth more money than a full scholarship and living expenses to UT Martin. Does playing for a top club in an expensive city (Istanbul), with your family, etc lead to you be allowing to get more money than if you played in a small town in the middle of Estonia? No one at this point really knows and the NCAA will be setting the precedent for all schools to follow going forward.

4. Was there a Desire to be a Professional?: I have talked to a number of folks around this case and they all tell me that the key issue for the NCAA will be whether the player had a desire to be a pro. That will be determined in part by money taken, but also by secondary issues. For Kanter, some of those work in his favor. His father is a doctor and a professor and the family was not in need of money. Thus, the idea that he would jeopardize his potential future as an Amateur for a piddling amount of money would seem unlikely. Plus, Kanter left the team while he was 16 and he didnt seek to sign other deals with clubs…which one might assume likely if he wanted to be a professional. These secondary facts, in addition to the money, could play a role in the decision, especially if the total amount paid is somewhat murky.

5. What Will the Publicity Do to the Decision?: In reality, while the New York Times article gets a bold headline with the money amount, the information in it isnt necessarily new. Everyone knew Kanter was given some money, the question was just how much and what for. The NCAA also obviously knew what was given by the Turkish team, especially if the papers were sent to them. The only difference is now the public knows. That means the media can all Retweet each other and pat each other on the back, but it also means that the NCAA will feel it has to publically justify whatever decision it makes. A 100,000 dollar payment is a juicy headline and even if the ultimate decision to declare Kanter eligible makes sense under the rule, the NCAA will feel pressure to be very thorough in explaining why, with the Thamel/Forde press brigade waiting to pounce. That publicity could push a close case in the other direction and might make the NCAA simply decide that ineligibility is the easier decision to justify.

Regardless, at this point the decision is in the NCAA’s hands. Whether the GM’s claims are correct or not will only be known by that organization and how the NCAA wants to structure compliance under its new rule will be determined in this case. Thamel’s article showcases the Turkish side of the story and Kanter’s side was set out in the Decourcey piece earlier in the day. They may be both correct, incorrect or some mix in between. And even if all are correct, what the NCAA does with that information is unknown. What we do know is this….in two weeks Enes Kanter will either be the key cog in a potential Final Four team, or a “what might have been” UK legend like Shawn Kemp and Gunther Benke.

Article written by Matt Jones

112 responses to “Turkey Speaks on Enes Kanter….What it Means”

  1. TrueBlueBlooded

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

  2. wake me up

    for 2011 if this is the case UK basketball will be a joke this year

  3. roy williams

    uk fans have a small enes ha ha ha

  4. Ukkev

    2) A joke? Really? Is BCG still our coach??

    This team will hardly be a joke w/o Kanter (if thats the case), title contending? Probably not, but to say it will be a joke is easily an uninformed opinion.

  5. labtec

    im sick of the stories. i spend more time defending UK and Cal and all these stupid allegations and bitter reporters articles then i do actually watching UK basketball games. im so sick of this shit

  6. truth

    Thamels phone number – 212-556-1234

  7. sharjoe

    5) Find another team and be happy. Peace unto you.

  8. sharjoe

    2) Who’s your team?

  9. labtec

    #7 go back to insideDAVILLE and be with your high school dropout buddies. go smoke a cig in the bathroom

  10. asdfasdf

    Forget the nominal tag we’ve seen so far.

    The burden of proof will be on the NCAA to say that if he “wanted to be a professional” or not. They will have a tough time justifying that if he did not accept a large amount of money AND LEFT THE TEAM and did not sign with anyone else. That is the manifest of his (and his family’s) desire to remain an amateur.

    Unless you got a ridiculous amount of money, (which I am pretty sure he didn’t, or they would have claimed otherwise to a foreign newspaper) then HE SHOULD BE GOOD TO GO!

    🙂 No worries.

  11. True Blue American

    It’s the NCAA, #2 doesn’t matter until one of these schools finally says enough is enough and really goes after the NCAA on what they consider “proof”.

  12. The Rock

    One things for sure, that picture of Enes better be deemed ineligable. He may be crying in that one.

  13. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    i think the best outcome thamel can hope for is to make my cell phone blow up again. you gonna lose all them wins dawg!! you pay your players! he could slip an alabama slumlord and the owner of jackie moons team 100 bucks to get this “evidence”

  14. Sandy Bell

    He isn’t worth the risk. If the NCAA clears him and he plays the season they will just come back later and vacate the season. After the year is well underway or over this Turkish team will produce the documentation saying they paid him a salary even if they didn’t. This kid is not worth the future of the program.

  15. True Blue American

    14- If the Turkish team CLAIMS to have turned over everything and then tries to pull that… things would get ugly.

  16. Willis

    He was 16? Wow.. Can a 16 year old sign a professional contract in Turkey? They way it seems to be set up over there doesn’t seem to different to all these all star prep schools.. or the Shoe Company’s AAU teams.. Sad part is these kids futures are what everyone is cashing in on..

  17. sharjoe

    14) You are missing the point. If we refuse to play every player that some hack writes an article about we’ll be at “Tubby” talent levels very soon. Are you suggesting that we back away from every kid that gets questioned? Should we cower in a corner every time one of our recruits eligibility is questioned? That’s certainly not the way I would expect our university to react. Fight for what is right and let the chips fall where they may. I rue the day that we even consider taking your advice.

  18. dudewheresmygillispie

    I hate the New York Times. Kanter and Kentucky can’t win in this situation no matter what.

  19. Patrick

    14 Sandy Bell didn’t say that…He is worth it. There will be no “LATER” smoking gun.

  20. Hey now


  21. Patrick

    Nothing to see here…move along…..nothing to see.

    Enes WILL play for BBN this year!

  22. Guru

    Hope the Kanter family has the ammo to refute these claims from the GM.

  23. BravoBigBlue

    I wonder how much investigation would be going on if he were going to Washington instead of UK. The NBA has to come to a better resolution than the “one and done” BS or this kind of stuff is only going to escalate. By this kind of stuff, I mean players using colleges for one year to showcase their game for the NBA, with little regard for compliance or the repurcussions to the schools.

  24. Legend

    Just looking at the cost of going to a prep school and comparing it to the Turkish team, there is little if any difference. I mean if all those kids that come out of prep schools are eligible, then I can’t see a reason why Kanter wouldn’t be eligible?

    It really comes down to the documentation…what he was provided money wise over X number of years. If it all adds up to tuition and “normal” monies…then he’ll be eligible.

    The thing that worries me is down the road something else is provided documentation wise that sinks UK! But as already said, UK starts acting like that we might as well join the Big East and fall in line with UofL!

  25. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    Im thinking Kanter never appears in a UK uniform. The joke of an organization that is the NCAA will never give UK a leg up, and certainly wont do so in a difficult test case with immense future ramifications that could benefit UK. Theyll either DQ him outright or sit on thier cowardly hands all season and leave Kanter in legal limbo. They’re spineless enough to just let him twist in the wind if that’s what they decide is the right move. I think odds are 50-50 at best that he sees the floor, and if he does, it wont be until Janurary at the earliest after a lengthy suspension.

  26. UK

    Look… a lie, especially one to achieve a purposed outcome is a national pastime in most Islamic countries, no offense to Enes but anyone that has ever dealt with that region of the world would understand.. no surprise…..

  27. 98321

    “Spoke w/ my contact lady in NCAA compliance…seems 2 think 100K for Kanter is embellishing. Says he’ll most likely be suspended games and have to pay some things back. But not to the tune of 100K. Could be January till you see the big fella tho.”

  28. Talent_Evaluator

    The NCAA will rule Kanter ineligible to play. Especially with the new President being the President of the Univ. of Washington. It’s not happening folks. And even if the NCAA were to rule him eligible, does UK really want to let him play knowing the elusive documentation which proves that he was paid by the Turkish team may appear out of the woodwork? We are already looking at forfeiting all of the wins from last year for which Bledsoe played if that law firm in Alabama drops a bombshell. Can we risk two seasons of forfeited wins? I say forget about Kanter and play with who we already have. Not a very pleasant result, but UK has to protect the program from further potential damage.

  29. Jimmy John

    Either way, he is probably the most eligible player UK has had since Cal came..

  30. Sawyer

    2 prick
    3 prick
    5 prick
    9 prick

  31. Waitin' on 8

    If Kanter is such a poor work ethic, why is the Turkish team upset to see him go? The Turkish dude sounds like a scorned ex-lover.

  32. BravoBigBlue

    30 – You probably don’t even last 15 seconds . . . nor would you have the $’s to pay for the abor, er, health insurance.

  33. Patrick

    29 Yeah we heard you on the other blog… Nobody is responding because we don’t believe you to be a member of BBN.

  34. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    19 – Yea there will be. If not next year then 3 yrs down the road. NCAA has shown they have no problem dregging shit up form the past on hearsay and punishing a school for it. (Reggies Bush, Derrick Rose say hey!)

  35. Waitin' on 8

    How much do you think the Kanter family spent on private tutors and schooling? There are sooooo many expenses that add up.

  36. Guru

    They don’t have high school teams in Turkey. He had no choice but to play for the “professional” club team. Expenses are allowed. Was he just not supposed to play ball? Give it a chance, we aren’t done yet.

  37. HackRichards

    If he had signed with Duke, North Carolina or Kansas…we would not be having this discussion.

  38. blue_period

    you dumb asses You think this Turkish GM Pig is telling the truth? No he wants to keep Enes outta the U.S. He will say what ever he wants to say he’s a slimeball, doesn’t mean it’s true. You all fold over like origami, this isn’t over yet, quit complaining you girls. 37) Your not a realist just someone who wants to be a know it all. I cant believe that you all think this GM’s word is the final say so, what a bunch of idiots

  39. SexnNursinHomes

    37- like anyone is going to listen to you. what a fool

  40. BangingTheEnes

    Should be interesting to see if Matt Jones can take it up the a-s-s.

  41. Winston Wolf

    Negotiating 101

  42. Jimmy John

    33… That made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and the 15 second/abortion schtick has already been played out by the ‘BIG BLUE NATION (DO DA JOHN WALL, HOMIE)’.. and we are all now dumber for reading your words.

  43. DavefromFlatgap

    Just like everyone else, I have no idea of the absolute circumstances regarding his status overseas. But I will say this. If Cal took such a chance with this kid which is a critical part of the class without knowing the gest of things upfront, it was a huge mistake. I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m just saying if he did, and at this point, it ain’t looking all that promising.

  44. HMM

    1. Most likely he did get money how the NCAA handles, who knows.
    2. Turkish clubs financial claims are probably verifiable to a degree (proving what money was for maybe not). If it is true that he was paid at the same rate as a professional (if that is true) bad news. No reason for the Turkish club to hand their financial records over to a newspaper.
    3. Money was certainly too much if it can be proven that it is the same money professionals receive. If it is just more than less talented youths would get – who knows.
    4. Publicity will get UK fans hysterical. Otherwise not sure if it makes a difference
    5. Most likely the kid did not sign a contract with the club because his parents did not want him in a Ricky Rubio situation (tied to a club with a huge buyout for years) There is no evidence the family is seriously interested in anything but getting him a lucrative professional contract.
    6. I do not think the NBA will have to pay anything to sign him. They pay up to $500k of a players buyout. But his family has manipulated it so that he will not have a buyout. It may be true (per the Times article) that a European team would have to play the Turkish team.

  45. gilly

    Made it’s way to front page of ESPN already.

  46. duhville cat

    With or without Kanter… it’s still gonna be fun. Go Cats!

  47. JohnWallUpMyAss

    Matt Jones licks John Wall’s Balls

  48. UKonProbation

    Well, we can only hope for probation in December

  49. blue_period

    It’s funny how everyone thinks Kanter is done now. This Turkish GM doesn’t want Kanter here, so why wouldn’t he lie and say whatever he wants. At the end he stated that Kanter would only be a poor student, and wouldn’t work hard. Sounds like prejudice to me. The GM is stating things that hasn’t happened as facts. Ive been to Turkey and for a nation that doesn’t eat pigs some of there people can really act like one. I stole that line from someone, but its true. Yall need to step back and be patient, Nothing this slime ball said is in stone. They don’t want Kanter here that is clear, and Thamel I’m sure has been druling over talking to this GM so that his Bledsoe article can look a little better. I can’t believe some of you guys, what a bunch of yupps.

  50. Enes Kanter

    I will play for UK this season. Those that are saying I am not worth the hassle, just wait. There is nothing in the article that is even close to the truth. If UK don’t want me fine, I will leave, but at least give me the chance for the NCAA to make a decision before saying I will not play. I understand the NCAA has a job to do, why can’t BBN understand that also. I hope I didn’t make a mistake coming to UK if this is the way BBN treat players.

  51. Wildcobb Salad

    Lots of butthurt cardinal fans on here tonight. Four in row stings, don’t it?

  52. asdfasdf

    KY realist is absurd!

    Who cares if he had an agent, he was 16 and only got paid the BASICS, which is completely allowable. Someone had to negotiate.

    And his parents always KNEW THEY WANTED HIM TO PLAY IN THE NCAA, so they kept track of all the paperwork and made sure he stayed within the lines.

    Do a little homework and brush up on the facts and rules before you go around screaming from your high horse like a GD-ed idiot.

  53. NYT

    Matt Jones described Thamel as saying “…I really am a reporter worthy of the New York Times…I promise.”
    Indeed, Thamel is worthy of the NYT. The NYT is run by leftists. All leftists are evil, anti-American, worse-than-worthless pieces of trash. Thamel fits right in that mold.


    jimmy john. it will never go away. get over it. your coach is an idiot.

    I wonder if the “LOVE CHILD” has a problem with the BBN reminding you & the rest of the CARD faithful about QUICK RICK.

    how would you feel if after I took it to your sister, I bought her “INSURANCE” ?

  55. asdfasdf

    53, only people saying Kanter isn’t worth the hassle of PRETENDING to be UK fans, whether they know it or not. In fact, those jokes aren’t worth the hassle. Enes Kanter is in every way possible. Phenom.

    Don’t worry.

  56. dommy dom dom

    53.. go back to Turkey. This is ‘merica… so speak ‘merican.

  57. asdfasdf

    58) gotta disagree. You sound like the piece of trash, even though you are against this article. But hey, to each their own, right?

  58. Nice

    This can’t be true, I meam Cal told the Sporting News back in April that Kanter never received any money. No way Cal would lie…would he??????????????

  59. Wildcobb Salad

    So your butt does hurt. I love it. Keep posting on a UK site to show how much you love the University of a crappy campus with ugly girls and our degrees aren’t as good and we’re all just commuters too.

  60. UKonProbation

    Can’t wait for us to go on probation again.

  61. mattcat68

    53- sen misin, Enes? öyleyse, kim favori güreşçi nedir?

  62. dommy dom dom

    Cards get a 5 star. Cal’s recruit is being investigated… Just another day in the office.

  63. David Ball

    turks…stonewall till they can conjure a good story…they want the $$$ and allowing Enes to play college hoops would negate all they invested in him…this smells fishy…my guess is the NCAA will have Enes sit out the first half of the season and he will be back in time for league play…

  64. Ben Dover

    This is what UK is getting. Some justice up the a-s-s. Feel good kitties?

  65. Sawyer

    67 hey man hows your ass feelin today?

  66. Wildcobb Salad

    70. Hmmm, the way I read it there is no decision from the NCAA. What justice do you speak of?



  68. Rick Pitino

    #67 You forgot to add 5 star’s NBA career aspirations die by my hands and then I screw some skank at an Italian restaurant….Just another day in the office.

  69. We Suck

    Look guys. I say we just play him anyways. I mean, the NCAA won’t give us the dealth penalty right? Or do we care?

  70. Sawyer

    58 do you really believe what you say? and what are you trying to accomplish with comments like that? i see people like you every once in a while on here saying stuff like that and i just don’t get it.

  71. Mr. Kanter

    68) I agree. The turk GM said that he will be a poor student and not work hard. He is full of it. The Turks don’t want players leaving Home, to go to school in the US.

  72. Howie Lindsay

    Mmmmm, Turkey.

  73. NIT

    We are looking forward to seeing the mighty UofL Cards host our fine tournament in their brand new arena this coming season.

  74. Mr. Kanter

    74.) YOUR A FOOL

  75. mattcat68

    53. Sizi çok istiyorum. BBN yapmak veya sezon sonu olarak uygunluk bakıldı. Genellikle bir oyuncu çok fazla stok veremezsiniz. budalalar, bunların yarısı yoksay diğer takımların taraftarları gibi görünmektedir.

  76. UofL players

    Hell, Kanter has already made more than any of us will ever make after having our pro dreams aborted by Pitino.

  77. Eli

    As a student at UT Martin, I can attest that a full scholarship won’t get you much.

  78. NIT

    #84 Unfortunately, the Cats fired the coach who took them to our tournament.

    Your coach, however, is an NIT veteran. We like him very much!

    Also, the NIT and UofL is a perfect fit. Both scream “irrelevant”.

  79. Preston Knowles

    Where’s my mother F$%&ing hairbrush!!!!

  80. smMFh

    either way someone is flat out lying, Kanter or the Turkish GM. If it turns out to be Enes, shame on him for not speaking up sooner. I have a feeling he wasn’t fully aware of how closely the media actually pays attention to UK, and maybe thought he could slide by just by keeping his mouth shut. Hope I’m wrong tho, obviously.

  81. Reality Check

    I apologize for my behavior on here.

    It’s been rough following UofL athletics lately. We blow balls in football and we will blow elephant balls in basketball.

    I am a little irritable at the moment.

  82. Enes Kanter

    87. teşekkür ve iyi geceler

  83. tooley14

    Sucks living in the past doesn’t it…it’s awesome how ul fans wont ever discuss how much reduced scholarships had to do with “the streak”….we all know it, so do you…i think it’s cute how much you bring “the streak” up..there’s only one “streak” now and isnt is awesome

  84. BannerHanger

    I think its time for all you UofL fans to fire up your DVD players, its week 5 of the GED DVD program right???

  85. asdfasdf


    my two suggestions for the night.

    Enjoy the recruits we DON’T WANT Cards fans.

  86. KY Realist

    Sorry about that last one. My copy of the last Card title game that I recorded on Beta has finally fallen apart, and I’m really bitchy right now.

  87. BannerHanger

    Seriously KY Realist, you have the biggest jealous streak I have ever seen. Calm down, dude. Bitter. If would put as much thought into your conspiracy theories as you do life, maybe you would be something.

  88. Sweet Wm

    can someone help me? can a 16 yr old sign a legal contract?

  89. Rick Pitino

    #102 Don’t worry Coach Cal.

    If you have $3,000 and some time to drive to Cincy, I know of a good place where you can go and abort the SHIT out of that pregnancy.

  90. BornBlueAndThatsTrue

    I have a BAD feeling about this. I was dreaming about Kanter… now it may remain dreams.

  91. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    54 – Got proof? Then take it to Forde and Thamel, otherwise you’re just talking like a Little Brother does. All you ever got is our castoffs and rejects. Petrino gave you your one good run (plus a few dozen felony arrests) and split down like the careerist carpetbagger only a second rate program like UL has to stoop to hiring. Cal doesn’t need Miller, guess he’ll go to Plan B like your boy Ricky Quickdraw.

    You can’t even get your own coach, yall 2bit rejects had to come crawling back to UK’s sloppy seconds after Rick washed out of the NBA. Congrats on that one respectable season with Franscisco “Where’s my greencard” Garcia, but was it really worth ruining the draft prospects of all those former 5 star recruits along the way?

  92. Tom Jurich

    I thought Willie Warren was a changed man. rod council too

  93. ksanders7

    1st off, i love the lville fans posting as UK fans. funny stuff! typically if it is a negative pov we usually assume that u r not a UK fan.(just saying) i, like everyone else, have no idea about Kanter’s real situation. i would assume that the purpose of thamel’s article is probably an attempt to put pressure on the ncaa to rule him ineligible. i for one, am not giving up on Kanter, by any means. he is a beast, and vital to our success this season. of course, i say this knowing that 53 isn’t Kanter himself. like i said, funny stuff though. i understand that the turkey team has everything to lose, and nothing to gain. they surely don’t want to open the door to losing more of their talent to the US. Coach Cal and romar both went after him, so that’s two coaching staffs and compliance offices who thought he would be cleared to play. in Cal’s situation, i can’t see him taking the risk, unless he felt more than confident about Kanter’s eligibility. more than anything, i’m concerned that this is the approach taken by the turkish league. i read that at first, they wouldn’t cooperate. now the guy is saying he’s sorry for Enes, but he has to be truthful. meanwhile, taking a dan gilbert approach when talking about him. it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Kanter’s family is obvioulsy well off in the financial department, and with him leaving the team when he was 16, i guess i just don’t see him going through all of this trouble unless he too, was sure he would be eligible. the other thing i wonder is if he left when he was 16, and isn’t under contract with the turkish team, how would they get the buyout money from the nba if he doesn’t get his eligibility? it seems to me that the turkey team is more worried about all of the other talented players potentially taking the same path, and they are trying to close the door as soon as possible. any thoughts? preferably ones from real UK fans. lol
    Coach Cal Forever!
    Quick Fifteeno Never!
    In Cal We Trust! Go Big Blue!!!!!!!!

  94. big blue john

    89 eligibility in college can be a big motivation to get your shit together. matter of fact i never did any good in high school, yet i have a 4.0 in college and i’ve gotten a good job for an engine shop (which was my motivation). little different than athletics i know but its still the same basic principle

  95. Hartline

    Sigh.. I really am tired of these reports. Its a different storm started by the same people every time. Whether its true or not isn’t the point. Its people who make a living off of tying UK into bad stuff.

  96. Why

    Why do some of our fans want Enes to take a polygraph? Does the NCAA accept that?

  97. Calipari'sInYourEar

    What is funny is how some person at the NCAA is getting paid to take their sweet time in deciding this.

    Ever hear about going into the office on the weekend to catch up? Or staying late one day to get things done?

    The person who has this file on their desk really can’t call themselves a professional, can they? And if so, wouldn’t that mean they were paid as an amatuer as well? Now should we have someone investigative if they should be eligible to work anywhere else as a professional someday? (during the time in which it takes an entire crop of corn has grown and been harvested in the midwest).

  98. Calipari'sInYourEar

    We’re fine. We’ve got Jorts and Vargas at the 5.

  99. Calipari'sInYourEar

    It makes sense that a guy named Peter Thamel (#XtraLisp) would want to pull the covers off and try to expose our Enes

  100. Han

    89) Unfortunately, it is in the best interest of both parties to lie/be correct about their claim. Kanter wants to play college ball and then NBA ball, so he needs to be eligible, whether he took money before or not. On the other hand, his Turkey team/league didn’t want him to leave, still wants him, and doesn’t want to lose players like him without getting NBA bucks in return (similar situation in Japan when they lose their players to the Majors). In one case you have a kid wanting to play college ball. In the other you have a league wanting to keep valuable players. You decide which should matter more to the NCAA.

  101. kentucky barnes

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Kanter is allowed to be paid living/travel expenses when playing for this type of team. Given the fact that he was 14 when he started and now 18 and the total sum for the period of time is 100k, it averages out to 20k a year. Bringing common sense into the story anyone raising a kid knows it cost more than 20k a year to support them let alone he was traveling and eating at far better places than fast food chains. This one is so easy Pat Forde Pitino could figure it out.

  102. RidgeRunner

    Another several minutes reading this entire blog and my only thought is the same as I posted in the other one. Now we wait, while people throw stones and the NCAA decides. We are the top dog in the basketball world & the eyes are always on us including the wannabe’s who say an do what they can to tear at us. Nature of the beast.

    Nice job Matt on breaking it all down about as thorough as anyone could right now.

    Keep the faith, BBN! Go Cats!

  103. DuckFriedBillyClyde

    I don’t know. This article wasn’t so bad. This is a huge story, and the decision on Kanter will potentially have a huge impact on college basketball and recruiting for years to come. If it’s possible to look at this without our UK blinders on, I think it’s easy to see that this is not the hit piece/anti-Cal piece that some want it to be. For the idiot who posted Thamel’s number, WTF? Do you think hundreds (or thousands) of UK fans calling a reporter is going to make him stop reporting on stories that are legitimately big? You’re probably the same person who harasses recruits on Facebook and Twitter.

  104. billy

    Kanter has never played a game for UK. Will all the games that he has never played in be forfeited? People who hate UK have to be the most jealous, stupped people on the planet. JEALOUSLY CAN DISRUPT A LIFE!!!!! It can cause people to lose sleep and not think with a sober mind. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. RidgeRunner

    114…Many of these paranoia people get sidetracked off the actual issue but that may be more aggravation-of-not-having-Kanter coming out, than anything significant. While others (I believe) are disguised trolls coming in here and saying the sky is falling as they spin a story where eligibility is reviewed for a player who we want to have play…while attempting to make it a “Cal-Bad-Guy” connection.

    UK fans just stay focused on the issue and not the rediculous.

  106. syrin23

    Know the worst part about all this? It just goes to show how little the NCAA actaully cars about the student-athletes they claim to protect. CLearly he didn’t want to be a pro yet, he took a nominal amount of money compared to prep school tuiton, AAU travel etc. yet will likely get ruled ineligible because the NCAA is very much like a PGA rules committee. It will defend doing the wrong thing every time and hide behind their inflexible rules. If they wanted to do the right thing for the student, this would be a no brainer.

  107. Beagsbolts

    If you run a CLEAN program you will NEVER be asked to defend yourself.

  108. jimmyjohn

    so no CLEAN programs recruited him #117?

  109. HMM

    If he was actually paid 10 times the Turkey’s per capital income per month in his last year in Turkey – and it can be proven, then, hard to see a good side to this
    “According to the new formula income per capita increased by $2,020 in 2006 – from $5,480 to $7,500 – in a 31.6 percent rise over the previous year. Gross domestic product (GDP) in 2006 climbed to $758 billion from $576 billion. The income per capita figure of 2007 will be released on March 31, and it is expected to be around $8,500.” A rather expensive prep school education.

  110. bkalston

    117) Even Jesus was asked to defend Himself.

  111. whengreatthen8

    Wrong. Wrong. In reality, if you run a clean program but have enemies, you most likely will have to defend yourself many times. Calipari is a prime example.

  112. BigBlewSucks

    Matty Jones is a bigger joke than Kensucky basketball! LMAO!!!